Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 387

It was just a punch. One punch knocked over an indestructible head, passed out, and lost one of the most commonly used ice elements from the three extreme elements.

This makes the Quetzalcoatl extremely angry, but when you think about it carefully, the kid in front of you is absolutely extraordinary, able to turn his head with one punch.

How many people can do it in this world? ?

There is no extra action, even Spirit Ability is useless, just rely on punching and kicking, in the fleshy body, punching and kicking, humans will always be inferior to Spirit Beast.

In the Douluo continent setting, why is Spirit Beast strong in the first generation, especially Spirit Beast of 100,000 years, because their fleshy body cannot be destroyed.

And the first generation, the Spirit Master of the Mental system is too thin, naturally afraid of these 100,000-year Spirit Beast.

Until the second life generation, a Huo Yuhao appeared, only one relying on Mental to defeat Di Tian’s existence, and this made humans understand a little bit.

Since humans cannot rely on fleshy body to torture Spirit Beast and destroy Spirit Beast, then it depends on Mental and wisdom.

These all are human advantages, Spirit Beast cannot be surpassed in a lifetime.

Because of wisdom and Mental, I can enter God Realm. Of course, some Spirit Beasts also have this feature, but they are rare.

Yun Chen’s this fist, indeed, directly gave the Quetzalcoatl to the stunned circle.

What’s the situation? ?

There is actually a human being leaning on his fleshy body and knocking out his head with a punch. If this is passed, it might scare a lot of Spirit Beast, right?

It is believed that humans have strengthened the fleshy body to sit on an equal footing with Spirit Beast.

That is a disaster for Spirit Beast.

Queed Serpent God couldn’t admit it, he stared at Yun Chen suddenly, and said: “Humans, don’t you think you can really beat me? My head!!”

“It’s just a sneak attack by you……”

“Next, this seat will not leave you a trace of affection, it will destroy you directly!!”

“Anyway, the people in this seat have never said that you must die or live…”

“If you can do it, why don’t you come out right away? Why? Do you want to fight with me?” Hearing this, Yun Chen couldn’t help but laughed directly.

This Feathered Serpent God obviously knew his suppression, but his mouth was stiff, but he made him try to deceive himself, thinking that he would win a big victory.

I have to say, this mentality is still good.

At least, there is no immediate despair.

Quatting Serpent God coldly smiled and said: “I just want to see what you, Blue Silver Grass boy, can make Spirit Beast pay attention to that’s all!”

” Wind and thunder blasting bomb!!”

bang bang bang!!

In the next instant, Feathered Serpent, regardless of his other fainted head, a powerful wave of spirit power gathered in the core of his head.

spirit power wave plus the elements of Extreme Thunder and Extreme Wind.

Form a purple energy body.

Lock the position of Yun Chen and shoot it directly…

Once the wind and thunder bomb is launched, it didn’t touch Yun Chen. The passing air is all because of Its elements are distorted, just like Demon God descends.

shua shua! !

“Boy, if you give up, immediately kneel down to this seat, and this seat will take back the Spirit Ability, otherwise, beware of your skeleton doesn’t exist!!! That way, this seat can’t be held responsible!” Yu The zombie looked directly at Yun Chen and suggested that Yun Chen abstain immediately.

But how could Yun Chen abstain, especially in front of a target dozens of times weaker than himself, even if you are ten times stronger than Yun Chen, Yun Chen would not give up.

Otherwise, what right do you have to say that you want to rule the Douluo continent? What about destroying God Realm? ?


Yun Chen glanced at a tree, picked up the fallen branches of the tree, smiled slightly, and said: “One blow is enough! Break for me!!! “

Immediately, a layer of bone spirit grew from that branch with cold fire.

Yun Chen held the branch, as if holding a holy sword in his hand, he swung it out unceremoniously.

Bone Spirit received the instruction in cold fire, and moved towards Feathered Serpent God’s wind thunder explosive bomb ran rampant.


With a loud noise, the wind and thunder bomb was instantly destroyed by the cold fire of the bone spirit and turned into Nothingness.

This made the feather snake god startled, cry out in surprise: “Fuck????”

Immediately afterwards, Yun Chen disappeared in front of it, which made the feather snake god There was a panic in my heart, this is the first time in history.

From this moment, the Quetzalcoatl is certain that the man in front of him is not a child at all, but is definitely a human being who is recovering one’s youthful vigor.

Titled Douluo at least, and above 9Level 5.

Only at this level can you easily destroy your Spirit Ability.

Only then can I turn my head with one punch.

And disappeared in front of me, even though I have the thermal image sensor that the snake Spirit Beast possesses, but this thermal image sensor only senses my own existence.

Unable to perceive Yun Chen’s location, as if Yun Chen slipped away, and as empty as Yun Chen did not come at all.

Sleeping away?

Impossible, the Quetzalcoatl will not be so arrogant that such a supercilious phenomenon has not come? ? Even more impossible, it is not a normal snake, it has no eyes.

Obviously, Yun Chen uses a certain Spirit Ability to achieve Teleportation….


When the Quetzalcoatl was about to think about how to deal with a human that could not be captured, the other head, the head with Extreme Fire, also twitched.

