Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 418

“Interesting, exchange secrets with secrets. This proposal is really good…but there are some differences in identities. I and Yun Qianqiu are already together!”

“If he doesn’t marry…he will definitely marry me!”

“Of course we have many secrets.”

“On the contrary, it is You….. You are just a passer-by. Can you and him have any secrets?”

“Secrets worthy of being announced, rather than talking about some, such as how many hamburgers you eat per day Everyday, right?”

“You are like paying a small price for big rewards in return….” Zhu Zhuqing naturally impossible immediately agreed that he and Yun Chen are together.

Yun Chen’s more or less secret.

I know that even Yun Faweng and Yun Chen are the same person. I know this secret all over the sky. Is there any other secret I don’t know?

Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t think of it for a moment.

Ning Rongrong is just a passer-by, and does not have much close relationship with Yun Chen. How could he know the secrets he didn’t know.

Who is this secret source?

One by one, Zhu Zhuqing was full of doubts, and he insisted that Ning Rongrong was planning to pay a small price for big rewards in return to defraud his own secrets.

However, next, Ning Rongrong’s passage changed Zhu Zhuqing’s thoughts.

Let, Zhu Zhuqing found out that he really doesn’t understand Yun Chen.

Ning Rongrong said with a slight smile: “Indeed, I am a passerby…but I have some dirty, all black, no daylight clues, and can know some hidden secrets. “

“Anyone has a hidden secret.”

“Just like me…I really miss men.”

“I can’t sleep late at night…I think I am like an orphan, and I need to find someone to accompany me to soothe my lonely heart.”

“You also have a hidden secret , For example, I have been together with Yun Qianqiu. After a while, I suddenly found out that I was pregnant.”

“Then Liushen Wuzhu, planning to hide it.”

“… …” Ning Rongrong’s words are always so sharp, how could he be shot so easily? ? I did research in that period of time.

Impossible to win, otherwise I wouldn’t be so bold at the time.

But, what Ning Rongrong said is correct, everyone has the secret of all black, no daylight, what is Yun Chen’s? ? I really don’t know.

Looking at Ning Rongrong with a confident look.

Does Ning Rongrong know? ?

But, how did she know?

Ning Rongrong took a sip of juice and said: “My father, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School Sect Master…Let me announce this secret first! Zhuqing, as a sister.”

“I hope you don’t lie to me.”

“Of course, you can lie to me because of Yun Qianqiu, that’s all your thoughts, but if I know it, maybe we This sister can’t be considered!!”

“The secret of Yun Qianqiu comes from his grandfather… Yunfa Weng Elder, Yunfa Weng Elder, from Spirit Empire, Spirit Hall!!! And he is a very powerful member.”

“Don’t you know this secret?”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, Zhu Zhuqing was stunned…

I really don’t know this secret.

Yes, how can I be negligent? I have never asked Yun Chen’s identity and what is going on.

I am in love.

Like a nerd, he only pays attention to the relationship between men and women, not the background story at all.

Yun Chen knows his background story.

Fiancee of Dai Mubai, Star Luo Empire Imperial Family Second Young Lady.

But I don’t know anything about him.

I only know that Yun Chen is Yun Faweng….

In other words, Ning Rongrong, please verify that Yun Chen is a member of Spirit Hall?

And very powerful…

So this all black, no daylight, Zhu Zhuqing suddenly realized.

It turned out to be such a thing.

Ning Rongrong added: “Surprised, isn’t it? Actually at first I am also very surprised…..but it will be fine in a while!!! You know, we are in Shrek Seven Devils.”

“The key person of Shrek Academy, Tang San, what is the situation between Tang San’s father and Spirit Hall?”

“Meeting, it must be a situation where you die and you die.”

“So, I guess, Yun Elder joins Shrek, serves as Elder, and integrates his grandson into the collective, there is only one way to say!”

“That is… .”

