Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 375

“I won’t cry!! It’s okay, everything will be fine, and the result will be what I want!” Liu Erlong stopped crying and wiped the corners of his eyes. The tears, exhales one breath saying like the release of sin.

Recovering the faint smile once again, like a okay person, as if just crying, the person who is weeping beauty is not her.

This made Yun Chen obviously startled. Good guy, I thought I could get Liu Erlong right away. It seems that Liu Erlong’s heart is more determined to Yu Xiaogang than Bibi Dong.

But it doesn’t matter, take your time, the jerky can only be eaten slowly, and if you swallow it, it is like Zhu Bajie eating Ginseng Fruit.

No future can be seen at all.

Yun Chen coughed a few times, took out the pill box he prepared in advance, and said to Liu Erlong: “Erlong Deputy Dean, this is the medicine I prepared for you!!!”

“Medicine?” Liu Erlong looked at the medicine box. The package was completely unseen. It was very exquisite, but there was a slight smell of sweet glutinous rice.

Now, Liu Erlong subconsciously extend the hand and take this box of medicine, but not at all immediately open it.

Looking at Yun Chen with a puzzled look.

Yun Chen slightly smiled and said: “Yes, this is a medicine, a medicine that can cure you!! But in this box, there are two different kinds of medicine.”

“The pink one is an emotional control medicine. If you find that you suddenly feel restless, or sad or sad, you must take one.”

“After taking one, you Will be very calm and make your brain sober. It won’t make you wrong!”

ka-cha! !

Liu Erlong decisively opened the box. Inside the box, there were indeed two plates of medicines of different colors. This medicine looked like a calcium tablet, but one was pink and the other was blue.

The pink one, Liu Erlong took out one, and sniffed it carefully. Sure enough, the scent of glutinous rice came from the pink medicine. Liu Erlong took a deep breath and swallowed it immediately.

The entrance of the medicine was so hard that Liu Erlong had to chew it. With this chewing, Liu Erlong was like eating glutinous rice, and his heart suddenly calmed down.

And, this calmness has also restored Liu Erlong’s Mental anger a lot, no longer like a crying crying person, but unusually calm and peaceful.

Liu Erlong took a deep breath, as if a mountain on his back suddenly disappeared, making him almost ten years younger.

Liu Erlong asked: “Where is the other board?”

“Pharmaceuticals for healing wounds and pain on the body can repair certain wounds and stop bleeding!! Your wounds are too Many, you can take one pill, and your wound will fade away slowly.” Yun Chen replied.

Liu Erlong eyes shined, Yun Chen, can this medicine repair your own beauty? ?

My own wounds are very ugly. No boy likes to see these wounds, including Yu Xiaogang himself, even if Yu Xiaogang doesn’t say it.

But Liu Erlong knows very well that there will be a pimple inside.

And taking one green pill in front of you can repair the wound and let your wound recede slowly, so if you eat it all in one breath, wouldn’t it be the same as before? ?

Even if Liu Erlong does not believe that there is such a kind of divine medicine in World, Yun Faweng is a character full of infinite possibilities.

Since Yun Chen and Yun Qianqiu, as the grandson of Yun Fa Weng, they can say this, it is also very reasonable.

Of course, Liu Erlong also has some desires.

Liu Erlong said: “This medicine can repair all the wounds of my body? There will be no gaps?”

Yun Chen shook the head, said:” This won’t work!! Then you have to find me grandfather. My medicine, the pink one is called mood calming medicine!”

“It is a medicine that calms the emotions, but it is taken at most a day One pill, if you exceed this amount, then it will become Alzheimer’s!”

“As for this green medicine, it is called a hemostatic repair medicine…..It is you who bleed can stop the bleeding, and it can also A medicine that disinfects the wound and repairs a trace of flesh.”

“This medicine, I estimate that you need to take Erlong Vice Dean for more than a month, the wound will slowly shed, but it will remain Imprint.”

“After all, these wounds of yours have been maintained for at least 20 years, right?”

“I am not a god, how can I recover from 20 years of chronic illness in an instant What?”

