Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 419

Zhu Zhuqing shrugged, said: “I have already said, as for Believing or Not, it’s up to you! Anyway, this is the most true and the most unbelievable secret !”

“And, often the truth is hovering in these four words that can’t believe it…just as unreliable as you say Yun Chen comes from Spirit Hall.”

“Since you have your channels to know what I don’t know, then it also shows that some things I know, you will also be impossible to know! After all, your relationship with him has not reached that point… ….”

“Naturally, he would not say it, otherwise, every time Yun Qianqiu appeared, why would Yun Elder disappear? There are various excuses for not being there?”

“Make another assumption, why didn’t Yun Elder take the initiative to introduce his grandson to everyone? Instead of asking his grandson to introduce himself?”

“these all are questions, you Understand?”

“I like Yun Chen…that is, Yun Qianqiu, not only because he is handsome, but because he has been giving and helping me in various capacities!”

“When I was at a loss, he never gave up on me. Instead, he pointed out a way for me… he arranged each step very carefully!”

“Who doesn’t like a man like this?”

Speaking, Zhu Zhuqing’s eyes are full of stars and the sea, but this sea of ​​stars is full of shadows of Yun Chen, saying that she is Yun now Chen is not the first fan.

There is only one person in my eyes, and there is no room for others.

Ning Rongrong was also embarrassed by Zhu Zhuqing with a serious look. After thinking about it carefully, it is really possible. If Yun Chen really has a grandson.

Or, it’s really an old fogey…

Why can’t Ci Ciyun Qianqiu and Yun Chen appear together?


Ning Rongrong suddenly realized a detail, this detail is, if Yun Qianqiu is Yun Chen, then this time Cangxiang Forest .

Yun Chen will definitely not be hit hard and pass unconscious because of a 100,000-year Spirit Beast.

This is obviously a pretended strategy.

So what about that girl?

The girl who appeared with Yun Chen on his back is another identity? ?

Ning Rongrong’s observation point changed for a while, and he said: “Okay! Zhuqing, then, this time Yun Qianqiu, no, the girl Yun Chen brought back……”

“It’s a girl who is wearing a veil and has an overly exaggerated figure. What is it?”

“You are not afraid…”

“!” Hearing this, Zhu Zhuqing startled, good guy, this Ning Rongrong is the point.

Yes, what kind of identity is that girl, with such an exaggerated figure, rough, and she has a certain mystery.

Why do you always carry Yun Chen on your back? ?

Yun Chen doesn’t need to memorize it, right?

Even if Yun Chen deliberately does not want to expose himself, he does not need to find such a girl to cooperate with him? ?

Moreover, that girl has a lot bigger breasts than herself.

Zhu Zhuqing can’t bear it, just like he is a cat, another cat suddenly appears in the house, even if his owner didn’t intend it, the cats are all competing for favor.

There is already a cat, and there is only one in this family, not one more.

Ning Rongrong this time is a reminder for myself.

Zhu Zhuqing stood up suddenly and said: “You can drink the juice here, I still have some things to deal with by myself!!”

“Wait a minute… I’m with you!!” Ning Rongrong drank all the remaining juice in one sip, smiled and looked at Zhu Zhuqing.

Zhu Zhuqing’s expression is a little startled, a little worried.

Ning Rongrong added: “I just ask more and be curious! Why, Yun Chen, you man, always has beautiful women with you!”

” You are handsome, but you can’t always be accompanied by beautiful women of that quality, right?”

“Boss Dai is not as handsome, but the girls I found are all vulgar fans… .”

Ning Rongrong uttered Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing rolled his eyes, looking at Ning Rongrong with a face full of black lines.

This made Ning Rongrong hurriedly changed his words and said: “cough cough! I just use a metaphor, just curious, why are all handsome men, but the women who accompany me are of different quality…”

Yes, Ning Rongrong is really curious this time. Ning Rongrong knows more or less that Dai Mubai likes prostitution, but this does not cost money.

It was all sent by the girls on their own initiative. Dai Mubai never refused to those who came….

The quality of those girls was very average, not as good as Zhuqing and Xiao Wu. There is no outstanding point.

It’s completely vulgar fan…

Only Dai Mubai has such a bad taste and will gladly accept it.

If you change to other men who are more correct, they will definitely refuse, such as Tang San.

Yun Chen is different….

No girl who accompanies me is worse than me, or even more prominent than me.


The temperament is unmatched. The former Zi Ji, looks even more female Peak.

Furthermore, this girl now has a figure that can crush Zhuqing, the best figure in Shrek.

Ning Rongrong also wants to know what is going on.

Does Yun Chen come with a stunning aura of attraction? ?



Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong panicked and returned to the same path…

Especially Zhu Zhuqing, the acquaintances I met along the way were all ignored, as if impolite, but in fact, her attention was entirely focused on Yun Chen and the girl. On this issue…..

A shop for small octopus balls…..

“Zhuqing????? Do you want to eat small octopus balls??” Ma Hongjun Standing here with Oscar, one person holds a paper bowl full of octopus balls.

Zhu Zhuqing did not answer Ma Hongjun, swift and decisive bypass.

This makes Ma Hongjun confused…..

Ning Rongrong explained: “It’s nothing, we have some urgent matters, so I can’t take care of you, you have fun. Alright!!”

“en?” Ma Hongjun frowned.

Oscar caringly said: “What’s the urgent matter? We can help…”

“Wait a minute, you can, I can’t!! It’s hard today Take a day off and enjoy the food of Star Luo Empire, I don’t want to be a robot!!” Ma Hongjun unceremoniously took down the stage.

This made Oscar speechless for a while…..

However, less than two seconds after the speech, Oscar volunteered and said: “Okay, you are alone! Me and You Rongrong go and see what is urgent.”

After that, Oscar seized the time to keep up with the pace of Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing…

Quickly returned to the cabin. ….

The hut….

It was silent and there was no sound, just like coming to the library.

Zhu Zhuqing 1st Step locks Yun Chen’s room, aggressively pushes open the door of Yun Chen’s room, just like catching a traitor…

Ning Rongrong, Oscar follows closely Subsequently.

As soon as the door of this room opened, Zhu Zhuqing, Oscar, and Ning Rongrong looked dumbfounded.

There are only five words in his eyes, which is really ridiculous.

I saw that Yun Chen was still lying on the bed with nothing to do, as if he was asleep. This is normal, not at all the presence of the girl who is hotter than Zhuqing.

But there is another girl.

That girl is Shrek Academy, the current deputy Dean…

Liu Erlong.

I saw Liu Erlong lying next to Yun Chen. Although he was neatly dressed, he clamped Yun Chen’s waist with his legs, just like a couple sleeping.

Liu Erlong still looked satisfied.

Although it is also closed eyes…

A state of deep sleep.

But, at first glance, I still think there are some problems…

Yun Chen is like being locked by the Eight Sects golden lock, very passive, impossible to move even a little bit.

And Liu Erlong sandwiched Yun Chen.

I also rubbed Yun Chen’s face with my own face.

If someone who doesn’t know, thinks it’s a couple, and plans to take a small horse-drawn cart.

But everyone knows.

Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang’s old love…

Yes, it’s all out….

What do others say? ?

Everyone was stunned.

Ning Rongrong’s small mouth grows up directly, showing an O shape.

Oscar is also dumbfounded…

Zhu Zhuqing speaks directly to the insider.

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