Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 412

Yun Chen quickly walked in front of the three-eyed Jinyao, faced the three-eyed Jinyao, and said, “Eat this thing! Your current appearance, identity, Douluo mainland can’t walk around casually!!”

“Why?” Three-eyed Jinya took the white jade bottle and looked at Yun Chen confusedly. It seemed that Yun Chen needed a reasonable answer. , Will agree.

not at all Because it is Yun Chen, I lose myself and become uninitiated.

Yun Chen is afraid of this. He is afraid that Sanyan Jinyu will become a nympho because of taking his own blood. He has no sense of autonomy and follows him all the time.

If you follow yourself too much, Yun Chen will find it meaningless.

Finding girls, women, you can’t follow yourself in everything, if you follow yourself, isn’t it equivalent to all the women you look for are yourself? ?

Find yourself?

What a funny idea.

The first condition for the woman Yun Chen is looking for is to be self-conscious, to put forward some opinions different from her, and then discuss them together.

In this way, more precise things can be determined.

For example, Bibi Dong, Bibi Dong is a self-conscious person who does not follow his own settings.

This setting is very good.

Spirit Hall is managed by her alone, instead of asking herself over and over again, what should I do next? What are our next plans?

Then I will be very tired.

Yun Chen said, I don’t want a vase, I want someone who is capable. If you don’t have the ability, I don’t need to look for you because it’s just a burden.

It is obvious that the three-eyed Jin Lu has the same personality as the original.

Although I have a good impression of unfathomable mystery towards myself, some principles are still maintained.

Yun Chen now wants to convince her.

Not very difficult.

Only one sentence is required.

Yun Chen opened his mouth and said: “Douluo mainland is just a mortal world. If a mortal world, a God Realm appears, and a woman who looks like a Divine King, do you think that God Realm will not pay attention?”

“Even if you are an auspicious beast, you have the ability to cover the sky and the sun, but you still have a huge risk.”

“You still want to try again, be wiped, nail-sized Divine Consciousness feels tormented?”

“…Okay.” Hearing this, three-eyed Jinya flinched for a while, indeed, this look and this dress are too ostentatious.

Even if you can block God Realm’s eyeliner…but if you look too exaggerated, you will be noticed.

Just being a life Goddess, he almost tortured himself to death.

If God Realm notices this again, he really might lose his freedom and be caught by God Realm at all costs, as for the result after the arrest.

Sanyan Jinlu doesn’t even think about it, because when she thinks about it, she feels terrifying.

Yun Chen continued: “Moreover, Goddess, do you think this looks beautiful?”

“Pretty…but some of the colors are too gorgeous, All are green…and in the human world, green is not a simple color!”

Three-eyed golden straight nodded answer.

Yun Chen is obviously startled, good guy, these three-eyed Jinya actually know Green’s story.

This spiritual wisdom is really similar to human beings.

And it is not a human child, update a wise man.

Yun Chen said with a slight smile: “Isn’t it… green, if you see more, it will be aesthetically tired, and it will be eye-catching. If you want to continue to confuse the human World!!!”

“It’s better to cancel this look and change it to another one.”

“Moreover, your appearance is like a copy, without any unique features. I can give you a brand new one. , Unique and unmatched appearance.”

“Can I still confuse the human World?? You won’t send me back to Star Dou Great Forest??” Hearing this, three-eyed Jinya omitted Yun Chen’s Some comments.

Instead, I found a word.

Yun Chen helplessly said: “Yes…I didn’t plan to let you go back at first, now Star Dou Great Forest, there is some chaos! The Red Kings are all fighting!”

“Di Tian, ​​they have already gone to the Spirit Hall to do missions…Leave you, Brigitte has always been with me, and Zi Ji is doing research alone! Leaving you alone, you Very lonely!”

“It’s better to give you an identity, go to the human world, take a look, and see the way of life of humans.”

“Really? “Three-eyed Jin Yi looked at Yun Chen blankly, seeming to have some disbelief.

Yun Chen affirmed: “Really, but the premise is that you obey my arrangements, otherwise, I will send you back to Star Dou Great Forest and lock you up again!”

“As a Lucky Beast, if you are too conspicuous, we don’t have that many time to take care of you.”

“You should be very clear that as Lucky Beast, your risk does not only come from God Realm, human beings, and even the same race, Spirit Beast!”

“It’s like a piece of longevity meat.”

Speaking, Yun Chen glanced at what was left The sound of the corpse.

This made the three-eyed Jin Yu straight nodded and said: “Okay, speak up! I will let you arrange… and… I don’t know why, I think I’m with you Together, I’m very happy, there is an inexplicable security.”

