Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 405

ka ka ka!

God Realm, the life palace of Goddess of life…

Still, here is a piece of green, and this green is like derived life. The taste of nature can make People sit here calmly, conserve strength and store up energy.

However, today, this green looks extra dazzling, and at the same time, green is filled with unfathomable mystery fiery-red, like anger, flames are about to erupt.


With a loud noise, Goddess fiercely slapped the table in front of him. The table was like a standing crystal TV.

The appearance of Yun Chen was still radiating inside, but this time, it has disappeared, leaving only Tzzzzzzz for a while, just like a black and white TV without signal.

This made the life Goddess couldn’t help but slap the table fiercely, directly slapped the table all split up and in pieces, and said angrily: “Asshole guy!!”

“Dare to fight with me!!! What a youngster the immensity of heaven and earth ……”

“Goddess ….. What happened?” Goddess of life The eruption caused a sissy-looking man outside to run over in a panic.

Looking at the broken table, like a cracked screen, looking at Goddess, the violent life, for a while, I knelt down and looked at Goddess as though I had done something wrong.

Is this man a Level 1 god, the god of destiny?

However, the current God of Destiny looks not at all as complacent as the Evil God before, and some of them are just a few words of worry and fear.

Obviously, he seems to be afraid that Goddess will continue to get angry and vent all his anger on himself. That taste is not acceptable to ordinary gods.

Level 1 God gets angry, God Realm will set off some storms, and the Divine King gets angry, it will make God Realm tremble a bit, even more how life Goddess until now is smiling.

But suddenly became angry. In God Realm, in this era, there is no one who is not afraid of it, right?

Something can make Goddess, a smiling, understanding life violent. It must be a damn thing. You have done something unforgivable.

Life Goddess took a deep breath, calmed himself down, and said, “It’s nothing! Bring this thing to the God of Machine to fix it…..It’s really not going well!!”

“Okay, I get it!!” The God of Destiny didn’t ask much, but came to Goddess of Life, lifted this table, and planned to leave.

However, I was stopped by the life Goddess before being carried out to 1st Step, and reminded: “Wen God…. Don’t tell anyone what happened today!”

“If the god of mechanics asks how the table broke, you will answer, I accidentally broke it, don’t say I am angry! Understand?”

“The subordinates are very clear. ….. I won’t say much. But, Goddess, please forgive me. What is it that makes you so flies into a rage?”

“Goddess, can you say something? “The god of destiny is named Beiming Wentian, and he is the protagonist of another world that is almost the same as the Douluo continent.

At a young age, less than thirty years old, he broke the restriction of that World and went to God Realm. Once he entered God Realm, he got the God Position of Level 1 God.

That is the god of fate, who can control the fate of anyone in the world.

However, a new god who has just entered God Realm, whether it is a Level 1 god or a Level 3 god, still needs an organization to take care of it, otherwise it will be bullied by other gods.

Now this God Realm is divided into several Great Influences, that is, the power of good and evil, the power of destruction and life, and the other…..

A force united by Asura God and Rakshasa God.

After many considerations, coupled with some rumors of God Realm, Beiming Wentian felt that it was the most appropriate to join the life Goddess camp, because other gods did not seem to serve well.

Moreover, there are some violent tendencies. Only the life Goddess is like a perfect image. This makes Beiming Wentian feel that it must be good to join the life Goddess camp.


After three years of joining, Beiming asked the genius to discover that this life Goddess is completely different from the rumors, and is much more complicated than other Divine Kings. Undercover by yourself.

At the same time, the God of Destiny is also God Realm only one Level 1 God who knows the difference between Goddess of life, even the boyfriend of Goddess of Life, God of Destruction is not clear.

My own woman has such a dark side.

And the God of Destiny also knows that this kind of secret, you’d better pretend to be a fool, otherwise skeleton doesn’t exist ……

Therefore, it will be mixed in three years Life Goddess confidant is such a position.

Life Goddess coldly smiled, saying: “It’s the bastard thing we prepared before!! That guy, not only refused our invitation!”

“He gave Goddess instead A surprise, this Goddess will definitely not let him go!”

“Since he didn’t take the initiative to hand it over, then don’t blame this Goddess for being ruthless! You go down… Let’s pause for a while Time, wait for a while, and then plan for the next step!!!”

“And, the next plan will definitely cost that guy…when the time comes, but not Will talk to us like that.”

“Yes…” Bei Ming Wentian didn’t dare to ask more questions. He raised the table, bowed his head, and walked out The founding palace of life, although my mind is full of doubts.

But Goddess of Life does not explain, nor can he ask more. Goddess of Life has some arbitrariness, and he will definitely not share it casually.

At least, in the entire God Realm, there is no god that can let the life Goddess share his secrets, including the god of destruction.

To say that two people are partners, Beiming Wentian feels more like a business marriage.

There is not much emotion to show at all.

Like a familiar stranger…

Everything you need.


Beiming Wentian left, leaving Goddess alone, and in the brain of Goddess, there has been a memory loop playing countless times.

This gave Goddess a chill and regret.

Isn’t that memory the same thing Yun Chen did with his Avatar?

I thought I could get everything, didn’t expect, I would be fooled. It seems that Yun Chen is very clever, but I also blame myself for seeking instant benefit too much.

Neglecting some details, since this guy has confronted Jiu Ming Evil God, and also severely damaged Jiu Ming Evil God, it shows that it is not a second-hand.

At the same time, there are that many beauties who don’t lose to their own beauty, how can you be a person in urgent need of beauty?

Also keep on saying, with a face of innocence, telling myself that I want an offspring with myself because I want to see how powerful my Goddess and my life are.

They are also of the same level as Divine King.

Now it seems that everything was deliberately done by Yun Chen. The reason is simple, that is, I want to disgust myself.

Yun Chen must know that the memories of his own deity and Avatar will coexist and cannot be deleted, so he came up with such an unreliable request.

Let yourself green the god of destruction…..

Fortunately, it is a touch of Avatar. If it is the deity, I am afraid that I can’t hold my head up? ?

Uncertainty, will the god of destruction suddenly like to be a father? ?

shua shua!

Just right, Goddess was thinking about it alone, and then he moved next, and suddenly, he felt a warmth on his back.

This made Goddess of Life had to turn around and look up.

It is actually the god of destruction.

And the god of destruction suddenly visited, and even hugged himself from behind, he didn’t realize it, what’s the situation? Could it be that he was slow? ?


Wait, maybe it’s because that memory is too deep, so that my brain keeps playing it repeatedly, and I have to focus on that paragraph. In the memory of cheating father.

“Little Green…Why are you alone in a daze?? Even when I arrived, you didn’t notice it…Could it be that you have something on your mind today?” God spoke, asking in a very gentle tone.

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