Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 397

Cang looked bloodly at Yun Chen, Xiao Hei, and Brigitte, and asked, “What is this?? There is no reason for this spurting of blood!”

“Moreover, you still spray that many in one breath?”

“This will not break the control of God’s Divine Consciousness, it will just die because of the continuous blood flow?”

“This…” Xiao Hei also looked at Yun Chen in disbelief. She didn’t know what to say, she didn’t dare to question Yun Chen, because Yun Chen until now, there was no problem. .

But, that many blood erupted in this breath. There are indeed some humans. No, Spirit Beast can’t accept it. Spirit Beast’s blood is the same as human blood. There is a limit.

The breath of three-eyed Jin Lu almost sprayed out half of his own, right?

Sure enough, as soon as the blood sprayed out, the three-eyed Jin Lu’s originally ruddy face slowly turned pale, and even the dark circles appeared dotted, as if hollowed out.

Don’t talk about Mental crashing. In this state, there is no Mental at all, right?

“cough cough!!!” Three-eyed Jin Lu coughed, but there was no sign of waking up. He seemed to be in a coma, and he noticed too much blood loss.

But Brigitte said firmly with a face: “There will be no problem, the master, I must have her own way…Don’t make a noise, just watch it quietly.”

“This is the most legendary and sacred moment of today…..Crystal, your body is full of blood and you suffocate, what is it to sacrifice some!?”

“We Rui Beast, pay for you that many…”

“Don’t tell me that you have a cleanliness addiction.”

“Um… .. Isn’t this possible!!! I’m just worried…” The green sound was choked for a while, it is really clean, but the blood of the three-eyed golden dog is not black, but red.

Natural blood, this has nothing to do with cleanliness, unless Cangxiang is dizzy…otherwise, there will be no problem, but there is a smell of blood on the body.

It did make Cang Xian a little bit unbearable, but I remembered the luck brought by the three-eyed Jin Yu, let me find my Goddess black dance, Cang Xian can bear it.

Yun Chen looked at the three-eyed golden blood spurting and the screaming questioning, he couldn’t help but smiled, and said: “You are just a hundred thousand-year-old Spirit Beast! How can you understand it?”

“This spurting blood naturally makes sense for spurting blood….If this blood does not spray, then the three-eyed golden rude will not be saved.”

“Tell you You don’t understand these.”

“In a word, she wants to swallow that trace of Divine Consciousness, not even soul fragments, but it is so powerful that she can’t stand it.”

“The reason is because she is always a Spirit Beast, and the bloodline is also a Spirit Beast. Even if it is a powerful Spirit Beast, it is a Spirit Beast.”

“And God, no matter what the fragments, or a breath, is a God, God never far exceeds Spirit Beast! In theory, she will be swallowed this time will definitely be backlash.”

“But still Okay, meet me!! Only me can solve this problem…..Other doctors are still healing Spirit Beast, they are still helpless!”

“The tone is good…..It’s not enough! It is a 100,000-year Spirit Beast, how many 10,000 years do you have? You say that many, nothing more than raising your own position, wanting to sell you, and amplify your reputation!”

” You humans, like greed, not only money, but also reputation, you can’t do without! This is the essence of human beings, although they have IQ, they also have fatal shortcomings.”

“For some things, You humans kill each other, and even various plots against, are more like wild beasts without wisdom than our Spirit Beast! I don’t believe it.” Hearing this, Cang Xiang this time does not agree, Yun Chen’s tone is too arrogant, it makes Cang Xiang Very upset.

Originally, the appearance of Yun Chen, from Brigitte’s name as a master, and the fear of her Goddess black dance, made Cang Xiang suspect that Yun Chen was just a very scheming human being.

It’s impossible to be so sensible…….

From the very beginning, it never believed in Yun Chen once. If it weren’t for Brigitte’s face, it would be loud Eject Yun Chen out long ago, or find a chance to kill him.

It doesn’t like it very much…

Yes, didn’t expect, Yun Chen actually said such an arrogant remark when he came.

This makes Cangxiang unbearable, so it is natural to see Yun Chen’s true ability.

Yun Chen slightly smiled and said: “Don’t believe it?? Make a bet?”

“Bet??? What to bet?” Cang Xiang asked back.


“You still bet? She is like this, dying! Are you still in the mood to bet?” Just when Yun Chen was about to say something to bet, Brigitte did not Speaking patiently.

Xiao Hei seconded: “Yeah! Do you think it’s a joke?? People are going to die, are you still here to fuck? It’s not you who really deserve to die?”

