Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 411

In the monthly reading of the World, Cang Xiang suffered the pain of being cut off from the little brother again and again, and the pain was one after another, at first Cang Xiang 1 felt good to endure once.

It can be cut off once, lasting about 3 minutes, and the same picture as before appears again, and my little brother is cut off again, repeating the performance again and again.

Cangxiang collapsed in an instant. At this moment, its Mental could no longer support its own sanity, although it tried to gasp and calm itself down.

But I can’t calm down at all. As a Spirit Beast of 300,000 years, I was cut off as a male symbol. No one can bear it.

And Cang Xiang’s first reaction is revenge. Since I have become a Court Eunuch Spirit Beast, I can’t make you feel better, but the cold-fired pyramid of Bone Spirit enveloped it.

He couldn’t break this protective wall. In the end, he bleeds and Mental’s full collapse, silent death, the owner of the Cangling Forest, has changed his name and surname at this moment.

There will never be a trace left. It was once a memory of the master of the Cangxian Forest. Some are just a corpse, a blood stain, nothing more.

shua shua! !

Looking at fleshy body bleeding and death, Mental couldn’t bear the collapse of repeating the same mistakes. Yun Chen couldn’t help taking a deep breath. Faced with this corpse, Yun Chen hadn’t let it go.

We still continue to open the monthly reading, this time monthly reading is infinitely magnified, but this time monthly reading is not an invasion of the mental world, but its memory.

Yes, Yun Chen had the same plan. He didn’t let go of the memory of Cang Xiang, and tried to find out a series of stories about Soul Sea Dolphin from the memory of Cang Xiang.

That’s a good thing. Since Cangxiang is playing tricks and don’t intend to say it, then go and investigate it yourself. The result is the same anyway.

ka ka ka! !

This time the invasion lasted about one minute, Yun Chen has grasped all the memories of the sky, and revealed a meaningful smile.

It turns out that the Soul Sea dolphin is far away from the horizon…..

There is a lake in this desolate forest, called desperate situation lake, which is full of mystery The lake is bottomless and has two layers.

The outer layer is a normal lake, and there is a layer of lake inside the lake, like a sandwich. On the inner layer, a star Soul Sea dolphin with an 8,000-year cultivation base resides.

The origin of this star Soul Sea dolphin is exactly the same as that of the Quetzalcoatl. They all fled to the Cangxiang Forest, and came here from the endless ocean in the southeast.

As for how to escape, there is a blank in the memory of the sound…There is no record of how the Star Soul Sea dolphin came to that lake.

At the same time, the lake has a history of almost half a million years, that is, Cangxiang has existed before it was born.

However, there is no Spirit Beast in the Cangling Forest. There are not many Spirit Beasts who can dive. Anyway, Star Dou Great Forest has Spirit Beast such as Sky Azure Bull Python diving.

There is no such Spirit Beast in the Cangxiang Forest.

Therefore, no Spirit Beast has ever discovered that the desperate situation in the lake has a layer inside, and the layer inside is even more mysterious. Just a star Soul Sea dolphin is enough to show that the lake has absolute secrets.

So, all the star fragments in Cangxiang Forest and Water Curtain Cave were all dropped from this star Soul Sea dolphin, which is considered an expired product.

For a while, Yun Chen wanted to meet some of them to meet the rare Spirit Beast, the soul sea dolphin, which is a 8,000-year-old cultivation base, and see if he can find a new home for him.

The only thing that surprised Yun Chen is that this green forest is obviously a spirit Beast with great ambitions.

How could it be possible for a star Soul Sea dolphin to live here without paying rent?

This is a problem.

And Cang Xiang’s memory does not include Cang Xiang’s thoughts on the next action of Soul Sea Dolphin…

is an exception.

Cang Xiang can start with Rui Beast, how could it be a cheaper, rare and precious Spirit Beast.

In other words, Cangxiang is actually just the puppet of the 8,000-year-old cultivation base star Soul Sea dolphin, because the IQ of the star Soul Sea dolphin is evenly matched with the beast.

