Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 399

In a cave that resembles a prison…

This cave has a lot of star fragments, which makes Yun Chen feel that this resounding is absolutely Know the den of a star Soul Sea dolphin, otherwise it is impossible to get that many star fragments.

Furthermore, the star fragments have other functions for medicine ingredients. Just like the equivalent to ancient pearls, they can be used to refine medicine.

Not only is it rare and beautiful, but more of it comes from its value.

However, this time betting, Cang Xiang will give him all the information he knows about the Soul Sea Dolphin, and find a chance to catch it all.

Don’t talk about slaughtering these star Soul Sea dolphins, just to catch them, you have to catch hundreds of them to raise them. As for how to raise them, it’s actually very simple. Doesn’t the system give itself a space for God Realm?

Create your own God Realm. There is nothing in it now, not even forests or oceans, just like the time when the universe was born.

It will take many years to take shape and a planet will appear, and Yun Chen does not intend to let it appear in various planets, nor does it intend to have a universe, just a piece of space.

In space, there are one-tenth, three-tenths of ocean, one-tenth of land, three-tenths of sky, one-tenth of rivers, and one-fifth of forest.

The remaining deserts will not appear. Although the land is only one-tenth, this one-tenth includes the sky, that is to say, in a World that Yun Chen will create , The creatures here have the power of heaven.

Have the ability to go to the sea. It is not necessary at all. There is no oxygen in the ocean. Creatures must have fish gills before they can breathe. Such a shameful setting.

In it, anywhere, one-tenth, you can live, full of versatility.

Therefore, Yun Chen needs a lot of star fragments. He hesitates that there is no sun or moon. Yun Chen needs star fragments to distinguish between day and night.

Always impossible, not all year round, neither day nor night.

What kind of World is that? ?

System said that in his later period, there will be tasks that belong to the gods. If you complete these gods’ tasks, then the space will be left to its own operation.

To build it without spending anything…

This god’s task, Yun Chen guessed, has something to do with the God Realm in the continent of Douluo.

So, a meeting with this life Goddess is a must.


Yun Chen walked into such a temporary prison, only to see a beautiful-looking woman in a long green dress, chained Controlled tightly on a pillar.

Those iron chains, a closer look, are actually full of divine force, which is a temporary iron chain made by Brigitte using her own divine force.

You can control everything.

Including God…

How can it be possible to break this iron chain with a touch of life Goddess Avatar? ?

I can’t do it at all.

So, the Avatar of Goddess of life can only be chained, eyes closed, motionless…

“You finally appeared!!” Yun Chen just entered this temporary prison , Goddess, the life that was under control and still closed his eyes, suddenly opened his eyes and said.

Her voice is very soft and full of affinity, as if you see your childhood sweethearts, that kind of innocence, even more innocent than the so-called Ding Zhen.

Yun Chen slightly smiled and said: “It seems that you seem to be prepared! Knowing that I will come to see you…”

“Don’t enter the tiger’s den, What a tiger…Although I was caught by your lover, I wanted to find you, and you are in the dark, and I am in the light!”

“Naturally If I can’t find you, it’s better to let you come to me! Just reveal some wind noises, and you will definitely come here non-stop.”

“Interestingly, if you are chained, you are completely you Part of the plan?” Yun Chen took out a small bench and sat in front of her, squinting at her.

Life Goddess has a touch of Avatar, which looks exactly the same as itself, and the same is true of Mental breath. A jade green and brown hair leaning straight down like a waterfall.

I wear a green flower on my hair, which looks like emerald, but when you look closely, it is a flower that has always been green, like a green hat.

I am wearing a green off-shoulder long dress. The figure is not as popular as Gu Yuena and Zhu Zhuqing, but it gives a very dignified visual effect.

On the chest, it is not so exaggerated that the waves are rough, but it makes people see through at a glance, at least with a C grade.

There is a green immortal mark on the forehead, which is a small square piece.

I have to say that Goddess of life is indeed very good, with good personality settings, and has the same dignity as the mother of life.

