Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 384

“Old poison!! What did you come to our site for?”

“Don’t go to your Sunset Forest, come here to run around… .. Aren’t you afraid to break our rules?” When the Quetzalcoatl saw Dugu Bo’s appearance, the atmosphere changed from relaxed to tense.

It seems that Quetzalcoatl knows a lot about Dugu Bo’s news….so much that he may not be able to eat Dugu Bo perfectly.

But this is also normal, Jade Phosphor Serpent, originally a kind of snake, the Quetzalcoatl has a pair of wings that other snakes don’t have in Spirit.

But it is always the same as a snake.

Compared with poisonous snakes, it still lacks some killing intents.

In addition, Dugu Bo’s reputation is still very famous in this forest. It does not mean that he is strong, but only that Dugu Bo is vicious.

Can use poison.

By the way, all kinds of Spirit Beasts in Cangxiang Forest, including the forest owner and the Quetzalcoatl, are not very familiar with poison, and even have some fear.

Naturally respect some Dugu Bo.

Dugu Bo glanced at the scene and looked at the people on the scene. He couldn’t help but smiled: “The rules are originally broken by people… Besides, this time is originally for you to break the rules.”

“I broke the rules? Old poison, you won’t lose your mind, do you?” Quetzalcoatl was not happy at the time. He didn’t break the rules and didn’t go to the Sunset Forest…

Talk about breaking the rules.

But, in the next paragraph, Dugu Bo’s words startled the Quetzalcoatl, and for a while, he didn’t know what to say.

Dugu Bo narrowed his eyes into a line and said, “You are making a lot of noise in the forest next door, I can hear your voice clearly in the Sunset Forest!”

” Do not break the rules?”

“In the human world, there is a kind of people called the people next door. This kind of people always stay up at night and sing songs to harass everyone!”

“For this type of people, we all have a solution, which is to slap to death.”

“And you happen to be like this type.”

“Do you know what I mean?”

“Old poison, you mean…” Quetzalcoatl’s face changed dramatically, and he probably understood what Dugu Bo wanted to do.

Dugu Bo coldly smiled and said, “Isn’t what I mean? So nine spirit rings on my body are enough to explain everything?”

shua shua!

Along with Dugu Bo’s sneer, nine spirit rings of different colors popped up behind Dugu Bo, namely yellow, yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black, black, black!

A very common collocation, but two of the blacks have light gray soul marks, as if they can be removed at any time and reinstalled.

Once the nine spirit rings appeared, the Quetzalcoatl knew that Dugu Bo was planning to go to war.

Queed Serpent God did not neglect, looked at Dugu Bo cautiously, and said: “Are you going to fight against the blue forest? Are you afraid of death?”

” War in the Cangxiang Forest…I just got back some things that belonged to me!!” Dugu Bo smiled meaningfully.

This made the Quetzalcoatl look a little startled, saying: “Your stuff? What’s your stuff?”

“Of course it is a human! I just kept listening to your conversation For a long time, this group of humans came to the Cangxiang Forest to hunt and kill Spirit Beast. Among them are people I like!”

“For example, Clear Sky Douluo’s own son, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Sect Master’s daughter! Since I see it, I can’t stand by. After all, this is an opportunity for me to make the two Sects owe me favor.”

“Do you think I will miss it?” Dugu Bo glanced at Tang San and Ning Rongrong, and looked at the Quetzalcoatl with a faint smile.

From this moment on, Quetzalcoatl suddenly realized that Dugu Bo had come to grab someone, the same target he was staring at, that was Tang San.

However, Dugu Bo’s position is Clear Sky Douluo, and his position is Spirit Hall.

This made Quetzalcoatl unable to help but intend to deter Dugu Bo, saying: “This person is what Spirit Hall wants! Do you dare to cut Hus? Are you afraid that Spirit Hall will come here?”

“Spirit Hall?”

“It doesn’t matter, get rid of you…Spirit Hall won’t know, can’t this work?” Dugu Bo looked cold.

