Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 376

2nd day, noon…

The distance from the green forest is about thirty miles away…

The sunlight is like a saber, directly coming down from the sky, causing severe tortures to Tang San entire group, making several people feel irritable…..

The green forest is different from the Sunset Forest. The trees in the green forest, not at all, surround the real forest, but the appearance of a small jungle.

This allows the sun to shine completely on the ground of the green forest.

As long as the sunlight is strong enough…

“Damn!! It’s so hot…I’m going to die soon!! Dean, how long will it take! “Oscar was exhausted and uttered a gloomy expression on his face.

Flender said with a look of restlessness and patience: “This is only halfway through, you just hum, you are useless than Fatty?”

“What’s this called?? Am I very useless? I have already entered the Spirit Ancestor’s powerhouse!!!” However, Fenderer’s words made Ma Hongjun on the side stare angrily.


One night plus a noon time, Ma Hongjun, Dai Mubai, Ning Rongrong all entered their realm completely and smiled .

Even though the sun is so hot, the mood of the three of them is ignorantly refreshing.

There is only one person who has been staring at Yun Chen with resentment.

Isn’t the source of this gaze the protagonist of the Douluo mainland, Tang San?

The farce of last night.

Xiao Wu gave Tang San a review, and the blood baby Douluo made Tang San see himself as a second-hand.

I want to walk the birds under the moon.

What kind of operation is this? ?

How can I do such a vulgar thing? ?

And shouldn’t Ma Hongjun and Oscar perform this kind of vulgar thing?

On the contrary, yesterday Ma Hongjun was stubborn, and there was a wave of weeping willows. No matter how bad, Oscar just kept floating in the air.

There is no vulgar operation…

Why do you do this? ?

Tang San doesn’t know clearly, nor why, he wants to study the curry, but the curry has been buried by Xiao Wu and lost the research goal.

Tang San can only look for problems from Yun Chen, after all, the curry is from Yun Chen’s hands.

At the same time, Tang San also swore a poisonous oath. From today on, even if he starved to death, he would be beaten to death by Spirit Beast, trampled to death, and wasted his energy.

Never eat the culinary delicacies of Yun Chen.

Yu Xiaogang reminded: “We are now in the central area. This central area is almost all ten thousand years Spirit Beast. It is not good for us to avoid it along the way!”

“If you rush It will attract more Spirit Beast…”

“Although we also want to bypass this dangerous area directly, Little Ao does not have a spirit ring yet! Lack of spirit ring Once he finds his spirit ring, he will start immediately.”

“This time, we will interfere, because you are moving too much…”

” Here are some ruthless guys!”

“Cut! Ruthless guys?? I haven’t seen the ruthless guys, but I want to get to know, there is no one in Zhengzhou who come to practice hands for me!” p>

“Once you give me a chance, I will prove who is the ruthless guy, right, Zhuqing!” Yu Xiaogang’s words made everyone agree. Only Dai Mubai rolled up his sleeves and revealed My own muscles look like hate iron for not becoming steel, as if a guy would like to come out.

Come with him…..

Refresh your strength in front of Zhu Zhuqing.

But Zhu Zhuqing gave him a roll of eyes, did not return him, but walked to Yun Chen’s side, although he did not hold hands, but the distance is obviously not far…

This It made him look embarrassed.

Dai Mubai whispered inside, is it Mao?

Will Mao Zhuqing suddenly approach Yun Chen? ?

Although two people do not have any intimate behaviors, they can be close, which means that Zhu Zhuqing is a cat type Spirit, and the cat is close to others.

The cat must trust this person.

Zhu Zhuqing is not easy to get closer, which shows that Zhu Zhuqing trusts Yun Chen very much.

Good fellow.

How long has Yun Chen been here?

Do you believe him that way? Although Yun Chen said and did everything, he did not miss it.

But don’t do that.

You make me think that you have an affair like him.

I feel bad.

Dai Mubai felt depressed inside, and had to give Yun Chen a hostile look.

