Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 358

Go back to the camp that was tied up….

This time, not at all, there was some dissatisfaction, because the Spirit Beast in Ning Rongrong had almost no Several people know the value and the use.

Although Oscar and Ma Hongjun are quite curious, they are in an embarrassing situation before, and these two guys don’t dare to hide anymore.

Otherwise, Yu Xiaogang will give them their favorite big mouth…

Moreover, the two people think it is very embarrassing…

I will be confused by my dreamland, even unwilling to go out of my dreamland, and refuse to accept the facts.

Ma Hongjun is better.

After all, his Gensokyo is very simple and unpretentious, but Oscar is different. He covets the beauty of Ning Rongrong, but says that in front of everyone.

Where is my Rongrong? ?

We are all going to travel to Spirit Empire…..

It looks like a dog licking dog who is traveling alone with a girl.

Especially this kind of dog licking, but found that it is almost impossible in reality, whimsical.

It’s really an embarrassing dream town.

Here, let me talk about Spirit Empire, in the tourism industry, because of Yun Chen’s influence, it will not refuse anyone from Empire to play.

Although Spirit Empire intends to eat Heaven Dou Empire and Star Luo Empire in one go.

However, he did not kill innocent people and exclude other residents of Empire.

Whether it is business or tourism, Spirit Empire has developed extremely strong.

It attracts many people who want to travel and see the idea.

This is a kind of cultural invasion.

It is also an operation of Yun Chen, which allows the residents to see the difference between Spirit Empire and other Empires, thus creating a gap, so that those people who subconsciously initiate wars will definitely support Spirit Empire.

Especially Spirit Empire currently has a low-income guarantee, including that if there is no Spirit Master at home, you can get a sum of money.

It is a modern society.

So it is normal for Oscar to want to travel to Spirit Empire…


“Xiao Wu…Lend me a basket of your carrots…” Yun Chen laughed at Xiao Wu.

And Xiao Wu holds a carrot in his hand and eats it as a snack. Listening to this passage of Yun Chen, he decisively protects his carrot.

I am afraid that Yun Chen will snatch my carrot.

Xiao Wu looked at Yun Chen cautiously, and asked: “Why?”

“Of course I prepare dinner for everyone… Fatty doesn’t want to eat Curry? And what you need in curry are potatoes and carrots!”

“These two are indispensable…”

“Obviously, this one The forest doesn’t grow carrots, and you will definitely have a lot, just give me a basket!!! You wouldn’t be so unwilling?” Yun Chen said bluntly.

Xiao Wu frowned, said: “What do you mean I have a lot? I am not a rabbit, how could I have a basket of carrots with me??”

“And , It’s not convenient to carry around.”

“How could there be that many.”

“But you are a rabbit…” Yun Chen muttered inwardly Say, good guy, this operation is the same as a friend of mine, create something from nothing.

Yun Chen continued: “So how much do you have?”

“Here…there is only one bundle left!!” Xiao Wu reluctantly took out A bunch of carrots has about seven or eight appearances, and each one is juicy and plump.

Obviously, these carrots are the focus of cultivation.

This Xiao Wu is a rabbit in vain. This kind of instant carrot can be said to be the Prince in the carrot.

Yun Chen even suspected that Tang San might not know that Xiao Wu actually went to Shrek mountainside by himself when he slept in the middle of the night.

Let’s water your own carrots.


As for this fertilization…Xiao Wu is Spirit Beast, so naturally you can find the top rank.

Yun Chen took the bunch of carrots, slightly smiled, and said: “This carrot is of good quality! It seems that you have a chance to be a carrot Grandmaster.”

” You can understand carrots better than rabbits, right?”

“hmph!! That’s… rabbits are not equal to me!!! But I still want to say, don’t waste it!!! This Carrots are precious!”

“As for what kind of curry…I have never heard of it, you will not use it to spoil it?” Xiao Wu proudly lightly snorted, pouting his little mouth .

