Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 362

ka ka ka ————!

In the tent of Flender and Zhao Wuji, about a quarter of an hour after drinking tea, Liu Erlong took Yu Xiaogang’s hand moved towards the tent and walked in.

As soon as I came in, I saw Flender and Zhao Wuji holding them all the time, just like sleeping lovers, almost kissing each other regardless of each other.

This scene made Yu Xiaogang blushed with shame for a while. These two guys must have been deliberate. Upon closer inspection, Yu Xiaogang saw Flender wearing a pure gold bracelet on his wrist and looked at Liu Erlong’s mouth. With a smile.

It suddenly dawned on me that this fool, Flender, actually sold himself for a gold bracelet, in order to match himself with Liu Erlong…

At all costs, for himself Prescribe medicine.

Yu Xiaogang is not a fool, he knows Fleender’s personality very well.

There is also the overturned cup of teapot. Naturally, I understand what happened.

But Liu Erlong thought that Yu Xiaogang didn’t know it, and walked to the center of the tent, turned around, and said: “Xiaogang, I’m so cold! Can we stay closer.”

“oh!” Liu Erlong, who was facing Chu Chu moving and speaking in a tone of extravagance, Yu Xiaogang not at all, he knew a little tenderness.

As soon as this knot is tender, it will give Liu Erlong hope.

That hope will be exchanged for immense pain…So Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath, pretending to be dissatisfied, and ranted: “Erlong, enough!!”

“Don’t waste your efforts! I’m not a fool. I knew that Fleender had been secretly helping you, saying that it was accidental that we found Blue Tyrant Academy before!”

“Then these two guys rely on Together, drinking the drugged tea is like fools. It’s a coincidence that only the two of us are awake!”

“Flender, this second product, was reduced to such a one for a gold bracelet. Looks like! It’s so stupid, embarrassing!”

“Erlong, we are impossible!!”

“wu wu wu!” Yu Xiaogang’s words are very hurtful, seemingly affectionate No noodles were left.

A few fiercely stabbings to Liu Erlong’s sadness did not let Liu Erlong calm down.

In an instant, Liu Erlong cried out directly, the tears, dripping down, like May Snow, made people feel distressed.

Including Yu Xiaogang, he hesitated for a moment.

Looking at Liu Erlong like a tearful person, Yu Xiaogang must not shout: “Erlong…”

“Xiaogang, I know, I know that we are impossible. Together, even I know that you and I are like an accident! But…”

“But I am so disappointing, you can treat me as a slut without dignity!”


“Even if I hate me, I also hate myself…but I don’t know!”

“I don’t know, why I just can’t control myself, day after day, one The year is another year, and it has lasted for twenty years!!”

“In the past twenty years, I hope every night is the first day we know each other, because in this way, we will not The next painful things happen.”

“But what? Haven’t those things already happened? I have been paralyzed by myself, but there is no result! I like you.”

“I love you, just like a few ten thousand li in the wind, regardless of return date!”

Suddenly, Liu Erlong is like a different person, if the previous Liu Erlong is a Sorrowful woman, now Liu Erlong.

It is the bomb that was ignited, and I wanted to explode all my gunpowder in one go.

Even if the formidable power of this gunpowder is not big enough to damage all around passers-by, the bomb itself can only be self-destruct.

But she also explodes.

Yu Xiaogang was also shocked, didn’t expect Liu Erlong to say that many in one breath.

“Erlong, but…we…we are siblings!” Yu Xiaogang looked helpless, and he didn’t want to give Liu Erlong such an unreliable answer.

Yes, this is the only answer and it cannot be changed.

Liu Erlong said disapprovingly: “Is there any problem with this? Is this a kind of problem? Others, don’t other people also be with their own siblings?”

” Moreover, there are even pro-siblings. As for us, it is just another kind!!”

“No, we are not the same, we come from one family, and that family…” Yu Xiaogang said expressly.

Liu Erlong roared angrily: “Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan?”

“Hehe…..what? I will let them all one by one. Shut up and don’t deserve to talk about us anymore!”

“When we are together, why care about other people’s eyes? Is it true that we are in the eyes of others?”

” But…” Yu Xiaogang still couldn’t accept it immediately.

It seems to be scrupulous about a lot of things, but I don’t know it clearly, leaving Liu Erlong in a hurry.

Until, Liu Erlong stood up suddenly and moved towards Yu Xiaogang leaned over.

This forced Yu Xiaogang to step back a few steps and keep a certain distance from Liu Erlong.

“Xiaogang, I’ll give you another chance. If you don’t lean over, don’t blame me for leaning over. When the time comes, it’s not as simple as heating up!!!”

” You better prepare yourself…” Liu Erlong looked at Yu Xiaogang aggressively, just like her Spirit, Tyrant Dragon.

The real Tyrannosaurus is as rude and domineering, and Yu Xiaogang is as young as Luo San Pao.

It seems to be destroyed at any time…

“Don’t don’t, Erlong, let’s don’t do this, in case someone suddenly walks in…” Looking at Liu Erlong with a serious face, Yu Xiaogang said timidly.

Liu Erlong looked at Yu Xiaogang nonchalantly, and said: “So what? I have to eat you today, if someone comes in halfway…”

“As a girl, I am not afraid of anything, and you are afraid that your students will see you, afraid that they will say you are irresponsible!”

“Especially Little San and Xiao Wu, they are just like us. You will increase the burden on them! It will make them even more afraid to be together!”

“You want to destroy the two newcomers, let your plan! I don’t care.”

“This…” Liu Erlong’s word by word made Yu Xiaogang totally unbelievable. I am a boy and you are a girl. Shouldn’t it be me who said that?

Why did you switch roles? ?

Is it not? ?

Indeed, if Liu Erlong persists, then he really cannot be irresponsible…After all, everyone is watching.

I can’t be a scumbag, especially as a teacher…otherwise how can I be worthy of Tang San! !

Yes, it’s really not possible here…..

In the end, Yu Xiaogang can only choose to compromise and say: “Erlong, I’ll come over!” !”

“The children are still outside…”

“That’s right! I just asked you to hug me, not doing anything!! “

“Of course, for twenty years, I have been waiting for you…I have always left myself to you!! I won’t change.” Hearing this, Liu Erlong revealed one A satisfied smile.

But this passage is full of special meaning, and it has been reserved for you for twenty years.

Liu Erlong is now thirty years old. It is a magnificent age and keeps it. This shows that Liu Erlong is still thirty years old.

Yu Xiaogang also didn’t expect, but his face didn’t change a bit, but his face was indifferent.

It is a kind of surprise.


However, they are close together, outside the tent, in a black forest, they have a pair of red eyes full of killing intent and desire… ..

“I seem to have found a good thing!!” Red eyes said with a faint smile.

Speak human’s words unexpectedly.

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