Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 377


Dai Mubai stood up suddenly, and all the spirit rings on his body were ejected immediately. They were yellow, yellow, purple, purple and black, and five spirit rings of different colors.

This is a proof of his role as the Spirit King. Then, the third purple spirit ring bloomed like a flower. Dai Mubai coldly shouted, saying: “The third Spirit Ability: White Tiger Vajra Transformation !!!”

“No phase of heavenly power!!!”

“Fifth Spirit Ability: White Tiger Devilgod Transformation!!!”

Dai Mubai exploded in one breath Out of my third Spirit Ability and the fifth Spirit Ability I just won, two spirit rings of different colors have been replaced frantically.

Just like the work of a pipeline.

The third spirit ring retreats, and the fifth spirit ring rises up.

White Tiger Devilgod Transformation, this is Dai Mubai’s unique Spirit Ability, but it is actually Dai Mubai’s self-innovation. White Tiger Spirit is very common.

The fifth Spirit Ability of Dai Mubai’s biological brother, Dai Weisi, is not a Demon God change, but an output Spirit Ability.

Including Dai Mubai’s father, the same is true.

Therefore, Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Devilgod Transformation belongs to the brand-new Spirit Ability that Dai Mubai combines with his Spirit, plus the absorbed Spirit Beast.

White Tiger Vajra Transformation said before, it is to expand the body muscles and black stripes appear on the skin. Within half an hour of transforming, the resistance to abnormal conditions, attack power, defensive power, and strength doubled at the same time. A Spirit Ability that strengthens its amplification technology.

The effect of White Tiger Devilgod Transformation is actually similar to White Tiger Vajra Transformation. It also changes certain muscles and appearance of oneself, thereby extracting the power of the essence.

Based on the original foundation of White Tiger Vajra Transformation, it has been improved by more than three times, combined with Dai Mubai’s self-understanding of the intangible power of nature, Dai Mubai at this moment.

It seems that it has the power to fight the Spirit Emperor. All attributes increase the transformation of White Tiger Vajra by five times.

The appearance also gradually becomes light black.

White Tiger was originally a sacred Spirit Beast. No matter what White Tiger is, once it has a relationship with White Tiger, it must be extraordinary. This is a setting of the author of Douluo mainland.

However, White Tiger will also step down from the altar and plunge into the fall of the abyss…incarnation is Demon God.

Naturally dye all of my white to black to show that I have changed.

This is the case with Dai Mubai now…

“Come out!!! I don’t believe…Since I dare to sneak attack me, I dare not come out to meet. Is it? It just so happens that I have a hand-practiceer, so you will take care of it!!” After Dai Mubai’s fifth Spirit Ability was used, the wound on his body was gradually repaired.

He was very unconvinced. Just now, he didn’t notice anything at all, so he was knocked out and vomited a mouthful of blood, but as a soldier, occasionally vomiting blood would not be a big problem.

What’s more, his fleshy body has always been tough, so naturally he won’t fall completely because of vomiting blood, but he was beaten in the face while pretending to be forced.

Very unhappy.

“Boss Dai…Don’t!!!” Dai Mubai’s roar made Tang San hurriedly stop it.

But how could Dai Mubai obey Tang San?

For Dai Mubai, face is not a trivial thing…he would rather be killed in battle and fall gloriously than he would be a sneak attack.

Being slapped in the face…

How can I just let it go?

bang bang bang!!

Along with Dai Mubai’s roar, lasting about three seconds, a powerful whirlwind suddenly emerged from the surface, moved towards Shrek Seven Devils.

Yun Chen, Yu Xiaogang, Liu Erlong, Flender, Zhao Wuji.

Everyone’s top fiercely.

Like a fountain, I plan to spray everyone in midair.

However, everyone has a lot of actual combat experience. When they noticed that there is a problem with the land, they immediately jumped away, not letting the surface lift themselves up.

Shrek everyone’s dodge, let the whirlwind in this land burst into the air, but there is nothing more than that, the whirlwind is like life, and everyone moved towards Shrek rolled over.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! makes a sound like a bee passing by.

This makes everyone have to mention Mental…


There was a loud noise, and another strong whirlwind came from the surface again Get out.

This makes Shrek everyone stunned, what’s the matter? ?

Cangxiang Forest should be impossible. Is there such a phenomenon? ?

It must be Spirit Beast….

The green forest does not have the characteristics of strong winds, so the land is even more impossible. There are various whirlwinds hidden for no reason, only Spirit Beast can do all this.

Yu Xiaogang reminded: “Everyone, be careful! This whirlwind, it seems not simple…ready to fight!”


