Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 360

“Eh eh!! Yun Qianqiu, isn’t this a stimulant-like food, right?? Look, Fatty and Little Ao have already set themselves free!!” Xiao Wu Represents confused.

And Tang San didn’t say a word, moved towards that pot of curry approached and dug out a bowl from the pot, intending to study what happened?

Eating such a thing…

Can you let yourself go? ?

Is it not? ?

What the hell is this?

Aren’t they made from carrots, shiitake mushrooms, potatoes, and some spices? Those things have no additives or stimulants.

How can Ma Hongjun upside down the willow? ?

Oscar is a pass away of soar into the clouds and mount the mists! !

This thing is not a virus, right? ?

Xiao Wu hurriedly stopped and said: “Third brother, don’t eat! In case you eat it, let yourself go like Fatty and Little Ao!”

” , That’s not good!!!”

“It hurt my image. Although I was very happy at the time, it was different afterwards!!”

“My No way, Xiao Wu!!! I didn’t plan to taste it, I was just curious, why this so-called curry had such a miraculous effect!” Tang San faintly smiled, saying that he would not eat things of unknown origin.

Yun Chen on the side bluntly said: “This curry, called life curry, is a delicacy that will make your physique stronger!”

” I made it with some herbs together!”

“There will be no side effects, Xiao Wu, your worry is unnecessary!”

“As for letting yourself go, this I didn’t understand.”

“Look, didn’t Zhuqing take the same bite? And it’s the first one. How come she has no problem? On the contrary, there is a problem with Little Ao and Fatty?”

“Obviously it is not the cause of curry.”

“Even if it is the cause of curry, haven’t you found out? Their physique is strengthened again, although it is short-lived, but I can improve my physical fitness!”

Speaking, Yun Chen looked at Zhu Zhuqing, who was calm and did not react at all.

Zhu Zhuqing didn’t say anything, but still eating curry, very calm and calm, making people think she is a doll.

Xiao Wu said, “That’s not okay!! It’s going to explode…Fatty and Little Ao will explode!! Isn’t that a shameful situation?”

“Let me say so! The bursting of clothes was also an accident. The curry they ate was like a storage bottle. The storage bottle could only be filled with 500ml of water, and suddenly you poured Put in a thousand milliliters!! Naturally, the storage bottle will be squeezed and fried!”

“However, the quality of this storage bottle is very good. It is not at all to explode, but only to increase the storage again. Although the capacity of the bottle will be somewhat deformed.”

“But he can already hold 600ml of water instead of 500!!! Do you understand?”

“As for Blast clothes, I have studied this, only boys will burst, girls will not! You see, Zhuqing does not burst clothes! So, worry is unnecessary!”

“Don’t believe me now Come and eat a bowl of clothes, the clothes are different from person to person.”

Yun Chen answered Xiao Wu’s concerns while taking out a plate like Zhu Zhuqing, filling it with curry, and gobbled it up.

The devouring lasted for about a few minutes, but Yun Chen did not explode or even reacted at all.

This stunned Xiao Wu and Tang San.

I have to believe…

It’s really such a thing.

Yun Chen not only has no explosive clothes, but like Zhu Zhuqing, he is very calm and can even smile.

Yun Chen said: “Look, I’m all right? I’m fine. This curry is an item of great nourishment. If you don’t eat it, I will solve it alone!!!”

“If you miss this village, there will be no such shop…”

“Wait!” Just as Yun Chen was planning to clean up the remaining curry alone, Tang San held out one Hand came to stop Yun Chen’s move.

This made Yun Chen narrow his eyes into a line and said: “What?”

“As you said, I plan to try it…” Tang San Looking at Yun Chen solemnly.

Xiao Wu said persuasively: “Third brother…this…”

“It’s okay! You have to believe me… And just like Yun Qianqiu said, if you miss this village, you won’t have this chance! Try it.”

“If I break my clothes, it’s okay, anyway, I’m a tough guy!!” Tang San A positive look.

Here, Tang San actually makes another calculation, that is, to taste the herbs used by Yun Chen from this curry, and then do some research or improvement by himself.

Although Yun Chen makes himself very unhappy, Tang San has no doubt about Yun Chen’s abilities, and it is worth studying for himself.

Maybe I will have a breakthrough in the immortal grade.

After all, Yun Chen’s grandfather is Yun Faweng, the world’s first recognized healing system Spirit Master.

And the doctor.

Yun Chen slightly smiled and said: “Please!!! There will be no problem…..Broken clothes, indicating that Fatty and Little Ao’s physical fitness is not good!! Tang San must be no problem.”


“Xiao Wu, you have to have confidence in your people…”

“Okay…” Xiao Wu looked at Tang San with a firm face, and Remembering that Yun Chen is Yun Faweng’s grandson, the grandson of his godfather, he will certainly not poison Tang San.


Tang San dug up a spoonful of curry, and swallowed it straightforwardly…

The texture of curry melts in the mouth made Tang San noticeable for a while. , His body shook and he was stunned.

