Start To Rule From Spirit Hall Chapter 422

“Are you awake?” Yun Chen’s sudden awakeness made Zhu Zhuqing, who had never spoken, stepped out first and snatched Yun from Sanyan Jinyao. Like Chen, he supported Yun Chen and asked with concern.

In this scene, three-eyed Jinya was squeezed to one side, and the third-eyed Jinya was dissatisfied. He stretched out his other hand and held the other side of Yun Chen.

It’s like demonstrating in front of Zhu Zhuqing.

And, this little detail was quickly noticed by Zhu Zhuqing. At this moment, Zhu Zhuqing is very clear. It seems that the relationship between Ji Wushuang and his man is not just that simple, right? ?

It can be seen by a discerning person. If it is for the benefit, how could this be a habit?

And, Oscar looked envious, involuntarily looked towards Ning Rongrong beside him, and seemed to hope that Ning Rongrong would hold his hand like Zhu Zhuqing did with Yun Chen.

At the same time, Oscar had to take a deep breath, Zhuqing’s relationship with Yun Qianqiu is very good, right? ? If this scene was seen by Dai Mubai.

It is estimated that Dai Mubai will give Yun Chen a punch.

Of course, Oscar did not suspect that Zhu Zhuqing and Yun Chen were already together, because Oscar knew very well that Zhu Zhuqing, like Ning Rongrong, was the discipline of Yun Qianqiu grandfather Yun Chen.

Yun Qianqiu is Yun Faweng’s grandson, so naturally he needs to take care of it.

If you are yourself, you will take care of yourself. Maybe, good luck, Yun Faweng can give yourself some spirit pill and marvelous medicine, so that you can step into the Spirit King.

Only Ning Rongrong, watching this scene with a faint smile, felt it fun for a while.

It’s like a play with three women.

Although Flender is also aware of this detail, the current problem is Liu Erlong, not Yun Chen’s private relationship, and naturally ignores it actively.

Zhao Wuji gnawed pears with a plain face.

Yun Chen coughed a few times and said: “cough cough, just woke up…just woke up. I was woken up by you…”

” Wake up? I don’t see it at all?” Ning Rongrong interrupted, eccentric said.

Yun Chen was speechless for a while, this Ning Rongrong really is a bit tricky, and his mouth likes to talk nonsense. Since it is nonsense, it is enough to let her mouth stop talking.

Use something to directly plug it…

Yun Chen continued to pretend to be silly and said: “What?? Did something happen?”

“What happened is so big…There are even some that make you beautiful!” Ning Rongrong continued to look at Yun Chen meaningfully, as if she knew Yun Chen was not at all unconscious same.

It was installed.

This made Yun Chen helpless. Ning Rongrong was afraid that she would really find an opportunity to teach her a lesson, to modify her big mouth, to join in the fun with love, and to make things happen.

Otherwise, sooner or later, one day, oneself will be cheated to death by her.

Speaking of which, it’s still too idle, caused by a Little Princess character.

Sanyan Jinyu hurriedly changed the subject and said: “Just tell me, do the medicine you arranged for your deputy Dean have some side effects?”

” en? Why would you know Yun Qianqiu, and arrange medicine for our Deputy Dean?” Three-eyed Jinyu’s words made Zhu Zhuqing puzzled and couldn’t help but speak.


Are you just a passerby?

Isn’t Shrek only knowing about the medication?

You have never been inside.

How do you a passerby know so clearly? ?

Yun Chen said? ?

impossible ……

Yun Chen is not like a talkative person.

Sure enough, this passage of Zhu Zhuqing made everyone look at Jin Lu with suspicion.

Three-eyed Jin Lu frowned, only to realize that he seems to be a little bit of a leak, but he can still come back. It only needs Yun Chen to cooperate with him.

Sanyan Jinya said: “Because I have also taken that kind of medicine…When I ran away from the hunt with Yun Qianqiu on my back, Mental collapsed several times and suffered from physical exhaustion. …. And Yun Qianqiu’s medicine wiped out my fatigue in an instant.”

“The side effect is that once I’m not in a state of excitement and fighting, I’ll be very sleepy, thinking Rest…So, as soon as I came to this hotel, I was the first to fall asleep.”

“If it weren’t for the tumult next to you, I wouldn’t wake up so quickly , You guys equivalent to disturb me to rest, understand?”

shua shua! !

As soon as this statement came out, everyone’s suspicion immediately looked towards Yun Chen, Yun Chen looked helpless, this helpless equivalent to acquiescing to the words of Sanyan Jinlu.

That kind of suspicion was swept away in an instant…..

Yun Chen interrupted, looking like an Ababa, and said: “What medicine? It happened. What?”

So, Flender told what happened again.

Yun Chen suddenly realized that, and said: “If this is the case, Erlong Deputy Dean, suddenly fell down and fell asleep, it is a normal reaction!”

“Didn’t I tell you? These two medicines, if you take these two medicines, you cannot use spirit power immediately, otherwise it will cover the medicine efficacy and make yourself more painful.”

“You He knew that Erlong Deputy Dean took the medicine, but he didn’t stop it… and Erlong Deputy Dean never fell down, and insisted on reaching the capital of Star Luo.”

