Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 382

“This has nothing to do with you!!” Liu Erlong gnashing teeth looked at the Quetzalcoatl. The nerve pain from his body almost made Liu Erlong faint.

Once again, she only experienced one reason Yun Chen had been admonishing before, if the spirit power has been running, and there is no bottom line.

Your own nervous system will collapse, and you will not be able to relieve your pain.

These wounds on my own body are originally reduced by the nervous system. If the nervous system collapses, it will only cause Liu Erlong to faint in pain.

Now, Liu Erlong has felt that his brain is not obedient, and his consciousness is somewhat unclear, and it is very difficult even to speak. He can only utter a few words.

Queed Serpent’s tail paralyzed Liu Erlong’s nervous system, thereby releasing Liu Erlong’s whole body pain, but Liu Erlong’s will was still very strong.

not at all immediately fell down, unconscious, but the breathing rate had to be increased to ensure that my brain would not be deprived of oxygen due to the breakdown of the nervous system.

But the vision of the eyes has blurred, and there is a strange cry in the ears, which is tinnitus, and the breathing of the nose is not smooth, and the nosebleeds are slowly flowing down the wind.

The only thing that is better is that there is no bleeding of Seven Orifices. Once Seven Orifices bleeds, Liu Erlong will only become a waste in his life.

Of course, there is now a way to save Liu Erlong, and that is to take a tranquilizer immediately to stabilize the mind through the system, which can ease the pain.

As for the stop loss medicine, it is no longer possible to continue taking the second one, Yun Chen said.

At most one a day, if you take too much, the brain cells of the brain will slowly die and eventually become dementia. Liu Erlong does not want to be dementia.

Queed Serpent looked at the stubborn Liu Erlong, smiled disapprovingly, and said: “Of course this has nothing to do with this seat! I just have some comfort.”

“For a Blue Silver Grass boy, killing another friend, is it really worth it?”

“Don’t human beings have a saying, don’t you die for yourself?”

“As selfless as you, this seat will not show mercy! Although this seat is not interested, but your friends are very interested!!”

“I am giving you a chance.”

“Hand over the Blue Silver Grass boy, otherwise, don’t blame me for killing this woman!!”

Queed Serpent God said, the strength of the bondage increased again, as if he really planned to bring Liu alive. Erlong was squeezed to death, and Liu Erlong gasping for breath said: “Uh…Xiaogang, Flender, don’t believe it, I’m fine!!! I’ll be fine!! You have to trust my physique! !!!”

Liu Erlong shouted to Yu Xiaogang and Flender.

Once, believe my physique, like her Body of Indestructible Diamond, Shrek Seven Devils could not be started. There is no Body of Indestructible Diamond.

Some are just flesh and blood, but Liu Erlong’s Spirit has an inner Spirit avatar and a Tyrant Dragon form. Tyrant Dragon has a thicker skin and is less painful than ordinary people.

When you can reach a situation, it will be very painful.

If it was the former Yu Xiaogang, he might really believe in Liu Erlong’s innocence, but now Yu Xiaogang does not believe it, because he only understood yesterday that Liu Erlong’s body is full of wounds.

Flender understood earlier, let alone not allowed…..

“Queensman! Let go of her…” Flender stood up, wearing a gentleman’s outfit. Already in tatters, Feathered Serpent just interrupted their golden Sacred Dragon.

They also gave them a slam in disguise, and both Yu Xiaogang and Flender suffered a lot of injuries.

But it’s not serious.

You can still continue to fight…

However, at this juncture, Quetzalcoatl does not intend to waste time, fighting against them… but to act for his own purposes. , Must find the Blue Silver Grass boy.

Quicked Serpent God coldly smiled and said: “Let go of her?? Yes!! Even I can let you go, and cancel my Spirit Ability, Ice Flame Thunder!!”

“However, you have to hand over the Blue Silver Grass boy. Just a word, I don’t want to fight to the death with you, I only value the transaction!”

“Just hand over the Blue Silver Grass boy , Give you freedom, and give you Spirit Bone… this kind of benefit, it is estimated that as a 100,000-year Spirit Beast, only this one can do it?”

“If it is the other ten Wannian Spirit Beast, I have already swallowed you up in one bite, and then slowly tortured to find what I want.”

“This seat has done everything to you for your kindness…but you don’t cooperate. This seat, I also intend to embarrass this seat. It’s too much. There are some beasts in the eyes?”

The words of the feather snake god stimulated Yu Xiaogang and Flender, both of them could not help looking towards Tang San, and Tang San looked at the Quetzalcoatl blankly.

The current self is impossible to defeat a one hundred thousand-year-old Spirit Beast, even if he becomes a blood baby Douluo state, because he is only a Spirit King.

If it is Spirit Saint, plus some secret techniques of Blood Infant Douluo, he can fight the 100,000-year Spirit Beast.

And if you don’t stand up, everyone may die together.

Tang San hesitated.

He lifted his first leg, but Xiao Wu suppressed Tang San’s arm and shook his head at Tang San, saying like a mosquito, “Brother, don’t… …”

“Xiao Wu, I’m fine…” Tang San slightly smiled, knocking out Xiao Wu’s hand, planning to go out.

There is no other way, and he doesn’t want to go.

He also knew that he followed a hundred thousand-year-old Spirit Beast to leave, and the result was only one possibility, and that was death.

But this is destined.

Because they have made it clear enough, only to find themselves.

I cannot ruin everything about Shrek because of selfishness.

The current Tang San has not been completely demoralized yet, and has his own sanity…..It is also because of the sleep of the blood baby Douluo, which did not affect Tang San’s decision.

If the blood baby Douluo is still awake, it will definitely prevent Tang San from going to death.

