Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 378

One after another cyan ray falls, the beautiful scenery like Heavenly Woman Scattering Flower slowly drives out the dark mist full of unknown nature.

Also let everyone’s vision immediately return to normal.

Check out who is next to you now.

At this point, Xiao Wu’s side is sighed in relief, because he has the same idea as at first. Everyone has not moved, so naturally they will not deviate from each other.

This shows that the previous voices are all fake…

And, Tang San’s side and Dai Mubai are indeed in an opposite situation, as if there are two sides Looking at each other with deep hatred, but after opening his eyes.

The Mental on both sides is no longer as tight as before, instead it exhales one breath saying deeply.

They all flew around like headless flies just now. They couldn’t find their team, so they could only be killed by one head.

When the two people were about to speak…

Yu Xiaogang, Flender, Liu Erlong eyes shrank, looked behind them with disbelief.

Ma Hongjun and Oscar were even more astonished, closing their mouths together, saying: “Boss Dai…Little San, you guys…”

“How Maybe!!! How could there be this thing??” Ning Rongrong turned on the colorful azure light array, and did not show a smug smile. Instead, he was nervous.

Everyone is like seeing a killer, afraid to show up.

hu hu!

A cool breeze blows over, causing Tang San and Dai Mubai to shiver involuntarily…

Two people go along Everyone turned their heads with incredible eyes, intending to find out.

This look.

The two were completely dumbfounded.

Among them, Tang San was even more shocked, sitting on the ground unpreparedly, pointing behind them, and saying in detail: “This is… Feathered Serpent God? ?”

“Quayed Serpent?” Tang San’s words quickly attracted everyone’s attention. It was the first time everyone had heard of the three words Quetzal Serpent.

This time including Yun Chen…..

Yun Chen has seen such a thing for the first time.

Queed Serpent God?

Isn’t that the story in the legend, the myth?

How could such a thing appear in the mainland of Douluo? ?

But, if you look closely, it really is the Quetzalcoatl God.

It is a huge snake, almost like Sky Azure Bull Python. It has three heads of different colors, pure white and hot red.

There are some white Icicles on the pure white head, which seems to represent the power of this head.

After the battle of the two-headed lion in the abyss.

Everyone understands one of the fundamentals of Spirit Beast, that is, once it has more than two heads, it is enough to show that it has two different abilities.

No, the other head is for decoration, right?

The feathered snake god in front of him is actually three heads, and the special effects of the head are even more domineering than the abyss two-headed lion.

An Icicle-like head, with sharp red eyes…

The other one, the right head is fiery-red, like a flame, swaying with the wind .

There is also a head in the middle, a purple head. The purple head looks ordinary but shows a very anthropomorphic smile.

It seems that the head of this center is the core.

The three heads have a common detail point, that is, the position of the head from the eyes, and there are a pair of angel wings, although the wings are not big.

Small, like a decoration, but it can make them float.

Three snake heads share a fleshy body.

Like a legendary three-headed snake.

“hahaha!!! There are humans who know us?? This really surprised me!!” Tang San blurted out, making the purple snake in the middle of Quetzalcoatl laugh like a human uncle. .

As soon as this laughter came out, everyone in Shrek started Mental.

A Spirit Beast can actually speak human words! ! !

Is it the same as the abyss two-headed lion? ?

Have a cultivation base of at least 50,000 years? ?

Furthermore, this huge figure is not like a ten thousand-year Spirit Beast at all, it is more like a one hundred thousand-year-old Spirit Beast.

Yun Chen saw this feathered snake god, and system sent a burst of information, which made Yun Chen couldn’t help showing a smile. Yes, this feathered snake god is really a hundred thousand-year-old Spirit Beast.

The year of 130,000 years……

This time, Shrek Seven Devils, including Yu Xiaogang, Flender, Liu Erlong, everyone may die in Here.

This is Yun Chen’s first reaction.

However, the explanation given by system made Yun Chen almost laugh.

This Feathered Serpent is not a Spirit Beast who is irrational and attacks humans everywhere. On the contrary, Feathered Serpent and humans prefer to make some transactions.

They actually eat the Titan Giant Ape family.

Yes, that’s right.

Quite’s delicacy belongs to the family of Er Ming.

However, due to some reasons for the extinction of Titan Giant Ape, the taste of Quetzalcoatl had to be changed and became a clan of angry wolves….especially the angry wolves that had eaten thousands of years.

One head a day.

Quicked Serpent God actually belongs to the ancient Spirit Beast, an extinct type.

It is difficult to find the second one in the world.

However, Cangxiang Forest is an ancient forest. Although the ancient forest is not the most powerful, it is also the most mysterious.

Everyone knows Star Dou Great Forest.

But I don’t know the Cangxiang Forest.

At the same time, Quetzalcoatl appeared, really not to destroy Shrek Seven Devils, but only for one person, that is Tang San.

Getting this news, Yun Chen had to think clearly, this snake god, definitely has a lot to do with the three-eyed golden cat and the sacred cat.

Even, these three guys are most likely sent here to find Tang San.