Yun Chen replied: “Naturally not, you will understand in a while! I can let you eat more bowls…”

“che, a few bowls, I I just hope it’s not a dark dish!!! I can’t eat a bite, but wasted my carrots!” Xiao Wu did not believe it.

Yun Chen does not intend to say anything.

Take the carrot, throw it to Oscar, and say: “Little Ao, peel it, and wash it by the way!! Give me the carrot cut into pieces!”

“Oh oh !!!” Oscar did not refuse, but honestly took the carrot, intending to peel it and wash it.

Yun Chen came to Ma Hongjun and shouted to Ma Hongjun: “Have you found your potatoes?”

“Here, of course there will be no problem with Fat Master. Just are you sure that curry needs potatoes? Or, let’s just cook the potatoes?”

“Eat a roasted potato, at least it is much better than unstable curry…” Ma Hongjun carries a basket on his back. It was filled with huge potatoes.

These potatoes are actually black.

Yun Chen checked it and found that the meat of the potatoes was actually purple.

Good fellow.

Is this potato from the mainland of Douluo a black beauty potato? ?

It seems that if you can’t get along in the future, you can dig potatoes and sell them to make a living.

If you didn’t invent curry yourself, maybe people here thought that potatoes could only be used for cooking, right? ?

I don’t even know that potatoes can be used for braised, deep-fried, spicy, dry, and braised, right? ?

The value of potatoes is higher.

Yun Chen did an examination. The potatoes from the mainland of Douluo had a good effect on cancer.

Although there is no cancer in the mainland of Douluo.

But sooner or later.

As long as the times change quickly, various diseases will appear.

“Yes…you’ll see it in a while, the curries on the market are all chicken, pork, beef!! We don’t have one here, so I’ll get one for you, mushrooms, potatoes, radishes Curry.”

“Eat it, but it is good for spirit power cultivation!! This is a masterpiece of my grandfather.” Yun Chen laughed.

hearing this, Ma Hongjun eyes shined, a masterpiece of Yun Chen grandfather, Yun Fa Weng? ?

This made Ma Hongjun no longer doubt in an instant.

Because Yun Faweng is also his grandfather.

Although Yun Faweng did not promise to accept him as a godson.

However, Ma Hongjun has already admitted the same.

“Would you like a fish?” Just as Ma Hongjun was about to speak, Zhu Zhuqing had already leaned over, carrying a few plump fishes in his hands…

Looking at Yun Chen suspiciously.

Yun Chen glanced at the fish, and then at Zhu Zhuqing’s face seemed to be filled with something.

This thing can’t be said…

It seems that there is something to say, but I can’t speak.

This made Yun Chen slightly smiled and said: “If you are a fish, you can copy it and eat it in a while! You don’t need it for now, but you can help, let Tang San cooperate and use Blue Silver Grass to make some soil Pottery jar!”

“This thing will be very useful for a while.”

“…” Zhu Zhuqing didn’t think much, turned around, moved Walk towards Tang San.

At the same time…

On the other side of the camp, I saw Liu Erlong and Flender talking.

“Flender, are you okay?” Liu Erlong looked at Flender impatiently.

Flender looked right and left, for fear that others would see him the same, replied: “Of course you can! It just takes some time, it can’t be unfair, right?”

“Xiaogang is again A caring person!! If I don’t do not one drop of water can leak out, I will lose my reputation if you get a moth?”

“Come on, you have a fart Fame!!!”

“Tonight, it must be done!!! Otherwise, return the golden bracelet in your hand!!!” Liu Erlong pointed to the shiny golden light on Flender’s wrist Gold bracelet, reminded.

hearing this, Flender suck in a breath of cold air, and said: “This…..what I sent out, can I still go back? Erlong, you can’t do this!! “

“I care if you can do it, anyway, tonight is the deadline…..I can’t figure it out, in your life, don’t want to ask for another golden thing!”

“Okay!! I will do my best…” Fenderer heave a long sigh helplessly.

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