Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 363

“Good stuff? I think, it’s just two good night snacks! One of them, tsk tsk tsk, especially the one, is really good!”

“It must be a piece of fat, and it is also fat but not greasy. If you bite it, it will burst out a lot of delicious juice, right?”

There is more than one pair in the dark night. red, eyes full of killing intent, and a pair of scarlet eyes full of greed and desire.

“Fool! Do you only have food in your eyes? I don’t want to look at it. When humans mate, are there any differences from us?”

“Could it be that you will live forever Just want to be a foodie, not a normal and ambitious Spirit Beast?” The other pair of red eyes scolded displeasedly.

The second pair of red eyes made a weird laugh, and said: “Is there any problem with eating food for a lifetime? It’s not wild boar and Spirit Beast meat!”

” not just in name only, but also in reality human flesh, eating more human flesh, will make us break through more cultivation base, as for how human Spirit Masters mate!”

“Does this still use secret observation? They are similar to us, except that they can stand up! It makes no sense at all!”

shua~ shua~ shua~ ————!

Two pairs of red eyes express two different opinions, but there is a strong killing intent in the eyes, which seems to be biting Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang inside the tent, but they didn’t immediately shoot .

Time passed by one minute and one second, about one hour, two pairs of red eyes could no longer hold it.

Slowly reveal their fangs and their unique looks from the darkness.

It’s a lion, a lion with brown mane all over the body. The lion is bigger than the previous angry wolf.

The grip and teeth are sharper, just like a handful of sharp blades that you carry with you. Once they are stared at, they are affected by the claws.

It seems to be penetrated, not only this, but also more exaggerated things.

This lion’s tail has no mane, but a whitish bone spur, just like a long spear and a soft whip.

It can become hard at any time, or it can become a few nunchakus.

This lion is also surprising, because it actually has two heads.

Two heads are grown on a fleshy body, so there is no sense of alternative.

As close as a twin, but not separated brother.

But the colors of their heads are different. The heads of the Lord are dark-green, like a fire from hell like exaggeration.

There is a square mark on the forehead.

The lower half of the head is like a burning flame, scarlet.

If Tang San saw this scene, he would be surprised again.

This lion is actually a rarer existence than the angry wolf and the nine-color fluorescent butterfly.

It is called the Abyssal Two-headed Lion. Just like its name, it is a lion with two heads. Upon closer inspection, this lion has a cultivation base of at least 30,000 years.

And spiritual wisdom has actually been opened, which is completely different from other Wannian Spirit Beast.

Be good at thinking and can also use two heads to think and give out different ideas.

Like a clone.

Its existence is a powerful and rare Spirit Beast, which is a Fire Attribute and a representative of Extreme Fire.

Moreover, there are still two different extreme fires. If the lion ominous beast is the strongest at the same level, the red king would not dare to say that he would fight against it, and he would be able to retreat. .

Because they have two brains and two different ideas, it means that they have two brains and two different methods of fighting.

Although the Red King has three heads, all three heads are controlled by one, and the others are like decorations, not as good as it.

Of course, the powerful one has a fatal flaw, that is because the two brains have different thoughts.

Infighting is easy to occur from time to time. Once the infighting starts, two heads will fight and knock the other head out.

Let yourself control the main body, so even if it is strong, it cannot be one of the Ten Great Ominous Beasts…

In fact, it does not lose To the red king…

“jié jié! Don’t waste time, let’s rush in, won’t it be all right for one person!” Green’s head is full of corrosive saliva and can’t wait to say.

Scarlet’s head refused: “It’s safer to act by chance…Although we are ordered to find a guy who knows Blue Silver Grass!”

“But, there will definitely be one or two in this group of humans who are not easy to offend!”

“Don’t beat the grass to scare the snake….. The province will blame us!! “

“Fear of a hammer! Isn’t the above the Spirit Master who let us kill the Blue Silver Grass Spirit? But I didn’t tell me, you can’t touch the others!”

” Finally let us come out. If we don’t fill up our hungry stomachs for many years, what’s the point of being alive!” Green said that he could not sit still.

Scarlet’s head still discouraged, saying: “Wait a minute! Calm down, get ready, come again!”

“I won’t wait! You are afraid of death, so you will hand over your body Give it to me, I will do it!!” Green’s head no longer drags on.

sou sou ————!

Without giving scarlet’s head any reaction, he moved towards Liu Erlong and the tents of Yu Xiaogang, Flender, and Zhao Wuji ran across.

Crush all the way, the saliva in the mouth keeps spraying, breaking down all the obstacles all around.


Liu Erlong is leaning on Yu Xiaogang, face moved towards Yu Xiaogang’s face, he was going to succeed, but suddenly, a powerful burst of Charge and sprint over.

Flying out their tent directly, this made Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong react immediately.

Especially Liu Erlong, as the attack system, Spirit Saint of Tyrant Dragon Spirit, of course quickly reacted to what happened.

Yu Xiaogang is only a Spirit King now, but he has experienced a lot.

Immediately pulled Zhao Wuji and Flender, who were not awake, moved towards the tent and threw them out.

Like a bowling ball, it rolls and beats.

Liu Erlong had a stomach of anger that couldn’t vent. Looking at the aggressive abyss two-headed lion, it happened to be a punching bag.

Especially Yu Xiaogang and himself have gone a step further, and didn’t expect a brute to bother themselves in a rampage.

Liu Erlong certainly couldn’t bear it, the Spirit avatar broke out directly.

Increase the full attribute by 200%, squeeze a fist, aim at the position where the two-headed lion meter is about to predict the abyss, and punch it unceremoniously.


With a loud noise, Liu Erlong took over the full impact of the two-headed lion in the abyss.

And against Green’s lion head, another elbow hit.

Not bad, hit the teeth of the green lion head, and directly smashed the saber teeth.

And fiercely’s threw away…

“Beast things!! courting death…The old lady finally found an opportunity, but you came to stir up My old lady, is it really good to be a bully?” Liu Erlong Tyrant Dragon roared, reprimanding the abyss two-headed lion.

The abyss two-headed lion didn’t expect Liu Erlong to be so fierce, and he is also a Spirit Saint.

Green’s lion’s head and saber teeth were broken, and he had to scream: “ao ao ao!!!”

“Erlong…” Liu Erlong looked crazy. , Yu Xiaogang instantly dropped a drop of sweat on his forehead, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

In ancient times, Wu Song was drunk and beat the tiger. Is there a wave today, Erlong roars and beat the lion?

Isn’t it…

“Idiot, I just let you wait and see what happens. You have to run rampant. When you are a brash man, this one is all right? Missing a tooth !!!”

“Comfortable?” Looking at the grief of Green Lion Head, Scarlet Lion Head couldn’t help laughing heartily.

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