Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 395

Water Curtain Cave …..

A cave made up of star shards that resembles a temple…

There are golden stars all around. Yun Chen just glanced around and understood that these stars should come from something produced by Spirit Beast, right?

There is a Spirit Beast in Douluo. Although they don’t have much offensive and fleshy bodies, they are all treasures. For Spirit Master…

The same is a baby, because they are all star fragments, and the star fragments are equivalent to modern diamonds and pearls, very high.

It represents a symbol of nobleness. Although it has no practical effect, after decoration, it looks as beautiful as if you are in a starry sky.

There are jadeites in modern times, while the continent of Douluo has star fragments.

Just a piece of star fragment, the value is not less than one thousand gold coins…..

The star fragments can be carried to increase their visual effects, and they can also be used as lights .

It’s just that Yun Chen didn’t expect that in the depths of the Water Curtain Cave, there will be that many. Estimated that there will be at least a thousand star fragments, right?

A Spirit Beast can only produce up to 100 in its lifetime.

Moreover, Spirit Beast, a thousand-year cultivation base, can do it.

For a hundred years, there are no more than ten in a lifetime.

There are a thousand of them here, and Yun Chen couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. Are all these thousand produced by one Spirit Beast or multiple Spirit Beasts?

This is a question worth thinking about.

The Spirit Beast that produces star fragments is called the Star Soul Sea Dolphin. It is a dolphin, a kind of Spirit Beast that can only be found at the beach, and you may not see it when you go to the beach.

It’s a rare race type…..

There are a thousand star fragments here. Either the green forest has hunted and killed ten thousand-year-old Soul Sea dolphins, or The master of the Cangxiang Forest has hunted and killed a 10,000-year-old Soul Sea dolphin.

The Soul Sea dolphins, the star of thousands of years, is a qualitative change, and it is completely different from a thousand years.

The Soul Sea dolphin, the star of ten thousand years, can at least fight the Titan Giant Ape of one hundred thousand years, and is still in the upper hand, speaking from a certain perspective, ten thousand years, for this race.

is the beginning.

It’s the beginning of becoming stronger…

The Soul Sea dolphins ten thousand years ago can only be killed, caught, squeezed, and taken out of star fragments. , And the Star Sea dolphins ten thousand years later…

but a region’s Overlord.

Although the fleshy body will not become stronger with the year, spiritual wisdom will become stronger over time.

In a word, this star Soul Sea dolphin is very suitable for Mental Spirit Master to absorb. If you get a one hundred thousand year spirit ring, it will be more expensive than two hundred thousand year spirit rings. significance.

Open up spiritual wisdom and master the eyes of prying eyes…

As for the soul sea dolphins, the one hundred thousand-year-old star, it is just a legend and has not been discovered.

Soul Sea Dolphin, a hundred thousand year old star, is at least the same level as Sky Azure Bull Python.

Suddenly, Yun Chen had a bold idea. If there is an opportunity, if there is an opportunity, if there is an opportunity, he can catch one or two, ten thousand years old, then he can cultivate.

Building a dolphin fish pond…..

Yun Chen has no other ideas, but has some collecting habits, especially collecting rare, rare extinct species in the world Spirit Beast.

Same as opening a museum.

At the same time, if the thousand-year-old Soul Sea dolphin is caught, Yun Chen will not let it go. If Ning Rongrong is placed, Ning Rongrong can be upgraded to another level.

No matter how bad, I can also arrange for Hu Liena. Hu Liena also belongs to a Mental control system, although the profit bonus is not as high as Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda of Ning Rongrong.

But there are also many bonuses.

These days, I have been going out and haven’t met Hu Liena for a long time, which made her stronger.

I can’t let her lose face in the Spirit Master tournament of the whole land elite.

It seems that when I came to the green forest this time, I got something beyond my expectations.

First, she was taken care of by Zhu Zhuqing, and she has already had a relationship with Zhu Zhuqing.

Secondly, there is also an opportunity to regain the green forest.

In the past three years, Dugu Bo’s interpersonal relationship has been slowly established.

Over the past four years, Brigitte also caught the Avatar of Goddess of life, allowing herself to find an entrance to the breakthrough God Realm seal.

In the past five years, I also discovered the legendary Spirit Beast, the fragments of the Star Soul Sea Dolphin, that many, which shows that the Cangling Forest knows how to catch the Star Soul Sea Dolphin.

