Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 396

Looking at Cang Xiang, taking a bite of a baby, and looking at Xiao Hei with a look of fear of himself, Yun Chen quickly understood. This Xiao Hei probably understood some of the things he had done. .

Is all against it, right?

However, Yun Chen couldn’t help looking at Cang Ying’s licking the dog, and shouted with a smile: “Yes! Baby…why are you leaving!!!” “

“We have been in a while, and we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

“!!!” As soon as the words came out, Xiao Hei’s lovable body trembled, looking at Yun Chen’s smile, Like a merciless scalpel, I plan to give myself a knife.

However, Cang Xiang did not agree. He watched a stranger suddenly appeared, interrupted the two souls of himself and Xiao Hei, and said displeased: “Who are you?”

“He is our head!” Yun Chen originally intended to continue teasing these two goods, but Brigitte stood up and spoke, explaining instead of Yun Chen.

I’m the master.

This made Cang Xiang quickly understand that Yun Chen is who.

Cang Xiang took a deep breath and said, “It turns out that it is his own…but, man, no matter what, come first, come first! Isn’t this a rule?”

“I know that Hei Wu is beautiful and beautiful, and she will be favored by many guys wherever she goes, but I believe that she must choose me in the end.”

“So, man, whether you are It’s not our benefactor. I will not give in on the emotional side! You can’t call her baby, but I can only call her baby.”

“Otherwise, let’s fight! “

shua shua! !

As soon as these words came out, Yun Chen looked dazed. At this moment, he finally understood why Brigitte would say that the master of this blue forest is a bit two.

Now it seems…

It’s not a bit two, but quite two. How did you survive these 100,000 years?

If you use his IQ.

In a general novel, it definitely won’t survive three episodes.

But he lived for 100,000 years.

This is really a weird effect.

Bricket approached Yun Chen and whispered to Yun Chen, “Is he out of help!!”

“I think it’s almost… Leave it alone, anyway, the result is not a good result, it can be regarded as a lesson for Xiao Hei! Learn some lessons.”

“Take me to see the three-eyed golden dog first. “

“As for Xiao Hei’s problem, after dealing with Goddess of life, I will trouble her again…” Yun Chen looked helplessly at the sound of being played like a stupid donkey.

I can’t give too many comments. Since it is all like this, why not follow it?

You don’t need to slap it yourself to wake it up, and the black cat of the sacred cat will wake it up.

“Okay…” Brigitte has some helplessness. To be honest, she doesn’t want to be left with nothing, the sacred cat, the beast, spiritual wisdom.

As well as the scheming, it is indeed much higher than Spirit Beast.

Even some 100,000-year-old Spirit Beast can’t play with their brains.

The reason why Rui Beast is called Rui Beast is actually very simple. They are very wise…..The IQ is very delicate. Rui Beast wants to transform much easier than ordinary Spirit Beast.

Because their brains are like human knowledge, innate sex is much higher than other races.

So, if Spirit Beast wants to transform, it must find a chance to reincarnate as a human being at a threshold of 100,000 years, and Rui Beast does not need this at all.

It only takes one month to get a piece of Divine Consciousness from others, and it can transform into a brand new look.

Biggie looked at the gray noise that has now become a little black licking dog, and reminded: “Look at it, I will take our head to see the three-eyed golden dog!”

“What’s her situation now?”

“Not very optimistic…just woke up, but was stunned by Bai Wu…but Mental just woke up more than before It’s more serious. If it’s not solved right away, I suspect…”

“She might completely collapse Mental.”

When it comes to the three-eyed golden dog, Suddenly, Cang Jing suddenly became serious, not as outrageous as before…On the contrary, it seemed very normal.

This makes Yun Chen doubt, this guy will not have a double personality, right?

So fast? ?

Yun Chen meditated: “It seems that if she wakes up naturally again, she will no longer be three-eyed golden scorpion!!”

“What do you mean?” Yun Chen asked Xiao Hei, who was hiding by the side, to lean over and looked at Yun Chen with doubts.

Brigitte also looked at Yun Chen and seemed to hope that Yun Chen would give a reasonable explanation.

Yun Chen explained: “God, it is never as simple as you think… Divine Consciousness of God is not so easy to steal!”

“And, God can steal your Divine Consciousness…”

“That is to say, the three-eyed golden dog is a beast with the power of destiny. If you change it to you, I guess You have now become a puppet of Goddess of life, right?”