“So…then this medicine…” Hearing this, Liu Erlong was suddenly lost, but he was not disappointed. It was a kind of rejoicing.

Twenty years, this wound has not recovered a layer of skin, making her body as if she is fifty years old. Not only is it not good-looking, but the skin has changed from tender to tofu.

Even, every winter, I feel like I was frozen, and I almost relapsed from my old wounds many times, and died of cold.

And the hot weather is the same, it’s almost too hot.

It is a chronic disease.

As for how this stubborn illness was left behind, Liu Erlong doesn’t regret it. It was an accident of his own. He was left behind by a certain Spirit Saint on the way to find Yu Xiaogang.

At that time, Liu Erlong was just a Spirit King, how could he fight Spirit Saint, but she was smart, slipped away from Spirit Saint’s hands, and took this injury.

Yun Chen added: “For your old injuries, insist on taking it for a month. At least you can guarantee that there will be no freezing in winter and hot burns in summer.”

” , You have to repair your skin and restore your skin as before. It’s very difficult…but also not have a chance. Look at my grandfather!”

“I received a message, my grandfather will Waiting for us in the capital of Star Luo Empire, when the time comes, just ask, how should the skin be repaired!”

“en?? Senior Yun will wait for us in Star Luo Empire??” Liu Erlong looked slightly startled, a little surprised.

Yun Chen straight nodded, said: “Yes, he needs to give something to Xiao Wu before he will leave.”

“Well, then it can only be handed to You grandfather, let him see the situation. As for this medicine, I still follow your arrangement…I won’t take more or less.” Liu Erlong had no choice but to look forward to meeting Yun Chen.

Yun Chen reminded: “But I still remind you that these two medicines cannot be taken together. If taken together, it will have a hallucinogenic effect.”

“In other words, Erlong Deputy Dean, you need to take the first pill about an hour before you can take the second pill. Otherwise, not only the healing effect, but also the calming effect will be cancelled.”

“At the same time, it will make you hallucinate. The brain’s brain waves are disturbed…”

“Understood! Is there any restriction on this medicine?” Liu Erlong kept it in mind and asked worriedly.

Yun Chen replied: “During the medication, this month, you still have less activity, less fights, and less use of spirit power, otherwise the burden will be very heavy.”

” !”

“Only one big taboo is to use Spirit avatar!!!”

“However, Grandmaster has already broken through Spirit King, and Dean is Spirit Douluo again, so you almost don’t have to take action. “

“Okay.” Liu Erlong agreed indifferently.


However, after a period of time has passed, Yun Chen intends to issue an expulsion order.

Liu Erlong stood up suddenly, looked at Yun Chen’s handsome face, and said sincerely: “Qianqiu, I thank you…”

“You are welcome. …. It’s just a small problem!!” Yun Chen smiled disapprovingly.

As if it didn’t take it seriously, Liu Erlong saw a shadow from Yun Chen’s smile, and that shadow was just like a cloud of hair.

However, Liu Erlong did not look any further, but rubbed his eyes instead.

Knead it, came back to his senses, Yun Qianqiu is Yun Qianqiu, Yun Chen is Yun Chen, not alone at all, just because grandparents are very similar.

Hug! !

Liu Erlong gave Yun Chen a hug and said: “Thank you again!!”

“Erlong Deputy Dean, if you thank you, you don’t have to be so troublesome. I just hope you don’t regret it. Go the wrong way, and violate our words!” Yun Chen said.

Liu Erlong laughed and said: “hehe!! Of course, I won’t regret it…but, you brat, how can you understand that many??”

“Like an adult!!”

“It’s getting late, I’ll go back first, you can rest early.”

After that, Liu Erlong left Yun Chen’s Tent, this night, Liu Erlong’s brain is inside sea, and there is an extra person.

Although it is a little child.

But Liu Erlong’s brain is just like he doesn’t listen to it. Yun Chen looks good when he grows up, and even makes himself a little fascinated.

However, I am already a half-old milf…..

If I was twenty years younger and had not met Yu Xiaogang, I would definitely not let it go.

This is an instruction from Liu Erlong’s brain. This instruction makes Liu Erlong feel unfathomable mystery.

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