The ground shook, just like an earthquake, a huge crack appeared, and a whirlwind came out of the crack again, but this time the whirlwind.

The location of Shrek was locked.

It seems to be the same deliberately…..

Dai Mubai was the first to walk up, squeezing his fist, and facing the gust of wind, he was unceremoniously punching out.

punched to destroy the whirlwind.

Let the whirlwind instantly restore calm.

“Come out!” Dai Mubai shouted loudly, and moved towards the land with another punch.

White Tiger Devilgod Transformation, White Tiger Vajra Transformation, with no phase force, Dai Mubai this fist, crushes the ground like an equivalent to a road roller.

ka ka …..

There are pits and lobes on the ground.

The appearance of the lobes quickly attracted Yu Xiaogang’s attention. Yu Xiaogang looked down and saw a pair of deep eyes from the lobes of the ground.

“Boss Dai, are you too nervous!! This may be the characteristic of Cangxiang Forest… After all, Cangxiang Forest is an ancient forest.”

“There are some special natural phenomena, which are normal…you are just being hammered by this natural phenomenon, there is nothing at worst!” Ma Hongjun took out his nostrils and looked at Dai with disapproval. Mubai.


Ma Hongjun tone barely fell, the sliver actually expanded again, and directly tore the clanking ground completely. When it was torn, a huge The black shadow crawled out of the torn land.

It’s a snake…..

A huge python, about the size of the entire body of a nine-color fluorescent butterfly, and its length seems to be unlimited. ….

Immediately afterwards, a snake head appeared, the snake head opened its mouth, and moved towards Ma Hongjun tried to bite it.

This is fast.

It’s hardly like a giant animal that can move awkwardly.


“Fatty! Get out!” However, Tang San’s Purple Demon Eye was always on, and quickly predicted this point. He moved towards Ma Hongjun decisively and jumped over.

Kick Ma Hongjun out.

Get a long distance from the huge snake head.

Ma Hongjun was kicked out of unknown origin, rolling out like a rolling ball.

Rolling all the way, Ma Hongjun was dizzy. The first sentence he got up and said was: “Little San, what kind of plane are you doing!!”

“si si Hiss…”

But Tang San not at all answered Ma Hongjun, and Ma Hongjun answered with strange screams, and then, it was originally like an open-air forest, a forest under direct sunlight. .

For some reason, a thick, black fog, this fog, blocked the rays of light from the sun, and locked everyone in Shrek in the fog.

The appearance of the fog makes everyone lose each other’s goals…

Like a Formation, one cannot see another person clearly, only a cloud of fog is seen.


“Where are you?” Ma Hongjun asked.

Tang San replied: “Everyone, don’t mess around!!! Sure enough… this is too flat, the setting is the same as the sun forest, it is weird!! If we didn’t guess wrong… ..”

“We have fallen into the Domain of a Spirit Beast…..”

“Cannot see each other…”

“So, everyone, don’t move…..I will come to you.”

“Brother, it’s so dark! I’m so scared!” Xiao Wu was the first to be surprised sound.

As soon as this voice came out, some Tang San couldn’t sit still and said: “Xiao Wu, don’t be afraid! I’ll come over immediately…I’ll be the first to find you!”

“Wait a minute…Brother!! That’s not my voice…” However, Xiao Wu’s voice came out again.

Tang San obviously startled: “What?”

“I said that’s not my voice, brother, I’m fine, someone imitates my voice!!!” Xiao Wu continued Talking.

However, another Xiao Wu’s voice came out again, but this time, it’s not what I’m afraid of, it’s not my voice. Instead, there is only one voice, that is, a miserable cry:” Ah!!!”

“Xiao Wu!!!” This miserable voice was so real that Tang San hurriedly turned on Purple Demon Eye, planning to find Xiao Wu’s location.

However, as soon as Purple Demon Eye was opened, no one could be seen at all. It was still a cloud of black fog, which made Tang San panic suddenly.

What’s the matter? ?

Why does Purple Demon Eye not work? ?


Xiao Wu’s scream.

“Brother, don’t be fooled! That’s really not my voice, I’m fine!!” Just as Tang San was thinking about what was going on, Xiao Wu’s voice raised it again.

This time, Tang San was dizzy. That voice was Xiao Wu’s? ?

Fuck! !

Is my Mental confused? ? There is a split personality? ?

Tang San was nervous and asked himself in a panic.


A beating sound came out.

“Little San, help!!” This time it was Oscar’s voice…

This made Tang San frowned, trying to locate the source of Oscar’s voice.

