Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 407

Back to the mainland of Douluo…..

Yun Chen has left the closed prison room with a satisfied smile on his face, almost a bit Write out the three words elated.

“How?” As soon as Yun Chen came out, Brigitte had been waiting, looking at Yun Chen with a puzzled expression.

And, with Brigitte’s innocent gaze, Yun Chen didn’t know how to answer for a while, and he was silent for a long time before speaking, “It’s okay!”

” It’s just like Jiu Ming Evil God, focusing on some of my things, the secret that makes you gods! To put it a bit ugly, why is Jiu Ming Evil God so authorized to come to us!”

“There is only one answer, and that is authorized by Goddess of Life. Understand it. It’s like a ruthless hand controlling everything, but unfortunately, I interrupted that hand.”

“It is estimated that for some time, this guy won’t come to trouble us again.”

“What’s the situation with those two little calves? Have you educated them?”

Yun Chen changed the subject and pointed the finger at the Holy Cat. What happened today was caused by the Holy Cat, which added a lot of trouble to himself.

Actually, he made a private transaction with the owner of this forest to get Tang San to get revenge.

Something went wrong, and Goddess was aware of it, and finally found it, and almost killed the three little calves together and killed a group of Spirit Beasts.

If Brigitte hadn’t come, Yun Chen predicted that this green forest would have been renamed, right?

Change it to a garden of life, right? ?

As for the three-eyed golden gaze, it will definitely be brought back to God Realm by the Goddess of life. Although it is also a way to become a god, the result is the same, one has freedom.

The other one was controlled, lost freedom, and was studied and tortured day and night.


As soon as this remark came out, I saw Brigitte take a deep breath of helplessness. I don’t know when in her hand, carrying the black cat who has turned into a black cat, and said: “I can’t educate!!”

“Leave it to you!”

Speaking, Brigitte threw Xiao Hei directly to Yun Chen. It seemed that the education was not very smooth just now, but she was very big. , People have some anxiety.

Yun Chen looked at Xiao Hei, who had become a black cat, and couldn’t help it for a while, and laughed directly.

Yinling holy cat can become a cat form, nothing more than two possibilities, one is to be frightened, the other is to act stupid and helpless.

That is, no matter how you ask it, it will only meow you, and it’s all cat language, not even animal language.

It is a kind of self-protection.

Obviously, the Yinling Saint Cat is the second, deliberately, to pretend to be stupid, and not answer Brigitte a word, making Brigitte very helpless.

With the personality of Brigitte Holy Mother, she will definitely not punch and kick, she will only ask ambiguously.

And Xiao Hei just pretended to be stupid by seeing this.

However, it will not be so easy if the Yinling Holy Cat gets into his hands…

shua shua! !

Sure enough, as soon as the Yinling Saint Cat saw Yun Chen, he immediately cancelled his cat’s status and regained his adult form. He looked at Brigitte with indignation and said: “Bi elder sister, you lie to me! !”

“Didn’t you say that, as long as I give you an answer, why should I retaliate against Tang San, did you write off me? Why give me to this guy!!!”

“You are immoral at all!!”


Xiao Hei’s tone barely fell was hit by Yun Chen fiercely’s punch on the head, and a bag appeared directly, and Xiao Hei who was in pain had to cover his head.

With a stubborn, unyielding stare at Yun Chen.

I’m very angry, very upset, but I can’t fight, so I can only use my eyes to fight against Yun Chen….. If you can kill with your eyes, you must chopped up Yun Chen ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

Xiao Hei thought angrily… even gritted his teeth to express his inner anger.

But these angers have no effect at all…

Bricket said: “Yes…I said so, but your answer is different. , I’m asking you not only Tang San, but the deal you made with the owner of this forest, Cang Xiang.”

“You can’t say a word, bite! Since you don’t Cooperate, why do I have to patiently enlighten you?”

“Sure enough…hmph!! If you fail to learn, follow this guy, there will be no day to learn well! Only learn bad. ….” The little black evil fiercely glared at Yun Chen. The previous Brigitte was not like this.

I will never ask more. Ever since I got entangled with Yun Chen, like a different person, I started to use violence, although not serious violence.

But compared with the previous Brigitte, it is different…

Yun Chen sternly said: “It seems that you haven’t figured out the situation yet. ….. Brigitte saved your life, including the life of the Spirit Beasts in this forest!”

“Ask you some privacy questions, you plan to hide…Don’t say yes Brigitte, even me, I’m very angry!! Since you don’t tell me, there is only one way!!!”

“Send you to the roentgen cat family!! I believe they are very happy Accepted, I may not dare to have any thoughts about you, but once we get our authorization!”

“That is to follow orders…..Naturally, you will give them a bunch of cat Spirits Beast. Roentgen cats only have mating in their brains.”

“But, the fighting power is not small….The skin is thick and thick!! It just so happens that the Red King’s team lacks a lot of Spirit Beast to charge. Bing, you and the Roentgen cat’s child are very suitable!!!”

“Let’s go!!!”

Speaking, Yun Chen walked up to Xiao Hei and carried it directly. Xiao Hei, planning to leave.

While looking at Yun Chen with a serious expression, Xiaohei suddenly panicked. According to what Yun Chen said, isn’t he equivalent to, Roentgen cats’ RBQ?

Only responsible for giving birth to children, there is no other freedom.

I don’t want to be a sow.

I have to defend my power and fight the cat boxing like feminism.

When will our Rui Beast stand up? Shocked and cold! !

“Wait a minute…I said, I said!!” Xiao Hei could only speak helplessly.

Yun Chen put her down and said: “Let’s talk…”

“The deal I made with it was very simple… She introduced us to Star Dou Great Forest, that is, let it settle in Star Dou Great Forest! And let Ziji…the purple elder sister come to welcome it!!”

“Then it agreed That’s it!!!” The little black eyeball replied thiefly.

pa!! !

As soon as this statement came out, Xiao Hei’s ass suddenly felt a fierce sting, and Yun Chen was not at all polite at all, and fiercely slapped her ass.

The painful little black emotion can’t help making a strange cry: “Woo!!!”

“Do you think I would believe it, is that simple? If you don’t say it clearly, then I will One step, you can use it to guide you!!” Yun Chen wouldn’t believe this stinky cat’s side words.

I don’t know when I took out a long strip in my hand. The long strip is like a whip. To put it aptly, it is a nightmare in your childhood.

I don’t know how many children who are specially used for ass pumping have been persecuted by such a thing.

Xiao Hei looked at the slender wooden strip, dripping sweat on his forehead, and said: “I said, I said!!! Let’s go!! Cangsheng… “

“Like you, I want to open a harem!!”

“Not only for me, but also for purple elder sister!”

“I I promised to introduce him to the purple elder sister…so he has been cooperating with me!!”

“Even my younger sister…”

shua shua! !

As soon as these words came out, Yun Chen and Brigitte were completely stunned. Good guy, this gray, the strongest wolf of the Falling Shadow Wolf, trifling a Spirit Beast, only one hundred thousand years.

I want to open the harem…

Wait, the same as yourself? ? What does this mean? ?

Yun Chen suddenly became a little unhappy.

It’s legal to open a harem by yourself. It didn’t harm others, good fellow, but you…for a bit of military power, you betrayed your younger sister and Ziji.

If Zi Ji knew, she would definitely break this little black leg.

Yun Chen felt strange, no matter it was the Yinling Holy Cat, or whatever…

Cang Xiang was impossible because of a beast and gave the military power to Xiao Hei.

It turns out that this is the reason.

This pale appetite is not small.

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