Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 421

The appearance of Flender and Zhao Wuji made the scene even more messy. No one knows how to explain the current state. If Liu Erlong had not attacked suddenly, he would kiss Yun Chen.

There are still some opportunities for explanation, but now, Liu Erlong has been holding Yun Chen, and he almost showed a wave of erotic pictures in front of everyone.

This time, even if it makes sense, it is still unclear.

Yu Xiaogang took a deep breath, and said: “Well…it should be so, just let you make trouble!!”

Speaking, Yu Xiaogang didn’t look away Leaving this room back, when he said this paragraph, it means that his heart is completely broken, although he can’t tell.

Obviously, Yu Xiaogang still feels a little disgusted with Liu Erlong’s move, even if he knows that it was Liu Erlong’s desperate move.

At the same time, Yu Xiaogang also has a bold idea, that is to leave Shrek Academy, but remember that Shrek Academy is Flender’s effort, and Tang San is resident.

This thought of withdrawing was once again cancelled, and what was left was helplessness and regret.

Yu Xiaogang doesn’t know how he should face all this. He left his first love without saying goodbye, and even said that he gave birth to another child.

Now, his predecessor, Liu Erlong, has made such an indecent act in person, and Yu Xiaogang feels that he is a joke.

God is like having an opinion about your own existence, making your life all unsuccessful and very difficult.

It was difficult to make myself breathless, turning myself into a waste material, without a little spirit power, I had to rely on flicking and reasoning to show that my existence was meaningful.

I made my first girlfriend, but she was so powerful, and she liked it very much, but fortune plays with people, it was actually the Holy Maiden of Spirit Hall, and now it is Supreme Pontiff.

It’s already on separate sides, but Yu Xiaogang still has some thoughts about her.

Until Liu Erlong appeared, the appearance of Liu Erlong wiped out the grief of Yu Xiaogang, replaced by happiness, but there is not much happiness.

God cracking a joke with him again, Liu Erlong, the current favorite, turned out to be my cousin? ?

This joke caused Yu Xiaogang to be fiercely attacked by a fierce sledgehammer and almost died suddenly.

Therefore, Yu Xiaogang never felt that he was a lucky person, a person who was abandoned by the heavens and the World.

He is also an orphan.

Now, Liu Erlong plays such a wave of operations again, Yu Xiaogang has completely obliterated the affairs of men and women, and will not be emotional again,

Yu Xiaogang slowly leaves , And passed by with Flender, but Flender intends to continue to inquire. Before he said anything, Yu Xiaogang said, “Don’t ask Flender…”

“It’s just a little mess. . It’s better to focus on Tang San and the others…”

“No, Xiaogang, this…” Flender is still at a loss, wondering why Liu Erlong will kiss Yun Chen and take a closer look.

Yun Chen still looks dazed.

No idea…

With everyone’s gaze, Flender seems to understand something.

It can be restored, and it is natural to restore it…

Flender intends to stop Yu Xiaogang, and at this moment, Liu Erlong said again, “Flender, leave him alone , Let him go!!!”


“?” Liu Erlong’s words gave Flender a stunned look. What happened? Any one?

What the hell is this special? ?

I’ve only been out for less than two hours, why these messy problems have appeared again, and it is still before the game.

This way, it seems to be split.

On one side is Liu Erlong, on the other side is Flender.

It’s the same as equivalent to forcing Flender to make a choice.

Choose Liu Erlong or Yu Xiaogang.

No matter who it is, why did the former Golden Triangle become a broken copper triangle? ?

Our relationship will not collapse so easily, right? ?

Flender’s brain has question marks.

And, Yu Xiaogang got this paragraph from Liu Erlong, just slightly smiled and said: “Yes…don’t care about me, I just go out and walk casually!”

ka ka!

Speaking, Yu Xiaogang left this room and walked towards the outside directly.

Let Yun Chen’s room no longer appear his silhouette…

The departure of Yu Xiaogang made Liu Erlong’s eyes full of tears, but Liu Erlong did not cry, and pretended to say calmly: “I should also go back to rest and rest…”

“I feel very tired this day.”

“Flender, have you done enough homework for the other teams?? Tell the children about it, so that everyone has a preparation, while everyone is here.”

“Erlong, you… …Are you okay?” Flender looked at Liu Erlong who was disapproving, completely unlike Liu Erlong’s personality, and was a little worried for a while.

Liu Erlong faintly smiled and said: “I’m fine, I’m just a little tired…just rest for a while! Now that you are all back, I’ll leave it to you!!!”


“By the way, explain the content and details of this time tournament.”

After saying this, Liu Erlong put Yun Chen comfortably on the bed and patted himself Dust, moved towards the door.

This walk…

Flender, looking at a deep back, this back seems to remind himself that his own opportunity seems to have come, Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang seem to The real broke.

In fact, Flender discovered a detail before in Cangxiang, Liu Erlong’s views on Yu Xiaogang.

It turns out that Liu Erlong is an unswerving love for Yu Xiaogang. There will be no problems, no tantrums, and no giving tit for tat to Yu Xiaogang…

Even if I am hurt, I will suffer it alone.