“Watch Tang San and be a spy! Once Tang San’s father, Tang Hao finds Tang San, Yun Fa Weng will definitely come out immediately and catch Tang Hao.”

“This secret is all black, no daylight enough?”

“There are indeed some, your thinking is very similar to mine… But I have a doubt, since you know These, then you can obviously…” Zhu Zhuqing did not go on, intending to admit Ning Rongrong himself.

Ning Rongrong was not in a hurry, and confessed: “Yes…I betrayed everyone. I know this shocking secret and I didn’t tell it! I didn’t remind Grandmaster, Dean and Tang San of them. “

“But, I am also involved involuntarily……”

“Because…My family, Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School, just a week ago, has already joined Spirit Hall!!! Now it has become a part of Spirit Hall…”

“And I, as the daughter of Sect Master, is even more impossible to sell my Sect because of my relationship.. .. Don’t tell Tang San, the most is death Tang San and his father!”

“Two people!”

“And once I was exposed, then I Sect, thousands Thousands of thousands will die one by one at the click of a finger.”

“It’s totally different.”

“Naturally, I can’t say it. Let me tell you that it is because of you and Yun Qianqiu Since the relationship is so close, it must be from the perspective of Yun Qianqiu.”

“Naturally, I will not reveal a word to Tang Sans.”

“Haha… .. Isn’t it. If I’m not wrong, Yun Elder ….. also give you some good deals, such as giving you the ten thousand years spirit ring match, let you break through the Spirit King as soon as possible, guarantee, let you enter the Titaned Douluo this kind of agreement?”

“Involuntarily?? It’s just one, and the other, that is, it is impossible to refuse, because Yun Elder brings too many benefits!”

“At the same time, your betrayal is not what you don’t want. You have already betrayed. You just found an excuse to hide your black spots that’s all.” Zhu Zhuqing smiled faintly, Ning Rongrong this Wave operation is obviously to collect money and pretend to be sympathetic.

You can indeed act…..

You can even be famous.

If you are a pertinent person, you will definitely be disgusted by Ning Rongrong’s operation, but you are already not pertinent, and you are now on Yun Chen’s side.

Ning Rongrong’s betrayal means that he will be able to talk to Ning Rongrong next.

Otherwise, some of Yun Chen’s secrets have been kept hidden. For too long, Zhu Zhuqing will also suffer from anxiety.

Cats are anxious.

Can’t hide things.

Zhu Zhuqing is no exception…

Having been concealed, equivalent to torturing myself.

Now Ning Rongrong has explained his betrayal. Equivalent to himself, he can bring Ning Rongrong into the group, so he won’t make himself anxious and has a vent.

Ning Rongrong shrugged, said: “It doesn’t matter…Anyway, I don’t think Tang San and his family can fight Spirit Hall to the death!”

“a wise man submits to circumstances ……One answer is to hang up with others, and the other answer is that if he hangs up alone, you can get a fortune.”

“I and him again It’s not Life and Death Friends. As for paying for this?”

“Zhuqing, should you tell your secrets too?? You can’t shame…”

“Since you have told such a big secret, then I will answer you a secret!! Yun Qianqiu, Yun Faweng…Yun Chen!!! Actually, they are the same person!!” Zhu Zhuqing said calmly.


As soon as this statement was made, the scene was solidified, and the air was solidified.

Ning Rongrong was stunned, and the juice he held in his hand also stopped for a while.

It lasts about a few seconds.

Ning Rongrong said with a big smile: “hahaha!!! Zhuqing, do you think this is humorous?? Yun Chen is Yun Qianqiu!!”

“hahaha. ….”

“I almost believed it.”

“……” Zhu Zhuqing looked at a pair of Ning Rongrong who did not believe him, and did not Know what to say.

It’s really outrageous.

I was surprised when I knew it for the first time.

But this is not my reaction.

Sure enough, people cannot be generalized. He is a sane person, and Ning Rongrong is a neurotic…..

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