Xiao Wu on the side hurriedly asked: “Three brothers!!!”


The next moment, as expected, Tang San and Xiao Wu absolutely didn’t expect the scene to happen. Tang San not at all broke his clothes, but Tang San suddenly turned red and his mouth was full Wine taste.

His eyes lose their luster and become confused, like a big man with a hangover.

Tang San didn’t stand firm for the first time, moved towards the other side and almost fell down.

When Xiao Wu saw this, he hurriedly charged ahead and helped Tang San and shouted: “Brother! What’s your situation?”

” !!! What’s the situation?”

“Nothing happened!! It is this curry that makes me feel refreshed…..Not bad, Yun Qianqiu’s recipe really has a set!!!”

“It’s half a cook!!” Tang San suddenly became unconscious, and said nonsense.

This makes Xiao Wu startled, okay.

Tang San did not explode, but was drunk.

This made Xiao Wu had to look towards Yun Chen and wanted to ask what happened.

Yun Chen opened his mouth and said: “Then what! This curry…..In fact, there are several different situations after taking it, one is the burst clothes, Ma Hongjun and Little Ao, the other is Zhuqing and me The same heart is like stopping water!! One is nonsense, unconscious, just like being drunk.”

“Obviously, Tang San is the third and is already drunk!!”

“Drunk?? Impossible!! He didn’t drink. Did you put wine in your curry?” Xiao Wu stared, refusing to accept it.

Yun Chen shrugged, said: “not at all!! There is not a drop of alcohol, you can smell it, but some herbs and some of your own blood will cause a hangover. You can only say , It’s not compatible!”

“But also not something big…..It’s just like getting drunk, sleeping and waking up, business as usual!!!”


Just as Xiao Wu was going to continue to ask if he could make Tang San sober immediately, there was something wrong with Tang San. Tang San actually fiercely put his hands on his crotch.

“Today, let you see how the eagle took off!!” Tang San said nonsense.


A passage from Tang San forced Ma Hongjun to look towards him and ask: “Take off?? Where is the eagle under this beautiful moonlight?”

“Hehe!!! Where is the eagle? Of course it is under your and my crotch!!”

“Wait, I will let you see how the eagle spreads its wings! Little What about Ao?? Isn’t he a young eagle? I’ll teach him!!” Tang San shot a full-bodied wine barrier, subconsciously planning to take off his pants.

In this picture, in front of Zhu Zhuqing, Yun Chen, Ma Hongjun, and Xiao Wu, Tang San did not have any twists, but was very natural.

Like a repeat offender.

I plan to release my cuckoo.

This made Xiao Wu hurriedly lock Tang San’s evil hand that was going to release the eagle.

Xiao Wu flustered and exasperated looked at Yun Chen in the same way, and said: “Yun Qianqiu, look at the bad things you have done!! Third brother, he is not like third brother at all!!!”

“He actually planned to…”

“You also said that only the third brother of your curry can talk nonsense, isn’t Fatty also talking nonsense?”


“Uh…isn’t it just walking the birds for a month?? What are you afraid of!!! They are all men, don’t worry about it!!! , Tang San wants to walk the bird, it must mean that his bird is big!!!”

“It’s not like you, because I am small, I dare not let it go for a walk!!” Yun Chen suddenly amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

Good fellow…..

These words that Yun Chen said all of a sudden, made Xiao Wu a moment, and suddenly realized subconsciously, good fellow, this curry also cheated himself Up.

Yun Chen is also talking nonsense…

And he also said whether he has anything like Tang San.

I am a girl! !

How could there be! !

What do I do…

“Okay! Playing with fire and self-immolation…I think you all have Mental malfunctioned!! This thing, Don’t eat anymore!!!”

“Be honest with you, I will send the third brother back…..”

“I will see you again, don’t run around!!! Save it, something happened at night!!” Xiao Wu took a deep breath and held back his urge to beat Yun Chen.

I thought Yun Chen was deliberate, but Yun Chen behaved like a victim.

Talking gibberish, I don’t know what to say.

Even, can’t distinguish between men and women.

I have lost my mind…

This curry may be really a devil! !

Speaking, Xiao Wu kicked the curry with one foot, and also lifted a thin layer of soil with his feet to cover the curry so as not to be eaten by mistake…

However, this move caused a burst of dissatisfaction with Mental’s abnormal Ma Hongjun.

Ma Hongjun questioned Xiao Wu in a daze, “Why are you knocking over my things?? You bad guy, you not only blocked our eagle from taking off, but also brought us eagle I’ve overturned the food!!”

“Although your eagle, no, your young eagle, the baby eagle is very small, but we will not despise you…”



Xiao Wu didn’t have any patience. His backhand was to give Ma Hongjun a big mouth, knock Ma Hongjun over, and fell into a coma.

Leave a fiercely look in Yun Chen, and help Tang San moved towards the other side.

Tang San also looked reluctant, foul-mouthed in his mouth and said that he wanted the eagle to spread its wings and fly high…

Very outrageous.

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