Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 368

“Fuck! Spirit Saint??” Ma Hongjun was shown by Zhu Zhuqing after Spirit avatar changed, and he looked up ahead suspiciously.

Oscar was even more shocked and trembling, and said, “What kind of situation is this? I thought Little San, half a month, entered Spirit King, and the outbreak from Spirit Elder was already outrageous enough. Yes! This Zhuqing, isn’t it a real monster?”

“It seems that we haven’t noticed one thing, Zhuqing, in fact, has already left us all behind, and Spirit Saint is all ten thousand years old. spirit ring !”

“Among them… the two last spirit rings are all millennia old, how did Zhuqing do it?” Xiao Wu also looked incredulous.

Zhu Zhuqing told others that she is just a spirit ring, but it seems that she has nothing to do with Spirit King at all, and some are just humble.

It turned out that a Spirit Saint has been born in Shrek Seven, and this Spirit Saint is still a year or two away from adulthood.

It can be said that if this fact spreads out, then Zhu Zhuqing will be solicited by the Empire, even at all costs.

Because Zhu Zhuqing is the youngest Spirit Saint in history, just a sixteen-year-old girl.

Like an illusion, one cannot look directly at it. Spirit Saint is not a level that can be explained in a few words.

Spirit King The following is a threshold of Spirit Master’s world. If there is no breakthrough Spirit King within a certain period of time, it means that this person has very poor qualifications.

The threshold above the Spirit King is Spirit Saint, which is another brand new threshold.

If you can’t step into this threshold, then you can only serve as the Spirit Emperor for the rest of your life.

And Spirit Saint Above is a doorway of Tilted Douluo, and the three thresholds have different special meanings.

Didn’t expect, Zhu Zhuqing has entered the second threshold, and they are still hovering at the first threshold. Obviously Zhuqing’s age is considered to be the younger of Shrek’s seven.

It was the first one to go ahead, Spirit Saint ……easier said than done.

Liu Erlong is thirty years old, isn’t he the Spirit Saint? But Zhu Zhuqing did.

The spirit ring configuration is much higher than her, only in half a month.

Entering Spirit Saint from Spirit King is like dreaming, Ma Hongjun, Oscar, Xiao Wu can’t believe that she is really Zhu Zhuqing.

When I came to Zhu Zhuqing, Yun Chen was actually quite surprised. The Spirit avatar of Zhu Zhuqing has changed. Isn’t it said that a good Spirit avatar is a ghost cat?

Why suddenly became a black, gold and white cat? It’s completely different from the previous setting.

The appearance is not the appearance of the two chicks, but it is more like a brand new mutation.

This is a problem that Yun Chen did not figure out. After Yun Chen saw Zhu Zhuqing Spirit avatar, there was a clover pattern on his forehead that looked like a trademark.

Yun Chen understood instantly.

Zhu Zhuqing has not only signed some contracts with Yinling Saint Cat.

There is another one.

That is the Emperor Rui Beast, three-eyed golden cat.

Good guy, no wonder at first Brigitte saw Zhu Zhuqing’s abnormality at first glance.

It turns out that Zhu Zhuqing breakthrough Spirit Saint is not only supported by the Yinling Holy Cat, but also by the three-eyed golden 猊, no wonder it half a month.

I didn’t help her, she had time to take care of her, but she gave herself a big surprise.

The appearance of the black, gold and white cat is very huge, similar to the huge two-headed lion in the abyss.

The color of the cat is different. The mane on the head is white, the mane on the body and legs are black, and the mane on the forehead is pulled.

It is the glittering golden, as shiny as rays of light illuminating the earth.

The imprint on the forehead is also assembled in three different colors, which seems to symbolize the two sisters of the Yinling Holy Cat and the three-eyed golden cat.

For black, gold and white cats, the mane can be erected at any time. Once erected, its mane will be like Hidden Weapons, and the missile will eject.

