Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 369

A sound of Erlong, full of worry, did not affect Liu Erlong’s next plan. On the contrary, Liu Erlong became even more manic.

I completely ignored that one of his arms had overflowed with blood, and it was very likely that he would become a useless arm.

There is only the killing intent that cannot be released. It has been accumulated. When it bursts out, it will be unstoppable.

No one can wake her up. Liu Erlong is in a state of madness. It is the first time that Yu Xiaogang has seen her in this state.

It’s like shielding all sound sources, with only one target, and that is the abyss two-headed lion.

The rest, no matter the sound or the shadow, can’t stop her movement.

Like not recognizing one’s family, even if Yu Xiaogang is her favorite person, she cannot stop her.

On Shrek’s side, Ma Hongjun and Oscar are involuntarily taking a step back, seeming to perceive the difference in Liu Erlong.

I was very nervous, with the word worry written on his face, and his upper and lower limbs kept trembling.

“Eh eh, Little Ao! There is no serious problem with this, right? Deputy Dean, seems to have lost himself, not recognizing one’s family!” Ma Hongjun said worriedly.

Oscar replied: “This is not a problem. The problem is Deputy Dean, but not just in name only, but also in reality Spirit Saint, who has not defeated the Spirit Beast!”

“Furthermore, Deputy Dean is still a Spirit Saint for thirty years. Experience or manipulation, power, and control are all much higher than Zhuqing who just broke through Spirit Saint, right?”

“Vice Dean is all affected by this Spirit Beast was hit hard, can Zhuqing stand it?”

“Yes! This is a serious problem, but Zhuqing’s ten thousand years spirit ring that many, shouldn’t be bad? We don’t have to Worry!!” Ma Hongjun was nodded, but remembered Zhu Zhuqing’s seven spirit rings with different colors before, so that all of that worries were relieved for a while.

Yes, Oscar didn’t think so. He still maintained his previous view, saying: “That’s not true! Just like Little San!”

“It was Spirit at the same time. Elder and Little San can easily defeat each other!!”

“Level is not a powerful symbol!”

“If it’s really the same as you said, then a while We only have one way, and that is to get away! Spirit Beast that Spirit Saint can’t handle!”

“We Spirit Kings are all giving away heads. It’s better to reduce casualties, do a lot of research, and find a suitable one. I have a chance to return in a swirl of dust again!”

Ma Hongjun looked at Oscar very optimistically, and it seemed very reasonable to say such words of greed for life and fear of death.

This all made Oscar blushed with shame. Everyone was a team deputy Dean who was defeated. Zhu Zhuqing was defeated. We slipped away? This is against humanity and morality, right?

However, it is normal for Ma Hongjun to say such a thing.

Spirit Beast that Spirit Saint can’t handle, what can Spirit King do? Not enough to be sandbags!

Oscar glanced all around and asked: “Damn! Since Spirit Saint can’t stand it, it’s Spirit Douluo! Where is Dean? Where did you sleep?”

” Grandmaster, do you know?”

Yu Xiaogang did not answer Oscar’s words, but pointed to Flender and Zhao Wuji, who were not awake, as if dead.

This made Oscar and Ma Hongjun have to be furious, vomiting: “Good guys, one by one, you are desperate, you and Dean are actually sleeping!”

“Give us Get up!”


Speaking, Oscar and Ma Hongjun moved towards Flender kicked out, trying to wake Flender and Zhao Wuji.

But there is still no response, even if there is a rough footprint on Flender’s face, there is no response, and he still keeps hu hu sleeping.

At this time, Oscar and Ma Hongjun had to look towards each other, planning to do something bad.

Back to Yu Xiaogang’s side, only Xiao Wu is left.

Xiao Wu looked at Liu Erlong who was frenzied, and said: “This should be what Dean said before, Erlong Aunt, deputy Dean!”

