Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 398

Xiao Hei’s sudden obstruction caused Yun Chen to startled and immediately retracted his wrist. All 30 drops of blood had been injected, and his mission was over.

Next, the three-eyed Jinya will wake up by himself.

In fact, when Yun Chen saw the three-eyed golden dog, Yun Chen immediately asked the system how to help from the outside so that the three-eyed golden dog could tide over the difficulties?

System’s answer is very simple. Give Yun Chen’s own blood to Three-Eyed Jinyu. Three-eyed Jinyu will be sublimated and possess the potential of Demi-God.

Demi-God potential plus three-eyed golden yao is the lord of the auspicious beasts, can modify fate, can control the luck, and will naturally swallow a trace of Divine Consciousness.

Yes, no matter how many tens of thousands of years, even if it is a million years, the Divine Consciousness that wants to devour God is almost impossible.

Only backlash.

Life Goddess is God King Level and others, Level 1 God is not worth mentioning in front of her, it is terrifying.

Three-eyed Jinya wants to devour her Divine Consciousness, just equivalent to a little child, like driving a Lamborghini, it’s harder than the sky, just not tall enough.

What’s more, spiritual wisdom and fleshy body, internal organs…

And Demi-God is different. The beast under Demi-God can borrow itself as the beast. Proof to get all this and break this limitation.

Yun Chen’s blood has a benefit for Spirit Master and Spirit Beast.

That is the aptitude that can be given to Demi-God…

This is left behind when the system transforms the fleshy body of Yun Chen.

In other words, Yun Chen’s blood can not only get rid of the evil spirit power of the evil Spirit Master, it can also make a Spirit Master, Spirit Beast, have the qualifications of Demi-God.

This Demi-God, equivalent to Level 3 God….

And Yun Chen is a man who doesn’t even have a God Position. Although he can give a God Position, he But there is no God Position, which is the doubt of Yun Chen until now.

Now it seems that all the doubts are gone…

I am impossible to become a god, because I am a World.

You can create everything yourself, just like God, but God is not actually God.

God will be restrained.

Yun Chen won’t… God won’t.

God needs to work hard, God needs to ask Tao to become God, and Yun Chen doesn’t need it.

If you want to explain what Yun Chen is, then you can only say that Yun Chen is pitch black, the universe, something earlier than chaos…

So , Yun Chen’s blood is more meaningful than anyone’s blood.

Including, Yun Chen also asked, if Tang San becomes the evil Spirit Master, can his own blood save Tang San?

The system all replied that it only takes one drop to get Tang San to get rid of the evil Spirit Master, and to transform Tang San’s blood baby Douluo into scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

It is perfectly absorbed and strengthened by Tang San.

On hearing this news, Yun Chen was shocked. Isn’t this equivalent to, your own blood, and longevity meat? ?

So, my own blood can turn the three-eyed golden dog into a temporary Demi-God, thus perfectly devouring the life Goddess, the Divine Consciousness which is about the size of a fingernail…

At the same time, it can also make the blood of the three-eyed golden dog full of vitality. Although it can’t be the same as yourself, it can save the world, but it can revive a withered flower immediately.

Thirty drops of blood…

It’s really not a small sum if counted like this. Equivalent to can save thirty Tang Sans, but now it’s used to help A Spirit Beast.

If this news is known to Tang San and Tang San’s fans know it, will Yun Chen be scolded by thousands of people?

You are willing to give you 30 drops, why are you reluctant to give Tang San a drop?

Yun Chen wants to answer here. The reason for this is because I am willing to…

However, Xiaohei’s sudden blockade made Yun Chen a little depressed. Why donate blood to you, you still stop it, do you want to die suddenly? ?

Couldn’t it, you told the Divine Consciousness of Goddess to devour life?

Is it really possible?

“Xiao Hei, are you making wool?” Yun Chen tilted his mouth and looked at Xiao Hei disgustingly.

Xiao Hei watched the three-eyed Jinya drink Yun Chen’s blood drop by drop, and showed a subconsciously unsatisfied look, and directly frightened her.

This blood, isn’t it something to rely on?

At the same time, Xiao Hei blocked him, and there were some reasons he didn’t want to say it.

However, looking at Yun Chen’s fierce look, if you don’t say it, you are afraid that Yun Chen will be fiercely slapped?

I’m still watching the dog while licking myself.

I can’t be so embarrassed and let myself lick the dog, thinking that my Goddess is just someone else’s basin.

This can affect yourself.

At the same time, Brigitte is here now, and if he speaks out, three-eyed Jinya will not blame himself when he wakes up.

There is no other way.

Xiao Hei took a deep breath, and said: “So, I said, you don’t understand anything!! Three-eyed golden dog, itself is a destiny beast!”

” We know it, and we can’t just approach it casually…because this will affect its luck!”

“Well, you can give it blood directly. This is not to let it Your destiny is locked with you firmly?”

“Do you know what this means?”

“What does it mean?” Yun Chen was confused, What else?

Could it be that you can’t marry yourself because of taking your own blood? ?

Are there any mistakes?

This type of setting is generally only for female protagonists, or humans?

You are a beast, Spirit Beast, also have such a setting? ?

Cang Xiang also looked at Xiao Hei with a look of confusion, and asked: “What does it mean?”

