Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 385

“Holy…..Holy Lord!!! What’s the situation? Why are you here? And with them? Wait, I remember Quetzalcoatl said, There is a person here who is the son of Clear Sky Douluo!”

“Are you here to find this person too?? And Quetzalcoatl said that he wanted to give this person to Spirit Hall, This will not be true, right?”

“You are the one who gave me the order to save them. Are you contradicting yourself?”

“Or, don’t Have a deep meaning?” Dugu Bo looked at Yun Chen with a dazed expression. He absolutely didn’t expect that Yun Chen would be in this group of people.

And still sneak in with a youthful appearance…..mixed together.

Looking at the Quetzalcoatl tortured one by one, Yun Chen didn’t take any action. Obviously, Yun Chen didn’t want to expose himself, but Yun Chen gave himself an order.

Let yourself save the people here…..The Quetzalcoatl said that he wants to dedicate Tang San to Spirit Hall. Could it be that Quetzalcoatl and Yun Chen didn’t discuss it properly?

Plan to cut Hu? ?

Should I save the group of Shrek by myself, do I have to find that person?

These all are doubts, one by one question marks, covering Dugu Bo’s brain, making Dugu Bo unable to calm down and think, for fear of taking a wrong step.

Disrupt Yun Chen’s plan.

Speaking of which, Dugu Bo is still quite afraid of Yun Chen. Yun Chen is strong enough, more proficient in poison than his own, and more vicious than his own.

It can be said that there is no bottom line. In order to control oneself, he locked his granddaughter in Spirit Hall.

Make yourself unable to escape.

Although I met with my granddaughter some time ago, my granddaughter has become a Spirit King, surpassing my own predictions, only one year.

From two rings Spirit Grandmaster, suddenly became Spirit King.

Refresh the history of a cultivation.

Dugu Bo doesn’t know what Spirit Hall used to do it, but Dugu Bo is sure, since his granddaughter has received such a favor.

Then in this life, I will definitely be unable to get rid of Spirit Hall.

Unless Spirit Hall goes bankrupt.

Do you want Spirit Hall to fail? ?

No one can do it.

Just as the Quetzalcoatl said, Spirit Hall not only rules the land of humans, but also manages the Spirit Beast world. In a sense, the continent has been unified.

You only need to dry up Heaven Dou and Star Luo.

Then this era will belong to Spirit Hall.

Heaven Dou is already half-dead. Dugu Bo knows this very well. There is no hope of salvation.

There is only one Star Luo left…

All such meticulous plans all come from one person, that is Yun Faweng, Yun Chen.

A character of Legendary.

His Legendary is not only in the medical industry, Spirit Master’s world, even Spirit Hall is so powerful because of his Legendary….

didn’t expect. …

This time, Yun Chen once again opened up the perspective of God, in charge of everything.

“Contradictory…Interesting!! Do you think I am not smart enough?” Yun Chen looked at Dugu Bo and couldn’t help but teasing him.

He is already an old fogey.

To act in one’s life, it can be said that swift and decisive are always a stick, not very routine.

This led to one reason why Dugu Bo was always afraid of Clear Sky Douluo.

In the original work, Dugu Bo only trembles after listening to the four words Clear Sky Douluo, which changed his views on Tang San.

As for the year-end payment.

In fact, part of it is because of this. Tang San is the son of Clear Sky Douluo, and an extraordinary natural talent, which is higher than his granddaughter.

This kind of persona is impossible in a lifetime.

In the future, I must have a good future, and establishing diplomatic relations with Tang San is also for my own future.

It’s not surprising…

Ten years, Tang San has become famous, and he is more ridiculous than his father and Tang Hao.

Destroyed Spirit Hall in less than 20 years, became a god, and brought a bunch of youngsters.

This scene is all the original Dugu Bo looked up.

However, Tang San didn’t take him away and told him how to become a god, but he made him qualified to be promoted to super Douluo…This is the advantage.

Shrek, let yourself be an Elder. For tens of thousands of years, Shrek has not fallen, and is a powerful representative…from the first generation to the fourth generation.

