Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 408

“So you agreed?” Yun Chen asked.

Xiao Hei lowered his head and replied: “Yes…otherwise, it is also impossible that Quetzalcoatl will arrest Tang San!! And, because of this.”

“The mad woman, that is, the woman caught by Bielder sister, chased us in an ambiguous manner, and has been protecting us on the green road. Her residents have been hit hard many times!”

“Obviously it can go away, but it doesn’t…It’s also because of my promise.”

pa!! !

For Xiao Hei, let the wooden sticks decisively beat her sleek buttocks, Yun Chen said: “Good deed!! In this way, equivalent to you eating inside and out!!”


“I actually betrayed my own people…just to avenge a Tang San???”

“If you don’t kill you, I feel sorry for Ziji!!”

“wu wu….. This is a resounding plan, but I promised that I don’t have to go to the appointment! I originally planned that it caught Tang San and dealt with Tang San, so I took The younger sister slipped away!!!”

“It is basically impossible to give it a chance and promise our promise!!!” Xiao Hei was beaten by this whip and cried out, but his ass is its most vulnerable part .

until now, why she was afraid when she saw Yun Chen? For this reason, she was beaten on her butt and was beaten mercilessly. Only one person did it.

That is Yun Chen.

This impolite person…..

Unfathomable mystery spanking others, just like a damn pervert.

Yun Chen coldly shouted, saying: “I want to write a bad check. Do you think they are the second fool?? People live for 100,000 years, but they live in vain?”

“If I didn’t guess wrong…”

“You may be left with something that can be traced at any time!”

“Want to escape??? “


“Chen, indeed…I checked Xiao Hei’s body and found one that looked like you The same thing as the tracker is a resounding hair!”

“Those hairs are very spiritual…”

“And they will hide themselves, It has become the same as the hair on Xiao Hei. If you look at it with naked eye, you can’t distinguish it!” Brigitte interrupted and pulled out a white hair that can move freely.

The length of this hair is exactly the same as when Xiao Hei became a cat, and the color can also evolve. If you don’t look carefully, you will really think that it is the hair of Xiao Hei.

The only difference is that there are some black spots on the torso of these manes? ?

The mane that Brigitte took out, let Xiao Hei startled, and said: “What!! Really?? Isn’t it? That guy has such a high IQ?”


It was another wooden stick and spanked, Yun Chen angrily said: “You will be less smart for me in the future!! Next time, I will strip all your hair out!!”


“Let you run naked…”

“…” Xiao Hei didn’t dare to refute a word, he could only look at the mane like a dementia .

However, Brigitte took a deep breath and said: “This mane is dead!! Cang should be aware of this in response…..The guy who is loud, not simple!!!”

“Isn’t it…I saw it from the first sight, it’s not simple… I said it is a Spirit Beast, but IQ, desire, more like a person !”

“It seems…today will not be so easy to leave here.”

“Why is it not easy?” Xiao Hei looked innocently Yun Chen.

Yun Chen said: “Your younger sister, you should be caught by it!! Let me predict specifically, when you catch the life Goddess, this guy has already planned this step!!!”

“Originally planned to have more, but because of our presence and our strength, this guy stopped thinking about more. At first, let’s focus on Xiao Bai!!!”

“It just so happened that Xiao Bai was very sleepy at the time….. Even if the vigil stays overnight and stays up all night, impossible will make a beast exhausted!”

“Obviously , Was interfered by something!”

“What? Xiao Bai!!!” Hearing this, Xiao Hei suddenly realized that if she didn’t understand it, she wouldn’t be a beast.

It’s a silly head.

So, after receiving this passage from Yun Chen, Xiao Hei flew towards Xiao Bai’s position all the way, desperate…

In less than a moment.

Come to the cave of Xiao Bai…

Xiao Hei rushed in…..

Looking for Xiao Bai’s silhouette , And kept yelling: “Xiao Bai!!!”

Then no voice responded.

Bricket decisively turned on her Divine Consciousness, scanned this cave, and gave an answer: “It’s gone!! All gone!”

“It’s not just Xiao Bai …Cangxian, and all of its subordinates are gone!”

“Also, the three-eyed golden rut just transformed!!”

” Sure enough…” Hearing this, Yun Chen had been prepared for this. This resounding, simply not that simple, maybe he is a good leader for Spirit Beast.

That’s the same race…

Once you face a different race, it’s different. Even if they are all Spirit Beasts, there will be differences.

Just like humans.

Think about it carefully. Almost all of Xiao Hei at first’s plans were used by Cang Xiang and became a part of his own plan. After all, Cang Xiang also wanted the power of Rui Beast.

If you don’t seize the time to find Sanyan Jinlu and Xiao Bai, it is estimated that these two will have a curious child, right? ?

Yun Chen had to look towards Xiao Hei who was shocked and dazed.

This time, Xiao Hei was a real rollover. Rui Beast’s IQ was originally higher than the average one hundred thousand years. This time, it can’t be played by Cangsheng.

However, the sound may not be only one hundred thousand years…..

Yun Chen estimates, this sound is at least three hundred thousand years, right?

Three hundred thousand years.

Although the data has not been announced, it can be known from his every move that 300,000 years is the most appropriate.

Much higher than the Red King, and almost like Zi Ji.

Yun Chen said: “I have a question! Since Cang Xiang told you, he values ​​Zi Ji, why doesn’t he value our Brigitte?”

“Because he said that Brigitte has too many pursuers, such as Jun Xiong, he can’t afford to offend…so he can only find Zi Ji!! It just so happens that Zi Ji has a certain Dragon Clan Bloodlines.”

“If you combine, you can have a chance to get a part of Dragon Clan Bloodlines, and once again move towards a new level!” Xiao Hei replied obediently and honestly.

This paragraph of answer made Yun Chen a little relieved for a while. Obviously, Jun Xiong still has some effect…At least his reputation can intimidate some, for Brigitte has ideas for illegal elements.

“Let’s not delay, I just looked for their breath, they are divided into two groups…our side also needs to be divided into two groups!!” Just as Yun Chen also intends to ask Some of Brigitte couldn’t sit still when some insignificant questions, prompting.

This made Xiao Hei look a little startled, and said: “The soldiers are divided into two groups…this!!! Also, Bielder sister, how did you find the breath? You are not the first Have you seen Cangxiang again?”

“The aura I am looking for is not Cangxiang, but from Sanyan Jinyao and your younger sister. This Cangxiang has some cleverness, and Chen can also trace the breath !”

“So, I decided, you and I will chase your younger sister Xiao Bai all the way, Chen alone all the way, to chase Sanyan Jinya! After finding each other, find a time to meet! !” Brigitte made a good decision.

This makes Xiao Hei nodded ……

Although she is also worried about the three-eyed golden ruin, in Xiao Hei’s heart, the most important one is still Own younger sister, younger sister who lives and dies together.

Naturally impossible to leave.

If you have to choose, choose one of the two, Xiao Hei will also choose Xiao Bai.

Yun Chen shrugged, said: “Almost! It just so happens that the three-eyed golden ya should be grasped by the Cangxiang deity. I guess I will find a place to complete the combination!!”

“Moreover, this guy also owes me something…..I will come to him to collect it!”

“When we complete our respective tasks, we will be in Star Meet Luo Empire in the capital!!!”

shua shua! !

Speaking, the three of them dispersed in an instant, moved towards their goal and rushed away…

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