Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 394

Even though the Shadow Killing Blood Wolf has some doubts, since Brigitte opened her mouth to let her leave, it can only leave without deliberately doubting.

For a time, only Brigitte and Yun Chen remained at the entrance of the Water Curtain Cave.

Yun Chen stretched out her hands, Brigitte naturally moved towards Yun Chen’s arms, and the two hugged each other tightly, just like a loving couple.

It lasted for about ten minutes, and Brigitte reluctantly recovered the initial distance with Yun Chen, showing a happy smile.

“It seems that you came at the right time…otherwise, these three beasts might not survive, right?” Yun Chen looked at Brigitte straight into the subject.

Bridge was nodded and said: “Um… almost! When I came, they were all almost caught, the owner of this forest, Falling Shadow Wolf I have been hit hard by that crazy woman!!”

“I will show up in time to save them…”

“How do you feel??” Yun Chen asked again Tao.

Bricket looked slightly startled, and said: “How about what?”

“It feels like fighting a god!! Did you learn something you never learned? What?” Yun Chen slightly smiled, looking at Brigitte.

Life Goddess is Divine King, theoretically on par with Brigitte.

But in reality, Goddess might be stronger now.

The reason is simple.

Life Goddess was promoted to Divine King and has been living in God Realm for almost thirty thousand years. He also participated in the initial battle to seal the Dragon Race.

Naturally have a high amount of actual combat.

The actual combat here refers to the control of divine force and the output of divine force.

Although Brigitte is a Star God and is at the same level as Divine King, this god has never exerted much power, and it is still unknown.

Because no one can let Brigitte release the power she should have exerted as the origin spirit god.

Too strong.

None is an opponent.

Therefore, Brigitte’s control of divine force and Divine Skill are still in the testing stage. I don’t know how strong it will be if it bursts out in one breath.

Simply speaking, Brigitte has no idea how strong she is now.

No one allowed her to test how strong she is.

Before Gu Yuena and Zi Ji were the same, why the first battle was just defeating a Level 3 God’s Avatar, not a spike.

According to reason…

Gu Yuena is a god at the level of creation god, much higher than Divine King, and has the ability to create a world and a law.

Can face a God Realm’s lowest Level 3 God, wasting that many divine force.

But there is no one strike certain kill …..

Three words can explain everything, that is proficiency.

The God Position that Gu Yuena got was provided by Yun Chen. It was not formed naturally, and naturally would not take the path of God. In addition, the continent of Douluo is another low-level World.

It is almost impossible to have an evenly matched person to be their opponent. The only one is Yun Chen, but they are not like Yun Chen at all.

It’s not that the spirit god, the world god is very weak.

It is very strong, this will not cause problems.

It depends on the person who uses this God Position.

Otherwise, it’s like giving a person who doesn’t know how to do it with a great sword, and he can become first under the heavens?


Master leads the cultivation in the individual…this point will not change.

So, the last time the battle was so troublesome.

This time, Goddess of life has come, stronger and more specialized than the last Evil God, so Yun Chen wants to hear what Brigitte has learned differently.

As for Brigitte, will she lose to Goddess? ?

This is not enough. After all, the continent of Douluo is a regular continent. The Goddess of life comes, definitely not an avatar, it may just be an Avatar.

It is here that Yun Chen may be worried that Brigitte will not be able to beat him.

But Avatar, no matter what, Brigitte will definitely win, there is no doubt.

Bricket heave a long sigh, saying: “I haven’t learned anything…”

“Why?” This made Yun Chen startled, everything Did not learn? No way? ?

Brigitte added: “I almost killed her in seconds…I thought she would know something I don’t know, but after I discussed it with her, I found out… “

“She has no divine force or Spirit Ability at all.”

“It relies on the fleshy body and the manipulation of some plants.”


“You mean, she didn’t use any Spirit Ability, anything, weapons or anything, she defeated Spirit Beast 100,000 years, and Tuan Mie Luo Ying The wolf clan depends entirely on the fleshy body???” Yun Chen was surprised, good fellow, this life Goddess is not fake, is it? ?

However, it shouldn’t be impossible…..

That looks, it should be…..

I’m impossible. Look at the portrait of pass through Goddess of life. It is still officially provided, impossible and mutated, right?

Bricket said: “Almost! It’s not punching and kicking, but her fleshy body, so that the Spirit Ability of Spirit Beasts, none of them will work!”

“It seems to have the ability to be immune to spirit power.”

“Neutralize Spirit Ability, and then use plants to control Spirit Beast to hit it hard.”

“so that’s how it is…I understand!” Yun Chen suddenly realized, it seems that this Avatar of Life Goddess, not at all, has too much support from Life Goddess.

No divine force is provided, just a body and spiritual wisdom.

In a sense, this Goddess of life is only a fragment of the soul as big as the nail of the deity.