No matter how, now I am not the same as Goddess of this life. Naturally, impossible will be equal to her, plus she and her so-called younger sister.

The little shadow of Sunset Forest…..

There are some grudges, and I have promised little shadow, of course, impossible and this life Goddess have a slight ambiguity.

Otherwise, Yun Chen would not mind digging her to his side.

Although it is difficult, but also not impossible.

After all, Goddess of life has always wanted a child, but there are some problems with the destroyed body, which cannot be combined with Goddess, the essence of Ancient Life Tree.

Naturally impossible to become a god.

Because Goddess of life origin is a tree, a bit similar to the setting of plant-based Spirit Beast. Some people would say, Tang San Mother and Ah Yin are also plant-based Spirit Beast?

Infernal Delicate Apricot is not too delicate? ?

But these Human Transformations, don’t they also give birth to children?

Ancient Life Tree can’t? ?

Yes, Ancient Life Tree is okay, but destruction is not possible. There is no fleshy body for destruction, and it has been integrated with the real Destruction Will, and it is a will.

How can it be combined with a Fleshy body? ?

Unless Goddess abandons its fleshy body and becomes the will of life, and the two wills are combined, then the next generation may be possible, otherwise it is impossible.

And the life Goddess cannot abandon his fleshy body, once abandoning it, it will die.

Because she is the fleshy body.

Destroy is the will…

In the past, there were some fleshy bodies in the destruction. After becoming the god of destruction, it is affected by the emotion of destruction, irrational, and slowly Be swallowed.

Abandon your own fleshy body.

Become a will.

There is an advantage to becoming a will, that is, the real Undying and Inextinguishable. Without the fleshy body, you will not grow old, and the will will always be there.

Like thoughts.

Who can stop thinking? ?

impossible ….

But you can stop the fleshy body, the vegetative is the will, and the dead product of the fleshy body, his Mental and heartbeat are always there, But the Fleshy body can no longer convey ideas.

Become a will to live.

Here, anyone can abandon the fleshy body, but Goddess is not the life, because she is from the fleshy body. Abandoning to the fleshy body is death.

Although she also has the will, she still leads the fleshy body.

Therefore, the Goddess of life and the God of Destruction are together, and it is impossible to have a child for the whole life.

Yun Chen fleshy body, with will.

Of course, it can cultivate the next generation with Goddess.

However, I don’t have this plan now. Now I have to ask clearly that Goddess of life comes to the lower realm and finds himself what is wrong.

Life Goddess replied: “Almost!! At first, it was originally intended to cause some turmoil, just like the idiot of Evil God, I was noticed by you!”

You find it!”

“At the same time, I found Rui Beast, but I didn’t expect it, and it was predicted by you!”

“It seems that the magic is one foot high. Ten feet!!!”

“I’m not prepared, these all are natural! I can only say that you are out of luck… But I want to ask, what can you do with me “

“It won’t be the same as Jiu Ming Evil God, for that, right?” Yun Chen shrugged said that this time, he was really not prepared.

I know that Goddess of life may notice him and know that there is a god around him, which will cause all kinds of doubts, but Goddess of life is a god who obeys the law very much.

It is impossible to break God Realm’s law, and the lower realm finds itself.

Didn’t expect, this time, I guessed wrong, Goddess of life broke the law, although it was not completely broken, like the Evil God, I found some loopholes in the law.

Just like the profession of a lawyer.

This is what made Yun Chen didn’t expect.

Goddess of life continued: “That thing?? Haha…..a bite of that little thing, do you know what your little thing means?”

“What does it mean?” Yun Chen looked at him disapprovingly.

Life Goddess said: “It means that Gods and people will be completely chaotic. You have the qualifications to make people gods, and you don’t need to inform God Realm!”

“I I don’t know how you did it!”

“But, this is a violation of the Divine Law…..You are a stowaway, no, not only you, you give The God Positions that came out are all stowaways!”

“They are not approved by God Realm… they shouldn’t exist!”

“Do you understand? ?”

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