Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 403

About an hour passed, I saw that it was originally a prison place, but it was filled with a pink atmosphere, and Yun Chen also smiled satisfied.

The Goddess of life looks like a red light face. Although the deity cannot propose the happiness brought by the Avatar, the series of memories produced by the Avatar will all be transmitted to the deity’s memory.

In other words, the deity is still a big girl with yellow flowers, but in his mind, she has already experienced personnel affairs, so it is a rare species.

“Can you talk about the feeling?” Yun Chen looked at the Avatar of Goddess with a smile on his face.

The face of Avatar of Life Goddess was very rosy, but he didn’t answer any feelings, because the words of Avatar of Life Goddess all depend on the mind of the Goddess of Life.

This Avatar, without self-consciousness, can be regarded as a kind of failure in Avatar, equivalent to a puppet, naturally impossible to have any feeling.

Even if Avatar can feel it, Avatar cannot tell because she has no thoughts of her own.

“What does it feel like? I don’t know! Now, it’s your turn to tell you the secret of what you call, carrying our God Realm, and providing God Position to others?”

“This is a good deal we said…” Goddess did not answer Yun Chen, but made his original request.

I look forward to it very much.

This made Yun Chen couldn’t help but sneer a few times. Will he give life to Goddess his own secret? ? Impossible, I’m just playing around Goddess that’s all.

If you really want the secret in yourself, it’s actually very simple…

That is to live Goddess deity and oneself to leave an heir, otherwise it is impossible.

Since such a shy memory has been poured into the life Goddess deity, and his purpose has been achieved, there is no need to leave this Avatar.

Yun Chen eyes slightly narrowed into a straight line, leaning close to his face, and said: “You have your ears, I will tell you slowly, this is a big decision I have made!”

“I don’t want to be known by too many people.”

“I hope you understand.”

“I will understand…” Avatar of Goddess of Life Straight nodded, decisively approached the face.

shua shua! !

Just when Yun Chen was about to speak, and lip-marks like lipsticks appeared, Avatar of Life Goddess seemed to perceive something and planned to suddenly distance himself from Yun Chen.

But it was too late, I saw the bone spirit in Yun Chen’s hand instantly ignited the Avatar of Goddess of life, turning the Avatar of Goddess of Life into a fire man.

The Avatar of Goddess burning life…..

It made a crackle and an explosion sounded like the trees were scorched.

“You!!!” The life Goddess Avatar was ignited, but was not immediately destroyed. There was a chance that she absolutely didn’t expect Yun Chen to go back on one’s word.

Not only the first time that I took away my Avatar, but I also ignited my torch my Avatar so mercilessly. I also kept on saying that I needed my Avatar to leave an heir.

It seems that Yun Chen at first has no such intentions at all, just like a bastard, only intending to have a good time, just like a scumbag and irresponsible.

So as not to be exposed, I will kill my lover.

So cruel! ! !

The goddess of life didn’t expect Yun Chen to be so ruthless… merciless, he just gave him everything about Avatar, but what he didn’t expect in return was burning.

Burn and let your Avatar die…..

Although your Avatar is not painful, and your deity does not notice the pain, Goddess of life has to admire Yun Chen. A vicious method.

Like a killer with no feelings, he will only use others to get what he wants, and when he is done using it, he will be ruthlessly obliterated.

Yun Chen looked at Goddess with a shocked face, and could not help saying with a sneer: “a trifling Avatar, also want to know my secret? Life Goddess, you think I am too stupid, right? ??”

“Although I am Yun Chen, I am a person who loves beauty, but I am Yun Chen a person of value! An Avatar, even if it looks exactly like your deity!”

“Proposing to use my fleshy body to exchange my secrets for this type of transaction, I will not agree to it!! However, since you are so eager!!”

“It is better to give You have a lesson!”

“Warn you, don’t pay attention to my God Position!”

“Otherwise, the result will be worse than now…”

“You…you didn’t plan to do this so-called deal with me from the very beginning???” Goddess startled life, looking at Yun Chen incredulously.

Yun Chen said with a smile: “Otherwise?”

“Do you think I will trade with an intruder, a loser, a bird in a cage?? Especially This bird also looks like aloof and remote!”

“I at first, I said these transactions, but I intend to disgust you!”

“Although this is just Your Avatar, no matter what you have done, your deity will not be affected by a trace of truth, but you remember the same!”

“Let you experience becoming a woman once!!”

“Don’t thank me, I just did something insignificant, that’s all that your boyfriend, the god of destruction can’t do! If you still want it, you can continue to make an Avatar to come to me!”

“I would be happy…After all, if this is the case, you and I will both get what we need! hahaha…”

Yun Chen’s laugh The sound is like a demon, but what he says is all truthful, no word is lie, but Yun Chen is too base and shameless.

This makes Goddess the deity look down on life, and scolds angrily: “Despicable!”

“Despicable…..Aren’t you despicable? from the very beginning I intend to use all kinds of words to deceive me, wanting to get the secret about me!”

“Even at all costs, you dare to agree to the condition of betraying your boyfriend!”

“And also promised me a lot of things you can’t do.”

“The result, isn’t it the same as me?”

“Goddess of life, you less To pretend to be white, you will always be black…Everything you have done since your birth is not really white!”

“I thought you loved so much Your man, the god of destruction!”

“Didn’t expect, it’s also an existence that can’t help but temptation!”

“You might as well say that I am despicable, Is he too seeking instant benefit?” Yun Chen shrugged, is he mean? ?


But, I never said that I was not a mean person.

When I came to the mainland of Douluo from myself, every time I took a step, every time I did something, didn’t I always plot against?

How can a person who plot against deep down not be mean?

Furthermore, I really can’t blame myself this time. Goddess can only blame myself for being too anxious for my ability to hide from the sky.

Therefore neglecting many loopholes…

God Realm’s god, desire and greed are more serious than Spirit Master and Spirit Beast…

They understand better.

“Damn!!! Yun Chen, I remember you…I will not let you go! I will definitely come back to find you again, when the time comes, I will I won’t give you any chance!!”

“Your result, only death…” With time, the Avatar of Goddess has burned into pieces. .

The fleshy body completely turned into Nothingness, leaving behind a touch of Divine Consciousness fragments…

The Divine Consciousness fragments left behind such a paragraph, and planned to escape.

However, Yun Chen didn’t give it a chance to escape. He stretched out his hand and grabbed this fingernail-like Divine Consciousness fragment. This is a good thing.

item of great nourishment ….

You can’t waste it in vain, and you can’t let the life Goddess lower bound, without loss at all.

“Didi!!! Congratulations to the host… Congratulations to the host, the host has opened the dark section… Next, the host will get a special reward!!!”

“Please check the host now!” Just as Yun Chen pinched this piece of Divine Consciousness, there was a burst of system congratulations in his brain.

This makes Yun Chen’s look a little startled, good guy, can I get rewards for this wave of operations? ? ?

It shouldn’t be? ?

Looking at all around carefully, there is a mess, a lot of unknown liquid on the ground, and the air is full of a pink breath, although the life Goddess is no longer there.

However, the chaos on the scene has been maintained.

This made Yun Chen hurriedly use the bone spirit to ignite all the mess left by the all around, but Brigitte can’t let Brigitte discover all of this, otherwise Brigitte guesses that his heart will respond more or less Right? ?

After all, he has issued such a cruel operation to Goddess of life. Although the opponent is just a touch of Avatar, he still does not advocate this wave of operation.

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