Foaming at the mouth and fainted…

Yes, Yun Chen shot again, this time, Yun Chen came directly to the Quetzalcoat Extreme Fire The flame head in the hand, the cold Fire Attribute in the hand is transferred.

Bone Spirit Lenghuo said before, Bone Spirit Lenghuo, as the name suggests, is a kind of flame. The temperature of this flame can be as high as the sun.

But there are two forms, one is the normal flame form at the same temperature as the sun.

This form is burning.

The second form is the icy form. This form will turn the flame into an Ice Flame, which is essentially unchanged, the same is the Fire Element.

But the temperature is negative degrees Celsius….

The temperature difference is the concept of Antarctica, which can freeze the target’s fleshy body and soul, and burn it for the second stage.

Yun Chen took advantage of this and caused a flame head of the Quetzalcoatl to fall directly…foaming at the mouth, it is like you take out a piece of steel from a fire .

Pour cold water immediately, it will be like foaming layers of water vapor.

Quite’s fleshy body is harder than steel, and the temperature of its flame head is similar to that of lava. But what would it be like when lava touches the South Pole?

Isn’t it just foaming at the mouth and evaporating yourself…

“ao ao ao!!!” The feathered snake god’s core head made a miserable cry. The pain will also be shared together, and it was just a pain in the flesh.

Now that I came to such a slam, I almost made the core head unable to support it, and the Mental level collapsed and fell…..


Yun Chen became active again, the imprint of Flying Thunder God had already been engraved on the head of Quetzalcoatl, and a flash came to the head of Quetzalcoatl.

Yun Chen is standing…

He holds a handful of Amaterasu lance transformed from bone spirit cold and fire in his hand.

With absolute armor piercing, absolute burning effect.

And it will not go out.

Amaterasu has been cold and fired a few hundred chapters ago because of the strengthening stone and bone spirit fusion…

Yun Chen holds the spear of Amaterasu and turns it into runny soil. This one looks fiercely.

“How?” Yun Chen asked disapprovingly.

Quaethera replied: “How did you do it? Why are you so strong? And since you are so strong, why didn’t you just stand up!”

“Even looking at you My companions were tortured by me, and you looked helpless.”

“What? Companions? I never said that they are all my companions. A person in my picture, but you haven’t met!!”

“Otherwise, do you think you can leave a head to talk to me?” Yun Chen was shrugged, saying Shrek Seven Inside Devils.

Companion? ?

Not at all.

I have a concubine of my own, a concubine of my own coming soon.

Quicked Serpent took a deep breath. He is very sure now that Yun Chen didn’t tell lies. Yun Chen can really kill his own head.

I even turned myself into a spirit ring…..

Spirit Bone that burst out for a hundred thousand years.

Queen Serpent is very sure, he must have Spirit Bone…

Queen Serpent asked: “You are not a Blue Silver Grass boy, Blue Silver Grass is impossible. You are so strong, no, you are definitely not a teenager!”

“You are impossible so strong!!”

“Yes, Quetzalcoatl, actually Blue Silver Grass boy and Clear Sky Douluo’s biological son is the same person!! In other words, the kid you caught before is the Blue Silver Grass boy and the biological son of Clear Sky Douluo!!” Yun Chen said with a slight smile.

Quicked Serpent God startedled and said: “What!!”

“You can’t see it…..I can only say that you still have too little information. Didn’t anyone tell you? The Blue Silver Grass boy is called Tang San!”

“Or are you in a hurry and rushed here without hearing clearly?” Yun Chen asked rhetorically.

The Yinling Saint Cat will definitely not make such a low-level mistake…..

It is definitely the Quetzalcoatl who didn’t hear clearly, thinking about a person, so just bring it together. , Or when the time comes intimidation, there will be results.

We didn’t expect to meet Yu Xiaogang’s group of hard bones.

No, it shouldn’t be hard bones, but Tang San’s halo of the protagonist should be said, making Yu Xiaogangs hard bones, because the protagonist’s halo will not harm the protagonist’s interests.

Even Yu Xiaogang said sorry to Liu Erlong, even if Liu Erlong might die, he couldn’t say it.

How sad this makes Liu Erlong.

Needless to say, Liu Erlong is absolutely desolate in his heart. Waiting for more than 20 years…not only did he fail to achieve a positive result, but instead came to such a sap.

My heart is getting cold.

Actually, this is also a step of Yun Chen plot against. Once Yu Xiaogang does not choose Liu Erlong, Liu Erlong’s heart will be shaken, then Liu Erlong will not be far away from Yu Xiaogang.

Just guide yourself.

So, Yun Chen did not save Liu Erlong. This is a level of Liu Erlong. He can’t interfere. Anyway, he is the beauty of an adult.

The beauty of an adult is a fool…

Bless others.

Especially the other one is the first love of my current wife.

Quicked Serpent God continued to speak, and said: “What do you want to do?”

“What do you want?? Take me to see your master of the Cangxian Forest!” Yun Chen bluntly Talking in words.

Quicked Serpent God shook his head and denied: “Impossible!!”


With a sound of impossible, Quetzalcoatl’s head hit a fist, and the snake Face is red instantly swelled up.

If Quetzalcoatl is now in human form, it will definitely be swollen like Ma Hongjun’s usual face.

“If I take you there, I will take you there…why do you fight a snake!” Quetzalcoatl complained indignantly.


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