Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 383

“Humans, it seems that the content we discussed before needs to be revised. Just like you said, I was only planning to find the Blue Silver Grass boy!”

“Then return your freedom, and give you these Spirit Bone, as a reward for your cooperation, but now it seems that your cooperation is not positive at all!”

” Dissatisfied. Therefore, the requirement to leave for you needs to be changed. That is not only to hand over the Blue Silver Grass boy, but also to hand over the son of Clear Sky Douluo!”

“Otherwise , You all have to die! I advise you to be smarter and not fearless resistance. Below Tilted Douluo, any Spirit Ability in front of this seat is useless!”

“Even if it is Tilted Douluo here, At the same time, this seat will not give up all the rewards that are about to be received. Blue Silver Grass boy, the most wanted criminal in Spirit Hall!”

“these all are what this seat needs… also may come by with luck, but not by searching for it ….”

The three snake heads of the Quetzalcoatl once again spit out the snake letter, showing a smile that can only be seen by Spirit Beast, Very rampant, but also full of desire.

Actually, this time Feathered Serpent didn’t want to show up, even if the owner of Rui Beast and Cangxiang Forest already belonged to a cooperative relationship, Feathered Serpent didn’t want to take this trip.

The reason is simple. The Feathered Serpent God doesn’t like what Ruimon promises to deal with… It’s better to continue the cultivation of sleeping alone, the feathered Serpent God was originally only left. Next it.

Since Rui Beast took the initiative to come to the door, there must be a lot of risks. Feathered Serpent God does not need to be at risk for something, it is not worthwhile.

When the master of Cangxiang Forest received the news, the angry wolves and the nine-color fluorescent butterfly were all fallen down and killed, so as not to sacrifice more Spirit Beast, the master of Cangxiang Forest planned to change As for the tactics, I don’t plan to continue to send Ten Thousand Years Spirit Beast, because once it is sent, it will be a gift.

Although the green forest is big, it can’t bear the waste and sacrifice again and again.

That’s why the Quetzalcoatl God is allowed to catch it.

Queen Serpent originally didn’t have this idea, but now Quetzalcoatl has changed his mind…..This time, he has an extra benefit for being caught.

Cangxiang Forest not at all acknowledge allegiance in Spirit Hall.

But I did receive a lot of invitations from Spirit Hall, and the three beasts also said that they have joined Spirit Hall, which made Quetzalcoatl have to be moved.

It’s a wall of grass, which is normal because it wants to live.

Nowadays, Spirit Hall is in power. If you continue to sing the opposite, sooner or later, Spirit Hall will come to clean up the green forest, and when the time comes, war will start.

Since Star Dou Great Forest, the most famous and powerful forest in the Spirit Beast world, there is an acknowledge allegiance. Cangxiang cannot resist at all, and opposition will only accelerate the destruction of the Cangxiang Forest.

The Quetzalcoatl might as well join Spirit Hall in advance and act as the traitor of Spirit Hall in the Green Forest.

However, I only have a cultivation base of more than 100,000 years, and it is not 200,000 years. I am definitely not reused by Spirit Hall, so I need to present a big gift.

Queen Serpent has been planning for the past few months, but the Spirit Hall family has a big business, and there is no shortage of anything, and Spirit Hall, the thing in the blue forest, is not very attractive.

How can you be satisfied with a gift? ?

This Quetzalcoatl was embarrassed, so he took a step to look at it, didn’t expect, he got such a good thing when he went out on a field trip by himself.

Clear Sky Douluo’s biological son.

This is what Spirit Hall wanted.

Queed Serpent knows the grudge between Clear Sky Douluo and Spirit Hall, Spirit Hall wants to chopped up Clear Sky Douluo ten-thousand times by a thousand blades, as does Clear Sky Douluo.

Therefore, Spirit Hall has been chasing and killing Clear Sky Douluo.

But there is no result. Clear Sky Douluo is too hidden and shows up very well.

However, Clear Sky Douluo has a son. This, as everyone knows …. But who this son is, what he looks like, and what his name is, I don’t know.

No one knows, very secretive.

Didn’t expect, I actually received this news by myself now…

Speak out from Yu Xiaogang.

Although the Quetzalcoatl is skeptical, but looking at Yu Xiaogang, when he is about to die, he will not surrender and hand over the Blue Silver Grass boy.

Instead, he carried out such a personal design.

This makes the Quetzalcoatl very sure that among this group of people, a teenager, there is definitely a son of Clear Sky Douluo.

shua~ shua~ shua~! !