Of course, this hostility is not real hostility and killing intent, but a kind of depression and complaining.

Yun Chen shrugged, he has nothing to do with him.

Zhuqing took the initiative to lean in…

Moreover, Zhuqing is now mine…you have no hope.

If you know this, then you might be self-deciding, right? ?

After all, it happened yesterday…

He is still the passive party, and Zhuqing is the active party.

Of course, Yun Chen does not intend to tell this secret now, Zhuqing is also very sensible, and did not reveal Yun Chen’s concealment.

Because Zhu Zhuqing understands Dai Mubai’s temper.

Once it is known, Dai Mubai will not care about that many and will always pester Yun Chen.

Yun Chen is not afraid, but being entangled in a pile of shit makes him sick.

even more how, Yun Chen is a very mature person, he will not step on this shit, but the shit will feel scared and unsatisfied…

“Um…Boss Dai, let’s keep a low profile!! Although you break through the Spirit King, you are not the only one who breaks through the Spirit King this time!!”

“Little San and Rongrong are Spirit Kings…Zhuqing…” Oscar couldn’t help but remind Dai Mubai when he saw that he didn’t know what happened last night.

Dai Mubai disagreed, saying: “Cut! I am the first breakthrough, and Zhuqing, she is always impossible to exceed Spirit King, right?”

“half a month again A breakthrough, why do we work hard?”

“…” Dai Mubai’s words made Oscar silent, and he didn’t know how to answer Dai Mubai for a while. He wanted to give Dai Mubai very much. It shows that Zhu Zhuqing is not only a breakthrough, but also a Spirit Saint.

However, once this result is said, it is estimated that Dai Mubai will be autistic, and Yu Xiaogang also said that for the time being, do not disclose it to anyone.

Completely seal.

Xiao Wu and himself have issued a banned password…

Take Zhu Zhuqing as a trump card.

Dai Mubai knows nothing, just like a clown.

The clown is by my side? ?

Ning Rongrong laughed and said: “hehe! Spirit King feels good…..I support Boss Dai, Spirit King should have some high-profile.”

“No way, this is not Sunset Forest, there are some small forests, here are Spirit Beast one hundred thousand years old.” Flender couldn’t help but let the swelling Ning Rongrong and Dai Mubai stop her swelling.

Yes, Dai Mubai will not stop it. Instead, he has a proud face and said arrogantly: “It’s true, but Spirit Beast was impossible for a hundred thousand years!”

“That A great Spirit Beast, each of them has spiritual wisdom.”

“Who would come to such a hot place? If I am a Spirit Beast for a hundred thousand years, I must find a cool place to rest. Or cultivation.”

“Mubai … that as it may, but there is Spirit Beast for ten thousand years, 80 thousand years is not a lot.” Tang San helplessly said.

Dai Mubai slapped his chest and said: “Wannian Spirit Beast?? Then don’t worry, I now feel that I can kill three angry wolves like just now!!!”

“Now I am different from before!!”

“If you don’t believe me, just come out and try!! I can’t win in 100,000 years, and 10,000 years is almost no problem .”


Boom! !

Just as Dai Mubai was proud to announce his Mental victory, a shadow ejected like a long shadow bow, and hit Dai Mubai fiercely who was speaking.

Dai Mubai was caught off guard and flew out, smashing a rock as huge as a rockery.

“Pu chi! !” This caused Dai Mubai’s blood to become uncomfortable, and he had to spit out a mouthful of old blood.

His face is gradually paler…


“Boss Dai!!!”

” Look, I’ll just say, pretend to be beaten sooner or later!!”

“Damn, Boss Dai, stand up!!! You are our boss…”

Dai Mubai flew out, causing a verbal discussion among several people.

This made Dai Mubai’s face suddenly dull…..

However, the dullness has not vented yet, a strong green storm slowly approached and blocked it, like The pollen fall is the same.

“cough cough!!!”

Everyone, immediately coughed.

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