Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 380

“Stupid!!” Feathered Serpent smiled coldly, another flame-like head, facing Liu Erlong, who had become a Fire Dragon, without the slightest hesitation eruption Powerful flame.

The flame at this time is very overbearing, even more pure than the previous abyss two-headed lion, because it is the cause of the Extreme fire, it instantly engulfed Liu Erlong’s Spirit avatar.

Liu Erlong’s Spirit avatar is Fire Dragon. It has a flame-like skin to protect itself, but at this moment, the protection of the skin is almost zero.

The burning pain made Liu Erlong’s spirit power uncomfortable, and could not help but yell: “Ah!!!”


It hurts. Liu Erlong was burned. There were a lot of marks on his body. These marks are stubborn diseases. But this time, another layer of flame was added to the stubborn diseases.

It’s like burning yourself to burn yourself.

The painful Liu Erlong twitches all over, and his nerves are somewhat paralyzed…. This trouble is not to make him unable to perceive, but to let Liu Erlong experience the heat of the flame firsthand.

It’s like he is no longer a Spirit Saint, but an ordinary person, who caused a fire. In front of the fire, he looked extremely small, but the flame not at all completely enveloped Liu Erlong.

It just surrounded Liu Erlong inside, and a shadow came out again, Flender rushed out again, ignoring the flames and devouring his own wings.

Live into the flames and bring out Liu Erlong, who has suffered certain burns.

“Xiaogang, it seems that we can’t stand it! Erlong has suffered a lot of damage. If we can’t find a suitable solution, we may be destroyed by the group!”

“One hundred thousand years of Spirit Beast, too powerful!!”

“If we are Titan Douluo, we still have the power to fight, but at best we are Spirit Douluo!!” Flender hugs Looking at Liu Erlong, floating in midair….. Looking at Yu Xiaogang nervously.

Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath and said: “I have thought of various ways. The only way to get us out of the current predicament is to use that…”


“What?? What you mean, our one?” Flender quickly reacted to what Yu Xiaogang meant, and looked at Yu Xiaogang in disbelief.

Yu Xiaogang straight nodded and said: “Yes…..Only that can give us the strength to fight, or a chance to escape! Otherwise, we don’t have a chance.”


“Unless we give him what the Quetzalcoatl wants!”

“Although the Quetzalcoatl is a Spirit Beast, a Spirit Beast that started in 100,000 years, It shouldn ‘t be go back on one’s word…should have a certain reputation!”

“Especially Spirit Beast with high IQ.”


Yu Xiaogang’s words made the feathered snake god on the side show a triumphant smile, and said: “Yes, this kid is right! That owl human…”

“I am a Spirit Beast who talks about credibility. I said, give you the opportunity to hand over the boys of Spirit Blue Silver Grass, and you will be fine!”

“I can even give you some benefits, don’t you want Spirit Bone?”

“I have a lot of Spirit Bone here.”

Speaking, Quetzalcoatl unexpectedly A lot of Spirit Bone of different colors were sprayed out. Upon closer inspection, they were all ten thousand years Spirit Bone. Among them, there was a Spirit Bone that appeared purple and green.

That is a proof of the rare Spirit Bone. The Quetzalcoatl’s mouth is like a storage bag, filled with these Spirit Bone, it will not affect…

Although there is a layer of Feathered Serpent’s saliva on these Spirit Bone, the effect has been maintained, and it has not expired or dissipated.

It seems to be ready at any time.

What wisdom skull, Left Arm Bone, Right Arm Bone, Left Leg Bone, Right Leg Bone, and even a few pieces of external Spirit Bone that look good in quality.

This shocked Flender.

This feather snake god is not only powerful, but also a baby…

How many Spirit Master yearn for something even in dreams are these Spirit Bone, Titled Douluo is hard to get one or two dollars, but Quetzalcoatl has that many hidden in his mouth.

This suffices to show that these Spirit Bone are left by some Spirit Beasts killed by the Feathered Serpent. The Feathered Serpent does not digest them at all, but keeps them.

“This Spirit Bone, how many Spirit Beasts does it have to fight for?” On the side of Shrek Seven Devils, Ma Hongjun showed a shocked expression, looking straight at those Spirit Bone.

Ma Hongjun just took a look. There are a few pieces in Spirit Bone that are very suitable for him. I want it very much, but I don’t have the right to ask for it.

Unless Tang San is handed over.

This made Ma Hongjun had to look towards Tang San.

Tang San looked helpless, as if he understood what the light in Ma Hongjun’s eyes was, it was greed and desire.

However, Xiao Wu stared at Ma Hongjun very shortly and said: “Damned Fatty, what kind of look are you! You don’t want to hand my brother out?”


“In exchange for a few pieces of Spirit Bone, betray your own people?”

“I…” Ma Hongjun just planned to explain, but for a while, it became a thorn in the eye.

One by one, he looked at him like interrogation.

Oscar said: “Fatty, we can’t be so depraved…..”

“Yes, Spirit Bone is only, there is a chance to look everywhere, but three Brother, there is only one!” Ning Rongrong looked at Ma Hongjun approvingly.

This makes Ma Hongjun look depressed.

I haven’t said anything yet, just a look in your eyes, but you doubt me like this.

It seems that I will betray myself.

Although Spirit Bone is alluring, but the friendship is fuller…I haven’t fallen enough to use Tang San to exchange for Spirit Bone…. If I have such an idea.

So an action, then it means that I may have gone to evil…..

