Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 389

“Eh, isn’t it?? You are Tilted Douluo, the existence of above ten thousand people. By saying that, you seem very unfeeling? And this unfeeling… “

“Let Junior wonder if you haven’t understood for several decades, right?” Dugu Bo looked helpless and irrelevant to me, and Ma Hongjun couldn’t help but vomit.

And turned into a vicious woman with tongue…


Ma Hongjun’s words shocked Yu Xiaogang and hurriedly covered Ma Hongjun’s mouth said: “Fatty, shut up!!”

Yu Xiaogang knows very well that Dugu Bo is not someone who can offend casually. In Spirit Master’s world, Dugu Bo still has A rumor that was not made together.

Golden Triangle, obviously is two normal people with a trash, in Spirit Master’s world can be mixed up famous, let alone Dugu Bo as a Tilted Douluo?

Dugu Bo, titled Poison Douluo, not only does he like to use poison, but his personality and personality are very vicious, he doesn’t make sense at all, and he doesn’t have a hint of mercy.

According to the legend, Dugu Bo walked to Titled Douluo along the way. I don’t know how many people were killed. There were people as old as Ma Hongjun.

It was also because of one sentence that he offended Dugu Bo. Dugu Bo used poison to kill him.

Therefore, Yu Xiaogang does not want Ma Hongjun to offend Dugu Bo, nor can he afford to offend him. They can’t handle a feather snake god, if there is another Dugu Bo.

Then Shrek Academy will disband today and all will die.

This is not what Yu Xiaogang wants to see. Now Yun Chen has been taken away, so he hurry up to solve the problem, not talk big and quarrel with Dugu Bo.

Ma Hongjun looked unhappy…but did not continue to say anything.

Junior used a questioning tone towards the elders. It was originally wrong. If it is not corrected in time, the elders are qualified to teach Junior.

It’s just that Ma Hongjun can’t help it.

The disappearance of Yun Chen is a huge loss for Ma Hongjun, which is more serious than not eating meat for three days and three nights.

Because Ma Hongjun plans to rely on Yun Chen to help him break through the Spirit King.

To say that the relationship is best.

Except for the girls in Shrek Seven Devils, it is naturally Ma Hongjun.

Others have some dissatisfaction with Yun Chen, only Ma Hongjun is satisfied.

Why? ?

Because Dai Mubai has seen the relationship between Zhu Zhuqing and Yun Chen, Oscar has seen the relationship between Ning Rongrong and Yun Chen, and even Tang San has seen the relationship between Xiao Wu and him.

These three people have subconsciously regarded the other three as their future wives.

The future wife is chatting with another opposite sex. The chat is very enjoyable. Who will be happy?


Dugu Bo disagrees, frowned, and said: “Boy!! You say this, you are really not afraid that the old man will change his face and give you a poison? Let you live and die?”

“I’m afraid…but, I have to say the same. Can’t it?” Ma Hongjun coldly snorted.

Dugu Bo laughed heartily and said: “Haha!! Interesting…….Yes, of course!! The premise is, don’t provoke me, otherwise don’t blame the old man, you’re welcome!”


“Fatty, and the sissy guy over there, you can come out, not only thank the old man, but also question the old man!”

“old man said The old man is only self-seeking, and you can’t bring me any benefit. If you are in BB, the old man will send it back to you, you are believing or not.”


As soon as this statement came out, Ma Hongjun and Oscar shuddered, and hurriedly backed away, and distanced themselves from Dugu Bo because they were afraid that Dugu Bo would follow suit.

And Dugu Bo has done it too…..

Like Ma Hongjun said 1, they can’t beat Dugu Bo. They are afraid of Dugu Bo, but they just want to talk. Hey you, can’t you?

Is Kouhai illegal?

Dugu Bo’s answer is that it’s not illegal, but I’m sending you back to your original place, and it’s not illegal…. This naturally makes his shiver coldly report group warm up.

Yu Xiaogang took a step forward and said blankly: “Senior Poison, you don’t need to lower oneself to somebody’s level with this group of children. You can help and save us. It’s already a gift.”

“But our students still questioned you, this is my teacher’s fault, I bow and apologize to you…”

Speaking, Yu Xiaogang bends down and bows decisively, and forcefully pulls Ma Hongjun and Oscar together.

Although the two people are not happy, they can’t refute Yu Xiaogang, they can only follow Yu Xiaogang, bow to Dugu Bo and apologize.

When Dugu Bo saw this, he gave a relieved smile.

Yes, Yu Xiaogang’s next paragraph once again made Dugu Bo wish to send this group of people to Tuan Mie.

