Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 391


The appearance of this shadow blood wolf successfully attracted the attention of the Feathered Serpent God. The feathered Serpent God is not an offensive master either. He ignited an Extreme Fire on his tail.

moved towards Shadow Killing Blood Wolf without the slightest hesitation, directly threw it over, like a Nine-section Whip long stick.

This time, the Shadow Killer Blood Wolf could have been able to dodge quickly, but because the bone spirit had just been ignited by the cold fire, its mane was damaged.

The limbs were also burned. I wanted to speed up, and there was a burning pain from the wolf feet.

There is no way to increase the speed.

In the end, he could only be hit by this tail of the feather snake god.

There was a loud noise.

Shadow Killing Blood Wolf is like a kite with a broken line. It flies out and falls to the other side, with blood blisters all over, and lifts the head dying.


“Where is your boss?? Where is your head? Since I dare to dress up as God, playing the devil here, I dare not show up with Laozi World War I, play some myriad stuff!”

“If I betray you with one bite, you should die. You swear my death! You make yourself like the creator, who gives you the power?”

“Even in this forest, I don’t have the qualifications to kill Lao Tzu casually, right?” The Feather Serpent looked at the heavily wounded Shadow Killer Wolf, and did not give the Shadow Killer Blood Wolf any chance.

The tail stretched out again, tightly binding the Shadow Killer Blood Wolf, so that the Shadow Killer Blood Wolf was impossible to move, and it was impossible to have another chance to slip away.


The sound of binding came out, and the bones shattered, so that this shadow blood wolf had to make a wolf howling, sad: “ao ao ao!!!”

“Ha!!! It seems that you can’t speak human words, and that’s right. Only your head can speak…The rest of the group are just dumb and low IQ children that’s all!!!” Feathered Serpent looked at this shadow killer The screams of the blood wolf, not at all, a trace of relentlessness, as if the dissatisfaction left behind by Yun Chen’s brutal beating.

All were transformed into this shadow-killing blood wolf to express inner anger and dissatisfaction.

Quicked Serpent suddenly raised this shadow blood wolf, loudly shouted, “Shadow blood Wolf King, if you don’t come out again, then I will give you a living You fell to death!!!”

“Are you believing or not???”


There was no voice in response to Quetzalcoatl, Even the echo of the previous tone did not come out, as quiet as still water…only the sound of the wind blowing through the leaves.

This makes the Quetzalcoatl a little uncomfortable. If the Shadow Killer Blood Wolf does not stand up, then Yun Chen may continue to trouble himself…..Now I want to push the Plague God to Shadow Killer. Blood Wolf King.

Anyway, Yun Chen’s goal is to find the boss of the Cangxiang Forest…The owner of the forest is just a passer-by who takes the task and leads the way.

“Stop shouting…”

“Those guys are not there at all!!!”

“There is only one guy here!!” Yun Chen took a deep breath and used the Disciplinary Thunder to investigate the environment and Spirit Beast all around.

This forest entrance does not have a Spirit Beast at all.

It’s like moving the capital temporarily.

Only one blood wolf was left to look at the door. As for why, only from the brain memory of the blood wolf to see everything…I can’t continue to be a headless fly everywhere. Rambling.

Quicked Serpent God obviously startled, saying: “Impossible!! This is the pure land of Cangxiang guy, it is impossible to prepare guards for itself!!”

“Just stay The next Shadow Killer Blood Wolf? Are all other Shadow Killer Blood Wolf dead?”

“What are you kidding?”

“I don’t know, but this guy knows… ….” Yun Chen shook the head, his gaze turned to this head, which was hit hard, and was about to breathe out of the blood wolf.

Shadow Blood Wolf glared at Yun Chen fiercely, and roared a few times, but he was hit hard, making his roar seemingly devoid of aura.

Like a sow that is difficult to give birth, the noise…

Quadee snake god replied: “It is clearly useless…This guy has very low spiritual wisdom. And I don’t speak human words, I can’t speak beast language!!!”