“In fact, there is a personality, That personal Erlong Aunt has only endless anger and dissatisfaction, without any reason or affirmation!”

“Only one thought is to destroy everything and destroy everything, otherwise it is impossible to stop! Erlong Aunt this situation …..”

“It should be…Dean once said that Erlong Aunt in this state, not recognizing one’s family, once slaughtered a Spirit Beast tribal forest.”

“There are all Ten Thousand Years Spirit Beast in there, not one left! It’s like a killing robot.”

“What the hell is going on!” Xiao Wu Looking helplessly at Liu Erlong, who had been hit hard but didn’t fall, and planned to return in a swirl of dust, he said with emotion.

Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath and said: “I don’t know! It seems that I was stimulated. As for the thing Fenderer said.”

“I have a little bit more or less I understand, but didn’t expect to run away so easily!!”

“Grandmaster, run away…at least, there is a reason? Can you talk about it!”

“Maybe we can find the cause of the runaway. We can solve such a dilemma. Although Zhuqing is a Spirit Saint, it must not be able to withstand it!”

“Especially Erlong Aunt who is not recognizing one’s family! “Xiao Wu blinked big beautiful eyes and looked at Yu Xiaogang suspiciously.

Since Flender knew about the rampage, there was no immediate stop at that time, so I must know the reason.

Then Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong used to talk about the lovers, Yu Xiaogang must also know.

hearing this, Yu Xiaogang remained silent, not intending to say it, but changed the subject and said: “This is very complicated, it is not clear!”

“However, we have already solved it. The method, that is Yun Elder, but some things happened to Yun Elder and it didn’t come!”

“Deliberate some time!”

“My godfather? Okay. …..” This gave Xiao Wu speechless for a while.

Because my godfather is really good at curing intractable diseases.

The camera was once again placed on Liu Erlong’s side and Zhu Zhuqing’s side, and once again slapped the flame bomb of the two-headed lion in the abyss.

However, the flame bomb formidable power is not small, so Zhu Zhuqing has some scars.

Although it is not very deep, it is very shallow, like a knife cuts a finger.

One band-aid can do everything.

“tsk tsk, this human being is really act recklessly!” The green lion head said with a sneer.

Scarlet lion head replied: “Isn’t it, but since the road of courting death, the beauty of adults!”

whiz whiz whiz ————!

Just as Liu Erlong was charging ahead again, a pair of two-headed lions desperate to death in the abyss, suddenly, several powerful rays of light burst out.

rays of light are like vines, locking Liu Erlong who is crazy.

Of course, Liu Erlong will not let him be locked up. He has been pulling these rays domineeringly, intending to break the seal and rush out of the sky.

But, the more she struggled, the tighter these rays became.

In the end, a very island-style binding posture appeared, which was tortoise-shell binding, which tightened the delicate skin of Liu Erlong.

Let her show once again that she is not in the same figure as her age.

“Ah!” Liu Erlong yelled, intending to rely on spirit power to break out such a blockade.

But there was no response. The light continued to evolve, eventually turning into a birdcage, which would check and balance the runaway Liu Erlong, unable to move.

This scene happened very suddenly, and Yu Xiaogang did not see it clearly.

came back to his senses, it turns out that the rays of light came from Zhu Zhuqing in the Spirit avatar state.

This is the sixth Spirit Ability under Zhu Zhuqing’s Spirit avatar: holy light baptism.

It is a way to clean up a series of control outbreak Spirit Ability, which not only locks the target, but also extracts the spirit power of the target and transforms it into your own use.

Zhu Zhuqing has not been disconnected just now, and has been listening to Xiao Wu and Yu Xiaogang.

Also find a suitable opportunity to control it, Liu Erlong, otherwise it will be really troublesome.

It is not the trouble of the two-headed lion of the abyss, but the trouble of Liu Erlong, who wants to defeat the two-headed lion of the abyss, but Zhu Zhuqing that’s all in a thought.

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