“Don’t worry, you can’t die…I have a count!!” Yun Chen extended the hand, motioning Xiao Hei not to talk nonsense.

The state of the three-eyed golden dog is impossible and will die, but it just draws too much blood, but the life force of the three-eyed golden dog is not that bad.

With half blood drawn, it will take at least an hour before there is a sign of death.

However, this Cang Xiang, since I do not trust me so much, I happen to want some news about Soul Sea Dolphin, so I might as well take this to let Cang Xiang understand a little bit.

Village your own Spirit Hall, and give all the news of the star Soul Sea dolphin.

This bet…

I really cannot give in.

Biggie originally wanted to say something, but looking at Yun Chen with a serious face, he suddenly stopped talking and said: “Then you hurry up! What are you betting on…”

“It’s very simple, if I can fix the situation of the three-eyed golden dog right away…..cangxian, give me all the news about the soul sea dolphin! And…”

“Cangxiang Forest, from tomorrow, will be renamed Spirit Forest…”


“Heh… Get it right now?? Do you think you are Shennong?? Sure enough, from entering the Water Curtain Cave, you have seen the star fragments of our Water Curtain Cave…”

“I intend to get it from my mouth Put out all the news about the soul sea dolphins, and then hunt them in large quantities??”

“What a human being, really treacherous and insatiable!!”

“And, second A condition, let us change the name of Cangxiang Forest to Spirit Forest?? This is not equivalent to announcing that this forest belongs to Spirit Hall??”

“Two good conditions are really good.” Cangxiang coldly smiled.

Yun Chen shrugged, said: “What?? Can’t afford to bet?? Afraid of losing?”

“Afraid of losing?? Do you think it is possible?? Since you want to play, Then I will play with you….give you a quarter of an hour, if you can handle the three-eyed golden dog!!!”

“I can give you what you want!”


“If it’s a quarter of an hour, you can’t figure it out, then I’m sorry…Please declare, you are just stinky shit…Don’t you love money, do you care about fame?”

“I will let you lose all of this.”

“Teach you a lesson…”

“Spirit Hall is not going to prepare a land-based elite Is the Spirit Master tournament? It was initiated by your Spirit Hall…..It is said that your status in Spirit Hall is noble.”

“Then you declare that Spirit Hall is just a group of mobs. Humble rubbish!! And you are also a rubbish!”

“To devote all the property of Spirit Hall these years to the whole continent…”

“Come on ??!”

“Humans…are you gambled?” Cang Ying looked at Yun Chen aggressively, as if he insisted that Yun Chen was impossible to recover the three-eyed Jin Yu in a quarter of an hour.

Although it is very clear, Brigitte said that only Yun Chen can handle it.

Yun Chen can do it, but it takes a lot of time, a quarter of an hour, fifteen minutes, no more than one minute, Yun Chen is impossible.

Yun Chen looked like he was planning to come to Stud, so he laughed and said: “hahaha!!! Interesting, I like it!!! Then let’s gamble.”

” However, let me remind you, Brigitte and Xiaohei, why did you just ask you not to gamble? Half of them are worried about the three-eyed golden scorpion, but the other half.”

“You are worried… .”

“Worry about me? What can I worry about?” Cang Xiang said disapprovingly.

And Xiao Hei kept giving Cang Jing eyes, but Cang Jing automatically ignored.

This made Xiao Hei stomping his feet with anger. Sure enough, he was not smart at all for licking the dog… There were even some brain-deads, and his family business was in a blink of an eye.

There is nothing left.

I also plan to use the status and assets of Erha to develop myself.

This is a good one, nothing.

I may find myself to take in.

This licking dog is not competent at all.

Yun Chen said with a slight smile: “A quarter of an hour? No no no, no need at all, 3 minutes, that’s all! Just need, I do this!”


Yun Chen suddenly took out a dagger, cut his wrist, blood flowed, and the blood that flowed out slowly dripped into the mouth of the three-eyed Jin Yi.

Drop after drop.

It lasts about one minute, one drop every two seconds.

Thirty drops…

All entered the mouth of the three-eyed golden dog.

Yun Chen’s blood is like jelly, melts in the mouth ….

Just after taking it, the three-eyed golden face turned from pale to ruddy, and Mental is slow Slow recovery is like the process of awakening everything.

At this moment, Cang Xiang was stunned.

And Xiao Hei hurried over, blocking Yun Chen, and said: “Wait a minute, why did you give her your blood? What is this operation?”

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