Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 410

“ao ao ao!!!” Three screams, covering the entire green forest, accompanied by a story that a generation of kings is about to fall.

This story has no end.

Only pain.

“!!!” The three-eyed Jinya also saw Cangying’s lower body, spurting blood like a fountain, the picture was very bloody, I didn’t know what to say for a while.

I should be happy? ?

Does this mean that Cang Xiang has become a waste dog? ?

Impossible Are you thinking about yourself?

Or should I feel sad? ?

A Spirit Beast with a 300,000-year-old cultivation base, the owner of the Reverberation Forest, from this moment on, it will have no offspring and will not be able to enjoy a normal happy life?

The three-eyed golden yao is not clear….. However, looking at the distraught blue sound, the three-eyed golden yao has an inexplicable urge to laugh for some reason.

If she can make a sound now, then it must be hahaha, she deserves it! !

However, she still can’t make a sound.

Only the gray sound, the crippling of the lower body, made him furious, roaring like a roar: “Who!! Come out for Lao Tzu… Lao Tzu must break you to pieces!!”


“Your home is destroyed!!”

sou sou! !

A cool breeze blew, and at the branch of a mulberry tree above their head, stood a handsome young man holding a white long sword. The young man lowered his head and looked at it. He couldn’t help but speak, and said with a smile: “Cangxiang, Cangxiang! Actually taking advantage of our discussion!”

“Actually, you left without a word, but you are here. Master, your master has left, how can we guests sit down at ease!”

“You said yes?”

Yun Chen jumped down from the tree, Faint smile looked at the sound of losing male characteristics…eccentric said.

Cang Xiang looked at Yun Chen, startled, and said: “It’s you!!”

“It’s not me…I have been staring at you, You didn’t give me any of the things I wanted, and you even planned to steal my things!”

“You said, should you become a useless dog?” Yun Chen shrugged, Walked to the side of the three-eyed golden ya, and cancelled the three-eyed jinya’s ban and control order.

Return the three-eyed golden dog to freedom.

And, as soon as the three-eyed Jin Yu saw Yun Chen, a strange feeling in his heart suddenly increased, and that feeling was as if he was about to fall.

Looking at Yun Chen, the entire expressions all become different.

There is a lot of tenderness…

There is more being close.

Yes, the power of luck and destiny of the three-eyed golden yao once again fit together, just like the heavens told the three-eyed golden yao, the person in front of you is your future husband.

Although Sanyan Jinya didn’t know what was going on, it felt so sudden. Although it was unreasonable, he couldn’t explain it clearly.

If you have to explain, it is that in Sanyan Jinyu’s entire body system, some have been infected by Yun Chen’s blood.

That’s why there is a kind of cordial and unfathomable mystery impulse.

Cang Xiang suddenly condensed a powerful red rays of light in his mouth, and moved towards Yun Chen, erupting: “Go to death!! Bastard things!!”

“First Spirit Ability: Rapid arc breaking!!!”

bang bang bang!!

A powerful spirit power light wave spurted out, like a pair of scissors, ruthlessly separating the scene, but at this moment, the only target locked is Yun Chen.

I plan to completely tear Yun Chen apart.

I didn’t give Yun Chen a chance to have a conversation with himself. Cang Xiang now has only one idea to kill Yun Chen, and let Yun Chen lose his blood.



Light wave shot out. The white sword in Yun Chen’s hand was a cold fire from the bone spirit, but he hadn’t moved. Now he watched the rampage of Guangbo…

Bone Spirit’s cold white sword suddenly changed, and a black flame grew from the body of the white sword. This was the sky, moved towards the light wave, and it was cut down with a single sword.

shua shua! !

Light Wave was instantly divided into two….. into Nothingness by Bone Spirit’s cold white sword…

This made Cangxiang startled and said: “What! !”

“Cangxiang, it seems that you don’t plan to sit down and have a good talk with me. If you don’t agree, you will fight, just to my liking, inside my plot against…”

“There are a few people who lack a one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring …..”

“And as a Spirit Beast of three hundred thousand years, you can be divided into three. Give They are one by one. As for the Cangxiang Forest, I believe the Feathered Serpent God is willing to take your place!!”

“Although the Falling Shadow Clan Wolf clan is the overlord in this forest, but one Race, annihilation, is just a thought that’s all!”

“Satisfy you!!”

“Bone spirits are cold!! The sky is ignited…”

The sudden eruption of Cang Xiang, Yun Chen had already prepared. When Yun Chen saw that Cang Xiang was planning to use the three-eyed golden monk, Yun Chen had already decided.

No longer give this wolf a chance to plot against himself, and directly obliterate it.

Extract its spirit ring.

Three hundred thousand year spirit ring, you can partition the system into three hundred thousand year spirit ring.

And equip three people.

One of them is Dugu Bo, and there are two remaining, Spirit Hall until now, both of them are taken care of, and they have never betrayed Spirit Hall until death.

In the original book, these two people can be said to have been giving, but Bibi Dong didn’t satisfy any of their wishes, so let’s satisfy them.

Give them a one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring.

And these two people, are they Spirit Hall, Bibi Dong’s faithful servants, Gui Mei and Yue Guan?

I can specify, I can make the system transform the spirit ring of the blue, so that the spirit ring of 300,000 years can be divided into three, or they can be used together to resonate.

Innovated a three-body Spirit fusion technology.

Although Yue Guan until now has some grudges with Dugu Bo, every time they meet, they will quarrel, but it is not a vengeance, they will change because of this.

bang bang bang!!

The cold fire of the bone spirit erupted, and the strength of the cold fire of the bone spirit this time was stronger than that of the feather snake god. It directly enveloped the position of the clang, and encased the clang.

It is like a pyramid full of seals, but this pyramid has two layers, one is the bone spirit and the other is the sky.

Dropping from the sky directly on Cang Xiang.

The crotch of the blue has been scrapped, making it lose a certain amount of combat effectiveness. After all, whether it is a Spirit Beast or a human, as long as it is a male, it will have such a fatal weakness.

What’s more, the weakness of Cang Xiang has been cut away by Yun Chen.

There is no immediate painful fainting, which is enough to show that the Willpower is very powerful.

How can it be possible to burst out all the strength.


The Bone Spirit Pyramid of Cold Fire enveloped the Cang Xiang, blocking the Cang Xiang’s subsequent movements.

Let the desperate moved towards this pyramid collision, trying to break the pyramid, to break through restrictions, and return freedom.

It can be hit again and again without any effect at all.

Until Yun Chen showed a meaningful smile, and cried out in front of Cangxiang: “Monthly reading!”

Once monthly reading is turned on, it cannot be stopped.

Forcibly pull Cangxiang into one month to read time and space. In time and space, Cangxiang is cut off by Yun Chen’s male symbol again and again. This plot has been played countless times.

It makes Cangxiang an illusion, but this illusion is extremely real, because the cut pain will be played again and again!

And go deep into its heart.

“Ah!!! Humans, damn…” Cang Xiang screamed in pain.

But the scream is like a sweet voice, repeating all the time, inside the Bone Spirit Cold Fire Pyramid…

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