Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 386

“Leave them with you! Let’s just say, instead of Tang San, I admit that I am a Blue Silver Grass boy and I was taken away by the Feathered Serpent God!”

“You are helpless, because there are too many people you need to take care of, and there are so many things you missed. There is no need to turn your face with Quetzalcoatl. Use a reasonable explanation to cover up my actions.”

” Don’t let them see Ni Duan, and at the same time, don’t let them notice that you came here on purpose. It’s a passing attitude.”

“If they insist on letting you find me, you Take them into the forest, but don’t go to the core area and make a few laps. When I finish processing here, I will return to the team.” Yun Chen yawned and did not intend to continue talking with Dugu Bo.

These basic routines are all that Dugu Bo needs to learn. If Dugu Bo can’t learn it or doesn’t know it at all, then Yun Chen doesn’t need to leave such a person.

Dugu Bo can live to the stage of Tilted Douluo, IQ will certainly not be a problem, although there is some arrogance, but arrogance is such is human nature.

Anyone has it, even oneself.

There is no perfect, not arrogant human being.

“The subordinates understand!” Dugu Bo didn’t think much, he was nodded, and followed Yun Chen’s instructions.

Yun Chen reminded: “By the way, one of their camps still lacks a spirit ring breakthrough Spirit Ancestor. When the time comes, please help and find a suitable Spirit Beast for him and remove the spirit ring. !”

“No problem…” Although Dugu Bo doesn’t understand a lot, Tang San’s future will definitely be hostile to Spirit Hall. After all, Spirit Hall killed Tang San Mother. .

As for this episode, there is not a Tilted Douluo in Douluo who does not know.

Yun Chen did not kill to the last one. Instead, he helped Tang San grow up. He is not afraid of nurturing a tiger to invite calamity.

This means that Yun Chen doesn’t care at all, being too arrogant and confident.

Yun Chen has long understood that Tang San’s growth is in his plan.

But since Yun Chen ordered it, and didn’t tell it to himself, there must be a separate reason, and there is no need to ask it uninterestingly.

Otherwise, curiosity will kill the cat.

I am now obediently and honestly serving as the Spirit Hall Elder, disintegrating the Heaven Dou Empire, and then traveling with my granddaughter.

There is no need to go muddy this trip, the risk is too great.

Can’t afford to gamble.

I don’t have the ambition to unify the mainland and become the strongest Titled Douluo in the mainland.

In Dugu Bo’s heart, only Dugu Yan is the most important. For the rest, take one step at a time.

shua shua! !

Dugu Bo took the Tang San entire group decisively to cancel the freezing of time and let the green forest restore nature. Only Yun Chen was left.


Quicked Serpent God also broke the solidification and became a do as one pleases activity.

“Dugu Bo!!!” The feather snake god awoke, and the first sentence was an angry scolding.

But Dugu Bo is not there at all.

It has long since disappeared…..

“Don’t keep calling!! It’s all gone, now I am the only one left here.” Yun Chen looked at his face. The angry feather snake god couldn’t help interrupting his anger.

This made the Quetzalcoatl have to notice Yun Chen, and glanced at Yun Chen’s all around, not at all others, which made the Quetzalcoatl’s anger once again strengthened.

Also surprised the Quetzalcoatl.

Everyone is gone.

Why leave you alone?

Could you be abandoned? ?

“jié jié Jie, there is still one left! It seems that this Dugu Bo is very smart, knowing that casting aside all considerations for face with this seat, what are the benefits of both sides will not!”

“But it’s normal, after all, Dugu Bo can’t afford to offend the master of the blue forest.” Quetzalcoatl showed a triumphant smile and looked straight at Yun Chen.

Yun Chen disapprovingly said: “You have been controlled by others for a period of time, you said, during that period, if Dugu Bo is an attack system, you have not been hanged?”

“Also, there is a reason for leaving me, okay?”

“Boy…One hundred thousand years of Spirit Beast is not as simple as you think, what about Tilted Douluo? Isn’t Dugu Bo only 9Level 3? Even if it’s 9Level 4, I don’t dare to mess around with the One Hundred Thousand Year Spirit Beast.”

“One Hundred Thousand Year Spirit Beast, Tilted Douluo is just a battle. , But not at all said that Tilted Douluo will definitely defeat the Spirit Beast of 100,000 years!”

