Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 388

Shrek this side.

Dugu Bo came and they walked out of the core area of ​​the green forest and came to the outer area. There were originally some Spirit Beasts intending to block and intercept Hus along the way.

As soon as I saw Dugu Bo, Spirit Beast one by one, it was too late to run.

Not to mention planning to ambush everyone Shrek.

After all, Dugu Bo, as the next door neighbor of the Green Forest, often travels to and from the Green Forest, and it is Tilted Douluo. Many Spirit Beasts understand.

This guy cannot afford to offend.

If you want to provoke, maybe you will be cooked in one night.

Of course, regardless of weather conditions…..


Dugu Bo put Shrek people on the ground, looked at them, and observed them carefully, only to find that there was a Spirit Saint.

And it’s still a girl…

It looks like she’s less than eighteen years old…

This makes Dugu Bo startled.

Good guy, there is a Spirit Saint who is mixed with a group of Spirit Kings…

Then why didn’t this Spirit Saint just take action?

Since they are all Spirit Saints, even if they can’t defeat the Quetzalcoatl, they can cause a lot of trouble to the Quetzalcoatl…

But looking at this look. ….

Dugu Bo thinks carefully, it is possible that Yun Chen arranged this person.

Dugu Bo would not believe that there is a youngster who is less than eighteen years old in this world who is a Spirit Saint.

Of course, except for Yun Chen’s masterpieces.

After all, Yun Chen is a man full of unknowns and in control of everything.

Dugu Bo re-looked towards Tang San, thinking, this kid should be the son of Blue Silver Grass boy and Clear Sky Douluo? ?


five rings Spirit King …..

Under normal circumstances, he is indeed a genius.

Mostly on your own?

The Spirit Master’s world can decide that Blue Silver Grass is an abandoned Spirit, cultivation to Spirit King, and it also receives the attention of the master of the Cangling Forest, it must not be simple.

And the daughter of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Sect Master.

Ning Rongrong …..

also Spirit King …..

White Tiger Spirit’s Dai Mubai, Spirit King….. Spirit only available in the Star Luo Empire Imperial Family.

Star Luo nobleman.

Dugu Bo looked at the team, and finally came to a conclusion that although the team looks weak, it is very difficult, teacher and Dean.

All are average.

But the students have more backgrounds.


Slowly, Flender, Yu Xiaogang, and Shrek Seven Devils wake up.

Yu Xiaogang’s first sentence when he woke up, shouted: “Little San!!!”

However, Yu Xiaogang woke up, the first face he saw was not Tang San. It’s not Flender, it’s Liu Erlong.

But he called other people’s names.

“…” Liu Erlong was silent. He didn’t know what to say for a while, but felt that he seemed to have lost.

I completely lost.

Losing to a little child…..

Flender hurriedly said: “Xiaogang, Little San is okay!! Everyone is okay…..we were Senior Poison was rescued!”

“This…” Yu Xiaogang got up.

Liu Erlong took the initiative to give way. There was a white mist in his heart, and a drop of raindrops fell from the white mist. The raindrops were not natural rain at all.

It’s Liu Erlong’s tears.

The inner mood fluctuates a lot, but Liu Erlong forced a smile…..saying: “It’s okay, I understand! Xiaogang, you go and see Little San!”


“I’ll take a break…”

“A little tired.”

“Erlong…” Yu Xiaogang looked at clearly should Liu Erlong, who is lost but with a smile, doesn’t know what to say.

Because his own brain has some confusion.

The topic could not be found.

Until, Flender put his hand on Yu Xiaogang’s shoulder, and said: “Xiaogang, you go and have a look! Let me here…it’s okay!”

“Flender …….” Yu Xiaogang was grateful.


Coming to Shrek’s side, Yu Xiaogang glanced at Shrek’s seven people, none of them were missing.

I felt relieved that these seven people are also my own heart and soul, and they are also a core of my future comeback. I absolutely cannot lack one.

Whether it is public or selfish.

These seven people are more important to Yu Xiaogang than their lives.


Seven people? ?

That’s not right! !

Do I remember it should be eight?

Yes, eight! !

Yun Fa Weng’s biological grandson, where is Yun Qianqiu?

Fuck! !

Yu Xiaogang suddenly reacted and planned to ask about Dugu Bo and Yun Chen’s whereabouts.

Dugu Bo was one step ahead and said: “In addition, let me tell you, I only rescued seven of you, but you have eight! I can’t help the remaining one!!!”

“And…this is also the person’s attention.”