As soon as this statement came out, Quetzalcoatl was stunned for an instant. This stunned Dugu Bo found a good opportunity, and instantly moved towards Quetzalcoatl rushed over.

Dugu Bo said in a deep voice: “Sixth Spirit Ability, Green Phosphorous Strike!!”


With a word from Dugu Bo , I saw that a layer of green poison suddenly appeared in Dugu Bo’s hand, and the poison turned into a long sword.

However, this long sword is not held by Dugu Bo, but hovering in this emerald-like green wind…

The green wind is used as a cover, and it shoots Flying Sword instantly , Intending to stab the head of the core of the feather snake god with a sword.

It seems that this is not the first time Dugu Bo has fought with Quetzalcoatl. His shot is aimed at the core of Quetzalcoatl, and will definitely not be affected by other heads.

This made the feathered snake god frowned, the core head opened his mouth, and angrily said: “Old poison, this is what you forced me!! Wind and thunder!!”

bang bang bang!!

A purple spirit power energy gathered in the feathered snake god’s mouth, the energy turned into light, and the poisonous sword moved towards Dugu Bo spewed out.

Breaking a burst of lightning, this lightning is not a sky thunder, but a purple, with the purple wind…

Just like a stun gun, it hits directly Dugu Bo’s poisonous sword.

Queed Serpent God, three heads, but there are actually four Extremes, namely Extreme Fire, Extreme Ice, Extreme Wind, Extreme Thunder.

The four Extremes.

The core head can speak human words, including Extreme Thunder and Extreme Wind.

The remaining heads are fire and ice.

Although they all have their own brain consciousness, they are all controlled by the core brain…


“Ninth Spirit Ability, time freezes!” Faced with his poisonous sword being destroyed, Dugu Bo was not surprised at all. He never expected to defeat a hundred thousand-year Spirit Beast with the sixth Spirit Ability.

That is just a guise, a black spirit ring gradually raised…

The soul seal is enlarged indefinitely.

Lock the entire scene instantly…

Time stops in this brief moment. Anything in the time is impossible to move, including Quetzalcoatl.

However, if the Quetzalcoatl wants to break this confinement, he only needs one minute, but one minute is enough to damage the Quetzalcoatl and defeat the Quetzalcoatl.

Let the feathered snake god not stand up…

Dugu Bo walked slowly in front of the feathered snake god, and suddenly he felt a small green in his hand. The luster of the snake, the little snake’s body is as shiny as emerald.

It is the nine-section jade that was presented to Tang San in the original work of Dugu Bo….

However, the current nine-section jade is not Tang San’s, but moved towards The feather snake god crawled over, revealing a pair of sharp fangs.

Planning to invade the Feathered Serpent God with its fangs.

Once the poison of the nine-section jade invades the Quetzalcoatl, the Mental of the Quetzalcoatl will instantly collapse. There is no doubt about this.

But just as the Jiujie Jade was about to take the mouth, suddenly one hand grabbed the Jiujie Jade, making it impossible to move even a little bit.

This makes Dugu Bo startled.

Dugu Bo hurriedly turned around and looked up. I don’t know when, someone actually broke his Ninth Spirit Ability. Time has frozen…

And, broken It is Yun Chen that his time freezes.

“Almost! Dugu Bo…Take Tang San and the others away!!” Yun Chen face doesn’t change looking at Dugu Bo.

This made Dugu Bo startled, wondering whose family this child belongs to?

He actually broke his Ninth Spirit Ability, and also discouraged himself from leaving.

An expert tone.

You are not as old as my granddaughter, right? ?

Dugu Bo just started to ask, who you are.

Yun Chen slightly smiled and said: “This face may be the first time you have seen this, so use this face!”


Speaking, Yun Chen returned to his old face.

That is the face of the Holy Lord of Spirit.

This made Dugu Bo look dumbfounded and sat directly on the ground.

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