Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 390

At the same time…

The core area of ​​the Cangxiang Forest is one level deeper, in the Throne area, I saw Quetzalcoatl with a reluctant look Carrying Yun Chen, he came to this forest owner-only area full of ancient and mysterious…

“You won’t take me the wrong way?” Yun Chen looked playfully. The feathered snake god.

Quicked Serpent God frowned, said: “Go the wrong way?? This seat is not a brain-dead…If you don’t believe in this seat, you will go alone!”

“Others can go the wrong way. This seat is impossible. This is called the ancient area. Knowing the Spirit Beast of this forest in the forest is just a handful of your humans.”

“This seat is in it, and the rest of Spirit Beast can’t be found. This green forest is like a maze. If you don’t pay attention, you will return to the original point!”

“This seat, Coming here often, can I go wrong?”


The displeasure of Quetzalcoatl attracted Yun Chen’s big mouth, hitting it on the head, making it hurt, and wishing to twist his head and bite Yun Chen to death.

How can I not beat Yun Chen by myself, or Yun Chen’s prisoner, brought Yun Chen to his boss, and if his boss knew, he would definitely be fired?

Dare to be angry but dare not speak…Although expelled, there is at least one life left. If you give yourself to Yun Chen, Quetzalcoatl does not believe that he will have another life alive.

Yun Chen is not only unreasonable, but also punches and kicks at every turn, just like having a violent mental illness, it cannot afford to offend.

Although he has cultivation in his boss’s Domain at ease, but his boss can’t take his life, and so on, the Quetzalcoatl naturally chooses to betray his boss.

Yun Chen gave the Quetzalcoatl a mouth and continued: “Give me a better attitude, make no mistake, you are my running dog now! You can use this tone again, believing or not to you Peel off the snake skin and cook it in a hot pot?”

“It is said that the feather snake god, the snake skin of your type of snake has a certain beauty effect and can make the skin smooth. Girls are very I like it.”

“…”Quaying Serpent God didn’t dare to get out, so he could only continue on his way….

On the way, Quetzinge passed by Three lakes and a small cliff finally came to the throne area Yun Chen wanted to come to.

Just stepped into the territory of the Throne Zone.

Yun Chen feels that all around is different. The flowers and plants here are all herbs, half are immortal grade, half are Zhenshi top grade… Although a closer look, there is no breakthrough 10,000 years. .

They are only a few thousand years old.

However, such a forest and configuration is a godsend opportunity for any Spirit Master…

Total impossible Every Spirit Master is Yun Chen is like this, right?

In a word, although this is very general for Yun Chen, for people like Tang San, it is a paradise. Once they know it, they will not leave.

sou sou! !

Just as the Quetzalcoatl was about to speak, a few dark shadows flashed by…

The appearance of the dark shadows made the Quetzalcoatl obviously startled, and it knew these. The shadows, these shadows are actually Spirit Beast, a team, and their position is to guard the entrance to the throne area.

It is called the Shadow Killing Blood Wolf…..

It is a team, in a team, there are at least eleven Shadow Killing Blood Wolf, and each Shadow Killing Blood Wolf The wolf’s cultivation base is at least 80,000 years old.

It can be said that it is the imperial guard of the master of the green forest.

The team is good at team battles, cooperation, it is simply seamless, their cooperation is like twin brothers, one look, one tone.

I know what the other one is thinking…..

And, the blood wolf looks like a normal wolf. The mane on the body is always scarlet, and the canine teeth are very sharp. , Like Imperial’s Sword, can cut iron like mud.

But the eyes are always red, just like being irritated at any time.

They are not only special, but also their speed. If you look carefully, they are all black shadows. There are more than 30 black shadows in total.

In fact, half of them are Shadow Clone made by them using their Spirit Ability.

This Avatar, like the body, cannot be distinguished clearly by any pupil power and Spirit Ability, as if it were all true, but half of it was made by using shadows.

It is exactly the same as the deity, the speed is the same, but it lacks attack power…..the defensive power is almost the same as the Spirit Beast of ten thousand years.

The Spirit Ability is dedicated to disrupt the target’s vision and control.

And their lines can be said to be agility-attack system, anti-control system, etc…

“What do you mean? Blood wolf!!” Feathered snake god Seeing these dark shadows flash by, as if they were surrounding myself, I couldn’t help asking.

ka ka!!

