Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 420

“Is there anything wrong with this…Erlong Deputy Dean, what are you going to do? Carrying us? Are you going to attack your own students?”

“This is too afraid right?!!!” Ning Rongrong took a deep breath and said with a gloomy expression.

And Zhu Zhuqing looked at Liu Erlong’s situation, although he did not know what was going on, why Liu Erlong would clamp his man like this.

But, certainly not intentional…There must be a reason.

In this juncture, I must calm down and cannot use the method of questioning. On the contrary, what is needed most is to solve the current situation, otherwise Yu Xiaogang will come back to see…

Yu Xiaogang’s thinking is different from everyone, especially for a man, although Yu Xiaogang has always refused Liu Erlong’s recombination.

But Liu Erlong has not given up, and even Flender helped Liu Erlong to cover.

Let Yu Xiaogang walk out of that bad memory.

It’s really bad, but if this scene continues, it will be even worse.

Zhu Zhuqing reluctantly said, “Don’t ask more, think more… Maybe Deputy Dean, stay and take care of Yun Chen… Yun Qianqiu, he has injuries. It must be very tired…”

“If you don’t pay attention, let’s fall asleep!”

“Let’s wake her up and don’t let Grandmaster see it, otherwise, even if it makes sense , I can’t tell all the same…”

“Yes…..Little Ao, come and help! You go and take care of it, don’t let Grandmaster rush If you walk in, otherwise, it’s useless if you help this time!” Ning Rongrong also came back to his senses and hurriedly greeted Oscar for help.

Oscar just planned to promise, didn’t expect, a silhouette slowly appeared…

Yu Xiaogang is back.

Thousands should not, never should…

Yu Xiaogang came back from this juncture, and at the first glance, I saw Oscar at the door of Yun Chen, Yu Xiaogang came into being One doubt.

Yu Xiaogang asked: “What are you doing at the door of Yun Qianqiu? He needs a quiet rest, Erlong? Didn’t she take care of Yun Qianqiu?”

“Why do you bother me…”

ka ka ka!

Speaking, Yu Xiaogang is about to move towards Yun Chen’s room and move closer.

Oscar hurriedly charge ahead, stretched out a hand to stop Yu Xiaogang, and said: “Grandmaster, are you back? How is it? Is it fun outside?”

Oscar Instantly babbled, and this babble…

Instead, it made Yu Xiaogang of Minkyu more suspicious, forcibly pushed Oscar away and continued moving towards Yun Chen’s room Come over.

Oscar yelled: “Grandmaster, wait a minute!!”

This sound was very loud, which made Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing in Yun Chen’s room very clear. The other side glanced at each other, indicating that they must speed up their movements.

It is only about three seconds. If three seconds, Liu Erlong will not wake up.

Then something big will happen.

On this side of Yu Xiaogang, he looked at Oscar with a displeased expression, and said: “What are you doing so loudly? You all said you want to rest, and you don’t understand the rules at all!”

“Wake up in a while…”

Yu Xiaogang was stunned by the scene before he said the five words waking up Yun Qianqiu. Yes, Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong were too late. Wake up Liu Erlong in three seconds.

Even if Liu Erlong is slapped on the cheek, Liu Erlong is like a sleeping lazy cat, lightly snorted, and continues to roll Yun Chen, using Yun Chen as a quilt.

On the side of Yun Chen, I was really asleep by this volume, but I woke up alive…..Wake up Yun Chen not at all eyes opened, but use his own Divine Consciousness review all around.

This is a habit of Yun Chen. By doing so, you can ensure that you can master the overall situation.

As soon as the review came out, I realized that my room was so lively, and why did Liu Erlong keep rolling himself? ? As if I were a pillow.

And, this time is more outrageous than before.

Put your chest directly on your face.

Hugging tightly.

The real facial cleanser? ?

For a time, Yun Chen felt that happiness had come too suddenly…but also felt a sorrow for Liu Erlong, Yu Xiaogang is a machismo…

If Seeing this scene, how can you tolerate it?

Yun Chen can remember. Liu Erlong’s coma was precisely because he took the medicine he prepared for her before, and then left a foreshadowing in the battle.

That is Mental’s loss is too much…

Causing physical exhaustion, he fell straight down.

You really need to sleep even if you recover.

Yun Chen originally planned to get up and give his bed to Liu Erlong, but Liu Erlong exudes a scent, which is like a psychedelic effect.

Let Yun Chen slowly sink into the land of warmth and tenderness, and let it go to sleep.

I have been sleeping until now.

Woke up…encountered such an exciting scene.

“Grandmaster, wait a minute, there is a cause for this…” Ning Rongrong looked at Yu Xiaogang who was stunned, and hurriedly reminded him, for fear of Yu Xiaogang’s disgust.

Yu Xiaogang’s brain was blank, and his eyes only saw that Liu Erlong’s satisfied smile was like finding his belongings, and he couldn’t hear other people’s voices at all.

The brain has only one concept, that is, Erlong is happy? ?

It’s nice to sleep with Yun Chen? ?

Even Yu Xiaogang has forgotten that Yun Chen’s current identity is Yun Qianqiu, just a child.