“It seems that you are very interested in these things…” Brigitte quickly noticed Yun Chen’s eyes, staring straight at the star fragments, and couldn’t help it. Opened the mouth.

Yun Chen replied: “These are all good things…Have you seen the master of Cangxiang Forest?”

“Yes! ! Falling Shadow Canglang is the strongest clan, but not patriarch…I changed my name to Cangxiang, saying that it is to get closer to this forest!”

“I was praised by outsiders, This forest was renamed because of it…”

“It’s a good guy! It’s sane and not irritable…but it’s a bit two.” Brigitte carefully Think back to the master of this green forest, vomit.

This made Yun Chen’s look a little startled, and said: “It’s kind of two?? What do you say?”

“Not two?? This guy was played by the two little calves Got to go round and round….. Called by two little calves like thugs! Isn’t this the same?” Brigitte said indignantly.

It seems that I am very dissatisfied with the evil cats doing things everywhere…..especially turning other Spirit Beasts around in Brigitte’s Three Views.

Spirit Beast is a family.

Are you still alone as a family?

No, the Yinling Sacred Cat is not a human.

It’s a smelly cat.

Yun Chen continued: “The master of the Cangxiang Forest, at least one hundred thousand years, isn’t it? It’s not that you will be played around by a ten thousand-year Spirit Beast, right?”

“You are not afraid, you are beating somebody at their own game?”

“I think it will beating somebody at their own game, you will understand in a while!! Give it to me now. …. Right here!” Brigitte was helpless, pulling Yun Chen moved towards deeper.

In less than a while, I finally walked into this so-called Water Curtain Cave temple.

After entering, Yun Chen was stunned.

I saw a very strong and handsome wolf Spirit Beast, actually squatting on one side like a husky, even with injuries everywhere.

But there was no pain.

He is not the main seat of the temple.

Instead, a black, long and straight woman was sitting.

The long and straight black woman has a lazy appearance, with a faint smile on her face, touching the mighty and handsome wolf Spirit Beast with one hand.

And the wolf Spirit Beast is enjoying it.

“…Who is Cangxiang??” Yun Chen asked.

Bricket reluctantly pointed to the Spirit Beast that has become a husky wolf, and said: “Hey…this is the owner of this forest… .The strongest wolf of Falling Shadow Wolf, Cangsheng.”

“!!!” Yun Chen was shocked.

Hey guy, is it really a husky, right? ?

Isn’t that black, long and straight girl just like a sacred cat, a little black transformed into a human?

Although she looks really beautiful, isn’t it?

You are a Spirit Beast for 100,000 years. Have you never seen a Spirit Beast of the opposite sex in these 100,000 years? ?

Impossible, right?

This green forest is so big and wide, the same as Sunset Forest.

Find a beautiful Spirit Beast, can’t you? ?

I have to be a licking dog.

Furthermore, looking at Xiao Hei’s faint smile, it is obvious that he understands that Cang Xiang has ideas for her, so that he can make good use of Cang Xiang’s resources.

Really honest people on the scene….

This reminds Yun Chen of a story, a blue cat named Tom, who fell in love with a certain guy at first sight, from the very beginning, there is a great attraction between them.

Poor and innocent Tom, was playing with her do as one pleases…

Even from a cat to a donkey.

Then another guy appeared. That guy was rich, richer than Tom, and more romantic.

It’s like a story between a scumbag and an honest man.

The honest man sold the family property and bought a 1Kg diamond, intending to court, but didn’t expect that the rich guy came up with a 300g diamond for courtship.

I was instantly killed, and then I sold the 1kg of diamonds, owed various loan sharks, and deeds to sell, in exchange for an old classic car.

But he was killed by that guy with an extended Lincoln.

Finally desperate, drink alcohol without returning home at night, and then commit suicide.

It’s like love…

Yun Chen looks at the situation of Cang Xiang and Xiao Hei, how do you think this Cang Xiang will be the same as the blue British short cat What?

In the Yinling Saint Cat, Xiao Hei looks the least like a person.


If it was Xiao Bai, it would be that’s all, but Xiao Hei.

It can only be said that the sound was fooled.

“cough cough!!!” Yun Chen coughed a few times, breaking the two people in Goddess and licking the dog.

Xiao Hei was startled when he saw Yun Chen’s appearance, and hurriedly got up from the throne, moved towards the other side and ran away, hiding behind a pillar.

Xiao Hei said: “You………you!!!”

“Baby, what are you running?” Cang Xiang was confused .

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