Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 357

“This should be a kind of Spirit promotion, right? Rongrong’s formula has been changed. It is changed to Jiubao with colored glaze, not Qibao! It means that her Spirit will become stronger again! !” Yu Xiaogang was the first to react.

Flender answered: “However, Spirit promotion is a rarely seen phenomenon! Didn’t expect, today we actually saw it with our own eyes.”

“This is mostly related to Senior Yun Some relationships?”

“Isn’t it…only Senior Yun can do this.” Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath, agreeing with Flender’s words.

And the words and deeds of these two people made Tang San want to gnashing teeth. Isn’t it the promotion of Spirit? ? What’s so great? You can do it yourself.

It’s just being one step ahead by Yun Chen…

As for each of you, do you recognize that? ?

Tang San muttered a few times in his heart, but he didn’t really speak. He knew very well that once he spoke, he would make others feel hypocritical.

The timing is beyond me.

I also say cheap words, which may cause dissatisfaction with the rest of Shrek Seven Devils.

That is not what Tang San wants.

But, I have to say that Yun Chen is like predicting everything in advance, his own thoughts, and his secrets. It seems that he really wants to investigate Yun Chen.

This Yun Elder, and his grandson, what is going on with Yun Qianqiu…

Speaking, Tang San set his eyes decisively aside and shouted Ning Rongrong immediately meditated and absorbed Yun Chen from the spirit ring.

Yun Chen also noticed Tang San’s gaze.

“Host host!! Congratulations to the host, Tang San’s jealousy has risen again and updated!! The current update is 15%. Please continue to work hard!” Just as Yun Chen was planning to complain, this Douluo Is the protagonist of the mainland so careful? ?

I didn’t take your chance, nor did I give you a knife, but just the first step to do what you want to do. As for letting you look at me in this way? ?

Tang San, isn’t he a hero? ?

Does the original hero also have a lot of careful attention?

But the system’s prompts made Yun Chen have to be sure, okay, Tang San does have some careful eyes, but that’s fine, you are careful.

Very dissatisfied, very angry.

That can only prove that you are incompetent and furious, you are anxious.

And I will not be affected by you either.

“It seems that the effect is pretty good! In that case, let Tang San give some extra information in a few days!!” Hearing this, Yun Chen showed a meaningful smile.


The death of the nine-color fluorescent butterfly completely canceled the illusion…

Liu Erlong, Zhu Zhuqing and Oscar were the first to leave the illusion. When they came out, all three of them had an idea.

That was a burst of emptiness.

It’s cold.

It’s like being awakened from a dream.

“What’s the matter? My Xiaogang!! We are all about to give birth to the 80th child!!” Liu Erlong was the first to speak, full of mania.

Just like someone took everything from her, it made her emotionally unstable.

Oscar is also aggressive and said: “Damn it!! Who is it? I both went to Spirit Empire for a tour with Rongrong! What are they here to disturb us.”

Only Zhu Zhuqing alone, glanced at everyone on the scene with unpleasant eyes, including Yun Chen.

What happened to their actions to start Flender, Yu Xiaogang, and Tang San? ?

Until Yun Chen suddenly turned into a breeze, moved towards their faces, with a piece of green grass, moved towards their nostrils, shaking gently.

“Sneez!!” Three people sneezed at the same time.

As soon as this sneeze came out, a lot of silver white pollen spewed out, causing the three people’s faces to change from an angry pale to a soft ruddy.

“Could it be that this is the repercussions of the nine-color fluorescent butterfly?” Yu Xiaogang asked.

Yun Chen replied: “Almost! But not so much repercussions, it is the three of them who cannot accept reality! I would rather live in a dream!”

“Grandmaster , It seems that Erlong Deputy Dean’s love for you is really deep. If you have a chance, why don’t you explain? Although I don’t know what’s going on!”

“But, I learned from Erlong Deputy Dean. I can hear from her mouth, she would rather give birth to 80 sons for you, what a great woman this is!”

“……..” Yu Xiaogang was silent for a moment Up.

Eighty sons, what an outrageous dream town this is.

Sows are impossible to give birth to 80 sons in a row, right? ?

What is Liu Erlong doing in Dreamland? ?

It is actually the 80th. Could it be that the first 70 are all growing up healthy? ?

This is a bit terrifying, right? ?

Flender looked sad on the side and had to find an excuse to change the subject and said: “cough cough, since it is repercussions, why is Fatty okay?”


Flender tone barely fell, Yun Chen gave Fatty a kick.

This kick directly kicked Fatty out of his sleep. Fatty woke up with drool all over his mouth, looking at all around with a dumbfounded expression, and said: “What?”

“My Manchu Feast!!”

“Well, this guy is hopeless!! His dream town seems to have only food! And while eating, what can I do? Falling asleep is a weird flower!!!”Flender blushed with shame.

Ma Hongjun’s dream is too monotonous, even inhaling silver powder, can still fall asleep in Dreamland.

It is estimated that Ma Hongjun in the fantasy world, while eating a full Han banquet, hu hu slept, did not disturb? ?

This kind of dream…

What should Flender say? ?

There is no dream, but in a sense, this kind of dream can save Ma Hongjun’s life.

Maybe stupid people are stupid.

After sneezing out, Liu Erlong, Zhu Zhuqing, and Oscar really wake up, but in fact they already know what happened to them.

Liu Erlong lowered his head and went to see Yu Xiaogang sorry.

Oscar is shameless and has been staring straight at Ning Rongrong. With his naked eyes, I can’t wait to fly with Ning Rongrong right away.

Only Zhu Zhuqing, gasping for breath…

“It seems that killing Spirit Beast at this time has solved two of our camps, and Fatty is left. With Little Ao!!!” Yun Chen reminded.

Yu Xiaogang said: “Almost!”

“Let’s go back to the original place, in case Mubai has some problems or gets taken away by Spirit Beast, That’s not worth the gain!”

“This stellar forest is as rumored, deep and unmeasurable, too weird.”

“However, because of this, This can be called a real forest!!” Flender said disapprovingly. Although this blue forest is weird, it is also good.

For example, what happened at this time is drawn into the fantasy world.

Out of the fantasy world, mental force will be improved.

It is a small income.


Immediately, Ning Rongrong grabbed the body of the Nine-Colored Fluorescent Butterfly and a piece of black, burned bone, quietly coming to Yun Chen’s before.

Ning Rongrong whispered: “My luck seems to be some good. I got a Spirit Bone! It’s just the color of the Spirit Bone. Some of them don’t look good.”

“Don’t worry , Cut the Spirit Bone open, and the real Spirit Bone is inside.”

“However, don’t absorb it for now! Keep it for now, it’s not necessary. Tell others, save everyone It’s unfair for a while!!” Yun Chen replied.

Ning Rongrong straight nodded, said: “Okay, let me listen to you for now… Go back and absorb the spirit ring first, and find a chance to absorb this piece of Spirit Bone!”

“I am quite curious, what good things this Spirit Bone will bring.”

“Of course it is a good thing…” Yun Chen smiled meaningfully.

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