Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 401

“You don’t seem to know anything! Moreover, you might even not even know how your God Realm appeared and how you made it?”

“You are the Divine King, theoretically, a symbol of the highest power, just like the Evil God of Level 3 God, he is just a touch of ants in front of you!”

“But, as the Divine King, you don’t know anything, but you look at me with a righteous look and tell me that I am just a stowaway! God Realm has no news about me.”

“My background story, you also said that the gods that appeared under me are all mobs, but they are gods who think they are not as good as your gods.”

“And, I still think , These gods of mine are totally illegal! They are not recognized by your God Realm, generally speaking, you call this kind of people, should they be called aliens?”

“I will answer you now My God, I don’t need to pay any attention to you at all. Your God Realm, I look down on the lifespan that was exchanged freely.”

“It is ridiculous to be hailed as a god!… ..”

Yun Chen looked at the Goddess of life and smiled coldly, like a Death God’s Scythe, waving in front of the Goddess of life, as if it was possible to give Goddess a knife at any time.

However, Goddess is not afraid at all. Instead, he looks disapproving, saying: “But, you are the stowaways…not at all in this world, you are so evil!”


“There is only one God Realm, although I really don’t know the whereabouts of our previous generation of Divine King, and who made the God Realm!”

“But, it’s all In the legend, no one knows.”

“You are just looking for an excuse that’s all for your own illegality. There are some things that you can’t tell the truth through your mouth!” Life Goddess looked at Yun Chen seriously.

This made Yun Chen look helpless, and said: “Okay! Since you said we are stowaways, then we are stowaways, what are you going to do?”

” Pack us?? Let God Realm pay attention to us?? Then catch it all in one go?? Take back our God Position, theocracy, and divine force?”

“Can you do it? Huh?”


“be that as it may, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t do it. It’s just that I intend to give you a chance. Your God Position and origins. You just need to make it clear and apply for our God Realm God rules.”

“Then let you…We will never interfere, otherwise, sooner or later, we will come down to find you and deal with you!”

“Just like you said, you are heterogeneous, heterogeneous, and should not disrupt the balance! Once the balance is broken, sanctions are required.” Life Goddess said for your own good.

For Goddess, let Yun Chen laugh directly. It’s a good one. Let yourself tell the origins of these God Positions. Isn’t this the same as the Evil God in disguise?

I intend to find something different from myself. Sure enough, Goddess of this life looks very kind, but his heart is as deep as his heart.

But it is also normal. If Goddess is really a silly and sweet person, how can he always sit firmly in the position of Divine King? ? Will it be replaced by some Level 1 gods sooner or later?

Obviously, Goddess is very smart, knows how to use something to create smoke, giving people a feeling that I am redeeming you, just like the Holy Mother.

And the Holy Mother, Yun Chen only knows one, that’s Brigitte, and Goddess of life is just a pseudo-Holy Mother that’s all.

Speaking of which, you also want to get these God Positions from yourself, right?

In the original book, Goddess of life is unusual. The God of Destruction fought Tang San. In fact, she had a chance to stop it, but she acted like I couldn’t stop it.

Run in front of Xiao Wu and ask about Xiao Wu’s physical condition.

Here, in fact, Goddess has a strategy. She has long understood that God Realm is a cage, but she cannot break this cage, and she cannot let people know that she already understands God Realm is a prisoner. cage.

Once you know it, then your result will only be truly scattered ashes and smoke dispersed.

Those previous generations of Divine King, why there is no news? In fact, Goddess is very clear that God Realm is controlled by a ruthless hand.

Everyone’s every move is like a canary in a cage.

Leave to control.

When the owner finds that the canary wants to escape, he will deliberately release the bait to make the canary think that the owner is a good person and free himself.

But in a blink of an eye, he killed the canary with a slingshot.

Create an unexpected picture for the canary.

One, no one will gossip.

However, it can hold more canaries.

Otherwise, if other canaries noticed that this owner is a pervert, how could they still agree to live in the cage?

The owner has a dual personality.

One is good and the other is evil.

Evil kills the canary, and goodness gives the canary freedom.

But evil and good are the same person.

Life Goddess is close to Xiao Wu. On the one hand, it is to inquire about Xiao Wu’s physical condition. How long will it take to be born during pregnancy, so that I can make the next step.

It can be said that Goddess of life plots every god in God Realm against.

In an accident, Goddess of Life understood that there was only one possibility, and there was only one way to completely break the cage, the one that was originally intended to be broken.

Can be locked up by the ruthless hand.

Let that thing that can break the birdcage, there is no chance to continue to break the birdcage.

That is the Golden Dragon King.

Therefore, in the God Realm legend, the original work, Tang San and the Battle of Destruction, broke out very fiercely. In addition, Xiao Wu was pregnant and was about to be born, and the life Goddess controls life.

Naturally, I will not miss it. I will calculate the time immediately for Tang Wulin to be born.

The birth of Tang Wulin was the day of the liberation of King Golden Dragon.

Sure enough, just like the life Goddess plot against, the Golden Dragon king touches the seal, Tang San has to take care of his child, doing two things at the same time, and find an opportunity to be destroyed.

In the end, an explosion occurred on both sides, forming a turbulence in time and space.

In addition, the Golden Dragon King hates God Realm and wants to destroy God Realm.

Good and evil will return immediately, and I plan to continue to seal the Golden Dragon King, but this time the Golden Dragon King has some secret help from the Living Goddess.

It’s not that easy at all.

In the end, God Realm was completely shattered, turned into turbulent fragments, and disappeared in a space-time turbulence.

The cage broke naturally.

The master can’t find someone to replace it. Ultimately, destruction and Tang San, as well as good and evil, will bear the blame…

Goddess of life has reached the goal.

Get free.

This is the truest version of the God Realm legend.

Actually, Yun Chen has seen the legend of God Realm and feels that everything is as arranged, but he can’t find a character who arranges it all.

Destroy? ?

Impossible, a second person whose eyes are blocked by greed and desire, impossible is so meticulously plot against.

Tang San? ?

It is even more impossible. Tang San acts as a Law Enforcer and opens the back door to himself again and again. Only Tang San has that kind of enjoyment, just like the boss of Divine King. This feeling is that Tang San is impossible to modify.

So who is left?

Ma Hongjun? ? It is really possible, because Ma Hongjun wants to return to the mainland of Douluo and live with Bai Chenxiang, but Ma Hongjun does not have the courage.

It’s not so blackened either…

In order to be with Bai Chenxiang, destroy a World.

So who is it? ?

Good and evil?

More impossible, these two have an inexplicable relationship with God Realm. Even Yun Chen suspects that they are the two faithful dogs that’s all raised by the creator of God Realm.

Until now, Yun Chen understands.

It looks like Goddess, a life that is very simple and creates life.

Combined with her twin younger sister, Goddess of life has Extreme goodness, but also Extreme evil…has a strong dual personality.

What a terrifying woman.

Adding what Goddess said just now, you can either apply for…..Douluo Mainland God Realm’s approval. This application, equivalent to God Realm, can take your own God Realm without a fight. Become a colony.

I have to surrender why, so that the creatures of the Douluo continent can become gods, and they will not be detected by God Realm.

The two choices actually have only one purpose.

Spy into the secret of mastering the new God Position.

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