Flender looked at Liu Erlong in this state, very distressed, and his compassion was ignited again.

Especially in Cangxiang Forest, Yu Xiaogang chose one of two and Tang San. At that moment, Flender knew very well that Yu Xiaogang had completely hurt Liu Erlong.

Although it is helpless, Yu Xiaogang can obviously be nonsense, neither of them chooses…

However, because you are afraid of group destruction, you choose Tang in the end San …..

This equivalent to sacrifice Liu Erlong alone and save everyone.

Very ruthless.

Very ruthless…

Following up, Liu Erlong used his dowry in exchange for Yun Chen’s return. In fact, it has been explained that Liu Erlong will no longer know Yu Xiaogang. So determined.

There will be hesitation…

Liu Erlong has never said that his dowry is actually for Yu Xiaogang…

Yu Xiaogang hurt her in this way, naturally there is no need to continue to prepare for Yu Xiaogang, just let the flow go.

However, this time …..

Something messed up again….

Liu Erlong made a lot of trouble to Yu Xiaogang changed from affirmation to doubt, and again to negative.

It is a process.

Liu Erlong left for about ten minutes, Flender sat down, then said, “You guys, what’s the matter! Why Grandmaster Will quarrel with Deputy Dean??”

“Uh…Dean, it was a misunderstanding!! Actually, we didn’t ask clearly, Grandmaster came too coincidental!!” Ning Rongrong was speechless.

Zhao Wuji said: “There can be a few misunderstandings in this world…just tell me what happened!”

“Okay…Little Ao, come on!” Ning Rongrong transferred the right to speak to Oscar.

Oscar was obviously startled, helplessly said: “Then I will say it, that is, we come back, I followed Rongrong, we came back and saw Erlong Deputy Dean and Yun Qianqiu sleeping together!!!”

“What?? Sleeping together??” Flender cry out in surprise.

Ning Rongrong hurriedly stopped Fenderer and said: “Calm down, Dean!! They sleep together, not naked! They are dressed in clothes…”

” It’s not such a dirty plot!”

“Wearing clothes?” Flender was sighed in relief.

Zhao Wuji added: “Wearing clothes, then Grandmaster and Deputy Dean, what’s the matter?”

“Um…that’s what we were going to call Wake up Erlong Deputy Dean, but before he could wake up, Grandmaster came back and happened to see this scene…”

“Then, Erlong Deputy Dean just woke up… The sleeping aspect is not very good. Grandmaster saw this moment. Erlong Deputy Dean wanted to explain!”

“But, Grandmaster is unfathomable mystery, whatever you want!!!”


“However, Erlong Deputy Dean didn’t explain, he made a scene of kissing Yun Qianqiu in a hurry, and then…this is what you saw.” Oscar said the whole story in one breath.

And, this came out after a while.

Flender’s face changed drastically, and Zhao Wuji looked shocked.

Good guy…

This is a misunderstanding.

Flender lifted his cheeks and said: “In this way, Xiaogang didn’t ask, and just said some irritating things to stimulate Erlong, but Erlong got up in a hurry and made this series of actions!”


“I rely on!!”

“Is it necessary to be so outrageous?”

“We are the Golden Triangle. Isn’t this relationship??”

“pu chi ……hahaha, return the Audio-Technica, just change the name to Plastic Triangle! Just touch it and break it!” Hearing this, Zhao Wuji couldn’t help but laughed directly.

And, this laughter made Flender involuntarily squeeze a fist.

Seeing this fist, Zhao Wuji closed his mouth.

Flender continued to ask: “However, there is still a doubt, why would Erlong sleep with Yun Qianqiu? I still don’t understand this.”

“We too I don’t understand…” Ning Rongrong and Oscar said in unison.

Until, three-eyed Jinya said: “Of course you don’t understand, Liu Erlong, Shrek’s deputy Dean, doesn’t want to sleep with Yun Qianqiu!”

“It was a coma together…”

“As colleagues, you don’t know the physical condition of your colleagues at all. Let a woman who Mental is overdrawn and physically overdrawn. Take care of another person!”

“Coma is a trivial matter, no sudden death is good enough…”

shua shua!

As soon as this statement came out, it suddenly became clear…..

Everyone’s eyes were placed on the three-eyed Jin Ya.

Sanyan Jinyao continued: “Don’t look at me. Although I belong to the attack system, I have always been alone, so I naturally have something that others don’t!”

“For example, check your physical condition…”

“from the very beginning, I plan to tell you this. Your deputy Dean has already overdrawn everything and needs rest! But you I didn’t give a chance…”

“You mean, Erlong is always tired?” Flender asked.

Three-eyed Jinlu shrugged, said: “Isn’t it, and it’s not just exhaustion, wounds…and some side effects!!!”

“Side effects? What? Side effects?” Flender was confused.

Three-eyed Jin Yi walked in front of Yun Chen, helped Yun Chen up, and said: “You have to ask him…”

, Yun Chen suddenly opened his eyes ….

Good guy, he pretended to be dead and he was seen through by three-eyed Jin Lu…

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