Yu Xiaogang said with a cheeky face, “However, we still have a very important student left behind. That person is not a Blue Silver Grass boy at all.”

“But He is equally important to us.”

“So, I pray for Senior Poison, help…again, extend a helping hand.”

” Help???” Dugu Bo frowned.

Yu Xiaogang continued: “Of course, this helping hand will not make you in vain. If you like Shrek, what do you want…”

“Whether it is the precious immortal grade herbs or the rare ores, we will do our best to contribute to you.”

“Just ask for your help and save Yun Qianqiu.”


“immortal grade fairy grass? Rare minerals?? Sorry, I don’t lack any of these. Did you hear the words of Quetzalcoatl before? My Medicine Garden is in the forest next door!”

“That forest is a paradise…..what immortal grade is there?? Qi Luo Tulip, Infernal Delicate Apricot, Octagonal Mysterious Ice Grass, I have all of these!!!”

“Never say the ore, no need at all! The condition you made is not tempting at all, I can’t accept it!! Quetzalcoatl Spirit Beast 100,000 years, although I am Titan Douluo, the risk is just as great.”

“You should understand…a little carelessness, it is possible that the old man will confess, even if he escapes, the old man will be hit hard, and every ten years, impossible to restore Peak.”

Dugu Bo rejected Yu Xiaogang’s contribution with disdain, and announced a wave of his own Sunset Forest.

And Dugu Bo’s words made Tang San’s eyeballs spin around, seeming to think of something, but he didn’t say it clearly, and continued to play stupid.

“Then, if I tell you, Yun Qianqiu’s grandfather is the current Yunfaweng Old Senior? That Old Senior has everything!”

“If yes If you save his grandson, you will naturally owe you favors. You can ask him for help!”

“If it is not enough, how about adding a favor from Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Sect??” When Xiaogang planned to offer some hopeful conditions, Yu Xiaogang, who had guarded Liu Erlong before, helped Liu Erlong and walked to them.

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Yu Xiaogang startled and Dugu Bo was a little surprised.

He knew that Yun Faweng was Yun Chen.

I also predicted that Shrek might use this excuse.

But didn’t expect to buy one get one free, and there is a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon case? ?

What is the relationship between this Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect and Yun Chen? ?

Dugu Bo has some curiosity.

Dugu Bo said: “The conditions are good…Yun Fa Weng’s Old Senior’s reputation and other things are indeed worth the risk of the old man! But the old man wants to ask… .”

“What does this have to do with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect?”

“By your Yu Xiaogang?? He is no longer a Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect. One member, was expelled from Sect, this matter, Spirit Master’s world known to everyone.”

“And me!!” Liu Erlong walked out and said weakly.

Dugu Bo looked slightly startled and said: “You??? What is your relationship with the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect?”

“My father is the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect. Second Boss, Yu Luomian, is this all right?” Liu Erlong looked like he was desperate.

This made Dugu Bo laugh out loud and said: “You??? Liu Erlong, Yu Luo Mian?? It is rumored that Yu Luo Mian has an illegitimate daughter, didn’t expect it to be you!”

“Interesting… but a illegitimate daughter, there is no real power of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect. What’s the point?”

“Yes, I am a private Having a daughter, no real power, even my father doesn’t like me, but before my mother died, he didn’t announce the details of this relationship, “

“Because Yu Luomian, he promised my mother’s three requirements. “

“These three requirements should have been prepared by my mother for my marriage…”

“However, I have used two, and there is one remaining Is this okay?” Liu Erlong looked at Dugu Bo firmly and said bluntly.

amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

Liu Erlong’s words completely shocked everyone on the scene…including Yu Xiaogang.

But Fleender was not surprised, he obviously knew.

“Erlong…” Yu Xiaogang looked at Liu Erlong in surprise.

Liu Erlong shook the head and said: “This is my decision. I can’t let the child leave it alone. I want to understand some things. Don’t stop me!”

“You I understand…”

Liu Erlong’s words are full of affirmation. It must be like changing a person. Yu Xiaogang can’t believe it. Before Liu Erlong could say to himself, No matter what happens, it is soft, but this is the first time I face myself, so strong.

Dugu Bo on the side laughed heartily and said: “haha! Interesting, in that case, you all pray for old man, plus Yunfa Senior Weng’s favor, and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect Conditions, what is the old man’s refusal? The old man promises you and accompanies you.”

“Let’s find Yun Qianqiu!!”


Dugu Bo’s words finally made everyone sighed in relief. Although they paid a lot of money one by one, all of this is worth thinking about carefully.

