Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 400

“hahaha, stowaway!!! Isn’t this too interesting?” Hearing this, Yun Chen couldn’t help laughing heartily, Goddess of life, how do you say it.

There are indeed some low horizons.

I think there is only one God Realm, but in fact, the God Realm on the mainland of Douluo is just a trifling part of everything.

This is just a dimension.

And World consists of numerous combinations of dimensions.

However, every dimension has dimension barriers that cannot be broken.

This is the setting of World.

This is also normal, because Goddess of life only sees his own World, has not broken his mind, and has not seen the existence of other Worlds.

Naturally believe that the God Realm that I do is the master of everything.

Manage everything.

Life Goddess frowned, said: “Is it funny?”

“Isn’t it funny??” Yun Chen asked rhetorically.

Life Goddess said: “How funny is it?”

“Be as funny as it is, come on less!! Life Goddess, no, I still call you, Green! After all, you are the representative of green.”

“Am I a God Realm stowaway?”

“It violates the laws and regulations of your God Realm.”


“Let God Realm and Douluo mess up the continent, make people and gods, there will be inequality.”

“I can answer you now, my God Position, the God Position I master, God Realm with you, I can’t fight! Do you understand this?” Yun Chen couldn’t help taking out a fruit from the table, biting the fruit, and patiently explaining to Goddess.

In fact, Yun Chen doesn’t need to explain. Just kill this Avatar, then there is nothing, but Yun Chen wants Goddess to have Heart Demon.

You must slowly guide the life Goddess, let the life Goddess relax to a Spirit Realm point, and then, fiercely give her a sap and make her appear confused.

Although this little green is only an Avatar of a fragment of a divine soul, it is connected to the deity.

In other words, Yun Chen is indeed talking to Goddess, the real life.

Naturally, Goddess will bring this sap to life.

shua shua! !

Sure enough, Yun Chen’s words silenced Goddess. It seems that the deity did not react immediately, which lasted for a few seconds.

Only then did Goddess of life speak, saying: “Do you mean there are two God Realms? This…this is impossible!!!”

“What is impossible What about it?”

“God Realm is not exclusive to you! And, do you understand the meaning of the word God Realm? God…he world!! God lives in the world, and World impossible There is only one!”

“There are many more!”

“My God Position, why don’t you use your God Realm report to show up without permission? This is a reasonable performance ! And your God Realm.”

“For me, it is a kind of rubbish, a World without a complete development.”

“Such a World, only You feel very arrogant, right?” Yun Chen looked at Goddess indifferently, a God Realm that requires rules and management systems.

Is that a God Realm?

Isn’t that the same as the ordinary world?

There are hierarchical divisions, and there is a kind of luxury and hope for rights.

Why does the god of destruction want Tang San’s position?

Isn’t this very clear?

If you want God Realm’s Law Enforcer, why doesn’t Tang San let it out?

Because Law Enforcer is the only one that can intervene in the mainland of Douluo, it can intervene quietly in private.

Talk about it.

Tang San and Destruction have one thing in common, that is, they understand that God Realm is not God Realm at all, but a cage that will take all humans beyond the top of the Douluo continent.

All locked in this cage…

to restrict those who are beyond the Peak of the Douluo mainland.

So give a synonym for God.

But, in fact, they are not as free as the Spirit Masters of Douluo.

Although you have gained a powerful force, there is no way to release it. You can think a little bit. What if you are stronger?

What should I do? ?

Why is it alive?

This type of philosophical problem has plagued God Realm for many who understand God, but only some who don’t understand God Realm are the best.

Actually, Yun Chen really wants to talk to those who want to become gods.

For example, Gu Yuena…

No matter how deeply obsessed…I absolutely become a god, I will only be glorious in this life.

But what do you want to do when you become a god?

Continue moved towards the previous development?

It’s like repairing Immortal-like, becoming Great Principle Golden Immortal, and wanting to climb up.

Become stronger without a bottom.

In the end, I found that I had become a god with nothing and nothing.

Just like Ma Hongjun becomes a god.

Because of my lack of ability, I can only serve as a Level 2 god. Level 2 gods cannot bring their family members to God Realm. They can only be alone.

Then Ma Hongjun is lonely.

Therefore, Ma Hongjun would say such a thing when the god of desire fought with Ma Hongjun.

“If I can’t be with her, why should I become a god? What’s the point?” This is one of the truths Ma Hongjun understands best.

If you do not become a god, although you will be born, aging, sickness and death …. Two people die together and cannot live forever, but you already have each other.

Everything is worth it.

For this reason, Ma Hongjun will regret becoming a god.

In God Realm, you are constrained, impossible to be with your relatives in private.

We can only look at their fate.

If there is a problem with fate, you see that there will be a problem, but you can’t stop it, you can only watch fate kill her.

God Realm on the continent of Douluo is just a cage.

Just like the second life generation, why does Rong Nianbing always want to push God Position to Huo Yuhao?

Why, good and evil, the two immediately handed over the Law Enforcer to Tang San, and they hid in Qiankun’s Qinqing Valley to do things the same.

They all understand.

This God Realm is a cage…

To become a god, you actually have to pay a terrifying price, which is freedom. Use your freedom to exchange for infinite lifespan.

The advantage of becoming a god is to get an endless lifespan that will not die.

Humans in the Douluo continent, Spirit Beast, have a lifespan limit.

This has led to a reason why many people want to become gods.

In fact, becoming a god will not make you stronger, it will only make your lifespan unlimited. As a price, you must give all your freedom to God Realm, and you cannot leave.

And why the gods are so strong one by one, the reason is because you become stronger on your way to becoming a god, and God Position will only bring you some amplification that’s all.

Therefore, Yun Chen’s God Position here, why would Jiu Ming Evil God be interested.

Because not only can you get unlimited lifespan, but you will not lose your freedom, and will be restrained by God Realm…

Yun Chen knows this very well.

And, the God Realm that I created, although I am the creator of the world, I will not customize all kinds of cheating rules…

Of course, the god of the continent of Douluo Regulations, indeed there can be no mistakes.

Since you have exceeded the limiter of the World of Douluo, naturally you can’t keep it, otherwise, how will the remaining people develop? ?

But, speaking from a certain perspective, becoming a god in Douluo, you are actually dead.

However, you are not really dead. You died on the continent of Douluo, just like going to other Worlds.

What is the difference between this and normal death? When people die, they will go to the underworld…reincarnate again, and in the land where you exist, countless people will forget that you have been there.

Douluo continent will leave you with a reputation, telling others that someone once became a god.

Let you live in memory.

Yun Chen continued: “Little Green…Have you ever wondered why Rakshasa God, Asura God, Angel God, all of them are Level 1 gods just like you.”

“Of course, you are now more advanced than them, you are now the Divine King.”

“But you didn’t expect, why would they take their own God Position to someone else? You are also the second generation of Goddess!”

“Your husband, destruction, is also the second generation of destruction God.”

“You know you Where did the first generation go?”

“Give you the God Position, where did they go?”

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