Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 414

Douluo mainland….

Star Luo Empire ….

Capital, Star Luo imperial city …..

In a certain unremarkable, it seems that in an unremarkable hostel…

I saw a group of people surrounding a comatose man with anxiety on his face. Uneasy, and panicked.

“Senior Poison, Yun Qianqiu, is he okay?” Liu Erlong asked worriedly.

Dugu Bo replied: “To be honest, I don’t know how to explain it to you…I Dugu Bo will only sow and use poison in my life! I really haven’t saved anyone!”


“Especially, this person’s grandfather is still the most famous doctor today…He is very physically overloaded and he is in a state of exhaustion!”

“But there are not many wounds…”

“To put it simply, he just needs to sleep, and he will recover on the 2nd day!!”

shua shua ! !

This answer made everyone sighed in relief…..

“It’s okay, I thought something big happened!!” Dai Mubai wiped the sweat from his forehead , Panting suddenly.

Ma Hongjun asked: “Boss Dai…it was Yun Qianqiu who was in a coma, so why are you more worried than anyone else, and you sweat a lot!”

“People who know understand that you are concerned and worried. People who don’t know, think you are gay!”

“Fuck!” Hearing this, Dai Mubai exclaimed .

Dai Mubai continued: “Yun Qianqiu has been taking care of us, but you, heartless, can you walk to Spirit Ancestor, don’t you rely on Yun Qianqiu?”

” You don’t care, you’ve lived for nothing for these years!!!”

“Uh…I care!! But if you don’t care, you must express it. I think Yun Qianqiu must be fine, after all, he is so. Fierce! The macho is impossible to have a problem!”

“Furthermore, it is said that his grandfather, my godfather, and Yunfaweng Elder are also in Star Luo Empire? As long as we tell him about his biological grandson. , I must find it right away.”

“We don’t have to worry about it at all.” Ma Hongjun looks solemnly vowed, as if he can control everything.

However, Oscar drew a cold eye and vomited: “Fatty, you are really shameless! Give your grandfather back, Yun Elder promised you?”

“You People, why are you as thick as your body? I really hope that your Spirit can be changed to a defense system, developed by your skin!”

“In this way, when we are in the front row, it must be very Meat!!!”

“…” Oscar’s words made Ma Hongjun silent for a while.

Others agreed nodded and said: “I think it can…”

Among them, one person only looked at Yun Chen, not at all, not at all worried. , Turned around instead, moved towards the door, looking indifferent.

Is this person Zhu Zhuqing? ?

Ning Rongrong found Zhu Zhuqing’s discomfort, catching up with him, and asked: “Zhuqing, where are you going to go?? All these years have been in a coma, you won’t guard?”

“Go home!!!” Zhu Zhuqing did not answer Ning Rongrong’s word question directly, but spit out two words indifferently.

Go home! !


Zhu Zhuqing, the home of Dai Mubai.

Star Luo Empire.

Tang San also said: “Boss Dai, I remember this…it seems to be the home of you and Zhuqing?”

“…..” Hearing this, Dai Mubai was obviously startled, and some did not want to answer.

To be honest, Dai Mubai doesn’t want to return here at all, but he has already come here and can only go back to see what this so-called home has become.

Dai Mubai replied: “Yes…”

“It is said that Star Luo Empire’s technological development is more brilliant than Heaven Dou Empire. There are various metals, Boss Dai , You go home and take me with you by the way!”

“I want to see the features here…” Tang San continued.

Dai Mubai was stunned once again, not knowing how to promise Tang San for a while.

Because of this Star Luo Empire, it is still not his decision.

He didn’t even want to say.

Especially when I see that person, I have some nightmares in my heart…..

No one likes to be close to nightmares…

ka ka!!

Yu Xiaogang came over and saw that the atmosphere was a little dull. He also understood some stories about Dai Mubai and his family.

Yu Xiaogang suggested: “There are still two days before the registration. I will give you a day off. On this day, you should be familiar with Star Luo Empire!”

” When the time comes in the province, run around!!”


As soon as these words came out, Ma Hongjun and Oscar looked surprised.

Ma Hongjun opened his mouth and said: “Hehe, the food in Star Luo Empire is good…..Little Ao, let’s go see and see?”

“No… I want to be with Rong…” Oscar shook the head, looking at Ning Rongrong.

And, Ning Rongrong’s side, looking at Zhu Zhuqing, said: “Zhuqing, I will go shopping with you!!”

“…..” Zhu Zhuqing is very unwelcome…

“By the way, the story of you handing over your body to Yun Qianqiu…..If you don’t tell me, I can only ask Yun Qianqiu!!” Until Ning Rongrong leaned close to his face, lowered his head, and said this paragraph softly.

In this passage, Zhu Zhuqing eyes shrank can’t help but suck in a breath of cold air. Good fellow, how did Ning Rongrong know? What Yun Chen said?


Who would tell another opposite sex privately about his bed story?

Moreover, even if you want to talk, you should talk to boys? Tell you a Ning Rongrong? ?

It seems that Ning Rongrong seems that that night, meditation is not at all pure.

And Ning Rongrong The words mean more than they say, meaning that if you don’t bring her, then she will leak the secret…

This may affect Yun Chen.

