Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 372

“Where is my Spirit Bone?? Your uncle! Isn’t it? I’m not that bad luck??” Ma Hongjun looked at the black, full of powerful visual effects The spirit ring.

There was still some dissatisfaction, and he picked up the dead two-headed lion’s corpse, scanned under its corpse, looking for a black Spirit Bone.

But, not at all …..

Under the corpse, there is only a bubble of blood full of blood, not at all black Spirit Bone.

And the spirit ring has gradually dimmed.

This made Zhu Zhuqing a little impatient and said: “The spirit ring is about to disappear!! Enter the meditation state quickly, and then absorb the spirit ring!”

“No, I am Find Spirit Bone!!” Ma Hongjun shed depressed tears.

Xiao Wu eyes slightly narrowed, took a look at the corpse, and said: “There is no Spirit Bone!! Don’t waste time looking for it, the effect of the spirit ring is not and the others!!!”


“Impossible!! Since the angry wave wolves have Spirit Bone, a 50,000-year-old rare Spirit Beast, which is stronger than the angry wave wolf and rarer than the angry wave wolf, how could there be no Spirit Bone??” Ma Hongjun Still expressing that he wants to search for Spirit Bone.

If you don’t find Spirit Bone, you won’t absorb this spirit ring.

From his eyes, he can see his obsession with Spirit Bone…desire.

Yu Xiaogang said: “Who said that? Rare Spirit Beast Although the probability of the occurrence of Spirit Bone is about ordinary Spirit Beast, there is also no probability of Spirit Bone!!!”

“Fatty, you can only say that your luck is really bad.”

“Just like Xiao Wu said, this abyssal two-headed lion does not have Spirit Bone. Don’t waste your energy, immediately Absorb the spirit ring. It can’t be wasted!”

“hahaha!!!” Yu Xiaogang’s words made Oscar, who was still envious before, laughed instantly, heartless laughter.

Just like a knife, it is inserted into Ma Hongjun’s chest decisively.

Ma Hongjun convulsed all over, crying without tears and said: “I don’t believe it!!!”

“I don’t believe your uncle!! You dude, if you If you don’t absorb it, then next time, you will kill a 10,000-year Spirit Beast yourself!”

“Don’t you think it’s easy?”

“If you waste, then From now on, you will find a spirit ring that suits you all by yourself!!”

Ma Hongjun’s disbelief caused Zhu Zhuqing to be violent, grabbed Ma Hongjun’s collar directly, and ranted at him. .

What is special.

great aunt, just came out of the battle for an hour and gave you a Spirit Beast, tired as a dog, but because you don’t have a spirit ring, you look like you don’t want it.

Is the great aunt spirit ring easy to get? ? ?

Yes, Zhu Zhuqing now feels a little tired. This fatigue does not come from a battle with the two-headed lion in the abyss, but from a battle between himself and Yun Chen in the tent.

At first, Zhu Zhuqing hadn’t noticed when he came out. After the battle, he didn’t expect to feel tired for a while.

It’s like running a marathon.

You smoke a few cigarettes before you run, at first you think it’s okay to run, but after running, you will feel your kidneys twisted.

It’s like being drained.

Now, Zhu Zhuqing is also in the same situation, except that she does not have kidney problems, but her legs, which have some numbness.

I also blame Yun Chen for being too powerful.

After all, two people stick together for one hour, two hours.

Who can do this at the scene?

No? ?

This makes Zhu Zhuqing once again have to admire Yun Chen, not only is strong, any place is equally strong, true blessing.

“…” Zhu Zhuqing’s rage made Ma Hongjun startled. He didn’t dare to talk more, so he immediately sat down and meditated on the spot.

In meditation.

Absorb this spirit ring.

Obviously, he has seen the facts clearly, he has no relationship with Spirit Bone…

Although he wants it very much.

But God doesn’t agree…


Seeing Ma Hongjun meditating on the spot, everyone here was relieved, and Zhu Zhuqing planned to return to the tent and rest for a good night.

My Mental can no longer support it.

Even Zhu Zhuqing took a step out, and there was something swaying, as if drunk.

This made Oscar and Xiao Wu have to ask: “Zhuqing, are you okay?”

