Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 416

Receiving the news of the three-eyed golden dog, the three-eyed golden dog left without a word, obviously waiting for the Shrek’s notification, and temporarily replaced this position.

And as soon as the three-eyed Jinlu left…

Yu Xiaogang, Flender showed a bitter melon face.

On the contrary, Liu Erlong face doesn’t change, and it seems that it has not been affected by the passage of Sanyan Jinlu.

Liu Erlong asked: “Why are you all frowning? This is a Spirit Emperor, Extreme power, the real Golden Dragon Spirit!”

“With us three Compared with the golden Sacred Dragon that came out of camouflage, it is not a concept at all!”

“Her joining, didn’t she make Shrek take a higher step?”

“Yun Qianqiu A substitute, she is a substitute, if others know that the Spirit Emperor is a substitute, then it will give Shrek a lot of face!”

“This is a good thing.”

” What a good thing…Erlong, didn’t you hear? This Ji Wushuang obviously wants a place to live, asks us to arrange a series of questions, then win the championship and get Spirit Bone!!!”

“Spirit Bone is three yuan in total. Although we are bound to win the first place, how can we share it? Senior Yun at first ask for one piece!”

“There is already one piece for the three pieces, and there is a master. “

“There are still two pieces left, and now another guy asks for one piece, only one piece left, how should this be divided?” Flender said with a gloomy expression.

Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath and said: “This Spirit Bone cannot be given to him! In our Seven Devils, I have seen that the wisdom skull is very suitable for Little San.”

” There is a Spirit Bone, which is very suitable for Fatty.”

“There was originally another Spirit Bone, which is very suitable for Zhuqing.”

“However, Zhuqing has Yunfa Weng as the Master, definitely not Without Spirit Bone, the free Spirit Bone can be given to Yun Qianqiu!”

“But now it seems…..Golden Dragon Spirit, attack system.”

“Have you heard of this Spirit? I have seen it in a book. It is a Spirit that transforms Mental output into power! That is to say… if she wants it, it is Little San. A skull of wisdom.”

“This is a problem…”

“What’s the difficulty of this? This is not simple??” Liu Erlong disapproved of it. Talking.

Flender, Yu Xiaogang was taken aback, and said in unison: “Simple??”

“Otherwise? Three Spirit Bone, one for Yun Qianqiu, this is reasonable, There are two pieces left, the smart skull and the one that Fatty needs!”

“Look at the performance…”

“In Shrek Seven Devils, who has the best performance Well, whoever can own another piece of Spirit Bone. And those who perform badly can only wait for the next chance.”

“Isn’t this very reasonable?” Liu Erlong said bluntly.

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Yun Chen, who was pretending to be unconscious, laughed directly and almost didn’t hold it back. Liu Erlong’s proposal is really good. Equivalent to add some deficiencies to himself.

I originally thought that Yu Xiaogang was going to turn his face, not to Spirit Bone. On the contrary, it seemed that the existence of the three-eyed golden dog was unreasonable.

As for the wisdom skull, I just look down on it.

Three-eyed golden dog is even more unnecessary.

It’s just an excuse that’s all.

However, Liu Erlong’s proposal is a breakthrough of his own.

Yu Xiaogang lifted his cheeks and said: “You mean let them compete with each other??? Let Seven Devils compete, the last piece of Spirit Bone???”

“Yes… .. Just say it straight, Ji Wushuang rescued Yun Qianqiu for the wisdom skull…..Everyone understands why Yun Chen was blackmailed.”

“It’s all because of his efforts. By yourself, let everyone go to a safe place.”

“Therefore, Ji Wushuang asks for Spirit Bone. At most, he will be complained about, but no one will disagree… You just push all the pot to Ji Wushuang.”

“If you have a Spirit Bone left, let everyone compete and you can get it by looking at the performance.” Liu Erlong continued to maintain his opinion.

Yes, but let Flender raise a question, saying: “Rely on competition? Performance?? But isn’t Spirit Bone looking at fit? If you say that the best performer does not need this arm Bone.”

“For example, Tang San is the best performer, but all he needs is the wisdom skull. What should I do?”

“Yes…Erlong, you This idea is somewhat unrealistic.” Yu Xiaogang also agreed.

Liu Erlong faintly smiled and said: “Easier…I know someone who collects Spirit Bone, and she has all kinds of Spirit Bone.”


“It’s a business that specializes in Spirit Bone.”

“But, he doesn’t charge money, he only trades things for things…the wisdom skull, he must be a lot. , We can use this Right Arm Bone to exchange it.”

“Add some other heavenly materials and earthly treasures…He It shouldn’t be rejected.”

“He owes me a favor.”

Liu Erlong’s answer made Yu Xiaogang, Flender startled, and Liu Erlong actually know the expert who collects Spirit Bone? ? impossible?

You are so irritable, who would be your normal friend?

However, looking at Liu Erlong’s serious look is nothing like cracking a joke.

Heavenly materials, earthly treasures…

There are quite a few, such as those treasures that Tang San planned to give to everyone before, those treasures that Flender kept. Although not as profound as the 8,000 years given by Yun Chen.

But the same is heavenly materials and earthly treasures…

Liu Erlong’s approach is really feasible.

It’s just that what made Yu Xiaogang pay attention to was not this, but a passage from Liu Erlong that owed me a favor.

Yu Xiaogang is very clear.

In the Golden Triangle, Liu Erlong is the one who doesn’t understand the human relationships the most. Even if Fleender is a money fan, many people don’t like to interact with him.

But, at least they are merciful.

And Liu Erlong… is a grumpy hot girl.

Although looks are favored by many people, there are always problems with being a person.

This favor…

Is it not simple?

Yu Xiaogang knows very well, most of them are a certain boy, a collector, who fell in love with Liu Erlong. The so-called favor is just because the collector likes himself? ?

For a time, Yu Xiaogang was up and down inside, and there was a feeling of unclear explanation.

Very depressed…..

But with the words I have said before, this depression cannot be released…

Flender looks at The atmosphere was a little frozen, and I hurriedly said with a smile: “Just follow Erlong’s plan. I will first sign up for Shrek Seven Devils, Yun Qianqiu and Ji Wushuang.”

“Xiaogang, you By the way, come with me….. You are responsible for taking a look at these participating teams, what are worth noting! Can’t fall in the sewer.”

“We are all ready to win the championship, suddenly overturned, That’s really killing people…”

Speaking, Flender pulled Yu Xiaogang and planned to leave.

Liu Erlong said hurriedly: “Then what about me?”

“Erlong?? You, you still have some injuries on your body. Just rest for a while, and we are here It’s impossible to keep anyone, right?”

“There is also a comatose little fellow here!” Flender pointed to Yun Chen who was unconscious on the side and suggested.

When Liu Erlong saw this, he originally planned to refute Flender’s so-called injury as unnecessary, but Yun Chen is indeed unconscious and lacks a person to take care of him.

Then take care of yourself…

I can’t refuse to go on…

shua shua! !

In a blink of an eye, there are only Liu Erlong and Yun Chen left in the whole room.

Liu Erlong looked at Yun Chen’s handsome face. For some reason, he felt a little tired, some dizzy, and his brain was congested.

Finally moved directly towards Yun Chen’s position and fell down.

She seems to be unconscious too…


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