Three-eyed Jinyao said that his voice behind him was very weak, and even Yun Chen could not hear him clearly with a pair of sonic ears.

Yun Chen could not help asking: “What did you say?”

“No…nothing!!! That is, what should I do next.” Three eyes Jin Yi hurriedly denied it, her little face flushed and she was very cute.

It is like a junior sister who has a crush on Senior and is shy.

Yun Chen said: “Take this seed, and your appearance will change, becoming a unique and unmatched look! You can also modify your shape according to your own ideas!”


“Of course, I have fixed the general appearance for you, you can change the small details!”

“I will store the spirit ring of Cangxiang…”

“3 minutes, get everything done! Then, follow me, cooperate with me, and act in a play.”

“Understand!” Three-eyed, clever nodded, decisive Open the mouth of the white jade bottle and swallow the strawberry-flavored bead inside the bottle mouth.

shua shua! !

Bead melts in the mouth is the same…..

One after another strong white radiance occurs suddenly in the three-eyed golden radiance.

rays of light shrouded the three-eyed golden dog.

It’s like a cicada pupa slowly peeling off its shell and growing out a pair of wings.

On Yun Chen’s side, he came to the corpse of Cang Xiang and looked at this deep red spirit ring of 300,000 years. The bone spirit in his hand was cold cremated into a scalpel.

moved towards this deep red spirit ring with a knife.

In an instant, the soul seal of the spirit ring was broken. At the same time as the soul seal was broken, Yun Chen stepped up his efforts to forcibly recopy the broken soul seal.

Turn the entire deep red spirit ring into three.

Three deep red spirit rings appeared. Yun Chen divided the broken soul seal into three pieces and printed them on the three hundred thousand year spirit rings.

This process only takes ten seconds. ,

Next, took out the spirit ring storage box, opened the spirit ring storage box, and sucked three hundred thousand-year spirit rings into it in one breath, and the gray corpse was accompanied by ten After the Wannian spirit ring disappeared, it slowly dried up and became a corpse directly.

It seems that water is extracted.

In this picture, Yun Chen roughly guessed, there should be a reason with the storage box, right?

Sure enough, this storage box is not unconditionally stored. It can store the spirit ring, so that the spirit ring is guaranteed, but it will premature the moisture and even blood of the spirit ring’s death.

equivalent to use the blood and moisture of the death of the blue to turn into freshness…

But it doesn’t matter, the spirit ring is originally something that will only appear when Spirit Beast dies, unless Use the same operation as the soul to create a god.

But for that kind of operation, there will be no spirit ring.

Cangxiang does not deserve to use that kind of operation.

Some Spirit Beasts are damned.

Douluo mainland is about to open a new World, and the new World does not have a ship carrying such garbage Spirit Beast…..

Fix the side of the sky.

Yun Chen sighed in relief, this trip is not in vain.

Get that many things, and there is a maid to accompany you.

It is quite a gain.


Just as Yun Chen was about to take a look at the situation on the side of Jin Yu with three eyes, a sudden coolness came from his back. Yun Chen looked up, not at all seeing his looks.

What I saw was a long pink hair with big waves blocking my vision.

Yun Chen hurriedly moved the long hair that blocked the view.

Look up.

At this look, Yun Chen was stunned.

Very beautiful…

That is a woman with a slender figure and tall. Wearing a white outfit with silver piping. A large wavy hair of pink and blue was wrapped in a cloth, and her face was also covered with gauze. The long hair can cover the entire back when unrolled, down to the hip position.

Yes, still wearing a white veil.

Same as the original,

But the three-eyed golden dog has changed some details this time, such as pupil color. The pupil color of the original book is still blue, but this time is purple.

It gives people a visual effect that can see through everything.

At the same time, her breasts are a little bigger than the original…

This is Yun Chen didn’t expect.

In the original work, the three-eyed golden form also started in C, right?

Now, directly D.

Yun Chen feels that he can’t hold a hand.

There are some exaggerations.

But these details…are not detailed at all?

Will Mao Sanyan Jin Lu want to increase his efforts?

This does not affect the beauty.

Although even this has no effect.

But there is still something strange.

Bibi Dong has that kind of figure at the age of thirty anyway, and Brigitte also has a 28.29 appearance.

Gu Yuena’s nineteen-year-old appearance is not so exaggerated.

Even more so.

Zhu Zhuqing is the same.

But Sanyan Jinya is so exaggerated, where did she get the inspiration? ?

Yun Chen was speechless.

After pondering for a while, Yun Chen said: “From today, you will be called Ji Wushuang! We should meet up. As for your role, I will slowly talk to you on the way.”

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