Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 415

In less than a while, Ji Wushuang, the human name for the three-eyed golden dog, walked out slowly under the leadership of Liu Erlong, looking at Fender blankly , Yu Xiaogang two people.

Seems to be full of vigilance for these two people, because Sanyan Jinya perceives that there are other abnormal factors in the eyes of these two people.

Sanyan Jinya didn’t know what this factor was, but it was not very good.

Even the three-eyed golden ya can continue to snoop and find out what this factor is, but the 3-eyed golden ya can follow Yun Chen’s words, don’t use your own destiny casually.

Once you use too much, then the result is likely to be discovered by God Realm’s god, and once again return in a swirl of dust to capture yourself. This is what Yun Chen told Sanyan Jinya. words.

Although Yun Chen is not afraid of the gods of God Realm, too many God Realm have observed three-eyed golden gaze, and they are impossible to stay with you. It is precisely that the gods of God Realm will use this time.

I can’t, you go to the bathroom, Yun Chen will follow you and watch you go to the bathroom, right? You take a bath, Yun Chen will take a bath with you too? Do you sleep together?

Although Yun Chen doesn’t mind, the three-eyed Jinya obviously has no plans for this. In that case, the three-eyed Jinya can only use the Spirit that Yun Chen asked her to simulate.

And Spirit Ability…..

As for Source Power, it is best not to use one of them, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble.

Although the three-eyed golden 猊 can’t be used, the Innate’s sexual awareness still exists, and it comes with it.

“Hello, your name is Ji Wushuang, right? I want to ask, why did you appear in the Cangxiang Forest?” Yu Xiaogang and Flender looked at each other.

Finally put his gaze on Liu Erlong, which made Liu Erlong very clear about the meaning of these two people, let him speak.

Showing a harmonious look, and being a girl again, will naturally be cordial, and will not let the three-eyed Jinya maintain a strong vigilance.

Three-eyed Jinya took a deep breath, and said: “I will hunt Spirit Beast and pick up my sixth spirit ring…what?? Is there any problem with this??”

“No…no problem!!!” Hearing this, Liu Erlong was speechless for a while. There were some questions at the beginning of this question, and it was not easy to find the topic.

A normal person understands that Spirit Master goes to a forest full of Spirit Beast, what else can he do besides hunting Spirit Beast and picking up the spirit ring he needs?

Would you like to go to a forest date full of crises and full of ten thousand years of Spirit Beast?

And at least two people are required for a date, right? Isn’t there only one person?

Yu Xiaogang interrupted and said: “That’s right, we want to know why you found our student, Yun Qianqiu!! Hope you can help us answer…”

“Yes, yes…. We are not malicious, but out of curiosity.” Flender agreed, squinting, like a nice guy.

The performance of these two people caused Liu Erlong’s mouth to twitch.

Three-eyed Jin Yu looked like she didn’t want to care about you, but she didn’t answer.

In this scene, Liu Erlong couldn’t bear it, and opened the topic directly, saying: “You are done!! Twisted, I am a girl, I am ashamed for you!!”

“Girl, I’m the same girl as you, so I’ll just tell you the truth. If you don’t mean to you, we will be curious about why you came from such a dangerous forest for nothing!”

” How about our students rescued?”

“You are a Spirit Master, so are we! Don’t blame us for being overhearted. At that time, we had intelligence. Our students were chased by a Spirit Beast for a hundred thousand years. Kill!”

“And you, just a Spirit Emperor, are impossible to take this risk, and even more impossible to risk the mortal danger because of a passerby!”

“So, only One answer, either you know our student and have had a life and death relationship with him, or what has our student promised you…”

“What deal did you do.”


shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Flender startled, Yu Xiaogang looked helpless, good guy, it was Liu Erlong in vain, the imposing manner of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon clan.

No matter doing things or asking questions, there is a habit, just like blue electricity, swift and decisive, not procrastinating.

But such an approach will not necessarily make people feel reliable, but will be more cautious and counterproductive.

Yu Xiaogang just planned to scold Liu Erlong.

Yes, the next step made Yu Xiaogang stunned.

Three-eyed Jin Yi directly answered Liu Erlong’s paragraph: “You are talking about your students. What have you promised me and what benefits have you given me?”

“Right! !” Liu Erlong was nodded straight.