At the same time, black, gold and white cats have two different meanings if their manes are erected immediately.

One of them is to remind the target that I will not show mercy and will kill you mercilessly.

There is another kind, which is the same danger prediction as Insect, and the danger prediction allows the black, gold and white cat to understand how powerful this guy is.

However, Zhu Zhuqing now does not have any of these conditions. Instead, he looks indifferent, as if he did not take the Abyssal Two-headed Lion seriously.

Until the abyss two-headed lion noticed Zhu Zhuqing and roared: “roar roar roar! Didn’t expect, there is actually a Spirit Saint!!”

” You despicable guys, actually sing a one-man show with us!”

“Let us think you are only one person, but in fact like to play some despicable means that’s all!!!”

“Isn’t it? …….Human beings are despicable and despise us Spirit Beast and racially discriminate against us, but in fact the ancestors of human beings also came from Spirit Beast cultivation!”

“We are all born One, but with different treatment!” Green’s lion head stared at Zhu Zhuqing angrily.

The scarlet lion head coldly smiled and said: “However, it is only a matter of time that we want us to replace human beings… after all, which adult has come!”

“Definitely Let Spirit Beast rise and walk out of a road without humans!”

“The World will be managed by Spirit Beast again, peaceful, and a brand new World without quarrels!”

“For this, let’s kill them both to prove our attitude!”

“This proposal is okay! One person is responsible for it, the Tyrant Dragon girl will give me, this catwoman will Here you are! Spirit Saint, Spirit avatar …..”

“It’s just a god-like protection, and their god is us!!”

“Burning anger Bomb!!!”

“Qing Mingyan Explosive Bomb!!!”

boom~ boom~ ————!

The two lion heads talked to themselves for a while, decisively opened their big mouths, and moved towards their respective targets ejected a flame bomb.

This made Yu Xiaogang anxious for a while. He was in a daze, but now he was in a daze again.

Although he really wants to say something like Ma Hongjun and Oscar, Fuck, Spirit Saint.

Zhu Zhuqing’s growth is like opening up, but when you think about it carefully, the relationship between Zhu Zhuqing and Yun Faweng is very delicate, and you can repair a single waste.

What’s more, let Zhu Zhuqing, who has always been good innate talent, enter the level of Spirit Saint?

Anything is possible, but everyone cannot accept it immediately.

At last I thought I could catch up, but I stumbled to find that I had already surpassed myself many times, and I didn’t regard myself as a strong enemy.

Obviously everyone worked the same, but the results have been different.

For who and people cannot be generalized, everyone is human.



Two flame bombs of different colors were shot out, Liu Erlong held the flame long spear tightly in his hand, moved towards a sting of the flame bomb fiercely.

The collision of flames is like two atomic bombs trying to extinguish each other.

Always unlimited friction.

There is a crackle.

The scarlet lion head of the abyss two-headed lion is ruthlessly taunted: “Stupid guy!! Flame and flame are not the same!”


Sure enough, Liu Erlong’s flame long spear did not pierce the flame bomb. Liu Erlong has been outputting spirit power to increase the strength of the flame gun.

It must be flat, so it seems that there is a cheating scene.

The flames on both sides were evenly matched, and there was no victory or defeat, and it finally exploded.

“Pu chi!” The aftermath of the explosion was all in Liu Erlong, which directly shot Liu Erlong out, suddenly spit a mouthful of blood.

Blood spurting is nothing, and Liu Erlong’s clothes are also incomplete, revealing the fragrant shoulders of the tender skin.

Fortunately, it is not the chest, otherwise, Liu Erlong’s equivalent to exposure will be exposed.

But from the fragrant shoulders, you can see how plump and hot her figure is.

Not at all like thirty years old.

Rather, it is a well-developed and very mature big sister.

The arm exposed by the fragrant shoulders is also gradually bleeding.

Completely numb…This scene made Yu Xiaogang startled and could not help shouting nervously: “Erlong!!!”

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