The temporary modification of Quetzalcoatl’s content made Yu Xiaogang and Flender’s complexion drastically changed. They thought that they could use Clear Sky Douluo’s fame to scare Quetzalcoatl.

Allow Quetzalcoatl to withdraw three points.

But didn’t expect, it didn’t have any effect, but once again pushed Tang San to the edge of the knife.

Blue Silver Grass boy, son of Clear Sky Douluo.

Queen Serpent looks good to me.

It just so happens that these two personalities are from the same person…

Yu Xiaogang and Flender panicked.

I didn’t know what to say for a while.

On the side of Shrek Seven Devils, Tang San’s heartbeat has been accelerating…Shrek Seven Devils knows the story of Clear Sky Douluo, but it didn’t expect…

Clear Sky Douluo’s own son, is by his side.

There is only one person possible, and that is Tang San.

Everyone has to look towards Tang San together.

Everyone’s eyes are full of different reactions, doubts, doubts, and disbelief…

“jié jié jie!!! It seems that , You don’t intend to say it, but this seat already knows that it’s you, a smelly brat!!!” Quetzalcoatl Yu Guang has been paying attention to the inside of Shrek Seven Devils.

It’s not stupid. After living for more than 100,000 years, there will be no day without opening one’s wisdom.

Otherwise, it would have become a snake dry…..

Everyone looked at Tang San, just a glance, and they could not escape its judgment.

sou sou ….

In three seconds, the Quetzalcoatl disappeared. When he appeared again, the feathered snakehead’s tail had already thrown Liu Erlong on the ground. Fiercely tied Tang San.

“Is that you?? Clear Sky Douluo’s own son!!!” Quetzalcoatl tied Tang San and asked with a sneer on his face.

Bundling is strong.

Tang San’s fleshy body is not strong enough to resist this force. For less than one minute, Tang San’s shoulders and waist will make subtle ka-cha fractures.

Yes, Tang San’s waist bone fractured…Although it was not deep, Tang San couldn’t help yelling: “ao!”

“This Painful cry, yes…a man!!” Tang San’s pain caused the Quetzalcoatl to laugh fiercely, which was like joy.

On the side of Yu Xiaogang, Flender took Liu Erlong and checked Liu Erlong’s physical condition. As expected, the wound on his body was torn and shattered again.

But Flender is too late to treat her, because there is Tang San waiting. If it takes time for the treatment, Tang San may be arrested.

Or be killed.

These are two extreme situations. Flender took a deep breath, and was about to take out a healing medicine that he had treasured for many years, saying: “Erlong, bear with me, we will come right away.”


However, Flender tone barely fell, Liu Erlong grabbed Flender’s hand and said weakly: “Flender, give me medicine!”

“Take that medicine, I’ll be fine…”

“What medicine?” Flender was taken aback.

Liu Erlong was about to say something, but Yu Xiaogang took the lead and took out the calming pill prepared by Yun Chen directly from the purse hanging from her waist.

“This is…” Yu Xiaogang said in a cold tone.

Flender took the medicine, gave Liu Erlong decisively, looked at Yu Xiaogang, and asked: “Xiaogang…this time, what should I do? What should I do?”

“Little San is locked!!!”

“Erlong was seriously injured, and Old Zhao passed out. Only the two of us are left. Impossible to use the golden Sacred Dragon again!!! And the golden Sacred Dragon Also impossible to withstand a single blow!!!”


Flender has been confused and has no idea what to do next, so I have to look towards Yu Xiaogang, I hope a Spirit King can find a way to break such a situation.

Yu Xiaogang is also silent, and not knowing what to do ….

Tang San’s painful sound, like a reminder and a sharing talisman, also stimulates Yu Xiaogang .

“jié jié Jie…find a baby, but this seat gives you a chance, what is your name?” Quetzalcoatl looked at Tang San and asked.

Tang San’s pain, but because of his soul’s strength, not at all, he fell down. Instead, he looked at the feather snake god with gnashing teeth and replied: “Tang San!!!”

“Tang San….. Good name, this seat will give you a chance to say that Blue Silver Grass is a teenager, this seat will not embarrass you!! Let you have a way out!” Feathered Serpent God smiled Talking.

Tang San moved towards Feather Snake God spit out a mouthful of water and said: “Do you think I can say it? Is it possible? It seems that you are dreaming!!”

” courting death!!!” Tang San spit, making Quetzalcoatl furious, and once again increased the binding strength of his snake tail, intending to directly cut Tang San’s waist.

Tang San screamed again: “Ah!!!”

“Three brothers…” Tang San’s scream made Xiao Wu unable to sit down for a while Live, and instantly moved towards the position of Feather Snake God rushed over, desperately.