Three-eyed Jin Lu pretended to have a script prepared by Yun Chen, said with a slight smile: “I also like other people and me to get directly into the subject, rather than twitchy!”

“Although I am a girl…but my Spirit is Golden Dragon!”

“I pursue power, a girl who pursues power, none of them are embroidery needles .”

“I answer your doubts…Yes!”

“Your students promised me something, so I helped him to get rid of the 100,000 The hunt for Spirit Beast in the year! It happened, time is right, I met you halfway.”


Three-eyed golden tone barely fell, Yu Xiaogang leaned in hastily, and asked excitedly: “What interest? What deal have you done!”

Flender blocked Yu Xiaogang, Said: “Don’t worry, Xiaogang! People will say…you are so excited, as if Yun Qianqiu would do something to harm us.”

“The child’s character , After getting along for this period of time, don’t you understand?”

“No, Flender…you don’t know!!” Yu Xiaogang looked at Jin Ya with three eyes persistently.

Three-eyed Jinya replied: “He said that Shrek Academy, the so-called Shrek Seven Devils, will sign up to participate in this year’s Spirit Master tournament for all-land senior elites!”

” I also want to register, but I have not been able to find the team. I am not a student!!!”

“The premise for me to save him is to let him enter the competition, and if I win this year’s One, then the three Spirit Bone provided by Spirit Hall, I need one!”

“He agreed, and I brought him out of the distressed environment.”

“Now that we have entered the imperial capital of Star Luo Empire, I am going to remind you at first. I can see you all in an atmosphere of worrying about him.”

“My principle , I am not allowed to profiting from somebody’s misfortune, even if profiting from somebody’s misfortune, it must be a clear statement. Not suddenly.”

“Also let you prepare.”


This passage of Sanyan Jinyao was arranged for her in advance by Yun Chen. Actually, Yun Chen dug out two big holes, one of them Da Hang.

That is the ownership of the three Spirit Bone.

One of them, Shrek Academy, has promised Yun Faweng a suitable one for Yun Qianqiu.

Then there are only two pieces left.

In these two pieces, a character who rescued Yun Qianqiu suddenly came out and asked for one.

Then even if this time gets the first place, then there is only one Spirit Bone left.

In Shrek Seven Devils, only one person will get this piece.

Who is it?

Who has this qualification? ?

If it is two dollars, it would be good, it will not cause a lot of noise.

On the contrary, there is only one piece, which will make Shrek Seven Devils disagree…

Who doesn’t want Spirit Bone? ?

There is no Spirit Master who is not attached to Spirit Bone.

In fact, Yu Xiaogang wanted to refuse Sanyan Jinya’s request, but everyone was rescued. It was considered that he got on the bus and bought the ticket. How should he explain it?

If the explanation is not good…..

Then a teacher who is a teacher will definitely be scolded by thousands of people.

At the same time, why Yun Chen was blackmailed? The reason is very simple. He sacrificed himself to protect everyone, so that Quetzalcoatl did not hunt everyone down.

equivalent to give life.

It’s because of everyone who gave their lives.

So, Yun Chen got this Spirit Bone, not just in name only, but also in reality, no one will be dissatisfied.

Suddenly a blackmail, interception.

That’s different.

There will certainly be differences and dissatisfaction.

And it makes sense for the three-eyed golden ruin. I saved the people who saved you. Don’t you know how to be grateful? ?

So to speak.

Shrek Seven Devils will not express any opinions, and it is estimated that they will let it out.

There will be some dissatisfaction inside.

Even if I don’t say this dissatisfaction, I will definitely think that the teachers of Shrek Academy are all waste, and even their students are not well protected.

Also let another person protect…

If Yun Chen is not caught by Quetzalcoatl.

Then these things will not happen.

This is what Yu Xiaogang is worried about.

Fear, everyone has doubts about the three of them because of doubts about safety.

“What?? Did you not agree?” Three-eyed Jin Yu looked at Yu Xiaogang in a daze, and said with a cold face.

Flender pays said with a smile: “No, no, but we need to think about the details.”

“You can check in first, we will sign up for you later, yours Name, and your Spirit, type, level!!!”

“Ji Wushuang, attack system, Golden Dragon!!!” Three-eyed Jinya confidently replied.

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