Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 402

Goddess of life really has desires, and she does not want to be a canary…..

Want to be free.

But, how difficult is this freedom? ?

No wonder, Goddess of Life only dared to use a bit of Divine Consciousness fragments of herself to find herself in the lower realm. She did not report to God Realm’s Law Enforcer at all.

The secret about all this.

Otherwise, the Law Enforcer of God Realm will definitely lock itself at all costs in the lower realm, grab yourself, and then interrogate all these secrets.

Life Goddess is very selfish, she is actually exactly the same as Evil God.

It’s just that Evil God is blatant and straightforward, and Goddess of life plays routines with you. In modern terms, even if you become a bitch, you have to set up an archway.

Good guy…..

This scheming is really not so deep. Before, I suspected that Xiaoying had deliberately blackened the life of Goddess. Didn’t expect it at all. .

The wisdom of life Goddess is too close to modern times, right?

If you are not a modern person, paranoid, or a paranoid paranoid, you might be trapped by this wave of life Goddess.

When the time comes, I am afraid that I will get on the thief ship…

shua shua! !

Yun Chen took a deep breath and slowly approached Goddess of life, and said: “You said that, I should thank you? You are so understanding righteousness, right?”

“It’s not that I understand the righteousness, but that life is precious. As Goddess of life ….. It can be said that I am the mother of all things and everything, I can give any life, another chance!”

“Take them from the wrong path to the right path. Any touch of life has this.”

“Life cannot disappear casually.”

“This is my principle!”

“You can think about it…” Goddess of Life looked at Yun Chen with a smile on his face, the unfathomable mystery emitting weird green rays of light.

This rays of light is really as colorful as Holy Mother Maria.

If Yun Chen hadn’t been prepared, he might have been attracted by this holy light and thought it was another Brigitte.

It seems that there is only one Brigitte in the World of the Douluo continent, and there will be a second impossible.

Yun Chen faintly smiled and said: “If this is the case, then I will promise you…but I have one condition!! I hope you promise, as long as you promise… “

“Then I will tell you all the secrets of how to control God Position right away!”

“No…not to me, but to hand in To God Realm!!! Here, you can’t add a little bit of personal affection…but, I can promise your so-called request!”

“As long as you don’t go too far, let you become a Divine King immediately. One kind of words. Or immediately give you unlimited lifespan, infinite power!”

“I can’t do this kind of things.” Life Goddess said affirmatively.

Yun Chen shook the head and said: “Don’t worry! I won’t be so superficial…My condition is actually very simple, you don’t need to use your divine force at all!”

“Just need…”

Yun Chen slowly approached the life Goddess, suddenly, his temperament changed greatly, and he tore off the life Goddess clothes in half, revealing whiteness Skin.

In addition to the huge and nice white dough seeds…..

A cool breeze caught the life Goddess off guard, yelled: “What are you doing!!”

” What I don’t do is the condition I said, Goddess of life, I remember you and destruction, there are no children yet! In fact, my condition is very simple, I can give you everything!”

“You give I will leave an offspring, so I will be equivalent to the transaction!”

“I also have to tell you everything I know, I am a man who loves his own woman, you understand I mean!”

Yun Chen said solemnly, with the word affirmation on his face, completely unlike cracking a joke.

This wave of operations.

Let the life Goddess froze for a moment, and couldn’t believe that Yun Chen would make such a cheating request.

Originally, the Goddess of Life thought that Yun Chen’s request was either to extend the lifespan or to become a god and give a Level 1 god.

Life Goddess is still possible.

Or, let yourself help Yun Chen resuscitate someone, because it is Goddess of life, who can control the resuscitation and death…

But absolutely didn’t expect, Yun Chen Will make such a shameless request.

I have a partner, but just like myself, he is the god of destruction of the Divine King. Although like Yun Chen said, he has no children, but two people are in love.

At least it has been maintained for almost 100,000 years.

Destroy and life are born together, childhood sweethearts cannot be overstated.

How could he carry destruction on his back and leave an heir to a stranger? ?


Life Goddess impossible promises.

This is like putting a green hat on the god of destruction in disguise.

However, Goddess of Life really wants Yun Chen’s God Position secrets, the research and plans of Nine Underworld Evil God, which Goddess of Life had seen before Evil God scattered ashes and dispersed smoke.

It’s really good.

It is the only current solution that can break the birdcage.

As for the life Goddess at first said, God Realm already knew about you, and sent himself to negotiate with you, give you a chance, and so on.

These are all lies made up by Goddess.

For Goddess, once he knows this secret, Yun Chen doesn’t need to leave it… so as not to cause unnecessary trouble and expose everything about himself.

But, now it seems that the plan is not going well…..

Yun Chen’s request, she impossible promised…

“impossible !!!” Goddess refused to stare at Yun Chen.

Yun Chen shrugged, said: “Is it possible? It seems that you have no sincerity. I neither want God Position nor lifespan infinite, let alone strength!”