But this little child is also a boy.

A very satisfied smile, I haven’t seen it for many years…

Yu Xiaogang speechless ……


It just so happens that Liu Erlong slowly wakes up at this juncture. What he sees when he wakes up is Yu Xiaogang with a shocked look. It seems that she has forgotten what the situation is now…

“Xiaogang????? It’s nice to see you when I wake up…” Liu Erlong said subconsciously, the smile on his face even brighter.

The atmosphere on the scene freezes.

Zhu Zhuqing didn’t know what to say, because she also felt that this thing was outrageous.

Why Yun Chen sleeps with Liu Erlong?

What is going on? ?

Yun Chen is even more sober and can’t speak. At this juncture, he has to pretend to be dead, otherwise I can’t tell…

Although I don’t like Yu Xiaogang very much. This character, but if I wake up at this juncture and call Erlong Deputy Dean, the taste will become even more exotic.

Only playing dead is the best picture.

Anyway, other people think that I was seriously injured and unconscious…..Then I am really unconscious.

“Wow…it’s so lively!!” Yun Chen’s house was instantly broken. I don’t know when Ji Wushuang came to this door with the three-eyed golden incarnation.

Seeing this scene, I couldn’t help but speak.

Three-eyed Jinyao’s personality is inherently playful, and he likes to join in the fun. Naturally, he will not miss such a good show.

At first, I didn’t intend to stir up, but the next room was too boring, and the room here kept beeping gu gu, which made her curiosity instantly ignited.

Naturally, I have to come over and take a look. This look is very lively.

Just like acting.

It’s just that, this one should call Dalang go home?

Liu Erlong also slowly became rational, and found himself in Yun Chen’s bed, and also controlled Yun Chen in such a position, Yun Chen still looked unconscious.

Zhu Zhuqing, Oscar, and Ning Rongrong looked at themselves with shocked eyes.

At this moment, Liu Erlong was stunned…..

What happened?

Why would I be in Yun Chen’s bed? ?

Furthermore, everyone looked at themselves, and Yu Xiaogang’s distressed expression, acting like a stealer behind his back…

No way? ?

Don’t think so, do you?

Even if he steals a man, it is impossible to steal his own students… and he is still a primary school student.

This doesn’t make sense.

Why are you in Yun Chen’s bed?

Liu Erlong also doesn’t know.

However, Liu Erlong understands one thing, he must explain.

Liu Erlong said: “Xiaogang, wait a minute, I can explain!! Things are not like this…”

“…….”Yu Xiaogang stretched out a hand, motioned not to let Liu Erlong speak, took a deep breath, and said in a sorrowful voice: “Whatever you want!!”

Just let it be…

Liu Erlong’s heart is completely cool, casual? ?

What does this mean? ? No need to explain it yourself? That is what do you think it means? ?

Is you so unbearable in your heart? ?

Are there?

For you, I have been waiting for you and guarding your return.

And now you say something casual, right?

It’s really interesting….

Furthermore, when you were in the Green Forest, you could use your life to exchange Tang San’s, even if it’s helpless, but you Has made a choice.

Liu Erlong originally planned to explain, but now, she does not intend to explain.

Liu Erlong said angrily, “Isn’t it just casual…I’m casual too!! Thirty years, thirty years, also casual! Since you say whatever you want, then I just do whatever you want Let me show you!!”

Speaking, Liu Erlong hugged Yun Chen decisively, not thinking about it at all. Now she has been stunned by a puff of anger, with only one thought.

That is antagonistic psychology….

Since you say I am casual, then my old lady will show you casually. What’s the worst? ?

Are you Yu Xiaogang Qing Gao? ?

Are you Yu Xiaogang upright? ?

Since you think I am casual, then why not?

Today, I will show it to you.

Speaking, Liu Erlong is desperate to kiss Yun Chen’s mouth directly.

Even if Yun Chen is pretending to be dizzy, he can still feel the two soft scents from his lips.

This scene…

Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong were stunned again.

Oscar couldn’t help it even more, and said: “Fuck!”

“Erlong…you!!” Yu Xiaogang almost got angry A mouthful of old blood came out.

The three-eyed Jin Lu who watched the excitement on the side also shouted: “Calm down! Don’t mess around…”

“I didn’t mess around, Didn’t you say that I’m casual? Then I’ll just show it to you…” Liu Erlong has lost his mind, and next step, I just take off Yun Chen’s clothes.

It seems that he intends to be in front of Yu Xiaogang, like fiercely’s arrival of a wave of overlords.

Everything that happened, Zhu Zhuqing, Ning Rongrong, and three-eyed Jinya couldn’t continue to sit down. As long as Liu Erlong intends to move on to the next step, they will definitely rush out to organize Liu Erlong’s crazy behavior.

Yu Xiaogang looked confused and turned into a dementia directly, watching Liu Erlong’s operation.

ka ka ka! !

There was a burst of footsteps…

“What’s the matter? Why are you so busy?” A familiar voice came out, and I saw Flender and Zhao Wuji, the pear in his hand, fell directly to the ground at this moment…

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