On Yun Chen’s side, he looked at Ma Hongjun with a cold expression. Although Ma Hongjun The brain has such a thought, not long, but it is worth a try.

Originally, I planned to let Shrek Seven Devils have internal problems…

It seems that desire and greed will slowly make friends lonely.

Ma Hongjun has this thought, which is enough to show that Ma Hongjun’s subconsciousness is already different from the original Ma Hongjun… if you increase your efforts.

It’s really possible to do it, hand over Tang San, and change the behavior of Spirit Bone.

Words of Quetzalcoatl…..

Let, Flender and Yu Xiaogang are lost in thought.

Flender took a deep breath and said: “It seems that there is no other way!! We can only do this…”

“Yes, Spirit of 100,000 years Beast, it’s not about Spirit Beast mentioning on equal terms. If you don’t pay attention, you will die.” Yu Xiaogang shook the head.

Quicked Serpent God is ashamed to say with a smile: “Yes….. There is a saying in human beings, called a wise man submits to circumstances… You two understand very well, naturally. Sacrificing a group, it is better to sacrifice one.”

“This is called a stop loss, right.”

“Hand it over, the boy of Blue Silver Grass…”

Queed Serpent looked directly at Shrek Seven Devils. It hadn’t seen Tang San, but it was clear that among the group of people, there was a Spirit from Blue Silver Grass.

Flender and Yu Xiaogang glanced at each other and showed a meaningful smile.

Flender said in a low voice: “Erlong, can you still stand up?”

“Which one are you going to use? I’m fine, just take a pill , You can continue the clan war!!” Liu Erlong also understands Yu Xiaogang and Flender’s plan.

They were impossible to hand over Tang San, and would rather perish together.

Liu Erlong couldn’t take care of Yun Chen’s advice before, took out the medicine bottle, swallowed a hemostatic repair medicine, and baptism the burn on his body.

Stand up like a resurrect full of blood.

Three people stand in a row.

Queed Serpent God didn’t know what they wanted to do, and still looked at these three arrogantly.

next moment ….

The three have their own spirit rings. They are five spirit rings from Yu Xiaogang, seven from Liu Erlong, and eight from Flender. There are a total of twenty spirit rings.

The twenty spirit rings are of different colors, but they are close to each other, as if they were glued together.

Immediately afterwards, Yu Xiaogang scolded: “Three-body!!!”


As soon as this statement came out, twenty spirit rings of different colors changed color together and turned into light golden instead of yellow centennial spirit rings.

It’s like coming from divine light.

“Erlong, Flender, are you ready?” Yu Xiaogang asked.

Liu Erlong coughed a few times, shaking his internal organs, but endured the pain, replied: “No problem!!”

“I’m fine too!!” Flender looked relaxed.


The three people, as if their souls were drawn, golden rays of light emerged from their bodies. The golden rays of light came from the spirit ring behind each other, and their soul prints were also emitted together.

next moment.

Queen Serpent was shocked.

I saw that Yu Xiaogang’s Luo San Pao was the core, all around was enveloped by golden rays of light, and suddenly Luo San Pao grew a pair of golden wings.

The wings are very huge, ten times the appearance of the wings of a feather snake god.

After all, one is wings and the other is feathers.

One can fly, and the other is equivalent to decorations.

After that, Luo San Pao was like taking a stimulant. His body was distorted and his body gradually grew. At 1st Step, a huge dragon-shaped claw appeared.

2nd Step, grow dragon-shaped legs, body shape, dragon scales.

Immediately afterwards, a dragon-shaped head emerged directly.

The three people hurriedly shifted and adjusted their positions so that Yu Xiaogang was the head, Flender was on the right and Liu Erlong was on the left, forming a golden triangle.

“Three-body Spirit Fusion Technique-Golden Sacred Dragon!!!” Yu Xiaogang took a sharp breath, loudly shouted.

bang bang bang!!

The sky was shocked, and a huge, strong, handsome, and powerful western dragon descended from the white clouds in the sky.

The dragon is full of golden-yellow.

Have a pair of red eyes full of Death God.

This is the Golden Sacred Dragon…..

Golden Triangle, a legend that broke into the Spirit Master’s world that year, attracted the attention of many Titaned Douluo…

Didn’t expect, after twenty years, it appeared again.

“roar roar roar! !” The arrival of the golden Sacred Dragon made a dragon roar.

Long Xiao, like the suppression of the bloodline, made the Quetzalcoatl obviously startled. The first reaction was a slight timidity, but soon, the Quetzalcoatl turned from timidity to mockery.

“It seems that you are not very friendly and do not plan to cooperate in order to make a fake Sacred Dragon out!!! Frighten this seat… In that case, then…”


“You should fall too!!” The Feathered Serpent said coldly.

Yu Xiaogang said disapprovingly: “Falling down? The impossible that fell down is us, but you…..Golden dragon claw!!! For the first time, smash Nine Provinces!”

“Take the dragon as the soil, and the sacred as the river…and the god as the mountain!!!”

“Sacred Dragon bomb!!”

sou! Boom! !

Incantation was sent from Yu Xiaogang’s mouth, and the golden Sacred Dragon was activated, and a powerful spirit power ball gathered in his mouth. The spirit power ball.

It’s actually purple red.

moved towards Feathered Serpent God launches out.

The spirit power ball came out with a double flame and a bolt of lightning.

This is a Spirit Ability in the golden Sacred Dragon state…..

Sacred Dragon bullet.

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