Shrek Academy is always there.

No matter how many Dean and how many teachers are changed, I can never forget the original Shrek Seven Devils.


“The subordinates don’t dare!!” Yun Chen’s words caused Dugu Bo to tremble. He mistakenly thought Yun Chen was angry and hurriedly knelt down on one knee.

Yun Chen disapprovingly said: “This is part of the plan!! As for the Quetzalcoatl said before, I don’t know anything! It can be said that it is a plan of its own!”

“As for, am I here to intercept Hu Tang Hao’s son, obvious at a glance! If I wanted Tang Hao’s son to force Tang Hao out, it would be fine!”

“No I must come to such a broken forest.”

“It is normal to give you an order! Let’s give you a good luck.”

“You bring Tang San and Ning Rongrong Go, leave me alone, find a suitable excuse, say that you have tried your best, but still have not saved me.”

“I need to let this feather snake god take me to his lair, Cang Ring Forest, you should change your name! Wait this time, your mission is over.”

“I will upgrade you two hundred thousand year spirit ring.”

“One of them It is the feathered snake god…”

shua shua!

Every word of Yun Chen made Dugu Bo’s body tremble a bit, so that’s how it is… Although Yun Chen didn’t say it, Dugu Bo understood it.

What Yun Chen needs is to establish diplomatic relations with Tang Hao and Tang San, hold them in disguise, and make these two people owe him a favor.

The same goes for Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School.

Yun Chen’s plan is to kill three birds with one stone, but the benefits of two birds are obtained by themselves.

Benefit one, Tang Hao, Clear Sky Sect and Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School owe a favor to themselves. Although I am Tilted Douluo, I am not as good as Tang Hao.

Similarly, in the area of ​​interpersonal relations, I am not as good as Tang Hao. Let me save Tang San, Ning Rongrong, and Shrek, which is to strengthen my interpersonal relationship in disguise.

Two of them are the aristocrats of Star Luo Empire…

didn’t expect, Yun Chen has already planned to start with Star Luo Empire.

Benefit two, he can get a spirit ring promotion. Although Dugu Bo does not know how Yun Chen achieves a spirit ring promotion, he must be able to do it. After all, he is Legendary.

Two spirit rings are promoted, and you will get two hundred thousand year spirit rings. In this way, you will open another Spirit Ability and you may be able to fight Tang Hao.

Tang Hao is not strong in level, but because he has a one hundred thousand year spirit ring.

It is such a one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring that made Tang Hao tyrannize. If the ninth spirit ring of Tang Hao is not one-hundred-thousand-year old, it is estimated that it has already been used by Gui Mei and Yue Guan Spirit Combine skills to kill.

Clear Sky Hammer is strong on the one hand, and the main strength comes from the blessing of one hundred thousand years of spirit ring.

Benefit three, Spirit Hall will truly regain the blue forest…The first two benefits are for yourself, and only one benefit is for Spirit Hall.

At this moment, Dugu Bo finally understands why Spirit Hall is now a lot of Tilted Douluo, will not betray Spirit Hall.

Because Yun Chen gave too much.

No one will betray.

Good fellow.

hearing this, Dugu Bo was restless in his heart, kowtow hurriedly, and replied: “Many thanks to the holy Lord’s rewards…..will definitely not live up to the expectations of the Holy Lord!”

“You don’t have to pay this big gift…”

“You only have two hundred thousand year spirit rings. Actually, it has been a lot of times. I originally planned to prepare the match for your granddaughter. This time is the ten thousand years spirit ring!”

“One hundred thousand years is even more than three!”

“It’s just that you are older and can be promoted up to two.”


“Dugu Bo, you just need to understand a little bit and follow my arrangement. Being obediently and honestly as the Spirit Hall Elder, you will definitely not suffer.”

“It will only make you prosperous. Start…”

“Yes!!” Dugu Bo was nodded, knocked his head this time, and hit the ground fiercely, which seemed to represent his future loyalty to Spirit Hall.

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