“Hhoo! I’m okay…just a little tired That’s it. Rest for a while. As for the questions you want to ask, I will answer you tomorrow.” Zhu Zhuqing smiled reluctantly, and said.

“Xiao Wu, you send her back to the tent! It must be the first Spirit avatar, lack of proficiency, and the unstable output of spirit power control!” Yu Xiaogang looked like she was about to fall The same Zhu Zhuqing said remindingly.

Xiao Wu straight nodded, said: “Okay!!”

“As for Little Ao, you can stay, vigil!! Now, on our side, Mubai, Rongrong, Fatty all three are in a meditation state!”

“In order to avoid another special situation, we should leave a person to watch the night.” Yu Xiaogang gave the order.

Oscar was taken aback for a moment, and said, “Why me? I want to sleep too!! You can find Little San…”

Oscar said nothing. When he fell, Xiao Wu glared at him with murderous eyes, making Oscar instantly dumb and speechless.

I can only move to the next target, and he said: “Why is it me?? Yun Qianqiu hasn’t been idle all the time? And, there are you…”

“Should the vigil come from a powerful Spirit Master?”

“I am now a Spirit Ancestor, and there is no fourth spirit ring, I can only count as Spirit Elder… If there is danger, isn’t it for nothing?”

“Yun Qianqiu is very busy now, but not for a while! I will take your Erlong Deputy Dean to talk to him about some things about his grandfather. “

“As for what you said, I think it is all nonsense…..Here just experienced a big duel, and the two-headed lion of the abyss is still the overlord Spirit Beast.”

“In a short period of time, there will be no Spirit Beast approaching…If so, you will take your flying mushrooms, and then yell from the sky, and we will rush out immediately.” Yu Xiaogang 1 He stared at Oscar earnestly, and told Oscar a plan for Oscar alone.

This made Oscar completely unable to find an excuse to refuse. In desperation, he had no choice but to exhales one breath saying and agreed: “Okay! Then I will watch the night!”

“However, I suspect that I might not be able to stand it…You will take over for me earlier, and I want to sleep.”

“No problem.” Yu Xiaogang turned around disapprovingly Body, holding Liu Erlong moved towards Yun Chen’s tent position.

Leave Oscar alone.

Oscar had to lift the head and look up at this starry sky…

Oscar’s deep exhales one breath saying, said with emotion: “Ask you how sad , It’s like a river of spring water flowing eastward.”


Yun Chen’s tent, Yun Chen has already returned to his tent and has been waiting for Yu Xiaogang’s interruption.

shua shua! !

Sure enough, after a while, Yu Xiaogang came to the door of Yun Chen’s tent and was about to speak.

Yun Chen preemptively said: “Grandmaster ah?? You come in!!”

This made Yu Xiaogang startled, and after a while, he decisively walked into the tent.

As soon as he entered the tent…

Yu Xiaogang was shocked.

The inside of this tent is like a house, filled with various medicine jars, and some medicinal storage boxes. It is not like a camping tent at all.

It’s more like a drugstore.

Yu Xiaogang said: “See, are you ready to take over your grandfather’s Legacy?”

“Almost! Son and stepfather career is a common one.”

“Also, I also like medicinal smell.”

“Grandmaster, let’s talk about it. Although I can’t do it like my grandfather, but at least it’s stable Stay in some situation.” Yun Chen looked at Yu Xiaogang slightly smiled.

Yu Xiaogang heave a long sigh, said: “Okay. Maybe you have a way.”

“After all, your child is much more mature than peers, I doubt it. You and I belong to the same generation.”

“…” Yu Xiaogang’s words shocked Yun Chen. Good fellow, how accurate? ?

Yu Xiaogang continued: “Erlong, Deputy Dean!! It seems that there has always been a violent disease… I originally planned to find your grandfather and ask what this disease is like. “

“But, this time it happened, and it was more terrifying than before.”

“There used to be some sanity, and now the violent rage has completely lost control. I want to ask, this is a What kind of illness!!!”

“Put her on the bed and take off her clothes!!” Yun Chen said with a cold face.


Undress? ?


Yu Xiaogang startled ……

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