But before he raised his leg, Yun Chen grabbed Xiao Wu.

This made Xiao Wu have to struggle and shout: “Let go of me!!”

“What can you do?? You go, it’s nothing more than buy one get one free. ….. I didn’t see, Grandmaster, Dean, and Deputy Dean all fell down one by one?”

“Although we are all Spirit Kings, we can fart in front of Spirit Beast of 100,000 years Not at all!!” Yun Chen grabbed Xiao Wu firmly, not allowing him to break free of his restraint.

Oscar said frustratedly: “Yeah…what can we do?? Spirit Beast and Spirit Saint are both disabled to withstand a single blow, and Boss Dai is frozen!”

“We have no effect, on the contrary, we are more cumbersome!!”

“Yes….Five door Dunjia, or something, the level still cannot be broken, especially It’s almost close, four levels.” Ma Hongjun also looked helpless.

Although all of them want to help Tang San.

But no one can do it.

Until, Xiao Wu said to Ning Rongrong in a choked tone: “Rongrong, isn’t your father Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Sect Master? You must have a way, and the way is the same as last time.”

“Send a signal…let you Sect’s Tilted Douluo come over!!”


“Xiao Wu…I…I can’t do it. My father and Sect powerhouse have actually gone out one by one. I send a signal and there will be no support!”

” It’s not just going out, but the Cangxiang Forest is too remote…so…” Ning Rongrong lowered his head, looking helpless to me.

Here, Ning Rongrong actually has some lies. She can still send signals. There are still some powerhouses at Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School nearby.

But those powerhouses are Spirit Emperor and Spirit Saint.

Inferior to Fleender, even if you come here, it is a gift. Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School is now in a sensitive period. I cannot let some unrelated personnel of my Sect fall and die because of my own selfishness.

This time in the Cangxiang Forest, no one can stand up, no one can help.

Some are just despair.

Zhu Zhuqing had a calm face. He listened to Tang San’s screams and watched Yun Chen stop Xiao Wu, as if everything had been arranged.

“It seems that you are not going to say that Blue Silver Grass boy is really important?”

“Is it worth your sacrifices one by one?” Quetzalcoatl has no patience , But Tang San and Shrek did not speak. Obviously, it is impossible to just know.

But Blue Silver Grass boy, I must know.

There is only one way.

That is to capture all the people here and meet with Ruiju, Ruiju must know who is the Blue Silver Grass boy…

“It seems, You all have to take a trip…” Feathered Serpent God looked at everyone helplessly…The white head on the left once again condensed a spirit power.

I want everyone to cooperate with them to go to the place of the beast.

There is only one way, and that is to freeze everyone and put everyone in a frozen state. In this state, human beings will not die.

Although it will cause great damage to Mental.

However, as long as the purpose is reached, it is not enough…

shua shua! !

Just when this condensed white spirit power burst out, suddenly all around set off a gust of wind, the gust of wind appeared green, covering the whole place.

The emergence of green wind is accompanied by a step.

I saw a symmetrical silhouette in the green wind.

“From the forest next to me, I heard a lot of noise here. I was about to see what was going on. Didn’t expect it. It turned out to be such a thing!!!”

“Queen Serpent God, long time no see…” A male voice full of females came out.

In the green wind, a handsome green man walked out.

Isn’t that the owner of Sunset Forest next door, Dugu Bo?


The appearance of Dugu Bo made the corners of Yun Chen’s mouth turn up slightly. He arrived at the right time, just as he predicted, before he walked into the green forest.

Yun Chen sent a message to Zi Ji, asked Zi Ji to watch, find a chance, let Dugu Bo come to the Cangxiang Forest for a walk, if you see someone in trouble.

Just help.

This makes Zi Ji confused, what can I help? ? Do you have any free time to help?

We don’t know each other, why should we help? ?

One question came up, Yun Chen only gave one answer, which would be good, and it would be good for Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo agreed with a strange idea.

But there is no doubt.

Because Zi Ji is Yun Fa Weng’s person, Zi Ji’s orders are Yun Fa Weng’s orders.

I am now in the camp of Spirit Hall… Naturally I have to obey the arrangement.

At the same time, I am also curious, who will bring me benefits.

Now it seems….

Dugu Bo is disappointed by these people who brought benefits…..

It is Spirit Douluo. …Shrek a group of people.

What are the benefits of these? ,

Dugu Bo’s brain is full of question marks.

However, since it was Yun Faweng’s order, the statement must be reasonable, and it will definitely not come on a whim…Let’s take a look.

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