The purpose is to catch Tang San and get revenge.

Yun Chen said to the system: “System, can you show me the memory of this serpent god? It is the memory that contains how the ghost cat gave orders!!!”

“Originally, system did not have this permission, but this time I will make an exception and show it to you!!” System did not refuse, and a memory of Quetzalcoatl popped up.

Yun Chen takes a closer look at the memory content…

Good fellow, it’s really an order from the Holy Cat of the Yin Lingling. No Spirit Beast knows about it. What does Tang San look like… But Tang San has one characteristic.

This feature is exactly what the Yinling Holy Cat leaked out.

That is to let the Quetzalcoatl catch a human whose Spirit is Blue Silver Grass.

Spirit Blue Silver Grass? ?

Among the people in Shrek, Tang San is the only one.

That is to say, from the moment of entering the green forest, the ghost cat, the three-eyed golden yao arranged their Spirit Beast to stop Shrek everyone.

Test the Shrek people and find a human using Blue Silver Grass.

All this is arranged….

It’s just that you don’t know.

However, Yun Chen has to say that the Yinling Saint Cat’s heart is really small. The last time he was bullied, he has been holding grudges until now, and he wants to die Tang San.

This time directly let one hundred thousand Spirit Beast shots to capture Tang San.

As for?

However, in these hundred thousand years of Spirit Beast, how did you make it obey your orders?

This is a question worth studying.

For a while, Yun Chen became curious.


In the words of the Feathered Serpent God, let Yu Xiaogang frowned to remind everyone: “Everyone, prepare to fight! It is not good! This The guy may be stronger than the previous abyss two-headed lion!!”

“Don’t be careless.”

“teacher, don’t… don’t resist, hurry up Let’s go!!” However, everyone responded quickly, and Dai Mubai couldn’t help but want to be the first to rush forward.

But, he was stopped by Tang San’s nervous tone.

Everyone looked at Tang San confusedly, and asked Tang San with their eyes why he didn’t fight? ?

Tang San replied uniformly: “Queen Serpent God, this is a hundred thousand years Spirit Beast! Not ten thousand years Spirit Beast, we are not its opponents! If you fight, you will only die in vain!”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, everyone in Shrek was shocked….

One Hundred Thousand Years Spirit Beast?

No? ?

Since then, have you met a 100,000-year-old Spirit Beast?

Impossible, right? ?

Although the feathered snake god looks very domineering and can speak human’s words, isn’t it the same with the previous abyss two-headed lion?

But it’s only a 70,000-year-old cultivation base.

Why, the Quetzalcoatl is a Spirit Beast of 100,000 years?

Because it has one more head than the Abyssal Two-headed Lion? ?

“jié jié Jie!!! Someone actually knows the story of the old man… It seems that the old man clan, not at all, is truly annihilated, but is remembered by your humans, glorious Down!!!” The head in the middle of the feather snake god said with a weird smile.

Dai Mubai was the first one to be unconvinced, charge ahead, and shouted: “I don’t believe it! So soon I met Spirit Beast, the fourth Spirit Ability, White Tiger Meteor Shower!! “

A purple spirit ring gradually raised, Dai Mubai gathered one after another powerful starlight spirit power, moved towards in the sky and launched.

A large number of white meteor showers suddenly appeared in the sky, moving towards the position of Feathered Serpent God.

Queed Serpent looked at the White Tiger Meteor Shower, not at all, but yawned and let the White Tiger Meteor Shower hit him.

crackle! !

The White Tiger Meteor Shower really focused on the Quetzalcoatl, but it did not leave any wounds on the Quetzalcoatl, just like raindrops falling on people.

It doesn’t work at all, and it’s not worth it.

“What!!” This caused Dai Mubai to startled and received a crit. Quetzalcoatl did not attack, but this casual appearance was extremely insulting.

Dai Mubai was furious again, charge ahead, facing the Feathered Serpent God intending to fight against the Fleshy body, and at the same time all the spirit power on his body was released: “Five Doors Dunjia, the second door, leave the door open! !”

“Lianhua on the table!!”

Dai Mubai this time intends to rely on the five-door Dunjia to try to beat the feather snake god.

The first cold head on the left of Feathered Serpent God stretched out, facing Dai Mubai who opened the second door, fiercely exhaled a white cold breath.


As soon as the chill came out, it directly hit Dai Mubai.

Dai Mubai instantly turned into an ice sculpture, which was impossible to move, and Wumen Dunjia couldn’t operate, just as compellingly calm.

“unable to withstand a single blow!” Feathered Serpent looked at Dai Mubai with disdain…

Next, the feathered Serpent planned to beat him with his tail Dai Mubai became ice sculpture.

This action made Yun Chen have to shout: “Fatty, take off! Take Dai Mubai over, otherwise, Boss Dai will die!!”

” What?” Hearing this, Ma Hongjun received the response quickly, and he didn’t have time to think. He decisively opened his flame wings and used the fastest speed to snatch it from the feathered snake god’s tail that was about to be smashed into ice sculpture. Dai Mubai.

Let Dai Mubai survive.

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