“It is enough to explain that Erlong Deputy Dean’s Mental is very strong, otherwise you would have been on the ground halfway!”

“This is a cheating misunderstanding!!”

“Grandmaster, obviously misunderstanding, and then not Give Erlong Deputy Dean a chance to explain, Erlong Deputy Dean is already very tired and is making such a fuss.”

“You left her alone to take care of me. It’s already considered extraordinary. Let a wounded Taking care of the other wounded, who is paying attention to?”

Yun Chen said for a while, deliberately increasing the torch, and finally caught a chance that Liu Erlong was discouraged by Yu Xiaogang.

Naturally cannot miss it.

I can’t, let these two people rekindle their old relationships, right? ?

I have kissed Liu Erlong, although I didn’t take the initiative, nor was it because of love.

Can Liu Erlong until now, what you do, which is not Yu Xiaogang? ?

Moreover, Yu Xiaogang knew about the side effects of the two medicines he made, but instead of blocking them, Yu Xiaogang hoped that Liu Erlong would increase the frequency.

Let the golden Sacred Dragon take shape compulsorily…

This is obviously knowing the law and breaking the law.

“Your medicine has this side effect? ​​Why don’t you tell me?” Flender asked.

Yun Chen replied: “I said, Grandmaster was still there at the time, he knew very well…but the scene was chaotic at the time, and I kept shouting not to use Golden Triangle!”

“You can hear my voice?”

“This…..Have you said?? You mean Xiaogang, you know that Erlong output spirit power at the time, It will cause overdraft, but it didn’t stop it. Instead, Erlong has to step up?” Flender looked incredulous.

Yes, Flender did not know that the medicine Liu Erlong was taking had side effects.

Yu Xiaogang is the only one who knows the side effects.

Yun Chen did not publicize, and Liu Erlong did not take the initiative to speak out.

Even if Flender asked Liu Erlong, Liu Erlong just smiled, not at all to say more.

Didn’t expect, Yu Xiaogang did such a wave of operations.

Everything is because of Tang San…..

Because of a Tang San, Liu Erlong is in a dire situation, and he forcibly resists Mental’s collapse and overdraft, and has been from the sky. The ringing forest came out.

This also includes the period of searching for Yun Chen.

At that time, Liu Erlong was also completely injured and in a state of exhaustion.

Even if the face cannot be seen.

But this is the truth…

And Liu Erlong’s state at that time, did not say it, you Yu Xiaogang knows it, you don’t stop it, let Liu Erlong rests more.

Instead, continue to hurry.

Is this still a man?

Flender couldn’t bear it. When I heard Yun Chen say that the medicine had side effects, Flender originally planned to blame Yun Chen, but Yu Xiaogang knew it.

Yu Xiaogang is the culprit.

And this time, Yu Xiaogang never listened to Liu Erlong’s explanation anymore. Come on, just let it be.

Who is it, who is not angry? Who is not sad? ?

Flender couldn’t stand it any longer. Along the way, Flender has not vented a breath, and finally has a chance this time, so let’s vent it.

Hold on, don’t want this friend by yourself…

What’s the point of coming for a friend with heart and soul? ?

It is no longer the same person.

You take care of Tang San, because of Tang Hao, I think it’s true, but because of your care, you hurt an admirer who has always liked you for almost thirty years.

And this admirer, for you, does not know how much it will cost.

Even self-harm.

You gave her such a result? ?

Flender’s face completely changed, he took a deep breath, and said: “Old Zhao, you can explain to everyone, our detailed investigation results!!”

“Ha What do you mean? I explain, isn’t it up to you to explain?” Zhao Wuji, who gnawed pears, was taken aback for a while, and he was reluctant.

He is a rough man.

You can say this paragraph and look at Fenderer’s expression.

For a while…

Zhao Wuji’s pear fell to the ground…..

Because what he saw was Flender who was so fierce and evil The gaze, this gaze is like a sharp blade, intending to kill a target.

For the first time in many years, Zhao Wuji will show such a terrifying expression when he sees Flender.

There are some unaccustomed things.

Flender replied gnashing teeth: “I still have some personal matters to deal with!!”


Speaking, Flender left the room without looking back…

Leaving Zhao Wuji alone with everyone.

While everyone looked at the aggressive Fenderer, Oscar said: “Dean will be okay?”

Ning Rongrong curl one’s lip, and said: “What can I do? Just to teach Grandmaster, this time Grandmaster really doesn’t look like a man!”

“What do you think? Zhuqing……”

“… …” Zhu Zhuqing didn’t answer Ning Rongrong, Yu Guang kept watching the three-eyed Jin Lu, like a silent battle for Yun Chen.

And Yun Chen looked at Fenderer, who had left aggressively.

I have predicted what will happen next, and the corners of the mouth will rise involuntarily…

I want this effect.

I wanted to break the fetters of Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong, as well as Flender.

Now there is no need to deliberately manufacture it.

Yu Xiaogang took the initiative to break…..

As for Liu Erlong, sleeping in the bed next door and crying all the time.

A drop of tear.

Like Liu Erlong’s feelings for Yu Xiaogang, he slowly poured out, and eventually there was no drop left, completely changing his view of him.

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