They develop spiritual wisdom and Mental…

Even though their fleshy body is very weak, Mental, the brain, has always been among the best.

Of course, this is just a guess by Yun Chen. After all, Cang Xiang has a 300,000-year cultivation base. Since I dare to have an idea about the three-eyed golden rut, the Yinling Holy Cat.

Definitely not willing to be a puppet.

If you want to know all the secrets, you can only meet with this star Soul Sea dolphin to reveal the truth.

However, before that, I should return to the Shrek Seven Devils team to sign up for a wave of Spirit Master tournament, all land elite Spirit Master tournament. Let’s make the next plan.

Yun Chen took a deep breath, turned around, and put his gaze on Sanyan Jinyao.

This release, Yun Chen frowned, because the three-eyed Jinya didn’t know when, as if he had already transformed into form when he had just killed his hand against the blue sound.

Become the Goddess of life.

He looked at himself with a smile on his face.

And this so-called smile, Yun Chen looks at it, like a tiger opens a big mouth and wants to swallow himself.

Yun Chen has an ominous premonition gradually raised ….

“cough cough!!! Are you okay??” Yun Chen coughed a few times to relieve the freezing atmosphere.

Three-eyed Jin Yu threw a wink and said: “I’m fine! Thank you…”

However, it is precisely because of this wink that makes The corner of Yun Chen’s mouth twitched. Good fellow, don’t worry if you wink your eyes. How about your wink, like a wild beast in estrus? ?

Don’t you have the idea of ​​hungry wolves to eat, under this broad daylight, you will be forced to take possession of yourself?

Although I know very well, if Rui Beast has other races within the body, or Spirit Beast blood, it will have a good impression of the source of the blood.

Just like Wang Qiu’er’s affection for Huo Yuhao’s late unfathomable mystery.

But, there is no need to exaggerate, right? ?

No matter what, I saw the three-eyed golden 猊 transforming into the life Goddess, and I had once disgusted the life Goddess before. This look was a bit of discomfort.

Can you change it…

This is Yun Chen’s first thought.

“The host, of course!! What the host likes, just let the system immediately create a metamorphic seed and give it to Sanyan Jinya!”

“She will It can be fixed…”

“In addition, if the host does not hurry up, use a lock box to divide the three hundred thousand year spirit ring into three hundred thousand year spirit rings. , Put it in the box.”

“Then the blue sound will die, and those spirit rings will disappear…” Just as Yun Chen thought, the voice of the system suddenly appeared. come out.

Answer Yun Chen’s request immediately.

hearing this, of course Yun Chen didn’t think much about it, and agreed, saying: “The three-eyed golden dog still looks the best like the original! That looks appropriate too!!”

“Besides, Tang Wutong is indeed a good beautiful woman in the making!”

“It’s a pity, it’s the daughter of Tang San and Xiao Wu, and I am Xiao Wu’s godfather. In the future, Tang San only has a dead end, it is impossible to appear in the role of Tang Wutong.”

“However, this can also make the original three-eyed Jin Lu, the transformed Wang Qiuer… no longer a substitute. Product!!!”

“Host, just make a seed that looks like Tang Wutong!”

“I only have one requirement, the age adjustment is slightly larger, not 15 years old , 18 years old, preferably 21 years old!! The setting is the same as in Wang Qiu’er’s original work.”

“As for the name, let me give the three-eyed golden ruin!!”

“Received, this system has been completed, you can give it to the three-eyed golden dog, and the spirit ring storage box has been distributed to the host!”

“The host, please use the bone spirit to transform into thin Knife, divide the three hundred thousand year spirit ring into three hundred thousand year spirit rings, and put them in the spirit ring storage box!”

“Only then can the spirit ring be maintained….. “System replied vigorously.

shua shua!

next moment, Yun Chen appears a white jade medicine bottle in his hand. The white jade medicine bottle contains a seed, which is actually just a medicine pill.

The medicine pill exudes the sweet smell of strawberries.

People who didn’t know thought it was made by strawberries.

There is also a classical golden square box with a seal on it.

Isn’t it a spirit ring storage box?

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