Yun Chen continued to suspect that the fleshy body of the Goddess Avatar of life should be made by the goddess deity with his own Tree of Life, Ancient Life Tree branches, right?

That’s why there is an immune spirit power that neutralizes Spirit Ability….

It is a puppet, an empty shell, and the only useful thing in the empty shell is this The divine soul fragments of the fingernails.

Look the same.

The ability is different. Memory and soul have only a slight relationship.

In this way, you can avoid the eyes of God Realm law enforcement officers, and you can also find loopholes in the rules of the Douluo continent and God Realm, and let it be lower bound…

If According to what Brigitte said.

This life Goddess came here this time, mostly only intending to explore the continent of Douluo, not at all intends to contribute, but a probe found the existence of the beast.

I tried to take advantage of a crisis for personal gain…..

Although it is just a branch of the Ancient Life Tree, it is also an unshakable giant for Spirit Beast. mountain.

Naturally, you can hammer the Spirit Beasts of Douluo.

God, always have an insurmountable sky with Spirit Beast and Spirit Master.

Yun Chen put aside these thoughts, as long as he meets the Avatar himself, he should be able to learn more about the news, and he said: “Take me to see her?”

“She should be locked somewhere by you, or locked by you with divine force?”

“Hmm…I came to pick you up, also to let you see her , But now there are some accidents… it may take you a lot of time!” Brigitte said helplessly.

hearing this, Yun Chen was taken aback for a moment, and said: “Sure, you want to say, she slipped away?”

“This won’t… …How could she slip away? With what she did before, if she escapes, it will definitely cause more casualties!”

“Rather than increase casualties, it is better to block her. . I won’t be careless.” Brigitte retorted.

Yun Chen asked: “So?”

“It’s like this…..Do you remember?? Three-eyed Jinlu…this Little girl, she!!!” Brigitte said along the way with Yun Chen moved towards Water Curtain Cave.

Yun Chen suddenly remembered something and said: “It won’t be, these three-eyed golden eyes, want to transform, can not find a suitable one, look at the life Goddess looks beautiful.”

“Meeting my own requirements, and then I want to swallow the remaining divine soul fragments?”

“Want to transform into her look?”

” She got acquainted….. But Goddess of life is always a god, even if there is only a trace, it makes these three-eyed golden 猊 unable to withstand it, so something goes wrong?”

Get acquainted, the acquaintance here, Yun Chen knew very well that he had appeared in the second life generation. Huo Yuhao had met her, Divine Consciousness, which also belonged to a kind of Mental, soul fragment.

That is, a gentle collision between the forehead and the forehead, both sides can get a lot of benefits.

Huo Yuhao is strengthened by his soul, and his life’s destiny moved towards good luck development.

And the three-eyed golden lure gained more wisdom and misappropriated some memories of Huo Yuhao.

That’s why a Wang Qiuer appears.

They look exactly the same as Wang Donger. The only detail is that the chest is more turbulent than Wang Donger, and he is older than Wang Donger.

It is exactly what Wang Donger looked like when he grew up…

Of course, there are also some reasons for Tang San, but it is mainly the setting made by the author of Douluo.

Douluo mainland is a multiverse World.

It will naturally arise, the butterfly effect…something different will appear.

Bricket helplessly said: “This is the situation!! I can’t help it. Three-eyed Jinya keeps saying that his brain is like being broken down.”

“It hurts …..”

“Mental also appeared in a state of convulsions. Mental was in a trance. In human terms, it was Alzheimer’s for a while, irritable and restless for a while.”

“Abaaba for a while, and a quiet virginity for a while…”

“I guess it might be backlash. She struggled with that trace of Divine Consciousness, but the three-eyed golden cat was only 30,000 Less than a year old, it’s definitely no match.”

“I don’t understand this one either.”

“I can only stun it and let its brain freeze…”


“Waiting for you to take a look…After all, you are in this area, you understand.”

shua shua ! !

As soon as this remark came out, Yun Chen finally understood, well, these three-eyed golden yams really did kill, but after thinking about it carefully, it shouldn’t be dead, maybe it was the ghost cat. note.

Three-eyed Jin Lu felt that he could try, and then all this happened.

Speaking of…

Three-eyed Jinyao can have such a situation, it is all caused by cheating teammates.

However, Yun Chen also admires the three-eyed golden 猊. He actually wants to become the Goddess of life and get some memories of Goddess of life.

You are a Spirit Beast.

If you want to pry into the memory of God, of course they don’t agree…

This is not a backlash at all.

But the three-eyed Jinya couldn’t penetrate the memory and was blocked by the memory, which caused the memory to be confused and became a dementia.

However, this wave of three-eyed Jinyu operation suddenly gave Yun Chen a plan.

Yueshuang Yanxinhua….

Goddess of life.

It just so happens…..

It’s a godsend…

“Okay, take me over and show her… .. Then interrogate this crazy woman.” Yun Chen said with a smile on his face.

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