“I have my own way…” Yun Chen didn’t intend to explain more, and motioned for the feather snake god to kill the blood wolf. Put it down,

Although the Quetzalcoatl is full of question marks, Yun Chen is now the boss, so naturally he don’t dare disagree, but he has no choice but to put down the Blood Wolf.


And, when the Blood Wolf of the Shadow Killer was put down, its first reaction was to gather all its strength together, condense it all on its own legs, and plan to escape.

No matter what…..

Yun Chen has been prepared for a long time, direct one hand, just like a policeman catching a criminal, hold it firmly, one detail The grappling hand.

“Don’t try to escape!! Look into my eyes…” Yun Chen said to the Shadow Killer Blood Wolf.

Shadow Killing Blood Wolf had to look at Yun Chen.

A pair of eyes…..

Yun Chen suddenly realized that he turned on his skills, read monthly, shared the mental world, and could spy on the memories of others’ brains… ..

And it’s still complete.

The audio inside can be analyzed, just like any human being, Spirit Beast, as long as it has a brain and brain waves, it can be counted as a camera.

Memory is like film.

Record the content of photography, and use it in reverse, which is a player.

Reviewing the memory again…

“Quatting Serpent God…you look at this guy…Next, I will go alone!!! “Yun Chen jotted down the memory of this shadow killing the blood wolf, showing a serious expression.

Queed Serpent’s expression was slightly startled, and said: “You found the way?”

“The details and the map of the Cangxiang Forest, I already understand…now. I am the real master of Cangxiang Forest.” Yun Chen replied disapprovingly.

Without giving the Feathered Serpent a chance to continue to question, Yun Chen moved towards the entrance and rushed over…

This wave of operations let the feathered serpent God is confused and confused.

Quicked Serpent Divine Heart thought, damn it, don’t you understand? ?

You seem to be very dumb.

And this Shadow Killer Wolf is also an Ababa Monster. I can’t understand the animal language. I want to knock out news from it, which is like a daydream.

I am also curious, right?

However, Yun Chen does not intend to answer the curiosity of this time.

Because Yun Chen saw something clearly from the memory of the blood wolf that killed the shadow just now.

In the Cangxiang Forest, something big happened to him at one hour.

Spirit Beast of the Green Forest.

One hundred thousand years of Spirit Beast were all hit hard…

Including the overlords of the Cangling Forest and the Falling Shadow Wolf clan, all were seriously injured, none of them were normal.

This Shadow Killing Blood Wolf also died a lot.

Including the three-eyed golden cat, the sacred cat…

They all have a serious situation.

That means being arrested and controlled by one person.

That person is omnipotent, and there is no Spirit Beast that can stop him. In the memory of Shadow Killing Blood Wolf, that person almost took a breath, this forest.

It’s like opening alternative wisdom.

Betrayed them, betrayed them, let their positions be exposed, there is nowhere to escape…

And the only thing that can do this is for Spirit Beasts The forest, betrayed Spirit Beast, and is unstoppable with only one person.

Only one person can do it.

No, not human.

But God.

Yes, that is Goddess of life…..


Yun Chen From the memory of the Blood Wolf, The shadow that I saw was Goddess of life.

The life Goddess actually descended into the mortal world.

Arrived on the continent of Douluo.

Isn’t this a big deal? ?

Furthermore, the first discovery after landing was to find the three-eyed golden cat and the sacred cat.

Sweet Beast…

The beast of destiny, that’s a treasure.

Not only for the Spirit Master, but for the gods, it is also a rare, peerless baby.

Goddess of life, of course, will not miss it…..

Therefore, it borrows the power of life creation by itself to give new life to this forest, so that Goddess of life will control it and take one hundred thousand years Spirit Beast, stop her Spirit Beasts.

One by one hit hard.

This caused chaos in the green forest, and the Falling Shadow Canglang clan made a lot of sacrifices to cover the Rui Beast.

It’s like a nightmare.

Yun Chen naturally wanted to find Goddess of life immediately, and he had to deal with such a trouble.

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