“Although the essence is still you, your Mental has already become Goddess of life!”

“Then slow Slowly reject, devour Mental, soul, and then forcibly reincarnate…”

“I will tell you more, you may not understand…”

“Anyway, it’s just a sentence, whether it’s Rui Beast, Spirit Beast, or 100,000-year Spirit Beast, don’t think about the Divine Consciousness that devours God.”

“This time is meeting me. ….”

“If it weren’t for me, three-eyed Jinya would wake up again in a while, all of your Spirit Beasts here would be killed by her, none of them would remain.”

“This…Isn’t it.” Xiao Hei has some unbelief. Although God is a concept and an unshakable representative, it is not so terrifying, right?

I just want to swallow a trace of Divine Consciousness a little bit, it’s better than fingernails that many.

Will lead to that many terrifying endings? ?

Does that mean that God is already invincible? ?

If it’s invincible, why can’t you see all of the Douluo continent?

If Yun Chen knew Xiao Hei’s thoughts, he would definitely give her a word, God, really invincible.

Especially in front of you Spirit Beast.

God will not show mercy.

If you are humans, God will be more merciful, and will only cause you to suffer heavy losses, and will not take your lives. However, you are Spirit Beast.

God doesn’t have a good impression of Spirit Beast.

Yun Chen was out of anger, and said: “Isn’t it? Or, you and I will try it later?? You also swallow a trace of Divine Consciousness to see the effect?”

” Um… forget it!!” Xiao Hei flinched for a while.

The three-eyed golden yin is the strongest wise beast that devours Divine Consciousness among the lucky beasts. No one can be mentioned on equal terms with her. Since the three-eyed golden yin can’t stand it.

How can I stand it? ?

Isn’t this suicide?

She is not stupid, but rather treacherous…..

Not the same as most Spirit Beasts, because she is agitated and eager, she tries desperately.

Being alive is the most important thing.


I came to the side cave of the three-eyed golden dog, the bedroom….

There is a white in the cave, It’s like a bed covered with silk.

Three-eyed Jinyu was lying on the bed.

Xiao Bai sits next to the bed…

Xiao Bai sits here, dazed, and seems very sleepy….in order not to let herself fall asleep, she has been Supported.

“Younger sister, go and rest! Next, leave it to us.” Xiao Hei came to Xiao Bai and patted Xiao Bai on the shoulder and shouted.

Xiao Bai yawned and answered in a daze: “Okay…”

Immediately, Xiao Bai didn’t seem to notice the arrival of Yun Chen. moved towards the other side and went out, as if she had only one idea now, find a bed, and elated to sleep.

Look at her dark circles.

Yun Chen is sure, this Xiao Bai, is probably scammed by Xiao Hei?

I don’t know how long the vigil will last…

Sure enough, Xiao Hei is still vicious, and even his younger sister has to plot against together.

Once again, it’s definitely not a good ending to the result of this enormity…

Yun Chen patted Brigitte’s pretty ass and said: “Turn on you The jade green halo, add your divine force…then, I will do it!!”

“Okay.” Brigitte was nodded and decisively opened her jade green halo.

At this moment, the entire Water Curtain Cave emits strong and gentle green rays of light. The rays of light are like bathing in sunlight, illuminating this land…

jade green halo came out.

Xiao Hei and Cang Xiang both smiled contentedly.

The halo of jade green is always filled with a hazy that makes Spirit Beast happy.

No Spirit Beast can refuse this tenderness.

And, the three-eyed golden dog on the silk bed, because of the divine force in the jade green halo, he has to twist his body, as if immediately awake Same as here.

“Pu chi! !”

Just right, when the three-eyed Jinya got up, suddenly the three-eyed Jinya opened his eyes and moved directly towards Brigitte’s face without being polite ‘S spurt a mouthful of blood …..

Yun Chen had been prepared for a long time, and immediately caught the Cang Cang and threw it out.

Let the target in this blood spray shift from Brigitte to Cang Xiang…

Cang Xiang was caught off guard…

I don’t know at all, Yun Chen will suddenly throw himself out…

Moreover, it is a Spirit Beast of a hundred thousand years old, and the reaction will definitely not be a problem. Without Yun Chen, his reaction is unexpected. Overwhelming response.

Blood spurted on it.

Let it take a blood bath.

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