“Although I am Tilted Douluo, but facing the feather snake god in the blue forest, I can’t say the advantage, even Some disadvantages, if I’m the only one!!!”

“But there are still your burdens…. Naturally, it is not free to play.”

“In case of feathers The zombie caught up and the man stayed…attracted the attention of the feathered snake god and admitted that he was a Blue Silver Grass boy.”


As soon as this statement came out, Tang San startled, Xiao Wu was taken aback, Ning Rongrong looked incredulous…and Yu Xiaogang’s astonishment, as well as Ma Hongjun and Oscar’s astonishment. .

What? ?

Yun Chen admits that he is a Blue Silver Grass boy? ?

Isn’t this a lamb in a tiger’s den?

And Yun Chen is not a Blue Silver Grass boy at all, Blue Silver Grass boy, everyone knows that it is Tang San…

But Tang San is fine now .

Yun Chen is missing.

This is not a disguised explanation, Yun Chen will replace Tang San to give people a head? ?

From another point of view, Yun Chen equivalent to dedicate himself and protect everyone.

This time…

In Shrek Seven Devils, all six people are confused.

What kind of realm is this? ?



Everyone immediately looked towards Yu Xiaogang ….. Yu Xiaogang pinched his fist, it was speechless , And also understand what Yun Chen’s behavior means.


Dugu Bo has done his best…

Titled Douluo, who never knew each other, came to rescue everyone… .

It is already a luxury.

Everyone is not qualified to continue asking Dugu Bo to rescue another person desperately.

Need to sacrifice…..

But, everyone didn’t expect, Yun Chen was the one who sacrificed himself… Not even Shrek Seven Devils. People, temporary substitutes.

However, this substitute has a lot of weight in everyone’s hearts.

Of course, there are some people who will cheer.

For example, Tang San…..

When Tang San learned of the news, not at all was as anxious as everyone else. On the surface, it looked plain and ordinary. Some surprise.

But in my heart, Tang San is very happy for some reason and wants to laugh…

But Tang San has a high emotional intelligence and knows that he can’t laugh, otherwise what others think of him , Can only be integrated into everyone’s thinking.

The disappearance of Yun Chen, for Tang San, means that he can once again return to the core position.

However, Ma Hongjun and Oscar were very reluctant and reluctant. Yun Chen joined them, allowing them to quickly catch up with Tang San and Dai Mubai.

Although it is only Spirit Ancestor.

But they know very well that without Yun Chen’s support, it would take more than half a year to enter Spirit Ancestor, right?

When the time comes, Shrek Seven Devils, wouldn’t it be the phenomenon of a few Spirit Kings and a lot of Spirit Elders?

Moreover, everyone’s cultivation environment will not be so comfortable and relaxed, they will be very nervous, and everyone wants to catch up with the other.

One by one, I am afraid that others will catch up with myself.

“I understand! I understand…but…” Hearing this, Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath. He thought he would save a lifeblood, but he didn’t expect it again. Lost a lifeblood.

And this lifeblood is more important than Tang San.

In a sense.

Tang San’s father is a madman, but Yun Qianqiu’s grandfather is even more mad.

If Yun Faweng knew that he had lost his grandson.

Shrek Academy is afraid that it will be destroyed by the group? ?

Tang Hao can’t even kill Shrek Academy. People from Shrek Academy can escape.

The strength of Tang Hao is its own ability.

The strength of Yunfaweng is the interpersonal relationship…. Once Yunfaweng knew this, Yunfaweng was cruel and wanted to find everyone in Shrek at all costs.

No one can escape at all.

Will be wanted.

Wanted by the three empires.

At this point, Yu Xiaogang knows very well that Yun Faweng has this strength.

“Senior Poison…” Therefore, Yu Xiaogang has only one plan, and that is to ask Dugu Bo to help. Now only Dugu Bo can help.

Only he and Titled Douluo can do it.

The remaining people are basically impossible.

Dugu Bo was prepared for a long time, and refused: “I can’t help…old man can save you guys for a reason! First, Tang San’s father Tang Hao!”


“Clear Sky Douluo, if I save him, I can get a favor from Tang Hao!!”

“Ning Rongrong, the daughter of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Sect Master, save her, on behalf of Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School owes me a favor!”

“And this White Tiger Spirit man, the nobleman of Star Luo Empire…”

“As for the rest Yes, you are incidental…”

“If it wasn’t for that kid to make conditions with me….you incidental, I will not take care of it.”

“All are cumbersome!!”

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