One of the Shadow Killer Blood Wolves with a slightly larger head and a scar on their forehead came out. Speaking human’s words replied: “It’s not interesting! It’s just that the king… is processing internally. Some things!”

“Do not disturb the idlers! Especially if you bring a human with you… Obviously, Quetzalcoatl, our IQ is the same, you lose to this human !”

“And betrayed the king.”

“Do you think we will let you in and persecute the king?”

“Even though the king’s power Infinite… but too much trouble, Wang will feel tired…”



” !!!” However, when the Quetzalcoatl was about to explain, Yun Chen could no longer stand it. The levels of levels were like wasting his time.

The bone spirit ignites coldly and transforms into a fire knife.

To kill the blood wolf at this squeaky shadow is just a stab.

Raise the knife in your hand and drop it…

The big knife formed by the cold fire of the bone spirit instantly set off a wave of flames, smashing all the blood wolves up ahead of the shadow killer. It is a thought.

In this scene, the feather snake god couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. It was cruel! !

Sure enough, human beings don’t say much about them…


However, this layer of flame waves, not at all kills A shadow killing blood wolf, because the shadow killing blood wolf talking to the feather snake god is just a shadow.

But this time, half of the shadow was lost.

It also caused a lot of trouble to the Shadow Killing Blood Wolf.

“Sure enough…brings a threat!! Quetzalcoatl, it seems that we can’t trust you, so you can bury with this unknown human!!!” Shadow Kill The blood wolf’s voice came out again.

This time, the blood wolves of the Shadow Killer came out of the soil… as if they had been hiding in the soil, no one knew it, and they played guerrilla tactics.

Queed Serpent God was not happy at the time, and said: “Trust your mother! I am a one-hundred-thousand-year-old Spirit Beast, and it is my turn to get your 10,000-year Spirit Beast pointing fingers?”

“They are buried together?? You are worthy?”

“Shao Te, give me The Dog acts fierce when his Master is present!!!”

“Since you guys want to play, I will accompany you to the end…”

“Ice Soul Flame Thunder!!”

The head of Quetzalcoatl has been sobered up, and Yun Chen did not continue to give It was hit hard, and a light was condensed in one of the three heads.

Moved towards the ground in one breath.

Smash the ground directly, as if trying to force a blood wolf to be killed.

However, when the ground was smashed, there was not a single blood wolf, just like the blood wolf was not there.

This made the feathered snake god startled. Sure enough, the blood-killing wolves are not very strong, but they are too disruptive, and it is difficult to find the deity, which is a disaster.

And there are too many.

If the feather snake’s divine ability is enough to find the deity…it can almost kill one in a flash, but it can’t be found.

Only rely on the scope Spirit Ability to strike.

try one’s luck …..

Quicked Serpent God angrily scolded: “Dog things, they will hide!! With the ability to come out, I have three heads, let you two !!!”

“Quicked Serpent God, you seem to be flustered and exasperated???” The voice of the blood wolf from the shadows came from the sky…..full of jokes, like a silent mockery.

Yun Chen was observing all around, planning to find the source of the sound, but found it troublesome. Therefore, Yun Chen took a deep breath and said: “Just blow it up!!”

“Punish Tianlei!! Ground punishment!!”

bang bang bang!!

Following Yun Chen’s order, in the sky slowly accumulated a lot of black clouds. The black clouds seemed to represent the coming rain. This made Quetzalcoatl bewildered: ” I didn’t say it would rain today!!”

But, the next moment, not at all, it rains, and it rains.

A sky of thunder directly hit the feathered snake god, causing the feathered snake god to twitch for a while, and said: “Fuck!!!! This day Thunder…I didn’t do anything wicked! !”



This was an accidental injury. Yun Chen hurriedly screened the location of the sky thunder and landed another sky thunder.

This time the sky thunder hit the ground all around the feather snake god.

The Quetzalcoatl originally intended to slip away, so he didn’t dare to act for a while, because these thunders were like predicting its movement, and each time he almost hit himself.

Let yourself foam at the mouth and paralyze the whole body…

“ao wai!!!” Until the sky thunder hits 0.01 cm from the head of the feather snake god, one An extreme scream came out……..

Yes, the blood wolf of the Shadow Killer was hit by itself, and it was directly forced out, revealing himself, his whole body turned black, and the red mane The hair seemed to be cooked.

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