“Meaning, this life, the three-eyed golden general I will not be separated from you!! Your destiny will always be entangled unless you cut it off!”

“And, if you cut it off, then the three-eyed golden ya will lose all the power of fate !”

“The popular saying is that this life must marry you! There is only this way…..Otherwise, it will slowly lose all the amplifiers that Rui Beast comes with.”

“Become an ordinary Spirit Beast, and then die!!”

“Understood????” Xiao Hei said helplessly.


As soon as this statement came out, Yun Chen was stunned. What kind of operation is this? ?

The sound was stunned.

It’s just that Cang Jing was not the same as Yun Chen, but shocked, shocked, and full of despair, envy, and hatred!

Like the vengeance of a wife…

Yun Chen denied, saying: “Where are you cracking a joke?”

“I cracking a joke ?? You ask Ji elder sister… “Xiao Hei has hands on his hips, as if you can do it yourself.

This makes Yun Chen have to look towards Brigitte.

Brigitte helplessly said: “Indeed, Rui Beast is really such a truth… If Rui Beast within the body has the blood of other people, then it is equivalent to, this life no longer belongs to What I want!”

“Not only the blood of humans, but the blood of Spirit Beast is the same. The beast will master half of its power and slowly pass it on to you!”

“It’s like binding!”

“Cannot be separated by external force!!!”

“!!!” Yun Chen was taken aback again… Good guy, this time, Yun Chen looked back on a memory he had seen in his brain as if he was not listening.

That was the mainland of Douluo, the second part, that is, the second life generation. Wang Qiuer was seriously injured and lost too much blood, and almost died.

Huo Yuhao, just like himself, cut his wrists and let out blood, let out a whole bowl, and let Wang Qiuer drink it without knowing it.

Huo Yuhao thinks it is saving people.

And this saving lives is different. As a three-eyed golden dog, Wang Qiu’er has to be bound with Huo Yuhao, just like Xiao Hei’s silly setting.

I remember that in the original work, Wang Qiuer still had a sad and helpless expression: “Huo Yuhao, you damn fellow, my within the body has flowed into the blood of your this bastard!”

This paragraph of text at that time can be said to be very dirty, but it is not actually. Now Yun Chen finally understands the reason for Wang Qiu’er’s paragraph.

Think about it carefully. When Huo Yuhao was about to die in the follow-up, Wang Qiuer suddenly broke the suppression of Di Tian and came directly to Huo Yuhao.

Sacrifice for Huo Yuhao.

This should be the so-called binding in Xiao Hei’s mouth? ?

Good guy…

Everything is fate.

This also made Yun Chen understand why Cangxiang Spirit Beast licked Xiao Hei as a dog for 100,000 years. This is more than expected.

I want to fly with Xiao Hei and get Xiao Hei as a beast.

It’s just that the three-eyed golden dog is fate and luck, but Xiao Hei is not.

Yun Chen looked at a loss, after a long while, he said: “Well, it’s not early, we should have dinner!! Cang, your forest belongs to me!!”

“Let’s change the name to Spirit Forest tomorrow!!”

“One more thing, tell me all the secrets of the Star Soul Sea Dolphin…”

“Don’t can’t afford to play, otherwise, you will understand!”

“I let Di Tian come to you, that’s different!! After all, two beasts are in your forest. There is another one, a big problem!!”

“You are all responsible…..”

Speaking, Yun Chen ran away and immediately ran away… .

I didn’t want to stay for a moment. I planned to question the Avatar of Goddess of life, and then I left here…I can’t be eaten to death by the three-eyed golden 猊.

The setting of the three-eyed golden dog is also a master not to offend.

If it is the same as Xiaohei said, then he might be forced to bow by the overlord.


I came to this forest by myself, originally just to hunt down a few Spirit Beasts whom I fancy, why, why you women.

Do you want to persecute me one by one? ?

What did I do wrong? ?

A Zhu Zhuqing, and now there is another three-eyed Jinyao, what a crime I am.

It is not me who is wrong, but this World.

I want to blacken it.

This cheating World setting…

Drinking blood, you have to devote one’s life to.

To help become stronger, we can only devote one’s life to ….

Isn’t this the World of fantasy novels? ?

How? ?

It feels like this World is like a pit, and there are always women haunting me.

“Wait…The three-eyed golden dog hasn’t returned to normal! You can’t go…you are abstaining, and where is my responsibility?”

“This matter has something to do with me?”

“I don’t know anything about it!!”

“You are a pusher!!!” Cang Xiang looked at Yun Chen, who was covered head and sneaked away like a rat, and couldn’t help but roar. Can he take this pot?

Next, how many layers of skin can’t be pulled? ?

However, Yun Chen did not have the opportunity to reason with it, and has already left here.

Wait, Cang Xiang turned his head…

The three-eyed golden 猊 has actually become sober, and it looks better than before, Mental, with a trace of The rays of light are green.

Full of life force.

Like the angel of life.

Well, I lost….

The Cangxiang Forest gave Yun Chen, and the information about Soul Sea Dolphin also gave Yun Chen.

However, there is one thing that I will never admit, that is the pot of three-eyed golden 猊, I do not remember.

A fool can recite! !

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