Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 367


bang bang bang!

Faced with Liu Erlong, who is like a broken bamboo, the two-headed lion of the abyss has two heads, which is immediately produced. A hint of timidity, fear.

Because they discovered that they are at most a lion, and the woman in front of them, the mother Tyrant Dragon, is in the continent of Douluo.

Tyrant Dragon is a kind of killing dinosaur, but this dinosaur is not at all so grumpy in imagination, except for the female Tyrant Dragon.

It’s a very reasonable Spirit Beast, but now the truth is impossible to make it clear, the only way is to lean on your fist.

However, his fist is not as hard as Liu Erlong’s, and he can only be beaten.

However, Liu Erlong did not use hand-to-hand combat this time. Instead, he used the Special Attack Spirit Ability, which was the fifth Spirit Ability, the Fire Dragon Long Howling Strike.

Fire Dragon Long Howl Strike is a one-time charge borrowed from long spear, condensed into a very special energy shock, just like a shock wave.

But the shock wave can be cancelled, and the Fire Dragon’s long howling strike cannot be cancelled so easily.

On the contrary, it has a certain scorching effect. This scorching effect is not ordinary. It will burn you if you touch it.

It is a Spirit Ability that Liu Erlong until now likes to use most, because if it is hit, it will accumulate a certain amount of flame spirit power.

If it accumulates to a certain extent, it will cause second stage damage.

Detonate the same effect.

No matter what, this time Liu Erlong made a mistake. The mistake was not because she was too weak. She was very strong. The Abyssal Two-headed Lion knew it well.

But a powerhouse that is irritated by anger is likely to cultivation deviation.

The two-headed lion of the abyss, two heads, represent two different flames.

One is the normal Extreme Fire, and the other is the Underfire from Hell.

Speaking of playing with fire, there are really few that can play it! Except for some alternatives.

For example, Chi Wang, Zi Ji, Yun Chen, these fire fighters can be several times stronger than it.

As for Liu Erlong, Liu Erlong’s playing with fire is just a layer of fur.

Liu Erlong’s strength is the fleshy body’s melee, equivalent to a fatal blow.

It’s a pity that Liu Erlong was so anxious that she ignored this.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ——

The Fire Dragon has come to the abyss two-headed lion. The abyss two-headed lion originally looked terrified and scared. You can see the flame .

In the end, the two heads laughed directly, and those who came would not refuse. Taking these flames can start a whole new level change.

The feature of the Abyssal Two-headed Lion is that it can swallow flames and turn the flames into its own spirit power, allowing itself to explode ten times as powerful in a certain period of time.

“naughty little girl!! Originally thought you were a fleshy body that could match us evenly, but didn’t expect you to take a wrong step!”

“And this step , Will become an opportunity for your death! We will give you a refreshing way to die!” Scarlet lion head darkly looked at Liu Erlong.

Green Lion Head also sneered, and said: “Haha! Don’t talk nonsense with her, just kill her! She is an item of great nourishment!!!”

buckle !

The abyss two-headed lion opened a mouth and swallowed the flame shock wave produced by Liu Erlong’s fifth Spirit Ability.

This is just a moment.

Yu Xiaogang did not see clearly, with a shocked expression on his face, and said: “What!!”

“jié jié! It tastes good…” swallowed Liu Erlong the fifth Spirit Ability, Fire Dragon screamed at them, suddenly their bodies swelled and slowly expanded.

From what was originally a raging wolf, it turned into a Titan Giant Ape, Er Ming.

And some weird changes also appeared on the body, the flames on his body turned into a long spear of flames.

A closer look, it turned out to be a copy of the Liu Erlong Fire Dragon gun.

“This…Erlong, calm down! The situation is not right!” Yu Xiaogang saw such a strange change for the first time.

I suspect that there is a lot of articles in it, so I have to call Liu Erlong again.

Ma Hongjun aside, however, his mouth looks like an O shape.

Ma Hongjun said in disbelief: “This is too big, right?”