“Boy, what is the reason for leaving you? It’s nothing more than trying to use you to attract my attention and give They are just fighting for time to escape!”

The Feathered Serpent God spit out the snake letter with a look of disdain.

This made Yun Chen shrugged, saying: “Yes, not all! Although I did buy them time, I don’t think it is necessary!”

“Titled Douluo is possible I can’t get a hundred thousand years of Spirit Beast.”

“Doesn’t it mean I’m not good!!!”

“You???hahaha!!! A trifling Spirit King, can you??? The Quetzalcoatl almost laughed. In his eyes, Yun Chen was equivalent to the sacrifice.

However, looking at Yun Chen daring to be a sacrifice, he did not appear to lose one’s head out of fear. Obviously, Yun Chen is the Blue Silver Grass boy.

Otherwise, alone with yourself, you might be scared to pee your pants, right?

Queen Serpent God believes in human wisdom and thinks in accordance with human wisdom.

Draw all kinds of thoughts that are close to the most correct thinking of human beings.

In other words, Yun Chen’s staying proves that Yu Xiaogang had compromised and dared to leave Yun Chen alone because of his repeated expressions.

I took the task.

The above needs to be done by yourself.

And the intercourse will naturally not be a person after death, but will naturally be alive…..

Yu Xiaogang not at all give up Yun Chen, just go back and move the soldiers back That’s it.

This is the idea of ​​Quetzalcoatl.

It is indeed very logical, but the premise is that Yun Chen is really a Blue Silver Grass boy.

No matter what, Yun Chen is not the so-called Blue Silver Grass boy.

It is the master of this continent.

“Spirit King?? Actually I am not even a Spirit King, but I can easily clean up you…..100,000 years?? Not to mention you, even the beast god Di Tian !!”

“In front of this flame…I dare not to be impudent!!” Yun Chen coldly smiled, igniting the bone spirit in his hand, and pinched fiercely.

The cold flame of Bone Spirit went out instantly.

This process is very handsome.

“Hehe!! What a big tone…white flame? Interesting…but, flame is not judged by color, flame is temperature!”

“My flame is the extreme fire!!”

“What about yours?” The feather snake god looked at this white flame, although it was very strange, But there is no rush, because the strongest flame in the Douluo continent is the Extreme Fire.

sou sou! !

“My fire is deadly! It has nothing to do with Extreme, but once my flame appears, my life will disappear! Give it to me!” Yun Chen slightly smiled, the bone spirit melted into one. Aiming the white lance at the core head of the Quetzalcoatl, he ejected directly.

Bone Spirit Lance approached the Feathered Serpent God.

This made the Quetzalcoatl displeased and said: “courting death!! The fire of life? I think it is your fire for life, let this seat open your eyes!”

“Extremely hot blast!!”

bang bang bang!!

With an order, the flame head next to the Feathered Serpent God moved towards Yun Chen’s bone spirit cold fire lance expelled a flame, and the flame turned into a dragon.

I plan to bite the bones in a cold lance.

And Quetzalcoatl also showed a confident smile, as if this one was enough for Yun Chen to settle.


However, next moment, a scene that made Feathered Serpent God incredulously happened. The flames he spewed out, and the formed flood dragon, was suddenly disintegrated by the white lance.

And rampage…

It’s like an egg hitting a stone.

It breaks with one touch.

“What!!” The feather snake god is startled, impossible, he is an Extreme fire, how could he be crushed by other flames?

Furthermore, flames originally depend on temperature.

Your own temperature is at least a concept with lava.

Why can’t swallow a human flame?


Could this human play the pig to eat the tiger? ?

Hide your strength all the time?

Impossible! !

He looks like a child.

No matter what, in the flame, is there a flame stronger than the Extreme Fire?

What flame?

Shenhuo? ?

Is it nonsense?

If it’s a sacred fire, then it is also a god…Will the god come to this cheating continent? ?


Yun Chen didn’t explain to it, Bai Yanlance came to the front of the feathered snake god, and suddenly turned into a big net, covering the feathered snake god.

Limit its activities.

This surprised the Quetzalcoatl again, and he had to slam in my heart. I was a fireman who was trapped by flames. Is there any mistake?

It’s too late to surprise him, the flames set up a wall of fire…

Yun Chen has come to his head for some time, and punched him in the head. past.

this fist, direct crit.

With a punch, the feathered snake god’s huge body was turned over, and one of the three heads went into a coma.


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