Yes, next, Oscar’s operation is exactly the same as Xiao Wu. Another Oscar’s voice came from the other side, shouting: “Little San, that’s not my voice!!!”

“Fuck! What’s the matter?” At this time, Tang San was completely messed up, completely unable to distinguish what was going on in this black mist.

Until, Yu Xiaogang’s voice came out: “Tang San, don’t be nervous! Those are not our voices…we are together!”

“Moreover, we have never moved…”

“Someone pretended to be or copied our voice. It seems to be a masterpiece of Spirit Beast, just like this black fog , This is the Domain!”

“You must not be disturbed by these sounds…”

“We’re all right!”

” teacher ….. this….. “hearing this, Tang San got some assurance, at least Yu Xiaogang did not perform the same operation as Oscar.

Otherwise, I don’t even know I should believe the voice over there.

But what Yu Xiaogang said is very true, yes…this is a domain, and in this domain, a certain Spirit Beast can imitate and copy everyone’s voice.

So as to disturb everyone…

Before the domain is opened, everyone has not been active, except that you stand a little farther away from everyone… Stand together.

If you want to distinguish, it is the person who made the voice over there, and you only need to hear the voice on the other side.

Tang San’s brain quickly becomes operational.

I plan to follow Yu Xiaogang’s statement and try to find the real voice.

It’s a pity…

Another Yu Xiaogang’s voice, not at all, made him so smooth.

That voice was full of panic, and it kept shouting: “Erlong!! Erlong, you wake up! Don’t sleep! Little San, don’t believe what there is… “

“I am the real one here!!”

“You must not fall into the trap of that Spirit Beast, it attacked us, you Deputy Dean, and Dean, I have fallen!”

“Look, there is no voice of Dean of you!!”

“Who said there was no voice of me!! Who said I fell? Is it? Am I still fine?” However, Fleender’s voice came out.

From this moment, Tang San no longer knows which side to believe in, and the words on which side are true.

Until, when he was in the black fog, he saw a shadow fuzzy, and there was a person standing in the shadow, and that person was holding a saber in his hand.

moved towards up ahead with a stab.

The target he stabbed had a ponytail like a scorpion tail.

This makes Tang San subconsciously locked, this shadow should be Xiao Wu.

Someone wants to assassinate Xiao Wu with a knife? ?

Tang San rushed forward decisively, with a layer of Blue Silver Grass Binding in his hand, and Blue Silver Grass slowly turned into a blue long spear.

moved towards the black shadow that planned to assassinate Xiao Wu, and stabbed it unceremoniously.

This is Tang San’s fifth Spirit Ability, Blue Silver Overlord Spear.

Tang San can no longer take care of that many. Maybe Xiao Wu in front of him is a shadow. There is a 99% probability that it is false, but there is also a probability that 1 is true.

Even if there is a high probability that it is false, but only a trace is true, Tang San can’t afford to gamble…

Because if the bet is wrong, then Xiao Wu will die on his own Right now…..

It’s better to try, even if it is fake, avoid the truth from the fake…


Tang San’s Blue Silver Overlord Spear has locked on the black shadow holding a dagger, and stabs it sparingly.

But, just before the stab, the Blue Silver Overlord Spear was suddenly blocked.

“Little San?” Just when Tang San was a little surprised and planned to increase his strength, a light flashed suddenly in the black fog, allowing Tang San to see who was holding the dagger.

It is Dai Mubai! !

This makes Tang San look confused.


Tang San said in shock: “Mubai?? What’s the matter…?”

“What’s the matter?” Dai Mubai looked at Tang San confusedly.

Tang San continued to ask: “I just saw you assassin a person in the black mist…you are holding a dagger in your hand, planning to murder a woman with long hair.”

“I?? Holding a dagger?? Assault?? What are you kidding?”

“Do you think I’m like someone who can use daggers?”

“This Uncle has always been hand-to-hand, okay?”

“And, just now, I only saw a big black mouse moved towards me, planning to punch me to death!” Dai Mubai said, what happened to himself Maybe use a dagger?

And also stretched out his hands, did not see the so-called dagger in Tang San’s mouth.

This time.

“Wait, don’t we…” make Tang San completely confused…but, the confusion not at all lasted too long, Tang San suddenly came to his senses and remembered something.

When I was about to say these things.

Suddenly a burst of azure rays of light appeared in this black fog.

“Fourth Spirit Ability: Nine-color azure light array!!” Just as the two people were in astonishment, their sweet voice awakened them…..With the rays of light one after another azure, dropping from the sky, like God’s salvation.

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