“Yes, yes! It’s so big, I’m afraid Erlong Deputy Dean can’t bear it, right? ? Even if she is a Spirit Saint!” Oscar seconded.

“What are you talking nonsense? What’s too big? What kind of bad words!” Until another tent, Xiao Wu stuck his head out.

It was discovered that Ma Hongjun and Oscar were talking nonsense, mistakenly thinking that the two of them were not awake yet, and they came up to give them a kick.


The two were caught off guard and rolled out like an ostrich egg.

Oscar, Ma Hongjun reprimanded with dissatisfaction: “Xiao Wu, what are you doing!!!”

“Oh, you guys woke up? This is not common at all. !” Xiao Wu looked at the two people in surprise.

Ma Hongjun’s eyes stared straight and said: “What wake up? We are always awake!! On the contrary, you beat people as soon as you wake up!!!”

“No quality!!!”

“I don’t have quality? I’m TM…” hearing this, Xiao Wu looked at Ma Hongjun’s serious talk nonsense, and said that he had no quality.

This made Xiao Wu have to swear, and he wanted to give Ma Hongjun another kick.

“Eh eh, what do you do if you don’t sleep at night!” However, when Xiao Wu planned to argue with Ma Hongjun and Oscar, Zhu Zhuqing’s abrupt voice came out.

Only three people had to turn around and looked towards Zhu Zhuqing.

At this moment, Zhu Zhuqing is only wearing a set of thin, black pajamas.

The figure is perfect, and there is not a trace of fussy showing, especially the chest, a large area of ​​white, faintly discernible.

Of course, when I look closely, I can’t see exactly what shape it is. I can only say that it is alluring.

Ma Hongjun and Oscar couldn’t hold back this, and nosebleeds erupted.

“Zhuqing!!! Fuck…”

“Ah, this…”

There are only two people left The appearance of Brother Pig, his eyes are full of small stars, like licking a dog.

Xiao Wu guarded Zhu Zhuqing with a bewildered look, and asked: “Zhuqing, you are wearing…”

“Oh, it won’t get in the way Pajamas only, these two fat boys, dicks, dare not say and so on!” Zhu Zhuqing replied indifferently.

Yun Chen in the Cangxiang Forest was shocked when he saw this scene.

Good guy, Zhu Zhuqing, is this informal? But it should not, it should be too late, after all, I was just with myself.

The occurrence of sudden occurance is very sudden, and it is impossible to prepare in advance.

shua~ shua~ shua~ ————!

While several people were still discussing, a powerful flame suddenly struck, like a fire sea, intending to drown them.

Yu Xiaogang hurriedly yelled: “Children, get out of here soon!”

“?” Everyone is an Abba monster and didn’t respond for a while.

It should be said that Yu Xiaogang’s reminder is too late, fire sea has already come here.

Ma Hongjun and Oscar also found themselves a little bit stupid.

I didn’t notify Xiao Wu and Zhu Zhuqing immediately.

On the contrary, I looked at Zhu Zhuqing, appreciated Zhu Zhuqing, and missed an opportunity to escape.

I appreciate this time, it seems that the price is life.

However, Ma Hongjun didn’t feel a bit nervous, but calmly spit out two words: “No loss!”

“Death without regrets!” Oscar’s four words… ..

Although it is not naked, it is really not a loss for Diosi and Fat House.

Because you never have a better chance….

“Spirit avatar!!! Black gold and white cat!!!” Just when the fire sea was about to cover them, Zhu Zhuqing had already Can’t sit still, seven spirit rings of almost the same color are gradually raised.

Purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black! The soul seal is layered layer by layer, layer by layer.

One of the black spirit rings zooms in unlimitedly, opening a space gate.

In the space gate, Zhu Zhuqing had long since disappeared, and a powerful, weird-looking cat emerged from it.

The cat just slapped and slapped a claw at the meteorite that was flying over.

Meteorite turned into Nothingness.

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