Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 409

Somewhere in the deep forest of the blue forest…..

I saw a huge Spirit Beast, moved towards up ahead, flying towards up ahead, desperate , I don’t care what environment all around is.

In less than a while, I came to a place, under a slightly darkened tree, and the wolf Spirit Beast carried a golden on its back, which looked like a Fox Spirit Beast.

Aren’t these two Yun Chen and Brigitte, the sound that Xiao Hei looks for everywhere?

The most powerhouse of the Falling Shadow Canglang clan, the clan.

Is also the legal owner of this forest.

And what he is carrying on his back is not the white cat of the Yinling Holy Cat, but the three-eyed golden 猊. Obviously, in the heart of Cang Ying, it seems that the three-eyed golden 猊 is better than the Yin Ling The holy cat is more important.


Cang Xiang put the three-eyed golden gaze to the other side. The 3-eyed golden gaze had already woken up, but Mental was kept under control and could not move freely.

“It seems that we have finally come to a place where no one is disturbed…this place is beautiful, especially suitable for us to combine! Cultivate a strong next generation!” Cangxiang smiled. Talking.

And, the three-eyed Jinya stared at it with a refusing gaze, but did not speak, as if unable to speak.

This made Cangxiang smile and said: “Yes, I forgot to lift the silence state for you…Take off the silence state and give me a satisfactory answer!”

“Like human beings, I like to take the initiative and don’t like to be forced! Because forced will lose a lot of things…In order to ensure quality, of course it is best to take the initiative.”


Speaking, Cang Jing put out a breath at the three-eyed golden 猊, this breath is actually purple, Purple Qi assaults the senses, so that the three-eyed golden 猊 instantly wakes up.

And can speak.

The first sentence of the three-eyed Jin Yu’s mouth was to ask: “Cangxiang, what are you planning to do?? Carrying me, came to this wilderness alone!”


“And also so boasted shamelessly speaking nasty words!!”

“What do you plan to do? But do the most primordial thing of our Spirit Beast, the power of your destiny, you should Have you noticed it already? Half of it has been lost, and only half is left?” Cang Xiang was not anxious, but instead looked at Jin Yu with a patient face.

For Cang Xiang, too anxious, but there will be some counterproductive effects.

Although the three-eyed Jinya would definitely not agree to mate with her, and give birth to her…the remaining power of destiny and power of luck once again divided into two to herself.

But Cangxiang will not miss it. In order to obtain this power of fate and luck, my loyal subordinates do not know how much to sacrifice.

Even, almost killed by a crazy human being.

If you don’t get something back, what is it for? ?

I am really not a licking dog.

Like human beings, I live only for profit. The Yinling Holy Cat and the Three-eyed Golden Ye, at first Cangxiang plans to choose the Yinling Holy Cat.

Because the Death Power mastered by the ghost cat, there are three powers of day and night, which is a bit similar to Time and Space Strength, and the ghost cat also promised to introduce itself to Star Dou Great Forest .

Then my plan is to get the power of the Yinling Sacred Cat immediately after being introduced, at all costs, to find Zi Ji again.

Get Zi Ji.

Cangxiang is not a Spirit Beast that only lives for mating, it is for getting stronger and for growth.

The 300,000-year-old cultivation base is about to reach its limit.

But I don’t want to die.

Because once I die, there is nothing.

Therefore, you can only search for the Lucky Beast, get some of the original blood of Lucky Beast, or some bloodlines of the noble race Spirit Beast, before you can continue.

Break this restriction.

The Cangxiang family, the life of the Falling Shadow Wolf was originally 300,000 years. From the birth of the Douluo mainland, the Falling Shadow Wolf family has always existed.

Generation after generation, up to 300,000 years, Falling Shadow Wolf will die.

It’s like a spell.

Cang Xiang doesn’t want the same ending as the ancestor. It will die in 300,000 years. It wants to live longer.

Therefore, if the Falling Shadow Wolf clan can live longer, there is only one way to introduce a brand new bloodline.

Yinling sacred cat and three-eyed golden cat are good candidates.

At first, Cangxiang plans to choose the Yinling Saint Cat because the Yinling Saint Cat can buy one get two free, because it is two sisters, equivalent to twice the blood of the source of the beast.

I also recommended myself to meet with Zi Ji. I am using some means, and I may get Zi Ji, and Zi Ji has Dragon Race, the purest bloodline.

Dragon Clan Bloodlines, if Clan Clan Bloodlines can be obtained, Clan Clan Bloodlines can live for at least 500,000 years…not only that, but also powerful power.

However, the Yinling Saint Cat has been plotting against, without giving himself a chance, and has never trusted himself.

Just as Goddess came to life, Cang Xiang planned to show it and dispel the suspicion of Yinling Holy Cat.

However, this time is planned.

Cang Xiang found an incredible thing, the spirit of a beast of the Yinling Holy Cat, which is not worth mentioning, speaking in front of the three-eyed Jin Yu.

At the same time, Cang Xiang also overheard some conversations between Brigitte and Yun Chen.

The mad woman who can kill her own kind and knock her down as easy as blowing off dust is actually a god, from God Realm, and God Realm’s god…


Suddenly came, just to catch a beast.