“I I just want a child!”

“Aren’t you the Goddess of life? The birth of other lives is not your control? Why don’t you agree to such a low-level request?!”

“It seems that you….. The so-called request is just to deceive me that’s all.”

“You want a child, yes!! I can use divine force for you To calculate, find a suitable candidate for you, and even find you a Level 1 god to give you a child!”

“I…I am impossible!!” Goddess of life has a calm face Said.


As soon as this remark came out, Yun Chen couldn’t help but laughed out: “hahaha!! It’s so funny…Why is it impossible? Other gods give me children, but it’s unstable! “

“I will give you my God Position secret…If you get the secret and kill me mercilessly, is it possible for my child to be born?”


“Other people, I can’t believe it. I don’t believe in mythology or the Divine Grade of God. I only believe in profit…”

“I will not kill you, nor will I kill your child, Goddess of life does not have the power to let life die…” Goddess of life said negatively.

Yun Chen replied: “No, no no, or that sentence, I only believe in myself! Leave me an offspring, I will give you my secret!”

“Because , I only believe in one point. Only you have my heir and become a mother. Even if you turn your face and refuse to admit it, you will kill me mercilessly!”

“But you can’t kill my child, because This child is also yours… I only believe that you, as the Goddess of life, are impossible to kill your own child.”

“Furthermore, I did not let you disclose me and yours Relationship, transaction….. You can make the god of destruction mistakenly think that it is my child, when the time comes you kill me.”

“Hidden from him, he will not notice, If you don’t tell me, everything is normal! Isn’t it?”

Suddenly, Yun Chen said that Goddess absolutely didn’t expect to live. Does Xia take the plate?

Let destruction take over? ?

Life Goddess was a little shocked. I admire Yun Chen’s courage and actually have this idea. Isn’t it any evil?

It’s really possible.

Looking at Yun Chen’s body, there are several different auras, different colors, there must be not only one girl who has approached Yun Chen, there are many.

Uncertainty is a bad taste.

I am more impossible to agree.

“It will die…I know something like destruction, I know some of his body conditions! I impossible to agree to the method you said.” Goddess of life denied it again.

However, this time denied, Yun Chen laughed, and said: “Is it possible? I think it can!! I don’t want your deity, and you don’t want the fleshy body of your deity. I need you to use Divine Consciousness I made this fleshy body, just leave me an heir! How about?”

“A touch of Avatar, you can destroy it after you use it…or stay in the world and accompany you Stay with me!! While your Avatar is with me, the deity is still with destruction.”

“Isn’t this the best of both worlds?”

As soon as these words came out, Goddess of Life was stunned. This statement of Yun Chen is really possible, and now the conversation with Yun Chen is just a touch of Avatar.

Like an inflatable doll.

No matter what goes wrong with the Avatar, his deity will not be affected, but there will be some memories that belong to the Avatar and a sense of experience that’s all.

Life Goddess suddenly felt a little moved, but still hesitated.

What hesitates is only the weirdness in my soul.

Yun Chen continued to increase his efforts and said: “You…If you continue to hesitate, then I can only say that our transaction is over now!”

“You just keep waiting!”

“I’ll find another person.”

“It’s the same.”

“Wait.. …I can promise you.” Just as Yun Chen was about to leave, Goddess of Life suddenly called Yun Chen.

Although Yun Chen’s idea is very disgusting.

Very alternative.

But, just like Yun Chen said, it’s just a touch of Avatar, then give this touch of Avatar to Yun Chen, although it is not clear why Yun Chen did this.

However, the secrets of Yun Chen are more important. No matter how the Avatar is destroyed, his deity will not be affected at all, just a memory.

Remembering this thing can be explained as a weird dream.

Therefore, to get the secret of Yun Chen,

Although it is possible that Yun Chen will deceive himself, if I can figure out the structure of Yun Chen and the flow of life, then I It can also be analyzed.

How Yun Chen created these non-existent God Positions for others.

Life Goddess has a unique ability, that is, it can spy on the life trajectory of others, and only needs to interact with the consciousness of others.

For example, hold a hand or hug.

These, Goddess of life can immediately detect the person who shook hands with him, his life track, what happened in his life, and what is different from other normal lives.

If you leave an offspring with Yun Chen…you can also find an opportunity to start with the offspring. According to the research of Jiu Ming Evil God, Yun Chen can master the God Position, these do not exist God. Position, and can hide from God Realm, there must be a reason for the body.

Just need to analyze the body, maybe there will be a big breakthrough.

Therefore, Goddess of Life intends to take a gamble…

Although I am very sorry to the God of Destruction, once he understands this, he can carry the God of Destruction. Fly away and break this birdcage.

Instead of being a canary.

hearing this, Yun Chen showed a smile and said: “Let’s start then! Let’s go here…no one will bother you.”


Speaking, Yun Chen……

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