Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 374

“Grandmaster, it seems that you are very negligent in this area!!” Yun Chen looked at Yu Xiaogang who hadn’t reviewed him immediately, and couldn’t help but say.

Yu Xiaogang turned his face and looked at Yun Chen, replied: “Could it be that these scars are because of me?? Impossible!! This is absolutely impossible!”

“.. ….” Impossible, let Yun Chen be speechless, impossible? ?

Yes, you are impossible to have love.

At this time, Yu Xiaogang’s personal assumptions are completely collapsed. His every move is only surprised and impossible, like making countless excuses for himself.

Convince others, convince yourself, convince Liu Erlong, and tell Liu Erlong that these wounds are definitely not related to me.

It must be something else.

Yun Chen heave a long sigh, saying: “oh!! Not to mention… none of these wounds are not painful, especially for a girl.”

“Erlong Deputy Dean must also have a heart for beauty. She must be beautiful in her dress, but because of these wounds, that beautiful heart is completely destroyed.”

“Grandmaster….. This really has nothing to do with you, Erlong Deputy Dean is just too stupid to hurt himself like this.”

“Go out!”

“Let me see, those wounds can be repaired as much as possible As before.”

“I…” Yu Xiaogang looked at Yun Chen with a fierce face, and realized for the first time that he was not as clear as a child, or even better than a child who understood women. .

What happened to yourself? ?

What’s wrong with yourself?


I shouldn’t be like this.

The former self, the present self, in the end, which one is self? ?

I don’t know, Yu Xiaogang walked out of the tent with shock, doubt, unbelief, and a few unfathomable mystery, leaving Yun Chen and Liu Erlong behind.

Even, Yu Xiaogang has no idea why he has to leave…..

Push Liu Erlong to a child.

Yu Xiaogang only knows one thing. He must ask Flender to ask what has happened to Liu Erlong over the years.

The years I have left.

Flender must know what Liu Erlong has experienced.

Because all of this was arranged by Flender. ,

“Flender…” Yu Xiaogang murmured a few times, and moved towards the outside speedingly, and came to the position where Flender and Zhao Wuji slept against each other.

I plan to wake up Flender….

The medicine that Flender can take, but a super large amount of medicine…impossible to wake up, only the next morning, There will be hope to wake up.

Otherwise, I will sleep until noon.

Yun Chen’s tent.

Yun Chen took out a furry herb that resembled a dog’s tail, and gently wrapped it around Liu Erlong’s nose.

Same as pepper.

Liu Erlong had to sneeze: “Sneeze!!”

When a sneeze came out, Liu Erlong’s consciousness slowly recovered and he woke up.

And when Liu Erlong woke up, the first name he called out was: “Xiaogang!!!”

“Erlong Deputy Dean, it looks like you are awake!!!” However, Liu Erlong not at all saw Yu Xiaogang’s face like a dead mother.

What I saw was a smiling, handsome face full of sunshine.

However, she has no interest in this face for the time being.

I feel there is a certain generation gap between each other.

Liu Erlong realized that Yu Xiaogang was not there at all. The first reaction was to investigate all around. This is Yun Chen’s tent, and the cool breeze is coming from him.

Liu Erlong looked down and found that he was not at all wearing clothes.

Showing those ugly scars that she will never forget.

Liu Erlong immediately wrapped Yun Chen’s quilt.

Cover all these ugly wounds.

Adjust your mentality and say: “Yun Qianqiu?? This…what’s the matter? Why am I in your tent and still in your bed.”


Here, Liu Erlong doesn’t think too much, thinking about being tainted and so on.

Because it is impossible in her eyes.

Yun Chen is just a child.

Impossible to have that courage.

However, Yun Chen does have this courage, and he does not bother to take advantage of others…. After all, he is a moral, ideal, and principled old critic.

Not a stallion.

When I came to another continent, I was looking for a woman’s second.

Yun Chen replied: “You still have some impressions? You are in a coma, should you vaguely talk about what I just talked with Grandmaster?”

“Grandmaster already knows about you The injury…”

“You don’t have to hide it. Looking at your injury, you also understand why you put it in my tent?”

Word by word, full of care, just like the little sun in winter, it will give you a touch of warmth and will not burn people.

Liu Erlong is silent.

Liu Erlong opened his mouth and said, “Xiaogang knows? Then what kind of performance will she be?”

“What kind of performance? Erlong Deputy Dean, don’t you know very well? Don’t you already have the answer? Although you are unconscious, your consciousness is extremely calm.”

“In other words, you were like pretending to be asleep before, but in fact you are I woke up.” Yun Chen turned around disapprovingly, and removed something from his medicine cabinet.

, hearing this, the starlight in Liu Erlong’s beautiful eyes suddenly dimmed.

Yun Chen continued: “Vice Dean Erlong, let me talk about it! As a passerby, a third party, and a man! I want to stand in the same generation as you and say something.”

“To torture yourself for one person, to destroy everything that I once was proud of…Even if I destroy every time, it is clear and painful.”

“But bite the bullet and persevere, is it worth it?”

“Value!!” Liu Erlong didn’t think much, but answered firmly.

Yun Chen faintly smiled and said: “Hold on all the time, waste your best years, let yourself find a breakthrough, is it worth it?”

“Value!!!” Liu Erlong is still a value, but the value of this time has a little trembling tone.

Yun Chen does not follow the general, and said: “Wasting my years, and there is still no result, there is still no result, is it worth it?”

“Value…. ….” This time, Liu Erlong’s eyes suddenly flashed with rain and dew.

Yun Chen disagreed, and said: “But is another person worth the result?”

“Value!!!” The value of this time makes Liu Erlong The voice burst out like thunder, tears could not be controlled, drop by drop.

She completely collapsed.

It’s broken.

Originally, Yun Chen’s words and sentences were inserted into Liu Erlong’s wound just like a saber, but they didn’t expect that Yun Chen made three cuts in one breath.

And a knife is heavier than a knife.

Liu Erlong is very strong, very strong.

But it also means that she is weak and fragile in some way.

Sure enough, Yun Chen made her cry.

This cry is full of sadness and helplessness.

It is like passing the suffering of thirty years to another person.

The tears are very salty…

At this moment, Liu Erlong is crying like a little girl, not knowing what to do, but the heart is complete for the first time Release.

Yun Chen decisively opened his barrier.

The entire tent was sealed to prevent Liu Erlong’s cry from being emitted.

Otherwise, people outside must think that they have done something inferior to animals.

Moreover, Liu Erlong does not want his fragile side to be seen by others.

I saw that it was an exception.

One more, then Liu Erlong’s image will be affected.

But, looking at Liu Erlong’s sad look, Yun Chen couldn’t help but wanted to give her a hug, but now is not the time.

And his identity is not suitable.

But Liu Erlong’s tears really make people unbearable.

Yun Chen took a bet, and suddenly took a step forward and hugged Liu Erlong.

Yun Chen shouted: “Erlong Deputy Dean, cry! It will be much better if you cry out.”

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