Zhu Zhuqing had no choice but to agree, saying: “Let’s go!!!”

“many thanks many thanks!!!” Ning Rongrong laughed and hurriedly followed Zhu Zhuqing. .

In this scene, Oscar originally wanted to date solo, but it turned into a bubble… The distressed group, looking at their side, they want to follow a foodie and a Damned Fatty.

Go out and go shopping for a woolen thread? ?

No mood at all.

shua shua!

However, things that made Oscar even more desperate and depressed are still happening. I saw that Ma Hongjun suddenly changed his appearance and became a handsome guy.

It seems that I intend to taste the food in this way.

This makes Oscar really want to complain…

I slap your mother, this Damned Fatty is more handsome than me, and better than me…

Eat better than me.

This time I will go out, I will be completely depressed.

Tang San here, Tang San has been looking at Dai Mubai, but Dai Mubai said: “Little San, this… Actually I have some personal matters to deal with!”

“Moreover, I left Star Luo Empire at a very young age. I don’t know what you said…”



Dai Mubai did not go on. Obviously, Dai Mubai wanted to say that he could not take you out with him because of some unexplainable reasons.

Although Tang San has some dissatisfaction, Dai Mubai has its own difficulties and it is difficult for him to intervene.

Just like Yu Xiaogang said, each one has its own family affairs.

No matter how close and good friends you are, you must never disturb other people’s family affairs.

It’s just that I just said that some of them couldn’t step down…

Xiao Wu seemed to understand this, and hurriedly moved closer to Tang San, holding Tang San’s hand, showing A sweet smile said: “Brother, there is something to do with Boss Dai, we won’t bother, I’ll go with you!”

“Also, I said it was ok, you promised, yes Have the opportunity to take me for a stroll! Sign up for the tournament now, let’s take a stroll before the game!”

“Okay…” Tang San got a step and stepped down decisively.. ….

Immediately, Shrek Seven Devils left in this cottage one by one.

There are only a few adults left…..

Dugu Bo, Yu Xiaogang, Flender and Liu Erlong…..

Yu Xiaogang looked at Yun Chen who was in a coma, and said to Dugu Bo: “Senior Poison, you can go first…Thank you very much for the delay. Thank you very much!”

” Come down, leave it to us here!!!”

“Okay!!!” Dugu Bo didn’t stay much, anyway, Yun Chen will find him sooner or later, and his task has been completed. Next, his own task It was arranged by Bibi Dong.

There is no need to stay…

Dugu Bo disappeared instantly.

This room is once again cold.

Until Yu Xiaogang opened his mouth and said: “This thing is not simple, we need to ask… Ji Wushuang is now!!”

” The girl?? Isn’t it? People just came from good intentions… Besides, where did you come from that many conspiracy theories?” Flender was a little speechless.

Liu Erlong added: “I think I should also ask for the details…Queen Serpent, Spirit Beast of 100,000 years, it’s not that easy! Besides, this Ji Wushuang appeared too much Weird!”

“Appeared from the core area of ​​the green forest without a word, just like appear out of thin air! Along the way, we have never found other people’s footprints or shadows… ….”

“Erlong, isn’t it? Even you…….This road in the green forest that many, the road that we took the poisonous predecessor, if others go Another way!” Flender looked at Liu Erlong, thinking that there was a lot of worry.

And Liu Erlong replied: “Even so, then can you explain, a hundred thousand years of Spirit Beast suddenly appeared, a girl, powerless to defend himself!”

” But I have to bring another male child!!”

“Run away together.”

“Isn’t this obviously burdening myself?”

” Moreover, as the survival rule of Spirit Master’s world, this girl can completely throw Yun Chen out and become the prey of Spirit Beast, and buy herself time to escape!”

“Why, she has to carry the cloud on her back What about Qianqiu?”

“…”Flender couldn’t explain.

Yu Xiaogang seconded: “Erlong is really right…There is no benefit, it doesn’t matter, why would we do it? We are all impossible to take risks casually!!”


“What’s more, that girl is said to be a Spirit Emperor!!”

“If you don’t figure it out, it’s like putting a time bomb on your pillow.”

“Alright, just ask! Anyway, I don’t think there is such a conspiracy theory, you see, I should go out for a walk, by the way, study the teams that are about to face!!” Flender said helplessly. The speculation of Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong is very real, but Flender…

I have seen the girl’s Spirit.

Golden Dragon ……

The Spirit of Extreme power, the Spirit of Golden Dragon, Flender travels around the continent of Douluo, I still hear the wind more or less, very powerful Spirit .

Extreme power…..

There is only one principle, that is, the Golden Dragon impossible descends on the Spirit Master who has the evil Evil Thought. Having Golden Dragon is absolutely A righteous Spirit Master.

Conspiracy theory is not enough…..

Dead support, Ji Wushuang stayed, it was Yun Chen who did some transactions with her, right? ?

Otherwise, it is also impossible to carry the burden for no reason and escape the hunting of the feather snake god.

And really escaped, just like Quetzalcoatl is a fool.

Even though Dugu Bo said that Quetzalcoatl is indeed a fool, he still feels mysterious.

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