Yun Chen brought too many things.

No one can refuse.

There is only one person with a smile on his face but a twitch in his heart, isn’t it Tang San? ?

As for Liu Erlong, some smiles finally appeared.

Three conditions.

Equivalent to something like a dowry.

I have used two, and some have been recorded in the original book.

The second one is to prevent the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect from chasing and killing Yu Xiaogang.

For a while, Yu Xiaogang was wanted by the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect. The reason was that Yu Luomian was an illegitimate daughter, although she didn’t have much weight.

But he got together with a trash.

Of course, Yu Luomian did not agree, and naturally wanted to get rid of Yu Xiaogang.

One is to fear that this matter will be known to outsiders, and that is a laughing stock.

Secondly, it breaks ethics and vulgarity. Liu Erlong is an illegitimate daughter who is just as valuable. She looks good and has a hot body, which can bring marriage to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect.

But Liu Erlong chose a waste material.

In case of serious problems with her illegitimate daughter, he ordered Yu Xiaogang to be removed.

Yu Xiaogang in the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon sect, although it is Yu Tianheng’s Uncle, in fact, there is no ability, no power, and few people will reject Yu Luo Mian.

The first condition is the coffin and cemetery of Liu Erlong’s mother.

Liu Erlong’s mother died of illness. There is no deceased person, only one of her is left. She was only eleven years old at the time, so naturally she could only find Yu Luomian for the funeral.

And kowtow to my mother…..

She was only eleven years old at the time, but Yu Luo Mian refused at all, and she agreed to follow Liu Erlong’s words.

Therefore, only one remains.

Originally, Liu Erlong was the last one to make Yu Luo Mian perfect himself and Yu Xiaogang. He couldn’t stop him, but he didn’t speak because Yu Xiaogang couldn’t find anyone.

So it has been empty.

Nowadays, with such a serious incident, Liu Erlong has to use it no matter what he is in.

The reason is very simple. Yun Chen has taken too much care of her…..The medicine and the arrangements are very delicate, without a trace of carelessness, and I don’t know how much effort was spent.

Since Yun Chen has spent such a thought and an accident, as an adult, should he pretend to be stupid?

In that way, Liu Erlong himself looked down upon himself…

He even suspected that he was no longer alone.

Therefore, Liu Erlong is desperate. Even if such a precious condition is used, it is still worth it.

At the same time, Liu Erlong also wants to understand something. It is okay to wait for Yu Xiaogang by himself, but he cannot lose other people just because he waits for Yu Xiaogang.

One for one.

Get one, lose one, so what’s the point? ?

Liu Erlong this time, I can understand something.


“Yawn…Fatty?? Little Ao?? What’s the situation?? How are you all frowning??” Just when everyone got Dugu Bo’s promise, although very happy, but When the shoulders were heavier, the ice-bound Dai Mubai suddenly melted the ice, and when he came to his senses, he was shocked.

“Boss Dai?? Damn!! You finally woke up, do you know what happened here??” Ma Hongjun saw the sober Dai Mubai and exclaimed.

Dai Mubai was confused and said: “Wait, I remember it seems… we were suddenly attacked by something, and then I was caught by a Spirit Beast that looked like a three-headed snake , Spray some white things… and then there is no more.”

“Wait, no, we really suffer something, right?”

” That is a one hundred thousand-year-old Spirit Beast, called the Feathered Serpent God!! Very powerful, with three heads with three different attribute attacks, you are frozen by Ice Attribute!!!”

“It’s like frozen The same meat.” Ma Hongjun looked helpless.

hearing this, Dai Mubai startled, and said: “Good guy, it turned out to be a Spirit Beast of 100,000 years, no wonder, no reason to kill me directly! What about that Spirit Beast of 100,000 years?”

“Where did you go?? Or, we are all cold, here is the Netherworld?? We will meet??”

“Not really, but we are one less… A person who was captured alive by that one hundred thousand-year-old Spirit Beast because of us!” Oscar interrupted.

Dai Mubai asked: “Who?”

“Qianqiu Yun!!” Oscar replied.


As soon as this statement came out, Dai Mubai suddenly got up, stood up, and said resolutely: “Go, save it! One hundred thousand years Spirit Beast only

… .”

“There must be a way!!”

“Bring out Qianqiu…”

Dai Mubai also values ​​Yun Chen this People set, because his ideas are the same as Ma Hongjun, he wants to continue to grow stronger, not taking the usual path, and not working so hard.

You can only rely on Yun Chen…..

Even if you are unhappy with Yun Chen…

But it is more important to become stronger.

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