Because once Tang San dies, then the blood baby Douluo will also die.

Blood Baby Douluo is not like this…..

Yun Chen on the side looks at this scene, the plot is like a drama, for a while, there are some wanting to laugh, Yinling Holy Cat His revenge is really vicious enough.

“Three seconds, countdown!” Feathered Serpent couldn’t wait, looking straight at Yu Xiaogang.

Yu Xiaogang has a drop of sweat hanging on his forehead, unable to speak.

Flender is looking at Yu Xiaogang, he follows Yu Xiaogang’s decision, no matter who Yu Xiaogang decides to give up… there is no way!

There is no choice…

Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath and was silent for a while, Quetzalcoatl equivalent to let him be in Tang San and Liu Erlong Pick one out.

Choose Liu Erlong, everyone is fine.

If you choose Tang San, everyone will be destroyed by the group.

Yu Xiaogang can’t sell Tang San.

Because he promised something…

So, Yu Xiaogang glared at the Quetzalcoatl God, and exclaimed: “I can’t do it! Here we are, not at All the so-called Blue Silver Grass boys!”

“You found the wrong team!”

“Even if you kill us, there will be no Blue Silver Grass boys!!”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Tang San, who had originally planned to stand out, immediately retreated, and Liu Erlong gave a wry smile. It was obvious that Tang San and Liu Erlong had chosen.

Yu Xiaogang gives the answer.

That is Tang San…..

Flender looked at Yu Xiaogang in disbelief and said: “Xiaogang, this…”


“Flender, I can’t do it…no way!!!” Yu Xiaogang looked helpless.

Yu Xiaogang equivalent to discard Liu Erlong.


The feather snake god was naturally very angry, and the strength of the tail increased again, causing Liu Erlong to scream again: “Ah!”

“Erlong!!!” Liu Erlong’s scream made Flender tremble all over.

Liu Erlong was bitter, and said unselfishly: “It’s okay, I understand…”

“I’m sorry!!” Yu Xiaogang Low Turning his head, there is no trace of starlight in his eyes.

Although Liu Erlong’s lips are okay, his heart is actually a kind of pain. It can be said that double pain… Yu Xiaogang’s sorry represents an apology.

Apologize for my death…

But what about yourself? ?

If you were yourself, you were Yu Xiaogang, who would you choose? ?

bang bang bang!!

“Your answer, I am very dissatisfied…Don’t be sorry, you will see each other soon!!” The feather snake god fiercely looked at Yu Xiaogang fiercely and stopped before. The stagnant Ice Soul Flame Thunder suddenly grew bigger and swelled, as if it could cover this forest.

Like a vitality bomb, it intends to destroy everything.

Take everything away.

Yu Xiaogang hurriedly shouted: “Queen Serpent God!! Do you dare…In our team, there is no Blue Silver Grass boy, but there is a Clear Sky Hammer boy!”

“If you dare to start, Clear Sky Sect, you will definitely not let you go! You have to know that our Clear Sky Hammer boy is the son of Clear Sky Douluo today!!”

“Are you not afraid to bear the anger of Clear Sky Douluo?? When the time comes, let alone you, the entire green forest will be occupied by Clear Sky Sect dísciple and become a funeral!”


Yu Xiaogang’s words made Quetzalcoatl a little startled and said: “Clear Sky Douluo??”

“Yes!! It’s the unparalleled relationship between today and Spirit Hall Clear Sky Douluo, who is clearing the festival, he can protect his shortcomings very much!!” Yu Xiaogang continued to carry out Tang Hao.

I hope that Tang Hao’s reputation and the three words Clear Sky Sect can deter the feather snake god.

Because of the Douluo mainland today, Tang Hao is indeed very famous…known to everyone.

But Feathered Snake God looked jokingly and said: “It’s only a Tilted Douluo!! Clear Sky Sect, it’s a huge Sect, indeed, we can’t afford to offend the Cangxiang Forest!”

“However, you can neglect a little bit, Clear Sky Sect is now being persecuted by Spirit Hall, including Clear Sky Douluo being chased by Spirit Hall, equivalent to stray dog!”

“This seat is killed You will be chased by Clear Sky Douluo for killing the son of Clear Sky Douluo by mistake, but you can hand you over to Spirit Hall!”

“Humans, you may not know, right?”


“Spirit Hall has already ruled the entire continent, not only humans, but also our Spirit Beast!!!”

“If Clear Sky Douluo son is really here with you, then it is uncertain , This seat will be reused by Spirit Hall…pass the news!”

“Without this seat to guard against the so-called Clear Sky Douluo anger, Spirit Hall will personally come here , Protect the green forest!!”


As soon as this statement came out, a crit hit Yu Xiaogang directly…Flender, Tang San, Liu Erlong.

Everyone suddenly looked shocked.

How is it possible? ?

Is there a relationship between Cangxiang Forest and Spirit Hall?

Spirit Beast has been ruled by Spirit Hall? ?


Is it too unrealistic? ?

However, the authenticity of this passage from Quetzalcoatl’s mouth is really good, if there is a real son of Clear Sky Douluo in the team.


Quadee can upload it to Spirit Hall, even if the Quetzalcoatl has nothing to do with Spirit Hall, it will be related to Clear Sky Douluo’s son .

Use Clear Sky Douluo’s son to force Tang Hao to appear.

Yu Xiaogang’s deterrence not only had no effect, but instead pushed Tang San into another frenzy.

If Quetzalcoatl really has something to do with Spirit Hall…

Then the people of Spirit Hall come here and you can see through Tang San is actually twin spirits, and Blue Silver Grass.

Isn’t this a win for Spirit Hall and Quetzalcoatl?

And Tang San will not turn over completely.

Yu Xiaogang regrets it.

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