That is the three-eyed golden dog.

Because Cang Xiang is not clear about the details of the content of Goddess of life, and the face of Goddess of life is chasing and killing the beasts, Cang Xiang naturally mistakenly believes that the lower realm of Goddess of life is only three-eyed golden beasts.

Therefore, let Cang Xiang understand how high the value of the three-eyed golden 猊 is, an existence that can attract the attention of the gods, the Yinling Saint Cat does not receive such treatment.

This suffices to show that the amplification brought by the three-eyed golden 猊 must be unexpected.

This allowed Cang Xiang to change some of the contents of the plan, that is, to transfer the target Yinling Saint Cat to the three-eyed golden 猊, although the three-eyed golden 猊 has the power of luck and the power of destiny.

Half was extracted by Yun Chen, but there is still half, which is sufficient for himself.

You can’t waste it yourself.

Three-eyed Jinya suddenly realized that her spiritual wisdom has always been higher than half of Spirit Beast, so she naturally understands the meaning of this passage.

This made three-eyed Jinyao, and said furiously: “Do you dare?? Are you not afraid to be dismantled by Di Tian? Even destroy the entire green forest??”

“What can’t I dare?”

“hahaha!!! Three-eyed golden rude, I didn’t expect ….. You can be so naive, I am indeed not as good as your mouth Di Tian they! They can also destroy the Cangxiang Forest!”

“However, the Cangxiang Forest destroyed at that time will be an empty forest, and there will be no more Spirit Beast in the forest. ! Some are just forests.”

“As a beast, you go out with the Yinling Saint Cat. Di Tian is not immediately blocked. This is enough to show that you are leaving secretly!”

“And, I remember the three-eyed golden dog, your ability is to hide, right? Once you hide yourself, no one in the world can find you.”

“As long as I get half of you The ability, then I can also hide, how can Di Tian find me???” Hearing this, coldly smiled, looks like the overall situation has been decided.

With confidence, I never thought about accidents.

This made the three-eyed Jinya startled. Indeed, Di Tian didn’t know about his own departure, but the three-eyed Jinya didn’t intend to compromise, and continued: “Di Tian doesn’t know. …. Kebi elder sister should understand?? You take me away, will Bi elder sister not find it?”

“You have to be clear, she is better than that The mad woman who was slammed is several times stronger. If she finds it, do you think you will be all right?”

“Hmm…..Yes!! It’s not rough, but, The premise is that she finds it. In a word, I only need to get your power and hide it!”

“No matter how strong she is, she can’t be found.”

“And, It’s not just you that I took. If you choose one of the two, the other will be more exposed, and the exposed guy will immediately attract Brigitte!”

“And I, there will be Enough time, get you…” Cang Xiang looked at Jin Yu with disapproval.

Sanyan Jinya still intends to continue to say something.

Cang Xiang was a little impatient, and said angrily: “If you talk too much, I’d better shut up for you! Silence order!! Next, we need to do business!!”


Cang Xiang has layers of silver rays of light. These rays of light once again block the three-eyed golden 猊, making the three-eyed golden 猊 unable to move even a little bit, and can’t speak.

The silence was restored once again.

And Cangsheng, this moment turned into an evil demon wolf, moved towards Three-eyed Jinya leaning in the past, the first goal to lean towards is Sanyan Jinya’s ass.

Just like the mating of animals.

This made Cang Xiang said: “I remember that you swallowed a trace of Divine Consciousness, you already have a transformation, and the appearance of transformation is still a great character!”

“If you are more acquainted, transform immediately to cooperate with me! Make a beautiful picture of the orc, I may be very happy, use it up, let you free!”

“Not used up , Kill you…”

“……..” Cangxiang’s words made the three-eyed golden eyes full of panic, but they didn’t transform. Obviously, she didn’t want to let the blue sound taint her appearance.

Faced with the sound of a hungry wolf, the position is getting closer and closer. If you don’t pay attention, the sound will take over yourself, and there is only panic in the three-eyed golden eyes.

I can’t make a sound, and I can’t even call for help or help.

Walking every second, every second of the distance, three-eyed Jinya feels that he is one step closer to despair.


Cang Xiang has revealed her terrifying fangs, intending to look at three golden eyes, and even take off her pants when she is killing her. Drop.

“Actually, I don’t like… doing this to a Spirit Beast who can’t speak. I hope you can have a voice, but once you have a voice, I will be in trouble!”

“So, this time, I’ll make an exception! Let’s play a silent drama! Look at your disagreement and disgust.”

“I also understand that I am just a Spirit Beast of an ordinary race, not even as rare as the Feathered Serpent God, but my ability is strong enough! I can also satisfy you…”

” You will gradually like me…”

sou sou! !

Just as Cang Xiang was about to touch the three-eyed golden 猊, a white rays of light flashed by, and the white rays of light cut through Cang Xiang’s lower body like a scalpel.

A burst of blood spurted out.

The green lower body, as a sign of a male Spirit Beast, was severed in two, spewing out a lot of blood.

Accompanied by the screams, the screams: “ao ao ao!!!”

Since then, there is one less male Spirit Beast in the world, appears a Court Eunuch Spirit Beast.

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